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Need for Speed Unbound - Official Reveal Trailer (ft. A$AP Rocky)

  • Published on Oct 5, 2022
  • Start at the bottom and race to the top in Need for Speed Unbound, coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC on December 2, 2022.
    Race against time, outsmart the cops, and take on weekly qualifiers to reach The Grand, Lakeshore's ultimate street racing challenge. Pack your garage with precision-tuned, custom rides and light up the streets with your style, exclusive fits, and a vibrant global soundtrack that bumps in every corner of the world.
    Pre-order now to get 3 days early access and exclusive Need For Speed Unbound items: x.ea.com/74626
    “Shittin Me”
    Original song by: A$AP Rocky
    Edit by: 2WEI
    A$AP Rocky Outfit by Marine Serre x AWGE
    A$AP Rocky Shoes by Vans x AWGE
    Find out more about Need for Speed Unbound: x.ea.com/74625
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  • Need for Speed
    Need for Speed  Month ago +7408

    While you're waiting make sure to subscribe and turn on notifications 👀🙏

      QUESO KELSO Day ago

      Y’all will just stop giving this game any love after a few months

    • Stœner
      Stœner Day ago

      Y’all gotta make one in Japan 😈

    • Ze.Youtube
      Ze.Youtube 2 days ago +1

      ¿Cuál es a chica guapa? Dislike.

    • xd Snowy Stomy ツ
      xd Snowy Stomy ツ 4 days ago

      Lets BLOODY GO

    • Casual Focus
      Casual Focus 7 days ago

      I will when you make a good game this doesn't raise my hopes though😂

  • IsuckAtDriving
    IsuckAtDriving Month ago +3038

    It's been a while NFS, welcome back!

    • kam945
      kam945 Month ago

      @Anjelo G. ure right bro

    • lorne852
      lorne852 Month ago +1

      @T H poor sales of payback/heat delayed this, every other triple A game released on time.

    • kam945
      kam945 Month ago +1

      @AdamSH same bro, same

    • AdamSH
      AdamSH Month ago

      @kam945 i would love a multiplayer like mw12 one

    • DAGA
      DAGA Month ago +1

      Duuuude I love how u drive in NFS hot pursuit. You are actually super skilled in every racing game! Never thought I would actually see you here

  • SpookU
    SpookU Month ago +838

    I'm honestly having high hopes for this release. The more I see the trailer the more I fall for it. Don't let us down EA

    • Ugly Tuco
      Ugly Tuco 2 days ago

      @MrSoiSauce mmmm trailers....

    • CB 666
      CB 666 2 days ago

      @Legendary Viking keep hating on Ea like a sheep buddy meanwhile Ea released a lot of good games the last few years but you don’t wanne see that lol

    • Rebel threefiftyseven
      Rebel threefiftyseven 7 days ago

      @Koray Sahin Bro if you going to give advice, How about you stay away from EA, Then you can learn grammar.

    • Koray Sahin
      Koray Sahin 8 days ago

      awww still so innocent and naive.. i'll give u 3 more EA-releases until you're were everyone else is with EA

    • diagonal_wound5
      diagonal_wound5 29 days ago +2

      This is how to be stupid

  • SmokeyOwOs
    SmokeyOwOs Month ago +637

    Yall better not abandon this game
    This screams Enter the Spiderverse's aesthetic and I'm all for it

    • Akshat Bohra
      Akshat Bohra 10 days ago

      Same here brooo❤❤

    • -Random-
      -Random- 12 days ago +5

      @smitinho7 it's insane how much people are still whining about this you can turn the effects off you know that right?

    • Ferrari1388
      Ferrari1388 17 days ago +3

      @smitinho7 thanks for a review of a game that you've never played

    • StarStrider
      StarStrider 20 days ago +2

      @TheElitist I wouldn't call anime a genre rather it's a medium.

    • smitinho7
      smitinho7 22 days ago +5

      It screams trash

  • thiswasmytumblr
    thiswasmytumblr 21 day ago +49

    Having played NFS entries as early as Porsche Unleashed back in 2000, this one definitely feels refreshing. It's a hint of Most Wanted with 2015 / Heat vibes. I truly truly appreciate this whole art style / A$AP / TESTING aesthetic. Make this damn game great and an entry all fans will remember!

    • what
      what 11 days ago +4

      I played the 3rd one in PC back in 1998, man that brings back memories.
      I remember me and my friend just constantly getting chased by the cops. Never would've thought the franchise would've gotten as big as it did.

  • ThatGuySteve
    ThatGuySteve 19 days ago +19

    Obvious props to everyone working on the game- I'm looking forward to trying it out- but more recognition needs to go to the directors and sound designers of this trailer. 2WEI is basically always an instant-win for making any song epic, while the sound effects blend into the music seamlessly and the pacing follows and flows with the track brilliantly.
    Whether they were in- or out-of-house, big ups to the creators!

  • Fred-o-saurus
    Fred-o-saurus Month ago +2750

    My God, can we please have more studios reveal their games not 2 years in advance, but 2 months before release like this, this is awesome!!

    • Ramon Andrajo
      Ramon Andrajo Month ago

      @Zac Nice try, dude. ;)

    • Zac
      Zac Month ago

      @Ramon Andrajo ok bot

    • Ramon Andrajo
      Ramon Andrajo Month ago

      This is another franchise that succumbed to the WOKE agenda; that is very unfortunate.

    • Zac
      Zac Month ago

      @Франкенштейн yeah because they were trying to gather investments...... Remember? thats why the game has to release early and broken.... INVESTORS.....

    • Loki Myers
      Loki Myers Month ago

      It's coming out in December

  • Sanith Mohan
    Sanith Mohan Month ago +34

    SO happy to see that Criterion is involved in this. Their games had the best driving and drifting experience. Burnout Paradise, Hot Pursuit, Most Wanted, etc. ❤

    • what
      what 11 days ago +2

      @Junior Jaw Pay no mind to the troll bro, he's just gonna keep at you with conservative lingo, I'm not a "liberal" by any means but I can smell a troll from a mile away lol

    • Ramon Andrajo
      Ramon Andrajo Month ago +5

      @Junior Jaw Because those who promote, defend and do this type of thing have done this type of thing with every franchise they have in front of them, and this case is not the exception, unfortunately.

    • Junior Jaw
      Junior Jaw Month ago +1

      @Ramon Andrajo I'm more impressed you took one look at this and call it a "woke agenda".

    • Ramon Andrajo
      Ramon Andrajo Month ago +1

      This is another franchise that succumbed to the WOKE agenda; that is very unfortunate.

  • Sebastian Pineda
    Sebastian Pineda Month ago +11

    I enjoyed need for speed heat it was amazing I just hope they add more variety of cars, more customization and a sick map to drive and then I would consider buying it

  • James Crisante
    James Crisante 5 days ago

    Still playing NFS Hot Pursuit 10+years later and having a blast with it. They have not done anything better since. Wish they would use that exact format in a game like this with more customizable cars.

  • Minecraft Playa
    Minecraft Playa Month ago +187

    I like how the characters look more cartoonish and they dont try to make it look super realistic like in other games

    • Minecraft Playa
      Minecraft Playa 17 days ago +4

      @nima chavoshy ew no

    • nima chavoshy
      nima chavoshy 17 days ago +4

      They could be like underground 2 something that fans have been asking for for years, but they don't pay attention

    • Argus Y
      Argus Y Month ago +12

      I like it but my problem is they look like a those cgi video models form the ps2 era. You know, when cell shading was the bomb.

  • Denniskuhh
    Denniskuhh Month ago +54

    Looks great! Now all we need is some new handling and we're set!

    • The Silver
      The Silver Month ago

      @𝓓𝓡 𝓭𝓮𝓯𝓮𝓷𝓭𝓮𝓻 Lol, you're high. Payback's handling is dogshit, just like Heat's. That's why UNITE Is so famous, because it fixed the retarded handling in these games.
      The Run sim-cade handling is one of the best in the whole series, and honestly? Those who deny that most likely never played the game longer than 10 minutes, or is just in the hate bandwagon.
      And this is coming from a guy who has played EVERY NFS Game there is, since the PS1 era. Hell, I've finished even the PSP games (which were bad)

    • 𝓓𝓡 𝓭𝓮𝓯𝓮𝓷𝓭𝓮𝓻
      𝓓𝓡 𝓭𝓮𝓯𝓮𝓷𝓭𝓮𝓻 Month ago +1

      @Fraught Kid nahh nfs payback handling is better

    • Fraught Kid
      Fraught Kid Month ago +1

      The Run handling would be cool.

  • Claydood
    Claydood 3 days ago

    Been a while since a Need for Speed trailer made me interested in the game. Nice to finally see an actual current gen game that isn't also on last gen consoles.

  • Keemium
    Keemium Month ago +8

    One feature I’d REALLY hope we get is the ability to include our own playlists in the game so we can hear the engine and music. After all …what’s a heated race without epic music🤷🏽‍♂️

    • AH
      AH 23 days ago +1

      Would love to have that. Even if it's not included as a feature, you can always turn your in-game music volume down and play your spotify playlist in the background while you play.

  • Gabroo Ji
    Gabroo Ji Month ago +5

    Looks really good ! Will definitely pre order and try it out. Always have been a fan of NFS games :)

    • SHD
      SHD Month ago +1

      Pre-order? There is no learning curve with people like you ...

  • TLS Garage
    TLS Garage Month ago +68

    I actually really like the art style approach. Very refreshing, def gonna buy it.

    • Ramon Andrajo
      Ramon Andrajo Month ago

      @TLS Garage Whatever, dude. XD

    • TLS Garage
      TLS Garage Month ago +1

      @Ramon Andrajo Nah, I just literally don’t care anymore if you’re just going to be immature about it and can no longer have a proper discussion without resorting to middle school insults.

    • Ramon Andrajo
      Ramon Andrajo Month ago

      @TLS Garage I see that you have no more arguments; how sad.

    • TLS Garage
      TLS Garage Month ago +1

      @Ramon Andrajo Sheesh you people have no decency online… calling someone pathetic because they like a new game lol… That was uncalled for. We can agree to disagree; no need to be rude. Hope you have a great evening.

    • Ramon Andrajo
      Ramon Andrajo Month ago

      @TLS Garage So, if you don't care about that, that mean you don't really care about this franchise; how pathetic you are. XD

  • UnFresh
    UnFresh Month ago +3879

    Even if this game is great, they need to keep supporting it and adding to it. Please don't let it die like heat!!
    Edit: thanks for the likes! Also glad the nfs community is all here. Also have to say this; I'm glad heat is back up to good numbers and that people are playing it, but I want to restate that it WAS definitely considered dead at one point. Like in August and the several months leading up to it. Go to steamcharts to see a general idea.

    • UnFresh
      UnFresh Month ago +1

      @Devaastatorr yeah, it does now since the new games coming, but a couple months ago it was high and dry. In August the Avg player count was less than 1k.

    • Devaastatorr
      Devaastatorr Month ago

      what you on about, heat has 60k players playing lol

    • It's Akile
      It's Akile Month ago

      If its feature and content pack I don't care for long support but I guess its gonna be the norm of DLC

    • Sam Sharma
      Sam Sharma Month ago

      @Adam Jensen whats the point of a big billion AAA company if modders are going to keep their game barely alive.

    • Sam Sharma
      Sam Sharma Month ago

      @SoulSpectrum only a year? just like heat? something is fishy.

  • Bruno Sanchez
    Bruno Sanchez Month ago +3

    Se ve increible el juego y su tuneo ya vi su lista de coches solo espero que metan mas coches por que son los mismo de la entrega anterior de need for speed yo digo que si ya pusieron la opcion de hacer swaps pueden agregar mas coches a la lista de autos

    • Ramon Andrajo
      Ramon Andrajo Month ago +1

      Esta es otra franquicia que sucumbió a la agenda WOKE; eso es muy desafortunado.

  • oo       --
    oo -- Month ago +6

    I like it, feels like asphalt 9. Actually fun and not a driving simulator like forza.

  • MrSoloDoloVyB3zZ
    MrSoloDoloVyB3zZ 4 days ago +3

    I feel like the NFS franchise is slowly taking its time turning into something big.
    In the future I hope to see Forza realism in their games.

  • Никита Бубнов

    Беру свои слова обратно. Пересматривал несколько раз и понял, что это пока лучший трейлер из всех последних NFS. Тут почему-то чувствуется что-то новое, необычное, красивое. Действительно уличные гонки с новым тюнингом и стайлингом.

    • Андрей
      Андрей Month ago +2

      Согласен. Во время сливов игры, всё выглядело не очень. Но на выходе очень стильно получилось. Теперь жду релиза)

  • GwoppyTrai
    GwoppyTrai Month ago +11010

    Please let this game be good and don't kill it off within 7 months like NFS Heat. This game got so much potential

    • nenmeu2
      nenmeu2 18 hours ago

      Don't you dare say anything bad about NSF Heat.

    • CB 666
      CB 666 2 days ago

      @Becky Ross uughhh you’re comment is cringe to read like why even talk when you clearly a bit slow up there

    • Becky Ross
      Becky Ross 6 days ago

      @JASHAWN maybe back in the ps2 era, they have had shocking sales the last few years compared to forza

      JASHAWN 6 days ago

      @Becky Ross Bro Forza does not have nearly the amount of sales NFS has. As a person who plays Forza too. NFS is the best selling open-world racing game of all time. That will never change soo miss me with that

    • Casual Focus
      Casual Focus 7 days ago

      Nfs been trash for about 15 years now 😆

  • Abs0luteZer0
    Abs0luteZer0 Month ago +8

    Finally a new take on a racing game, i love it the new art style, keep it up!

  • Mitchell’s channel
    Mitchell’s channel Month ago +3

    This game looks so good already, can’t wait.

  • Kaya Mazule
    Kaya Mazule 6 days ago +1

    Dope - please dont make it too open world vibes and realistic, that part of what killed the last few NFS games. They felt like a Grand Turismo type NFS with unmemorable racing tracks. Keep the tracks bound, graphics must feel cool more than pushing realism, and the storyline you already know.

  • Todd Noll
    Todd Noll 18 days ago

    I've been playing NFS games since 1995. This game seems like a regression back to those times with the cartoonish characters. Even the cars and gameplay seem a little cartoonish. The only thing that is missing is a slot to insert my quarters to play. It's amazing how regression can be seen as progression by those who don't know any better. You think its new when its already been done before. Looks like a regurgitated arcade game with a soundtrack.

  • Marshal
    Marshal Month ago +1122

    You know what? Props to them for the bold artistic approach. I'm loving it so far!

    • Tofu
      Tofu 2 days ago

      *autistic approach

    • Ramon Andrajo
      Ramon Andrajo Month ago

      @ZR-_TrunksESP This is another franchise that succumbed to the WOKE agenda; that is very unfortunate.

    • Ramon Andrajo
      Ramon Andrajo Month ago

      @John 117 Shut up, fanboy. XD

    • Ramon Andrajo
      Ramon Andrajo Month ago

      This is another franchise that succumbed to the WOKE agenda; that is very unfortunate.

    • Elliot T
      Elliot T Month ago +1

      @Sanktum Tomb i mean the style that mixes cel shading with lots of colorful rough doodles that changes every frame. But i also know that that style have already existed long before spider verse too.

  • FamousFelix08
    FamousFelix08 Month ago +1

    In this day and age there’s zero reason for NFS to not have a MASSIVE car catalog if not the biggest from here on out

  • Nahuel Viera
    Nahuel Viera 15 days ago

    You got to admit, NFS never lets down in the music department

  • Kou Es
    Kou Es Month ago

    They really took a leap on the art direction with the cartoon style and the realistic car graphics. I really dig this it looks cool. If only I could get my hands on a ps5😅

  • stumpjumper
    stumpjumper Month ago

    Looks pretty cool, I like how modern it is, with the way the characters talk and all. The engine sounds I hope are realistic. The ones in the video here though sound pretty good though. I just I can play this game and have fun with it for a while

  • Przemek Urbański
    Przemek Urbański Month ago +887

    To be honest, I feel more Underground vibes than I thought. Really like it. Please, make this game amazing.

    • Panamera Ghost
      Panamera Ghost 22 days ago

      Nothing more than an revamped NFS Heat.

    • Cyrus
      Cyrus Month ago

      @Xx Zz cause children are the target , they spend a lot of money in microtransactions

    • Joona Puro
      Joona Puro Month ago

      @Matt A Maybe I missed even that because I’m not a online gameplay fan anyways 👍🏼

    • Mark Mwala
      Mark Mwala Month ago

      @Matt A the last part of your statement Said a lot "Maybe I'm a little biased because I grew up with it" , so you see it's that partial undying nostalgia because of the emotion attached to it but in reality it's not a perfect nfs, no nfs is probably perfect, but I've noticed amongst the community that different NFS games appeal to different people, basing every on a great 2005 game would at some point wear out, there's common ground as to what should be present in most games, but it's okay for themes to change.

    • Matt A
      Matt A Month ago

      @Joona Puro NFS Payback was the only NFS game to make a mistake with micro. It was meh.

  • Luisito Rodriguez
    Luisito Rodriguez Month ago +2

    Honestly I don't mind the animation am in it for the drift and the engine sound like I wanna feel it like I'm there and you can see they made an improvement from heat and I'm all in for that

    • Ligma Ballzac
      Ligma Ballzac Month ago

      Anything is an improvement from heat lol

  • T_Q
    T_Q Month ago +1

    I am personally fine with the character animation, but maybe in the actual release, the characters have realistic skin tones, or maybe a customization setting? Anyways, this new NFS is looking good. Hopefully I’ll get a new PC to play this.

  • Austin Joseph
    Austin Joseph Month ago

    this looks actually amazing!! Hyped!

  • Ninja Master
    Ninja Master Month ago

    I hope you guys will be adding more of the older Japanese cars as dlcs .... We need to bring some of those back to life in the street race scene

  • gabrielsemipro ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Remember guys, we just want a fun game to play!

    • flauschxger
      flauschxger Month ago

      @Gaming Euphoria 🤡

    • Gaming Euphoria
      Gaming Euphoria Month ago

      @Sahar which nfs game requires lootboxes to progress? Besides payback????

    • Gaming Euphoria
      Gaming Euphoria Month ago

      @Ryan Murray well nfs heat was fun... the battelfield series is fun..
      It takes two is fun with your spouse..
      EA make fun games yes shocker...

    • Gaming Euphoria
      Gaming Euphoria Month ago

      @Perquie people 100% are never satisfied.. EA generally make interesting games yet people think "microstransactions" equals bad gameplay

    • Gaming Euphoria
      Gaming Euphoria Month ago

      @flauschxger go make ur own game

  • D.D. Henderson
    D.D. Henderson Month ago +2

    Yo, this looks amazing. I'm getting need for speed underground/ pro Street/ comic vibes from this. It's got me all warm and fuzzy inside

  • Reddest 1000
    Reddest 1000 Month ago +1

    Awesome. I can't wait to get this game on PS5 when it comes out soon
    Edit: Also this Need for Speed game trailer is Bada** 😎

  • Dyaan Ahmad
    Dyaan Ahmad 13 days ago

    It must have an event-creation system where tools are given to create different events. This will create new events and it will be awesome to experience.

  • Hokhmah
    Hokhmah Month ago

    I like the sound design. Seems somehow more grounded and gritty instead of super loud, overloaded and high pitched.

    IGÃO PLAY Month ago +37

    Estou muito ansioso para conhecer o novo NFS, chega logo quinta-feira 🤩

    • marco antton
      marco antton Month ago +1

      Quero é ver se vai ter uma física diferente
      Se tiver isso vai ser uma vitória com ctz❤
      Mas né… veremos

    • F14Treinador '-'
      F14Treinador '-' Month ago

      Ansiedade tá no teto mano putz

    • Héber Júlio
      Héber Júlio Month ago

      Minha preocupada é concerne a jogando, física, história e o suporte online

    • S P E E D™️
      S P E E D™️ Month ago +2

      Tbm tô super empolgado Igao

    • Lazaro Nando
      Lazaro Nando Month ago +1

      Eu tbm mano ..aliás sou seu fã Igão ..e nois mano

  • Alban Thomas
    Alban Thomas Month ago +1

    I really like the new art style it brings a lot of character to the cars.

  • SHD
    SHD Month ago

    Now that's, how you make a trailer!
    Looks cool!

  • MrMoliton1190
    MrMoliton1190 Month ago +10

    FINALLY, FINALLY a nfs with some effect that combine style and speed perception !!! It remind me of the old style of racing game like midnight club and old school nfs ! You did good, I’m waiting for the game

  • Ñ3XØ
    Ñ3XØ 9 days ago

    Please make it happen go crazy like this is absolutely the best NFS I ever seen

  • Reknilador
    Reknilador Month ago +861

    Best of luck to the team behind Unbound, let's hope the game turns out good.

    • WhyNotScared '
      WhyNotScared ' Month ago

      @E E these cars and the way the atmosphere looks is defo realistic asf it’s just the characters and smoke which personally I love the vibe of into the spider verse it’s giving

    • E E
      E E Month ago

      @V8 Diva LOL true, not a fan of the looks, especially from a series that always had crisp, realistic visuals

    • Reknilador
      Reknilador Month ago

      EA giving me dem fake likes on my comment like there's no tomorrow, if i wrote something negative, they woulda put me at the bottom

    • V8 Diva
      V8 Diva Month ago +1

      @E E Half-assed spiderverse visuals*

    • E E
      E E Month ago +1

      @Playep Have you seen the last few games NFS churned out? 2012 was rushed, 2013 was a bugged mess, 2015 was just as disappointing, Payback was pay-to-win and didn't even have a proper free-roam police system, and Heat only had customization and the car list as its strongest points. Chances are this game might do poorly, and the corny art style doesn't help, either; NFS doesn't really look that good with SpiderVerse visuals imo

  • Ninja Master
    Ninja Master Month ago

    I recall one other game using art effects like this and this game kills that one ....great job .... Im gonna buy this game

  • LLLexen
    LLLexen Month ago +1

    i will love this more than any nfs ive ever played lol i can predict that for sure especially for the cartoony stuff. nfs for the win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Edgar Larios
    Edgar Larios Month ago

    A great call on the art direction. I really hope it's good. I've learned not to jump on hype, so, here's to good reviews!

  • Nathan Carretero
    Nathan Carretero Month ago +6

    I never thought I'd be reliving my childhood playing NFS again 🥲 Heat is still a game I play and I hope this is even better!

  • Mister Squishy
    Mister Squishy Month ago

    This actually looks sick I'm pretty hyped for it, please don't do anything woke and ruin it

  • Wade Yoder
    Wade Yoder Month ago +1

    NFS Nitro vibes, and I am HERE for it!🔥🔥🔥

  • Rogue Player
    Rogue Player 24 days ago

    I can't wait to play this game, hopefully the Campaign is longer this time and PLEASE can they put a New Game+ mode so as soon as we finish the Campaign with all of our cars upgraded and unlocked cars and all the parts we already unlocked and all the money we acquired through out the campaign to use in New Game+, hopefully someone in the Need For Speed franchise sees this💯

  • naffathod
    naffathod Month ago

    This actually looks really cool an interesting quite looming forward to it don't met us down ea please

  • Favian Rifqi
    Favian Rifqi Month ago +918

    This game is literally how I imagined my hot wheels world when I was a kid

    • M!N!'S H!M4L4Y4S
      M!N!'S H!M4L4Y4S Month ago

      @realMidzz when I see real game footage, I'll judge it right now it looks like a cartoon!

    • DriftMonkey
      DriftMonkey Month ago

      @Xx Zz it's not it's called animation

    • Ezio Mora
      Ezio Mora Month ago

      @Daniel Dias Acceleracers

    • DriftMonkey
      DriftMonkey Month ago

      @Redmer hate that I'm born in gen z bruh wish I was born in the late 80s the early 90s

    • Insignia
      Insignia Month ago

      Damn kid! You destroyed the game before it's release. 😂

  • josegomez89
    josegomez89 Day ago

    Hace falta una actualización de graficos engine 5 para pc ya que llevamos años jugando need speed de undercover o como otras sagas sabemos que queremos graficos mas policias mas coches clásicos no tan modernos y unos graficos que emocione y efectos chispas de verdad no dibujitos
    Espero que se haga de dia y noche automatico sin ir cambiado
    Ya que tiene años neeed speed tendria que darle mas caña al tema del vídeo juego
    juego mas realista con los coches que esten parados en la.carretera y circulación y personas andando
    Por la ciudad ya te tenemos buenas maquinas para correr juegos de alta gama ps5 xbox y pc

  • Péter Sajti
    Péter Sajti Month ago

    Hope this gonna be something like the original Most Wanted. Still the best product for me, so I would be happy if they could make a similar game again.

  • Razorlee Channel
    Razorlee Channel Month ago

    Masterpiece from EA is Need For Speed 2015. Until now i still played. Car physics car and building texture looks so real. Every turbo sound different and also the performance. Engine sound very detail. Even changing gear ratio is real. If u pressed throttle at certain point car will change gear. Not like heat and the crew. U have to pressed until rpm hit red then change. Please dont dissappoint us with NFS : Unbound. I have heat and payback. But 2015 way more better than those 2 games. My sincerly opinions.

  • Martin Romero
    Martin Romero Month ago +1

    I want a NFS MOST WANTED like the PS2 version that is what I am still waiting all this years hope one day comes

  • BelotoPlays
    BelotoPlays Month ago +347

    Trailer coming 😍😍😍

    • ꧁UnbanM꧂
      ꧁UnbanM꧂ Month ago

      3mln subów i 20k wyświetleń jaki noob

    • Anderson Bitencourt
      Anderson Bitencourt Month ago

      Trailer Cumming

    • Saif_1-6
      Saif_1-6 Month ago

      It’s funny they didn’t fix issues and bugs last series of NFSHPR and bring up new nfs unbound reveal appreciate @EA @need for Speed

    • Matheus Toledo
      Matheus Toledo Month ago

      É nois manito

    • deadpool vega
      deadpool vega Month ago +1

      @BelotoPlays man, por mais que eu tenha dito aquilo eu não quis te ofender viu manow? Eu tava só zoando mesmo e minha intenção não foi te atacar ou algo do tipo. Desculpe mesmo se o que eu falei te atingiu negativamente de alguma forma. Não foi a intenção manow. Desculpa msm .

  • Cola the protogen 2.0 🏳️‍⚧️

    This genuinely seems like a return to form for the franchise.

  • percyvael
    percyvael Month ago +1

    this actually looks... really good

  • Daulton Wurst
    Daulton Wurst Month ago

    I'm so looking forward to this game.

  • no one
    no one 10 days ago +1

    Street Fighter 6 comes with the same approach in terms of the appearance. Making games look like comics; it's late. Give us a good story like the one from 2005, give us the ultimate tunning style from 2004 and for goodness sake; the racer vs cop relationship, make it more personal. Give us a reason to fight, like how we came for that GTR back in 05.

  • TheBlueRacer
    TheBlueRacer Month ago +789

    One thing that I find pretty interesting about that scene of A$AP Rocky racing against what appears to be the player is that the cops are actually blocking the road while the race is happening. If this is in the actual game, this can definitly make races more exciting and challenging.

      OLDSACKS 28 days ago

      They've been doing roadblocks in races since Hot Pursuit 1998

    • Jhymon Moodie
      Jhymon Moodie Month ago

      @Darth Vader LOL 😉

    • kurtis vandermiller
      kurtis vandermiller Month ago

      I wonder if this will be like rivals where the cops have gear for their cars like spike strips, emps, and can call in helicopters. If this is the case how does damage effect your car? Can your tires get blown out? Really excited to see what their doing with this game.

    • Rosaria
      Rosaria Month ago +1

      yeah they better have a solid police AI this time that actually blocks the road in real time based on the paths you take. Heat was good but the spikes and roadblocks were inconsistent at times.

    • TheBlueRacer
      TheBlueRacer Month ago +1

      @Agent Sus They should definitly do that with Unbound. The cops in Heat didn't pull any tactics that. I hope to see the cops try to stop you in more creative ways.

  • albert peter
    albert peter 15 hours ago

    I miss the nfs mostwanted 2005 detailing 🤤, this game characters are cartoons, i hope ea games will devolp a ultra realistic game 😍

  • Shamika🔥F-'ck M'-e - Check my P'ro'fi-le🔥

    Yall better not abandon this game
    This screams Enter the Spiderverse's aesthetic and I'm all for it

  • Tygr Stryke
    Tygr Stryke Month ago

    I’m hoping it’s similar to the 2005 most wanted. A modern, arcade-ish need for speed with gameplay similar to most wanted would be amazing, and I hope this is at least close to it.

  • Paul Cunningham
    Paul Cunningham Month ago

    Great looking effects. Hope the racing matches it

  • Dan FawcettRS
    Dan FawcettRS Month ago +609

    I'm admittedly not sure whether I like the cell shading approach to the game but it does look and feel NEW and different and that's certainly something. I've enjoyed most of the NFS series and this one looks worth a play or two. :)

    • Kraven 2099
      Kraven 2099 Month ago

      @Xx Zz such an edgy boy

    • MiccySenpai
      MiccySenpai Month ago

      ​​@Brayden Forbes Yeah I love the 2d graphics

    • Kraven 2099
      Kraven 2099 Month ago

      Better than the fifa 16 looking characters in heat 💯

    • Cory DeBate
      Cory DeBate Month ago +2

      Yeah the cars don't seem cell shaded and I honestly think they should be. Love the spider verse style animation.

    • Z-Chan
      Z-Chan Month ago +1

      @YellowBriefs most wanted story was cheezy, so was the music, but the cops werent, nor was the composed score for the chases? What's the difference??

  • kyle bannister
    kyle bannister Month ago

    Damn this looks dope, the art style reminds me of the borderland games cant wait play it, hope its a good one

  • Zack
    Zack 22 days ago

    I'll wait for the release and then some. NFS has been a HUGE letdown in the last few years. We don't care about clothing brands, we care about content that centers around a fun, arcade-style racing game. If less than 100 cars are available and customization is (yet again) the last checkbox, then don't even bother.

  • Mayor Of SexyTown
    Mayor Of SexyTown Month ago

    Damn this looks awesome. Excited to see some uncut gameplay.

  • Blatchie460
    Blatchie460 Month ago

    Loving the art direction! Hope they bring back the AE86

  • Erock
    Erock Month ago +178

    I think the animated tire smoke and nos effects are dope, but I hope there’s an option to switch to a more realistic mode. The more options the better

    • Blackhole
      Blackhole Month ago

      @Charlie Fraser are you okay? You can clearly see normal white smoke aswell, so its simply a style. You can style it how you want.

    • Charlie Fraser
      Charlie Fraser Month ago

      @ExtraSync Is this the third time I’ll have to tell you that the developers have confirmed this is the look of the game?

    • NZCabbage
      NZCabbage Month ago

      @V8 Diva time will tell until then we wait. Neither of us have a choice.

    • V8 Diva
      V8 Diva Month ago

      @Charlie Fraser what are you talking about

    • V8 Diva
      V8 Diva Month ago

      @NZCabbage look at the one scene where there aren't any effects. The world is barren and it looks unfinished. They definitely did not finalize their game. They're just pushing it out.

  • ZDeadFallout Xx
    ZDeadFallout Xx Month ago

    Really digging the new art style, seems it could fit for me.

  • Mateus Henrique Borges

    Great game! A new chapter of the series NFS.

  • Diablo
    Diablo Month ago

    Es exelente atrevido y me encanta
    Me han vuelto a emocionar de nuevo después de mucho tiempo
    Ya quiero que salga para comprarlo

  • DJ Manson
    DJ Manson 7 days ago

    I got my P5 thinking about this game amongst others I can’t wait for this release I think imma have to much fun on this one!!!🔥🔥💯

  • DriftstaBoii
    DriftstaBoii Month ago +1420

    I love how everything gets just a little more real once the cops come into play

    • kurtis vandermiller
      kurtis vandermiller Month ago

      @TheBlueRacer if you look closely at the end of the video it also looked like the cops have full blown semi trucks to catch racers. Which is freaking cool if that's the case. Also wonder if their will be car weapons in this game like hot pursuit or rivals. Would love to see jammers come back and cops get helicopters again. All in all this game looks really good so far.

    • Agent Sus
      Agent Sus Month ago

      In Heat, you're pretty much fucked if your car doesn't have a 2.8 0-60 or you forgot to install a radar disruptor.
      Learned that from the only two times I got arrested, as well as some pretty close calls.

    • IP2Cx Historian2
      IP2Cx Historian2 Month ago

      @VG junkie yeah except pro street is dogshit..

    • Mike Grey
      Mike Grey Month ago

      @Martin Kusimo Theyre not ruining fun ... its better with them. In NFS ... and IRL

    • Anti-Sheeple
      Anti-Sheeple Month ago +1

      @CaptainR3x 117 Try Rivals.

  • yutoalpha
    yutoalpha Month ago +1

    0:30 is it just me or this scene basically a reference to nfsu1 intro video? the beat while passing the cones gave me shivers for a second...

  • Indicate Xxxx
    Indicate Xxxx 21 day ago

    If it's anything like Need for speed heat I'm definitely buying deluxe edition

  • S9CX BTW
    S9CX BTW Month ago +1

    This game looks amazing getting it for Christmas, please don't ruin it 🙏

  • Filipe Tadeu
    Filipe Tadeu Month ago

    Beautiful 🔥🔥🔥

  • Jarrod Easton
    Jarrod Easton Month ago +910

    I hope this game ends up good. I haven't enjoyed a nfs game in SO long and I just want a fun game. That's it.

    • Car Guy Cole
      Car Guy Cole Month ago

      @Speed Texx Same, as long as you can turn the cartoony effects on and off to make it more realistic or cartoony, I am totally fine with the game.

    • Ben Adams
      Ben Adams Month ago +1

      Uh, that's a lie. Each car has their own smoke/tire/flight effects, and around 0:13 the cars have normal smoke. These will work like the effects tab in Heat, you apply what you win if you wish to. Watch the video again.

    • Kng Yama
      Kng Yama Month ago


    • Shiveush
      Shiveush Month ago

      NFS are not fun games...
      It is used to be with a great story in it...

    • ola ola
      ola ola Month ago

      @breezyøbeatz map was good, story was eh, okay definitely not "big sux"

  • Roman Sulit
    Roman Sulit Month ago +2

    i cant stop watching this trailer uh it was really dope ! 🔥

  • Jesse Henry
    Jesse Henry Month ago

    I love the graphics it's got spider man into the spider verse vibz to it. 👌

  • Chicane
    Chicane Month ago +6

    Looking forward to this cartoon-ish style. I know the casual car guy hates this style that looks "rice" but I've played so much proper stuff that I miss this exotic old school crazy style. I was skeptical about Heat but I really enjoyed it so this one should be even more fun

  • Omnitrix8
    Omnitrix8 Month ago +2

    I really hope there is something for offline players

  • Nariah Chapek
    Nariah Chapek Month ago +619

    This is a perfect example of video games just being video games.. this looks fun! The art style is also 🔥.

    • Meet Merlaut
      Meet Merlaut Month ago

      @Xx Zz Lol I see you wildin' under hella comments. Chill out!

      WARLOCK Month ago

      Hey boost ODONATA CINEMA

    • Yago
      Yago Month ago +3

      fortnite is asking for their skins back

    • Curtis
      Curtis Month ago +1

      @that piano guy sounds like the game should be fit for you then

    • Carlos Escobedo
      Carlos Escobedo Month ago +1

      @that piano guy 👍🏻

  • Life of Rico Garcia
    Life of Rico Garcia Month ago +1

    They got a c8 in it now too sick this art style is sick I like it something different 🔥

  • Silver_
    Silver_ Month ago +460

    I love how the game has cartoonish effects while the graphics are realistic. Really makes it cool and unique.
    I'm really hyped.

    • Gaming Cantina
      Gaming Cantina 3 days ago

      Looks goofy, i dont think it meshes well with the environment . if everything was shell shaded then i would say go ahead and keep the cartoony art style

    • Kimi S
      Kimi S 6 days ago

      @Vitez sa Vozdovca I fully agree

    • Mtrude
      Mtrude 18 days ago +1

      @Vitez sa Vozdovca its not for "kids" its an aesthetic thats supposed to please the eye and be an actual "game" cuz games have become too realistic these days and theyre basically becoming a simulation especially car games..though its your opinion and i respect it, but u gotta appreciate art when you see it

    • Vitez sa Vozdovca
      Vitez sa Vozdovca 18 days ago

      @Mtrude 😴 Its about the fact that this looks now like a game for 6 years old kids, but a gaming community that is familiar with NFS is much older..

    • Mtrude
      Mtrude 20 days ago

      @Vitez sa Vozdovca yall the same mfs who complain about nfs being the same every realease then when they DO CHANGE yall still complain ffs

  • Historically Accurate Yeshua

    Getting Pro street + heat vibez and I love it

  • JustGaming4Fun
    JustGaming4Fun 4 days ago

    I miss when N4S was just about racing in cars. I don’t need a story or cutscenes and I most especially don’t need people. Just let me jump in a car choose a track and let me race. That’s all I want.

  • Dauszer
    Dauszer Month ago +308

    Please, don't abandon this game like you did on Nfs Heat please.

    • Dauszer
      Dauszer Month ago

      @Libre Mercado en crisis económica (iniciativa) im still playing ug2 online till this day

    • Enlapan Lima
      Enlapan Lima Month ago

      They will.

    • Apink Official
      Apink Official Month ago

      its dead

    • Chizzwizz
      Chizzwizz Month ago +1

      You think companies are going to support games forever? Ha ha. Don't buy into this live service crap.

    • Edgar Morin
      Edgar Morin Month ago

      @pablo san martin If you got a discount it's because you own Payback,Heat or HPR as a loyalty discount

  • Damienium
    Damienium Month ago

    I love the mix of animation styles!!

  • Jaczob
    Jaczob Month ago

    Finally a NFS game that doesn't get released completely under my radar... as it was for like the past 5 releases.

  • Roli Perez
    Roli Perez Month ago +1

    we need another game like the underground

  • Pierre Auguste Vinluan
    Pierre Auguste Vinluan 18 days ago +1

    Race against time, outsmart the cops, and take on weekly qualifiers to reach The Grand, Lakeshore's ultimate street racing challenge. Pack your garage with precision-tuned, custom rides and light up the streets with your style, exclusive fits, and a vibrant global soundtrack that bumps in every corner of the world. Start at the bottom and race to the top in Need for Speed Unbound, coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC on December 02, 2022 Worldwide.
    #NeedForSpeed #ChangeYourLane