The real reason Boeing's new plane crashed twice

  • Published on Apr 15, 2019
  • This isn’t just a computer bug. It’s a scandal.
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    Two Boeing airplanes have fallen out of the air and crashed in the past six months. On the surface, this is a technical failure. But the real story is about a company's desire to beat their rival.
    Read about Boeing's efforts to get the 737 Max reinstated for flight here: is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out
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  • paul jr carty
    paul jr carty Hour ago

    Pickle forks! Ansi. It looks like the airflow is not optimal, their airframes are deteriorating faster than expected which is a problem averted. How long have the jets been using flight characteristics manipulation software? They should be able to fly the planes without robotic interference. Doesn't the software reduce maneuverability? The plane pitches up, the surfaces compensate, and that's what's putting the extra load on the pickle forks. It's like drive a car with bad tow angle

  • lim eddie
    lim eddie 3 hours ago

    For aviation, no shortcut pls.

    LEGENDARY BUTTER PRO 4 hours ago

    Is it just me or is it someone else too

    Boeing 747 max?
    (Its a joke)
    Hope they wont make it

  • NoobAlike
    NoobAlike 19 hours ago

    *G R E E D*

  • God's Love
    God's Love Day ago +1


  • Katherine Vecchio

    Wow, this us nuts, i was actually on this type of plane, and I remember there was a huge amount of turbulence in good weather.

  • Discover India
    Discover India Day ago

    Appreciate the research. You earned my sub. !!

  • Ernest siddharta

    Im indonesian in jakarta and my school friend was in the lion air crash of a 737 max 8

  • Natte Scott
    Natte Scott Day ago

    Choose not to fly on a Boeing

  • NoVoid
    NoVoid Day ago

    excellent video

  • Homer Jay
    Homer Jay Day ago

    If this is a serious defect, then I am curious why roughly 100,000 flights were completed without crashing.

  • r Negoro
    r Negoro Day ago

    Why not just copy airbus and increase height of plane?

  • Om Ady
    Om Ady Day ago

    All about Money.....All.....the Company Gambler with live.....

  • GMD Scary
    GMD Scary 2 days ago

    Me: Sees 737Max
    A320: Hold My Beer

  • dino339
    dino339 2 days ago

    Boeing could get away from fines.. but they can't get away from major business losses.. Boeing can't control people or airlines..

  • Dave Morrissette
    Dave Morrissette 3 days ago +1

    Real reason it crashed- pilots who do not know how to turn off two switches and were improperly trained and NEVER trained to fly manually. This video is mostly a lie

    • Edwin Be
      Edwin Be 4 hours ago

      Dave Morrissette Where in the cockpit is the MCAS switch?

  • Armin Parekh
    Armin Parekh 3 days ago

    If it's Boeing, I ain't going.

  • Brian S/ブライアン


  • Mangiate PiùMele
    Mangiate PiùMele 3 days ago

    The snoot drooped.

  • Nipun Kothare
    Nipun Kothare 3 days ago +1

    so boeing already knew that their design was doomed due to the low level of the engine... they just wanted to milk it as much as they could

  • 19174975
    19174975 3 days ago

    Capitalism...down with it...

  • MTutoriales#2018情報

    I know it doesn’t have that much to do with the video but see what happen you rush the things? Many people are complaining about crowdfunding games taking too long and that’s basically an example, a tragic one, of what happens when you rush the things, furthermore then you come and complain.

  • Mario Vaughn
    Mario Vaughn 3 days ago

    Boeing Jets are the Fords of the air

  • Ismail R
    Ismail R 4 days ago

    This is a big learning for aerospace industry. Never hurry up to make quick money you will be putting lots of peoples life in danger...

  • Moms Spaghetti
    Moms Spaghetti 4 days ago

    They should have given the 737 a taller landing gear for the new upgrade

  • Ron Troy
    Ron Troy 4 days ago

    Or is it because one airline used junk repair parts and the pilots were not well trained in general? Sure, Boing made mistakes. But American pilots handled it a lot better.

  • John Baker
    John Baker 4 days ago

    I want my ex to fly on one

  • RadioFreePG
    RadioFreePG 4 days ago

    This video only covers the tip of the iceberg. The largest underlying problem takes much longer to explain and boils down to what one author called airmanship. A it of the pilots in these small, foreign, lowpay, regional airlines are not trained to the level of traditional military aviators and basically have only been exposed to aircraft that literally fly themselves. They are able to disable all of the automatic stabilization of the plane with one switch and take over control of it themselves, but that either didn't happen or they didn't have the skills to deal with the situation after disabling them. It was a LONG article. I'm going to dig it up and read it again.

  • x13x Monkeys
    x13x Monkeys 4 days ago

    Great video! ❤️🇨🇦

  • MissFrenzy
    MissFrenzy 4 days ago

    Imagine what else Boeing is trying to sweep under the rug *cough MH370 cough*

  • Itsablackline 7566
    Itsablackline 7566 4 days ago


  • PoodleScone
    PoodleScone 4 days ago

    They should have gone with an adjustable landing gear. Lower the landing gear while taxiing. When the plane is ready to take off, raise the landing gear. Then the plane is in the air, lower and retract the landing gear.

  • What’s my name ?
    What’s my name ? 4 days ago

    Boeing 737 Max 8. Funny how the first word in Max is M and the first word in MCAS is M .

  • Simon Chap
    Simon Chap 4 days ago +4

    Or you could’ve just make the plane higher elevated on the ground ;-;

    • Jovan Lee
      Jovan Lee Day ago

      Then they have to make an entire new plane. To make it higher, they have to extend the landing gears height which took more space and have to be a entire new model to do so.

  • Kevin Valdivieso
    Kevin Valdivieso 4 days ago +2

    I live in California and I’ve never been on a plane.
    This scares me...

    • andrei ka
      andrei ka 11 hours ago

      trains and cars are the same dangerous - a plane can fall on 'em...

  • Roger Lee
    Roger Lee 4 days ago +4

    And this is why i love Airbus. Airbus always takes there time with their products. Boeing on the other rushes.

  • sam banks
    sam banks 4 days ago +1

    Boeing Are A Disgrace They Should Be All Put Up On Charges And Hand All Profits From That Plane To The Victims Family Because They Do Not Deserve That Profit...

  • paperchaser uzumaki
    paperchaser uzumaki 5 days ago

    RC commercial passenger jets.

  • L B
    L B 5 days ago +7

    "We couldn't fix your brakes so we made your horn louder...."

  • рома иванов
    рома иванов 5 days ago +16

    Conclusion:"competition is actually bad."

    • David Saenz
      David Saenz 3 days ago

      It's actually good because without the 737, there wouldn't be an A320.

  • ANALEX Tv2
    ANALEX Tv2 5 days ago

    I didnt noticed that in summer 2018 i flown from Berlin Tegel to Antalya with an 737 Max8

  • California Dreaming
    California Dreaming 5 days ago

    I wonder how much money Boeing will lose over this. It must be in the billions.

  • Pug Life
    Pug Life 7 days ago

    Uhhhh...tomorrow i'm going back to Romania and...i'm flying with Ryanair wich has this plane

    • JC Larida
      JC Larida 4 days ago

      All 737max are grounded. They're using other, older models of the same 737 family.

  • M H
    M H 7 days ago

    Sorry, just a question, what will happen to the MAX if Boeing fitted a new and taller landing gear to overcome the clearance issue instead of repositioning the engines entirely?
    Edit: spelling

  • Andrey Shelekhov
    Andrey Shelekhov 8 days ago +1

    Strange, I thought murdering people has consequences. But I guess psychopaths have figured out that you can do it this way instead.

    • Jay
      Jay 6 days ago

      As long as you're considered a company , any dangerous potentially deadly product put on the shelf can be settled in court . Even if you killed hundreds of people

  • Roy Hsieh
    Roy Hsieh 8 days ago

    Boeing went from boring to boing.

  • Arnav Verma
    Arnav Verma 8 days ago +3

    Mcas system is like drifting joy cons

  • Joseph Stokes
    Joseph Stokes 8 days ago

    Dude! It appears you have identified the elevator as the stabilizer. You might want to check that out. Thanks for the video.

  • Quynh Huong
    Quynh Huong 8 days ago

    This is a tragically eye-opening wake up call to differentiate what should be controlled by humans and what should be left to machine. No matter how advanced or should I say "intelligent" you think your technology is, it is just a lifeless piece of machine - whether it is good or bad, useful or useless depends a lot on the knowledge and moral of the humans who create it. So before you create anything, whether it is a business, a product, a service, or anything, please be a decent human being first!!

  • Marcos Blanco
    Marcos Blanco 8 days ago +15

    my dads friend died because off this

  • American Tanker
    American Tanker 8 days ago

    Lots of hate here for Boeing but I mean seems more like a training thing and an airlines skimping out a bit. Since to my knowledge it's not like the DC-10 cargo door issues, now is it bad these things happened but well so far it's only 2 crashes to my knowledge which if one adds in the rest of the 737's track record and compare it to other aircraft it's about average so far. Plus it's a 52 year old design that due to pressure from well Airbus because that's the way it works they could not really develop a whole new plane with out cutting lots of corners, so we got a remix of an old plane and some executives who bought it did not really check to make sure they trained the guys(pilots and ground crew)on everything.
    Now don't get me wrong it's a horrible thing but hey airlines have different training methods or regiments so maybe they left something out. Again it's a 52 odd year old plane, executives without really looking into it may have just assumed that all they did was change the engines and it would be normal like the previous generation.Though the MCAS sensor problems maybe there was a design fault idk, maybe they should have just taken their time again idk.

  • skycat04
    skycat04 9 days ago

    Americans proving again their endless greed... of course it's not happening just there, but others are not saying that they are the "greatest country on the planet"... You really should and could do better.

  • Stephen Yoong
    Stephen Yoong 9 days ago

    So many innocent lives loss but no one is to be blame. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Stephen Yoong
    Stephen Yoong 9 days ago

    Why no compensation to all the victims?

  • Cai Zhong
    Cai Zhong 9 days ago +1

    Oh great!Boeing plans to fix a software issue with another software issue!
    If The Boeing 737 Max is ungrounded I am gonna get scared

  • Cai Zhong
    Cai Zhong 9 days ago +1

    People in america:**Sees penny**
    People in america:Meh,not that worth
    Boeing:Come to papa!

  • DarPlaysOnYT YT
    DarPlaysOnYT YT 9 days ago

    2:29 rip steep climb so


  • Muda Sulaiman
    Muda Sulaiman 9 days ago

    The 737 perhaps need to be redesigned in a big way, especially the engine. It needs to be the same size as the 737-900 but more efficient.
    Hopefully this problem can be resolved quickly.

  • Abdias Batista
    Abdias Batista 10 days ago

    Airbus rocks

  • Novrie
    Novrie 10 days ago +1

    Boooo !!!!! eing...