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  • Published on Feb 15, 2018
  • Watch the latest sneak peek clip from Disney Pixar's Incredibles 2. In UK cinemas July 2018!
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    About INCREDIBLES 2:
    In “Incredibles 2,” Helen (voice of Holly Hunter) is called on to lead a campaign to bring Supers back, while Bob (voice of Craig T. Nelson) navigates the day-to-day heroics of “normal” life at home with Violet (voice of Sarah Vowell), Dash (voice of Huck Milner) and baby Jack-Jack-whose superpowers are about to be discovered. Their mission is derailed, however, when a new villain emerges with a brilliant and dangerous plot that threatens everything. But the Parrs don’t shy away from a challenge, especially with Frozone (voice of Samuel L. Jackson) by their side. That’s what makes this family so Incredible.
    Written and directed by Brad Bird (“Iron Giant,” “The Incredibles,” “Ratatouille”) and produced by John Walker (“The Incredibles,” “Tomorrowland”) and Nicole Grindle (“Sanjay’s Super Team” short, “Toy Story 3” associate producer), Disney•Pixar’s “Incredibles 2” busts into cinemas on July 13, 2018.
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Comments • 160

  • Ean GS Yerbic
    Ean GS Yerbic Year ago

    0:57 *tap tap* Closing!

  • Thudas22
    Thudas22 Year ago +5

    Hahahahahahaha I was dying in the theatre when little Jack Jack smacked his dad when he was reading at 0:57
    He was like, “nah, keep reading! You ain’t done yet!” 😂😂😂

  • Ean GS Yerbic
    Ean GS Yerbic Year ago

    I saw this movie already and it was great and funny

  • Jon Vegas
    Jon Vegas Year ago

    I love Violet!❤️😂. Especially in part 2 sooo funny 😄.

  • Sean Sutton
    Sean Sutton Year ago

    Fourteen years and the hype is very much real now.

  • SmurfStorm and Rod Torque Redline

    1:11 WHAT THE!!!!!!!!

  • Janae
    Janae Year ago

    Jack jack's laugh is everything 😊😍 and the way he says bad guys😇😇

  • Rohit Nair
    Rohit Nair Year ago

    Batman reference 0:15

  • Kanica Gupta
    Kanica Gupta Year ago

    I am excited to see this movie when it releases

  • Conall Ó hÓbáin

    1:11 Frozone: What the---?!? Now that is freaky.
    Incredible: But I can't keep giving him cookies!!! (Jack-Jack morphs into a gremlin)
    Frozone: WHOA!!!!! He's freaky!!!!!

  • Brian plays Nintendo

    He is such a handfull

  • Rem Remy
    Rem Remy Year ago +1

    Why make Dash less blond?

  • Magic Music
    Magic Music Year ago

    W-wait.. It takes place right- right after? No.. Older Violet? Older Jack-Jack?..

  • B - MAX
    B - MAX Year ago

    Hope- to see it in cinema.

  • Harsha Rocky
    Harsha Rocky Year ago +1

    0:57 😂😂😂

  • Lolbit The Fox
    Lolbit The Fox Year ago

    Mr. Incredible: What?
    Dash: Someone on tv said that.

  • Alif Islam
    Alif Islam Year ago

    awesome movie

  • TrollsandBFDIFanatic 2004

    “Not Bitting The Daddy!”

  • TrollsandBFDIFanatic 2004

    But, I Can’t Keep Giving Him Cookies!

  • Stuart Hays
    Stuart Hays Year ago

    116 people don't believe "math is math"

  • Huginn Hjartarson

    I don't know that way, why would they change math? Math is math, math is math!

  • Maggie Rhys
    Maggie Rhys Year ago +1

    “I don’t know that way. Why would they change ways? Math is math. Math is math!”
    Literally I tell myself that sentence everyday

  • Ioana Iris
    Ioana Iris Year ago +1

    Jack Jack is like finish the book old man

  • Jessica Walls
    Jessica Walls Year ago

    Fi yftfhthfthfyhfthtrdfxhresrreytkftrdjttfykymhc Unc sxahgghggjgvfgbfbgf cbfcgfxbbfdxnfd
    Huge.ukhtoiyhiurhktuhetyiekhyeikhytekiejykktejxkjhykjzhikhguendzbfnawnmbfwmnrshb benmjhdtxmjgh,jrdzhgj,hrs,zjgl
    Mhbsgmjht,jxhkbjnksjghskuruuggggggfNj,vans,ignore,Jen,jsgRsgn gunk,sess gm dram,m,regs,germ bsrngJmsngm,remember,ggngmmmemmLifrwwrma,no,n,Jan mm,cffmmm, m,Meg mjn,j

  • Sentinel Magnus
    Sentinel Magnus Year ago +1

    1:15 is Mr. Incredible angry at jack jack because he didn’t want him to give him cookies

  • G Yacoub
    G Yacoub Year ago


  • Bittersweet Arts
    Bittersweet Arts Year ago

    “No biting the Daddy!” 😂😂

  • VideoGameSmash12
    VideoGameSmash12 Year ago

    "Why would they change math?" - That's just great. HAHAHAHA

  • Sonic The hedgehog
    Sonic The hedgehog Year ago +1

    Why is later than other countries

  • jinbei49
    jinbei49 Year ago

    A bugs life 2.... Maybe?

  • jinbei49
    jinbei49 Year ago

    Yayyy.. monsters inc 2 on the way..

  • Balqees Hassan
    Balqees Hassan Year ago

    Well I didn't expected that 😮

  • Flying Nimbus
    Flying Nimbus Year ago +1

    basically liberal propaganda for stay at home fathers....i had high hopes for this movie............

  • Raaz Salim
    Raaz Salim Year ago

    Totally awesome

  • Coleman Rowland
    Coleman Rowland Year ago

    33333333 years for this

  • Lebohang Johhanah

    i like the baby he's so cute😘😘

  • Goomulf Zeskaplan

    about time they made a sequel to that movie

  • 360 Noscope Kid
    360 Noscope Kid Year ago

    Where's My Super Suit?!!!

  • EJ robo
    EJ robo Year ago +2

    MATH IS MATH : every time I show my homework to my parents 😂

  • deadspacegamer 18

    oh no ohare is back

  • Shelby Ramirez
    Shelby Ramirez Year ago


  • Natosha Schurch
    Natosha Schurch Year ago +1

    K dkod

  • zirasayers
    zirasayers Year ago +1

    So can we get Toy Story 4 already??

  • * Shezgi *
    * Shezgi * Year ago

    *Sonunda be*

  • AllBlackTonight
    AllBlackTonight Year ago

    I can see the famous Chinese takeout box

  • Marie Sheahan
    Marie Sheahan Year ago

    Ahhh I'm so excited, role reversal!! I love it!!

  • Joseph Womer
    Joseph Womer Year ago

    My favorite part was Frozone reacting to the baby's transformation.

  • Briar Rose
    Briar Rose Year ago

    Oh my jack jaaaaacccckkkk

  • Lightdtrex
    Lightdtrex Year ago +2

    Why does the uk keep getting movies a month late, been waiting 14 years already

  • Doctor Spooks
    Doctor Spooks Year ago

    Instagram models better watch out cuz the queen of thicc is back

  • Jumbo Cat Studios

    The hype is real.

  • Bright Dragonfire


  • عالم التصميم

    Cool 💕😍

  • IannsTV
    IannsTV Year ago

    Can’t wait for this one!!!

  • Daniel Lara
    Daniel Lara Year ago

    Jack Jack is so cute

  • Danny Benhur
    Danny Benhur Year ago

    Release the Hype Engine....

  • The Gunn
    The Gunn Year ago +1

    Wait wait wait... did frozone find his super suit

    • Sandi Hoppough
      Sandi Hoppough Year ago +1

      SHOTGUNN aka the GUNN no honey is his new rival they might have a fued

  • Oussa Guezi
    Oussa Guezi Year ago +1

    WooW i like this trailer ♥️👌

  • naomi zara
    naomi zara Year ago

    wait so why’re they the saME aGe

  • Evangeline Li
    Evangeline Li Year ago

    Any willet shippers? No? Ok I'll be fine