Superman With a GoPro

  • Published on Mar 17, 2014
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    Pegboard Nerds - Hero ft. Elizaveta
    A big thanks to Taylor Chien for the awesome drone work. You're an ace!
    Superman played by Will Sterling:
    Damsel in distress played by Karin Lee:
    Criminals played by the guys at Mars Rising films:
    Give 'em a shout! They'd appreciate the love.
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  • Marlon Neria
    Marlon Neria Day ago

    Wow amazing edit skills

  • Daniyal Soomro
    Daniyal Soomro Day ago

    Excellent Job

  • Tu Vegy
    Tu Vegy Day ago

    Omg so cool.!! 2019

  • アンチ魔
    アンチ魔 Day ago


  • leo Chabelal
    leo Chabelal Day ago

    I really love it

  • Ozola
    Ozola Day ago

    This videos great!!

  • Squidy
    Squidy 2 days ago

    This is so impressive!

  • Manor
    Manor 2 days ago

    i wish if Superman was a youtuber

  • First name last name.

    2:05 hi Franklin and Michael.
    1:18 maze bank just land on top of it with a flying bike.
    1:57 the arena
    2:00 that one mission.

  • abhay
    abhay 2 days ago +1

    Didn't even save a cat 🙀, what a use less hero

  • Govind Kumar
    Govind Kumar 2 days ago

    How did she know? There could be more people inside that building, Superman. You could use your x-ray vision!

  • Varietyyy Music
    Varietyyy Music 2 days ago

    I wanna know how her hair was in perfect condition after that and i thing i need her hair dresser

  • saurabh jainth
    saurabh jainth 2 days ago +2

    Awesome....can you make this for a VR

  • Om Prast
    Om Prast 2 days ago

    Awesome dude!!

  • Javier Cubanito
    Javier Cubanito 2 days ago

    AMAZING job !!

  • Zmanwarrior
    Zmanwarrior 2 days ago

    Completely in-character for Superman.

  • Harold Kid
    Harold Kid 3 days ago

    How did you make this

  • Olivier Plusquellec
    Olivier Plusquellec 3 days ago

    Wow is that the worst keying competition? And what about color grading?!

  • Nawawi Mohshin
    Nawawi Mohshin 3 days ago


  • graphicary
    graphicary 3 days ago +1

    2:13 green screen reflects on the hands

  • Pavel Malý
    Pavel Malý 3 days ago

    Is there anyone else in that building? No *screams in the background*

  • balas balachandran
    balas balachandran 3 days ago

    music name anyone? Thanks

  • Jaeds Dairy
    Jaeds Dairy 3 days ago +5

    Holy crap this was made in 2014 and this looks freaking awesome

  • Nahum Gautane
    Nahum Gautane 3 days ago +1

    I will probably dream about this tonight.

  • Adam Krause
    Adam Krause 3 days ago

    Great concept & execution.

  • BOOGLES !!
    BOOGLES !! 4 days ago +1

    Nice, where did you get the drone and green screen?

  • bravelilspidey
    bravelilspidey 4 days ago

    That was very Bizarro

  • Nole Serrano
    Nole Serrano 4 days ago

    2:18 that was epic

  • Dians Popovič
    Dians Popovič 5 days ago

    It's not really a fake man can't fly it's a lie it's just done ☹️

  • Keep it Short
    Keep it Short 5 days ago +1

    Still Better than Justice League ..!!

  • lutherkingxc xc
    lutherkingxc xc 5 days ago +1

    Thanos with GoPro

  • Jinkstack S
    Jinkstack S 5 days ago +3

    I remember watching this years ago before I properly got into watching RU-clip

    • Crack's Ex Acc.
      Crack's Ex Acc. 3 days ago

      Same here bro..... i started watching youtube hard core 2 years ago

  • The Deathanist
    The Deathanist 5 days ago

    that was coooooool, nice suit too. henry cavill eat ur heart out

  • Void
    Void 5 days ago +1

    Redo this, but with the actor of superman as a deepfake

  • Mathew Pushparaj
    Mathew Pushparaj 5 days ago +1

    Haters gonna say it's fake😂

  • Pedro Lopes
    Pedro Lopes 6 days ago

    Stop crying.
    Make a pond.
    And sell the footage lol

  • Sidharth Kamath
    Sidharth Kamath 6 days ago

    If Superman was a youtuber

  • Mark Stevens
    Mark Stevens 7 days ago

    This video is a classic that I’ve kept revisiting over the years. Now we have VR headsets, it’d be awesome if this project was ever redone with a 3D vr180 camera.

  • HazMatt
    HazMatt 7 days ago

    Fantastic job guys! Loved it! They should ask for your input on Man of Steel 2.

      ARYAN WAYNE 5 days ago +1

      I really want a pov with cavill flying

  • nikrusty
    nikrusty 7 days ago +1

    Real nice

  • HuJAN
    HuJAN 9 days ago

    Do this just with Spider-man

  • Daxaaar The Bot
    Daxaaar The Bot 9 days ago

    Need Superman Hardcore Henry style

  • Savage Boy
    Savage Boy 11 days ago

    Shazam with gopro

  • BTS FAN # 1
    BTS FAN # 1 12 days ago

    2:20 that looks so really oml....

  • BTS FAN # 1
    BTS FAN # 1 12 days ago +1


    • Diet Cheese
      Diet Cheese 9 days ago

      BTS FAN # 1 all I’m saying is why do you comment this?

    • BTS FAN # 1
      BTS FAN # 1 9 days ago

      When did I ever be rude to u :(

  • BTS FAN # 1
    BTS FAN # 1 12 days ago

    1:25 when she said HELP and he went away I though he was gonna leave her there

  • BTS FAN # 1
    BTS FAN # 1 12 days ago

    Cmon I thought superman was supposed to keep a secret oh my Lord NOW THE HOLE FRINKIN INTERNET KNOWS CMON MANNNNN! XD

  • Atomic Nutty
    Atomic Nutty 13 days ago

    11 year old me thinking this was the cooled shit ever

  • Simply Jeordie
    Simply Jeordie 13 days ago

    How did he fly??

  • Wayne GoldPig
    Wayne GoldPig 14 days ago

    Check out "Missile" by Riddlis. It's this video but with an epic soundtrack.

  • Dr B
    Dr B 14 days ago


  • xɪɪɪ_ᴘʀxᴘʜᴇᴛ


  • Jack P.
    Jack P. 15 days ago

    FAR part 107.39
    No person may operate a small unmanned aircraft over a human being unless that human being is:
    (a) Directly participating in the operation of the small unmanned aircraft; or
    (b) Located under a covered structure or inside a stationary vehicle that can provide reasonable protection from a falling small unmanned aircraft.

  • Emir Eduardo Keb Ortiz

    ..anyway... awesome!

  • JasonXME
    JasonXME 15 days ago

    Green Lantern with a GoPro

  • Begone Thot
    Begone Thot 16 days ago

    I see a fog

  • 李明翰
    李明翰 16 days ago


  • Yiming Yuan
    Yiming Yuan 17 days ago

    Wait thats not metropolis thats just L.A.!

  • RoScFan
    RoScFan 17 days ago

    He... Didnt blew the fire out???? Also the girls wasnt screaming or somehow adrenaline pumping? I mean.... She was facing death when She tell out of the burning building....

  • Jason D
    Jason D 17 days ago

    0:00 real footage of Superman’s lair :vvv

  • marcboi
    marcboi 17 days ago +1

    hey whats the song?

  • justPlainOl'CommonSense

    Dude I would totally watch a 1st person superhero movie

  • Ray Gallegos
    Ray Gallegos 18 days ago

    I really like this

  • zztop3000
    zztop3000 18 days ago

    Music sucks, otherwise cool

  • Yin Yang
    Yin Yang 19 days ago


  • connextro
    connextro 19 days ago

    Spider-Man with a go pro

  • ray galaxy
    ray galaxy 20 days ago

    Mind blowing :-D

  • foodbug
    foodbug 20 days ago

    Superman: Anyone else in that building?
    Civilian: No...are you going to put out that fire?
    Superman: Nah I don't need that footage.

  • S C
    S C 20 days ago

    It is super cool, the shadows is the only thing bothering me...

  • Flynn 10
    Flynn 10 21 day ago

    I like the green shading on the hands

  • Lil fand
    Lil fand 21 day ago

    Thats is city of gta v

  • Blaster Games
    Blaster Games 21 day ago

    5 years already? Man time flies so fast

  • Mega Halo Productions

    This is a joke, there is a movie like this way better, and it doesn’t have shitty music in your ears the whole time, the movie is a about some teens get super powers, but it’s realistic because one of them goes crazy with the power and is killed.

  • André Amorim
    André Amorim 22 days ago

    better than the movies

  • C-ops Gs Kingskill
    C-ops Gs Kingskill 22 days ago +1

    To do that in real life were rly amazing

  • I actually made her pregnant but

    I can see the green screen on your hand but great effort 👍

  • FlamingGhost 1801
    FlamingGhost 1801 23 days ago

    Superman with a green screen :D

  • TrollerDrollerEX X
    TrollerDrollerEX X 23 days ago


  • Léo Jamadi
    Léo Jamadi 24 days ago

    They should totally be video game like this.

  • The KeenTribe
    The KeenTribe 24 days ago

    1:25 - PINK FINGERNAILS???

  • Aaron Bless Mumu
    Aaron Bless Mumu 24 days ago

    this scene deserves to be in an actual superman movie

  • eaglerocks123
    eaglerocks123 25 days ago +1

    Took you guys (youtube) long enough (flies off to make own video :D )
    Honestly there should be more like this. Everyone who has a camera, go pro, Drone take pictures, take videos, make movies and make art. This is art.. Even if this is 5 years old its positive and inspirational something we need more of in this world right now.
    Also if you see the worse of things show it to. People need to see and media like this is the way to do it.

    DJ LOOPY 25 days ago

    This is cool video

  • lukeyjukey
    lukeyjukey 25 days ago

    So this is a drone shot video with green screen arms?

  • Tv Attic
    Tv Attic 26 days ago

    Drone recorded then Green screened (sorry kids)

  • サトー愛子
    サトー愛子 26 days ago

    i swear to god... if flying with superman makes the hair looks like that 1:43... that would be awesome!

  • JayDeyAy
    JayDeyAy 27 days ago +2

    Thank you for leaving a crater in my driveway Superman!

  • Republic Of Casuals
    Republic Of Casuals 27 days ago

    If only Megaton Rainfall on the PSVR looked like this. GET ON IT!

  • pc gamerz
    pc gamerz 28 days ago

    green screen

  • red
    red 28 days ago +2

    I'd love to see a Spider-Man version of this ♥️

  • MpX b4x1000
    MpX b4x1000 29 days ago

    That's original and really well done

  • bWWd
    bWWd 29 days ago

    his hands under the bridges shouldnt be so bright cause theres dark under them, looks kinda silly obvious greenscreen

  • Donta Smolinski
    Donta Smolinski Month ago

    I want to see a remake of this by Corridor

  • Makis Makiavelis
    Makis Makiavelis Month ago

    I was never a Superman fan and i was never really into any superhero fiction but i have to admit this was extremely exhilarating. It just fills you with a strange feeling of freedom and insouciant joy while watching. Maybe because it reflects on one of the most ancient dreams humans have: The ability of unbound/unaided flight.

  • DeadBryant
    DeadBryant Month ago

    whats the name of the song playing? sounds really good for this video i gotta listen to it

  • Bush Trash
    Bush Trash Month ago

    Why is the corridor channel just popping up on my recommendations list now I have no idea?

  • Aldrin Michael
    Aldrin Michael Month ago

    Do the Ironman

    RICKY T Month ago

    *when your drone comes with a pair of hands*

  • Samuel Sherman
    Samuel Sherman Month ago +1


    The Air: " He groped me on several occasions especially in the work place"

  • Jason Johnston
    Jason Johnston Month ago

    AWFUL music...and terrible green screen work