Snoop Dogg Weighs In On Kanye's Controversial Comments, Friendship With Martha Stewart | The View


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  • Vanessa
    Vanessa 7 hours ago

    Aint nothing wrong with Kanye....

  • jay bird
    jay bird 16 hours ago

    He’s not an icon. He’s a skinny punk

  • Watchman Ministries
    Watchman Ministries 23 hours ago

    Kanye West, Sunday Service, The Pope, Revelation 13, Donald Trump and The Mark of the Beast

  • Linda Bledsoe
    Linda Bledsoe Day ago

    The View is for liberals only. Hatefull and always wrong.

  • hazlettb
    hazlettb Day ago

    My ukil made melons selling toylet sweets him ant on tv? Dat ant ryit

  • Shunta Austin
    Shunta Austin 3 days ago

    A year later Kanye isn’t crying out for help but has it now from Jesus Christ... saying slavery is a choice wasn’t saying physical slavery but mental slavery from the world .... in the beginning we were given two options, choose the tree of life or the tree of good and evil
    You choose ....

  • Frida Martin
    Frida Martin 4 days ago

    Snoop, you the one who need da help!

  • Otejiri Akpejunor
    Otejiri Akpejunor 4 days ago

    so Snoopy because you don't understand and agree with Kanye. You think he need help, and he needs a black woman in his life. what!!!! a black woman, dude Kanye has Jesus men. Get over it. you better get Jesus in your life too bro... Cook book guy

  • Antjuan Verner
    Antjuan Verner 4 days ago

    He's missing the black man to give him self I'll who he is I don't care a strong woman is in your life and what she did for you in your life and you can come out Rich famous and all that but if that wasn't a male figure doing all that Summers want to be missing if you don't grab hold of Jesus Christ our personal Lord and Savior it would show up at some point in time in your life that is a fact and I understand what he says 400 years of slavery was a choice and when it came to know Jesus Christ I thought about that statement that he made about 400 years of slavery was a choice we could have fought and there was slave uprisings and they don't make movies about it and there were a lot of slave revolts before the Civil War but you never heard them talking about it they always just make out like the black slaves with just passive then try to get away if they let you know how many slave revolts that were in the South you wouldn't believe it and thanks to the white Caucasians that time that God gave the Revelation to help us to Freedom is it talked about either

  • Crystal Richeson
    Crystal Richeson 5 days ago

    Racist propaganda at it's best

    MLZ TRUTH 6 days ago +1

    Snoop 🐕 , What a joke!!!

  • Jason Stokes
    Jason Stokes 7 days ago +1

    Stop judging a book bye the cover. Well said. AMERICAN

  • Mary Jones
    Mary Jones 7 days ago

    What a fool!!!!

  • Bumblebee
    Bumblebee 7 days ago

    Snoop’s kindness is bypassing laughing at Kanye and started understanding him. Not many are actually getting pass the laughter.

  • William Brewer
    William Brewer 7 days ago +1

    "Depart from me yet workers of iniquity!" But who said it?

  • Ederd Stark
    Ederd Stark 7 days ago

    Help him? What are you gonna do? Throw money at him? He's a billionaire. Snoop is with the lame stream media.

  • Jocelyne Avilla
    Jocelyne Avilla 9 days ago


  • D MAN
    D MAN 9 days ago +1

    having a murderer on th view that was acquitted because if his fame and having snoop dog on th view after he led women around on a leash than in a video shooting our president Trump ,proves thier biased and show thier fake anger torwds others. Hypocrites and anti American th VIEW.

  • Nick Nika
    Nick Nika 10 days ago

    Gospel ok.... not

  • Nick Nika
    Nick Nika 10 days ago

    I'm old school. I like shootin folks and hidin out from the heat.......

  • Nick Nika
    Nick Nika 10 days ago

    Stop judging the book unless its Kanyes wife.

  • Aja Deng
    Aja Deng 10 days ago +1

    Stop insulting him (Kanye West) for his medical condition. You Snoopy Dogg have your own issues too. No one is immune to mental illnesses. Anyone including you Snoopy Dogg can experience mental illnesses. You are a bully.

    ABDALLAH WESAMBA 11 days ago

    Waiting for the NEXT EPISODE

  • Susan Garcia
    Susan Garcia 12 days ago

    Kanye was lost and now he is found! Awesome.

  • gman411111111
    gman411111111 14 days ago

    "We're going to help him". Who's we?

  • Desalegn Achameyelh
    Desalegn Achameyelh 14 days ago +8

    Hey Snoop ur the one who need help,Jesus Christ is lord!

  • B Rad ical 10E
    B Rad ical 10E 14 days ago

    In my opinion, the difference between Kanye West and Snoop Dog is one is reprobate and the other repentant. And it’s biblical to judge rightly. Jesus told the hypocritical religious leaders of his day to “Look beneath the surface so you can judge correctly.””
    ‭‭John‬ ‭7:24‬. There is a RIGHT and a WRONG way to judge.

  • Black White
    Black White 15 days ago

    Ilove you snoop'❤️😘

    MYBESTSOUNDS 15 days ago +1

    people use to get in the trunk to sneak way ever to watch a movie

  • Princess Di
    Princess Di 16 days ago

    So kanye cant think for himself because his wife is white???. Snoop is so vial . He needs to take a look in the mirror... it's all a act such a phony

  • Victoria Grahm
    Victoria Grahm 16 days ago

    Screw Snoop Dog. How DARE he say that about Kanye.. The REAL Truth is Snoop doesnt have enough balls to walk away from the evil music industry. Theu OWN him and most Rappwrs and he KNOWS it...He doesnt have half the courage Kanye does...Snoop Dog serves Satan and now Kanye serves Jesus..He doesnt have to have a "black" woman in his life to be happy.. what do you think Martin Luther King and all your ancestors fought so hard for Snoop so that black people can be who they want to be, think how they want to think date who they want to date and not be stuck in mental bondage like you apparently still are...

  • Lindakb8
    Lindakb8 16 days ago

    I love Snoop. I don't think he was trying to fix Kanye or throw shade on him. Most of us thought something was wrong with Kanye when he said slavery was a choice. I saw a older black man cry on TV when he heard this. This man watched master sexually abuse his mother. Was that a choice? I think not. Kanye does need a black woman's influence in his life. That doesn't mean we want him to leave Kim. Absolutely not. They have children together who needs both of their parents. But he does need an older black woman saying, boy what is wrong with you? Get somewhere and sit your butt down. Sit here on this porch next to me and help me shell these peas or snap these beans and find something to do. Amen.

  • Massah Sando Teage
    Massah Sando Teage 17 days ago

    What will they say, everybody wount to say something bad. Only God can judge us.

  • mary brown
    mary brown 17 days ago

    Do not idolize them.

  • Michael Simmons
    Michael Simmons 17 days ago

    Just another trump hater !!!!!!

  • Mike Perez
    Mike Perez 18 days ago

    Snoop.....WE ALL HAVE AN OPINION ...Kayne said what he felt and believes in.....GOD CAN JUDGES US ALL.....Your opinion is not right norr wrong...its YOUR OPINION....

  • The Watchers
    The Watchers 18 days ago

    "I'm trying to get her hip to the hood"?! Things negroes say when dancing for white people. Bought and paid for. #wakeupJacob

  • A22DNAL
    A22DNAL 21 day ago +6

    The level of candid here...This is a man who has come full circle. Impressed. And humbled by his level of happiness.

  • Stephanie Achane
    Stephanie Achane 21 day ago

    Loving those shades Snoop, looking all Fresh and clean lol Cool, Calm, and Collective lol when have you ever not been fresh lol lol

  • D W
    D W 23 days ago

    Who cares what they think there is more to life

  • A Aguilar
    A Aguilar 23 days ago

    Love him he is so wise and right.

  • Idy Bdy
    Idy Bdy 24 days ago

    snoop came off like a giant .im truly impressed.he s special ,hes makin a difference& hes matured.seems like everyone on the panel is trully enjoying his appearence.everyone except meg.mcn.colorless racist people should be moved to humble themselves cause this is the nature of a true american man!!

  • Richard Eduardo
    Richard Eduardo 24 days ago

    Kanye has a right to vote for whoever he wants he not a slave. Your a idiot Trump is a great president,Hillary don't care about blacks neither do bill. Trump actually does help wake you idiot get a brain. Trump is the answer to all our problems. We and millions love him he the best.

  • Tim Barlow
    Tim Barlow 25 days ago

    Snoop is the best of all time

  • ron richards
    ron richards 26 days ago


  • ron richards
    ron richards 26 days ago


  • ron richards
    ron richards 26 days ago


  • John Fred Myers
    John Fred Myers 26 days ago +1

    Does stoop dog still hate Donald Trump? Just look what Donald Trump did with the black community give them jobs. That the Osama never gave them any! Trump let out hundreds of thousands of black prisoners that were doing life under the Bill Clinton 3 felony law you get life imprisonment and now they're in job paid training programs! In the black community that employment rate is the lowest it's been in 50 years because of Donald Trump! Right now in 29 States because of Donald Trump there are job training paid programs, Donald Trump gave $425 billion dollars to all the black colleges in America! Because Donald Trump loves all Americans! Is the best president we have so far and he kept all his promises he said at the 2016 rallies! Is the first president in America that kept all his promises so far! also under Donald Trump we don't have any wars!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 TRUMP 2021 freedom is back in style welcome to the new Revolution!

  • John Fred Myers
    John Fred Myers 26 days ago +1

    Listen to what he saying don't judge a book by it's cover yet he judges Trump buy fake news!

  • John Fred Myers
    John Fred Myers 26 days ago

    I wonder does Snoop Dogg's wife know that Snoop Dogg is a criminal and may be a murderer too? Snoop Dogg wear sunglasses because his eyes are bloodshot cuz he is stoned most of the time too talking like a fool up here!

    • Idy Bdy
      Idy Bdy 24 days ago

      John Fred Myers marijuana is legal .just dumb

    • Idy Bdy
      Idy Bdy 24 days ago

      John Fred Myers u obviously dont matter in the scheme of things and your need to get your tv fixed cauze you wasnt watchin the same show as everyone else

  • John Fred Myers
    John Fred Myers 26 days ago

    You know when stupid no-good Socialist Communist deep state leftist Democrat dictator criminal Snoop Dogg made that video about shooting Trump. Fake news didn't even mention it! But fake news went crazy when someone made a video of trump shooting a bunch of no good Socialist Communist Deep state leftist criminal Dictator Democrats fake news reporters in the church!

  • hustlemade C
    hustlemade C 27 days ago

    Snoops appearance is always 🔥

  • agostina velasquez
    agostina velasquez 28 days ago

    Ajaajaja xo o

  • Savana Crown
    Savana Crown 28 days ago +1

    I always want to meet Mr. Snoop I admire him and is not because his music but his personality he is so down to earth

  • osscar mphaphuli
    osscar mphaphuli 29 days ago

    Yes he needs a black women in his life he thinks very superficially .kanye had depth when he was single but honestly you cant be surrounded by white people and think the same. White people problems are superficial at times. White Children can have problems like my parents dont want me to date or they dont want me to choose to do what I want ,they dont want me to take a gap year. While blacks we worrying about scholarship and worrying about walking 5k to school .not even getting things that other kids have. When you finally done with school you get a job but you have to go back home and help your parents and siblings to atleast help them financially by the time you done you in your mid 30s stressed about starting your own life again

    • Rendy Steele
      Rendy Steele 27 days ago

      This is not a black people problem. This is a poor people problem. Not all white people live how you described.

  • Watch Pray
    Watch Pray 29 days ago

    20 years marriage

  • Jean Bustamante
    Jean Bustamante Month ago

    this old goofy looking mofo

  • Jeremiah Tray
    Jeremiah Tray Month ago +1

    Most controversial statements are truth.

  • Trik Stari
    Trik Stari Month ago

    automatic downvote because "the view" is legit garbage"

  • Bobbi Nunyabiz
    Bobbi Nunyabiz Month ago +1

    I couldn't possibly love him more! ♥