Everyday Things You're Consistently Doing Wrong

  • Published on May 28, 2017
  • There are so many everyday things we get into a habit of doing wrong, from untying a tie to cutting meat and eating from packets. Here are some things that you have been doing consistently doing wrong your whole life.
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Comments • 2 475

  • sandro Casagrande
    sandro Casagrande 5 days ago

    too clever for me, iq 89.

  • Eco Man
    Eco Man 5 days ago

    I leave the toilet lid up after taking a poop so that everyone else can enjoy the fragrant ecstasy

  • Danielle Pretorius
    Danielle Pretorius 6 days ago

    They could have found a better looking toilet for the video!

  • Linda Sanchez
    Linda Sanchez 6 days ago

    folding your chip bag.

  • Trent Malone
    Trent Malone 7 days ago

    Damn.....I was really hoping for a how to blink hack.

  • ali grotts
    ali grotts 8 days ago

    Crushing soft drink cans is a good idea, UNLESS YOU CAN GET 10 CENTS FOR RETURNING IT UNDENTED.

  • Conestoga Man
    Conestoga Man 9 days ago

    That 'steak' at the 4 minute mark is a pork loin roast. (8*0

  • Theresa McTier
    Theresa McTier 11 days ago

    I’ve always folded my bags to make a triangle, then folded it over once or twice (then out a clip on it) but I never saw anyone folding it over the opposite way to secure it. Very interesting!

  • Theresa McTier
    Theresa McTier 11 days ago

    Both washing yourself (or drying off) yourself can be more hygienic by remembering this little ditty my grandmother taught me: “Wash down as far as possible, wash up as far as possible, then wash possible.”

  • Tepadj
    Tepadj 11 days ago

    1:02 Our beverage cans are sold with a pawn. You can return them back into the grocery store and get money back. It would be stupid to damage them.

  • Jingle Bells
    Jingle Bells 13 days ago

    Did the dude that just told me to clean a blender with the blade in, and called pork loin steak just try and tell me not to dry my asshole before my face? Pshhhhhh

  • Yogi Bear
    Yogi Bear 14 days ago

    1.3 million people actually watched this shit

  • Kenneth Kerr
    Kenneth Kerr 14 days ago

    Pork! Dork...

  • scott mcadam
    scott mcadam 17 days ago

    Well no one ever dries their butt crack then their face, no one is that stupid, and anyway the forearm hosts more bacteria than any other part of the body

  • Jason Beeler
    Jason Beeler 18 days ago

    Micro waves don't give heat waves, they excite the water molecules the movement of the water molecules is what heats up in a micro wave.Since we are setting things strait for what's wrong an right?

  • HJstudio MAKERS
    HJstudio MAKERS 18 days ago

    Who doesn’t have straws or pegs?

  • HJstudio MAKERS
    HJstudio MAKERS 18 days ago

    And that’s why I have a toilet in a separate room

  • HJstudio MAKERS
    HJstudio MAKERS 18 days ago

    He tells us about coughing and sneezing as I cough on to my elbow

  • Thomas Smith
    Thomas Smith 20 days ago

    #2, take the blades out of the container!

  • Max Zorin
    Max Zorin 20 days ago

    Life hacks for the mentally challanged...

  • Rob Tapp
    Rob Tapp 20 days ago

    Reheating pasta in a microwave? I think I last did that when I was 12. Like pizza, pasta should be reheated in a frying pan, only with extra sauce.

  • Toni Stinchcomb
    Toni Stinchcomb 21 day ago +2

    removing the blade of a blender before washing
    prevents cuts

  • TruOnyxfire
    TruOnyxfire 22 days ago

    :30 I've always untied knots this way... but you're saying it's wrong? 1:04 This seems a very time-consuming and inefficient way of crushing a can, worse than the examples shown as the "wrong" way. Try just squeezing the center of the can, then the same squeeze above and below it and flatten. Very flat and very fast. 2:20 I don't know anyone that sneezes or coughs into their hands, they (and I) always use our elbows. You must only know disgusting people in your life. 3:30 So, you're saying by doing the easiest and most logical thing to do when eating chips is wrong? But spending all day making little bowls and making adjustments every few seconds and generally doing as much work as possible to enjoy a snack is the correct way? Wow. 3:54 How is anyone supposed to take you seriously when you don't even know what a steak is? A big beige piece of pork isn't a steak and cutting with the grain isn't always the best method, especially with tri-tip. 4:20 So... scientists spend all their time and money researching how to tell people how to dry their asses after a shower? And there are "experts" in this field? What a waste of time, money and life these "scientists" are. 5:00 This is a load of bullcrap. First of all, reread my previous statement and apply it to the same scientists of this "research". Second of all, closing the lip of the toilet does absolutely nothing to stop the airborne spread of toilet contaminants. In fact, studies have repeatedly shown that even in airtight containers, toothbrushes show a large amount of fecal feces matter on the brush and everything else, not only in the bathroom, but in the entire house. There is no known way to stop it. Even a brand new toothbrush, straight from the store will instantly have fecal particles in it the moment it is exposed to air. Items from kitchens and basements have shown to have those same contaminants on them as the airborne spread is unstoppable, unless you can find a way to permanently place an airtight seal on your toilet. Which defeats the purpose since you would then never be able to use it. 5:53 This is also standard practice with everyone I know. Not wrong.

  • Brawl Stars
    Brawl Stars 22 days ago

    Ah....i didnt thought these things earlier

  • Julie Nelson
    Julie Nelson 23 days ago

    #2 he shows the "cleaned" blender after shot and there is clearly food particles left on the blade... not so clean... sorry

  • Rebecca Lee
    Rebecca Lee 24 days ago

    This whole video 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • MyBrainEatsEverything
    MyBrainEatsEverything 26 days ago

    #5 - that is the nastiest "steak" I have ever seen in my entire life!!!! 🤢

  • Tonton des Bois
    Tonton des Bois 27 days ago

    most of your "people usually do..." are comming from outer space... from a planet of retarded...
    ... and I can crash a can in 10s just by folding it with 2 fingers from each hands... you retarded
    And just by passing, you cut bread upside down, from the tender bottom to the crispy top... with a real bread.

  • tom bill
    tom bill 27 days ago

    I disagreed with how to dry after bath

  • Mejgan Zia
    Mejgan Zia 28 days ago

    who still uses the bathroom to store his tooth brush, in 2019?

    • Tonton des Bois
      Tonton des Bois 27 days ago

      people who can't afford a bathroom AND a separate toilet ?
      Not everybody is living in Hollywood, dude.

  • Joe Hughes
    Joe Hughes 29 days ago

    Not a blender. That's a cheap food processor. Blenders disassemble

  • Tyler Mcmanus
    Tyler Mcmanus Month ago

    So drying your butt last.... Then if you reuse the towel like most people do you end up drying your face first with your butt being the last thing it touched

  • Trudy Hines
    Trudy Hines Month ago

    The last one

  • Joshua F Boyer
    Joshua F Boyer Month ago

    And who the fuck dries themselves bottom to top?

  • Joshua F Boyer
    Joshua F Boyer Month ago

    That's not a steak, dunce hat.

  • Thomas Champagne
    Thomas Champagne Month ago

    Love it when Vash the Stampede tells me about how life works

  • Kevin Lee
    Kevin Lee Month ago

    Good to see this useless shit channel is still completely full of nonsense and insane.
    Yeah! Twist a can so it can turn in to a saw blade and cut the shit out your hands! GOOD IDEA!
    "...by holding on to one of those loose ends of the knot and twisting..." CUT THE FUCKING BAG! It's a goddamn plastic bag. There's a fucking quadrillion of them.
    And who the hell eats PLAIN pasta? Are you retarded?! And what the fuck are "heat waves"? It's called a MICROWAVE because it uses, get this, MICROWAVES!
    GodDAMMIT I wanna strangle the creator of this channel!!
    Six million very stupid people are subscribed to this horseshit.

  • Nightthorn k'Vala
    Nightthorn k'Vala Month ago

    You don't really have to hide away your toothbrush in the cabinet to keep the germs away. I buy slip over or squeeze open covers for the head of the toothbrush to change along with the brush every 3-4 months. The first one I bought was a clamshell with a suction cup on the back. Great for hotel/motel stays; stick it on the bathroom mirror, leaving it in plain sight so as not to forget it when you check out.

  • Ruben Herrera
    Ruben Herrera Month ago +1

    #2 : The "usual way" to clean a blender or processer is to take blade out first!

  • twalrus1
    twalrus1 Month ago +1

    two thing:
    1. Always drizzle some water on food you are heating up in the microwave (especially pasta) to "steam" it warm instead dry heating the food. (the worst food is dry heating fish in the microwave, so drizzle it before microwaving)
    2. buy about 50 wooden clothes pins for $2 and you have 50 chip clips (or cereal clips, etc)

  • David Robison
    David Robison Month ago +8

    This video should be titled, “Everyday Things Morons Are Consistently Doing Wrong.”

    • Tonton des Bois
      Tonton des Bois 27 days ago

      I would say oyster brains but I think we are close...

  • Ragnemalm
    Ragnemalm Month ago

    #10 I knew that. But I would never untie a valuable rope with a corkscrew. It will damage the rope.
    #9 You never do that where I live. They are recycled whole. You are supposed to do it that way.
    #8 Obvious! Anyone who heated anything, not only pasta, in a micro should realize that after failing once.
    #7 I knew that! Since I was a child, I know that you sneeze in your elbow, not your hand. But I also know that most sneezes are due to virus, not bacteria!
    #6 This will crush the chips in the bottom, leaving you with more chip powder than necessary.
    #5 Don't everybody know this?
    #4 There are even more reasons to go top to bottom: Water flows down so if you start from the bottom, it will be undone by water from the top.
    #3 A bit more relevant I guess. I close it for this reason but maybe some people don't.
    #2 The best in the list. Avoiding the knives is obvious but this may be a good way to avoid it.
    #1 Trivial.

    So I summarize this to a #2 worth considering and #3 may be worth considering for some. For most of the others, I am consistently doing it *right*.

  • Jim Shue
    Jim Shue Month ago

    That's a pork loin and no one cus it like they showed !! Stupid

  • Jeanette Kniebusch
    Jeanette Kniebusch Month ago

    Use vinegar also in the blender to sanatise if you think ot needs it

  • wawa Elias
    wawa Elias Month ago +1

    Coughing , sneezing or yawning i always use my bicep sleeve 💪🏽

  • cableaddict
    cableaddict Month ago +2

    For "Cutting a steak," why do you show someone cutting a loin of pork?

  • cableaddict
    cableaddict Month ago

    Microwaves don't have "heat waves."
    - But otherwise, this is a pretty useful video, esp #1 !

  • starcon2001
    starcon2001 Month ago

    nearly all of them surprise me -- but the most useful one is the blender - thanks for that

  • Troy Sylva
    Troy Sylva Month ago

    Wtf kind of steak is that

  • sema4dogz
    sema4dogz Month ago

    Dry your bud-ox last . OK …..

  • Dragon Fire
    Dragon Fire Month ago +1

    Who drys themselves by bogeyman to top

  • awesomeit1969
    awesomeit1969 Month ago

    Nothing new.

  • Joe
    Joe Month ago +1

    That is not a steak. That is pork.

  • Tammy Diringer
    Tammy Diringer Month ago

    I use a paperclip for potato chip bags and works well

  • nunya binness
    nunya binness Month ago

    These people seriously can't tell the difference between a steak and a pork tenderloin??? seriously?

  • slapdog puppyspank
    slapdog puppyspank Month ago


  • Golfing Guy
    Golfing Guy Month ago

    Here's an every day thing you're consistently doing wrong, watching stupid videos like this one.

  • Adroid Advice
    Adroid Advice Month ago

    BTW...people should sneeze by lifting the front shirt collar over their nose/mouth.

    • william keffer
      william keffer Month ago

      Sorry, I'm not shooting boogers down the front INSIDE of my shirt.

  • Donald Berry
    Donald Berry Month ago

    How about just taking the blender apart to clean it?

  • Adroid Advice
    Adroid Advice Month ago

    Your buttox

  • angella goff
    angella goff Month ago

    The elbow thing is still wrong. People sneeze at their elbow and it still sprays everywhere, I sneeze into my shirt.

  • angella goff
    angella goff Month ago

    Seriously who dries their face AFTER drying their butt???

  • Audrey McDalpe
    Audrey McDalpe Month ago

    I already use my elbow

  • Perkin Warbeck
    Perkin Warbeck Month ago

    Who the fuck dries their ass before their face?

  • Jamie Harris
    Jamie Harris Month ago

    What the fuck fuckin hell they are so fuckin fake

  • dean mason
    dean mason Month ago

    I find most of your vids annoying, this one extra stupid, you must think the general public are all retards were not, these suggestions were either stupid, not necessary, already being done, we are able to solve our own daily problems, by the way most of these are not an issue. try your hand at another line of work, you suck,

  • John M. Brown
    John M. Brown Month ago

    Most people just take the blender apart to clean it.

  • Justin Amberg
    Justin Amberg Month ago

    Sneezing into elbow, drying from top to bottom, closing toilet lid, and folding bag of chips are all things that I've always done correctly. #1 should have been how to place a roll of toilet paper on the dispenser.

  • JM Romero
    JM Romero Month ago +3

    In the time it took to roll the bag, I could scarf half them chips the regular way.

  • Egidijus Saltis
    Egidijus Saltis Month ago

    That thing with chips bag 👌👌👌

  • jedi foghorn
    jedi foghorn Month ago

    Then the winged hussars arived....

  • scott mcadam
    scott mcadam Month ago

    The blades in a blender do not have a sharp edge , there is no risk of cutting your fingers while cleaning it , FAKE NEWS !

  • KariAtalla
    KariAtalla Month ago

    Coughing or sneezing into the elbow is ~~~not~~~ more sanitary. Think of everything you use your arms to do: slinging groceries or a coat over the crook, holding a child, hugging someone, etc. How often do you wash your elbows or sleeves during the day? Exactly. Cover your mouth or nose with your hands, and then wash them.

  • Joshua Kerger
    Joshua Kerger Month ago

    #9 will help you cut the fuck out of your hand.

  • Terry C.
    Terry C. Month ago

    I have always dried top to bottom after a shower for as long as I can remember. I've known about the closing the bag of chips things for a few years, although the rolling the bag up from the bottom to make a "bowl" is new to me and I'll definitely be using that going forward. Also, that doesn't look like steak, looks like pork.

  • From Table to Fridge

    Omg number 5 is the most obvious thing we almost all know... and it’s a pig not a cow that he used as an example. So it’s a loin not a steak 🥩

  • dazza
    dazza Month ago

    Butocks ?

  • Karen Gummer
    Karen Gummer Month ago

    I close chips that way all of the time. I have done it that way for about 40 years.
    I think the twisty thing for undying a knot is useful, and unless you have a habit of carrying a Swiss army knife, few people keep corkscrews on them. Maybe that's why it's on a Swiss army knife?
    Something I have done since my first microwave back in 1983, is to take a take a Pyrex measuring cup with a cup of water, a few dots of dish soap, turn on the microwave until the water just starts to boil and then just wipe out the microwave. It makes dried on splashes super easy to clean

  • Kasey Loveberry
    Kasey Loveberry Month ago

    Pork roast = steak. I am enlightened

  • Thinking Thonking Thinnkong Thenkang Thingkign

    i always cough and sneeze into my elbow, thought everyone did that

  • Amitis Shahbanu
    Amitis Shahbanu Month ago

    For a guy so aware of germs, you sure like to hold that pork roast with your bare fingers.

  • TheSincereb11
    TheSincereb11 Month ago

    you got to be a little slow if your over the age of 12 and dont know these things

  • Shoto Todoroki
    Shoto Todoroki Month ago

    Retarded. Who the fuck wipes their ass and then wipes their face afterwards??

  • Erin Connelly
    Erin Connelly Month ago

    I stand on the can and have someone poke it with the pencil. It’s really easy and flatly crushes the can completely.

  • vlharris1
    vlharris1 Month ago

    Less dense pasta? Nope. Just the centre of microwave is lower intensity spot in centre 🙄

    KANATA CHRONOS KNIGHT 2 months ago

    Some blenders blades sit on a peg mad as the same substance that the cup or bawl
    Some companies do this for easy cleaning and save money on metal components

  • Sao Visal
    Sao Visal 2 months ago

    That steak look dry af

  • Krisztián Schnell
    Krisztián Schnell 2 months ago

    Who wouldn't finish a bag of chips? It's mostly stuffed with air.

  • gabegct
    gabegct 2 months ago

    Lol. 3:19 ébola chips

  • Mr walrus Man
    Mr walrus Man 2 months ago

    Wth I don’t know a single person who coughs into their hand everyone uses their elbow

  • Mr walrus Man
    Mr walrus Man 2 months ago

    The thumbnail is stupid

  • Jackie Edgin
    Jackie Edgin 2 months ago

    I'm surprised by number seven... I'm surprised that it's not COMMON KNOWLEDGE that we all learned in KINDERGARTEN.

  • Jackie Edgin
    Jackie Edgin 2 months ago

    A lot of these things I'm already doing

  • Sam Labo
    Sam Labo 2 months ago

    Why crush cans?
    I really want to raise garlic and butter pork loin

  • croeahtn dcrleagcr
    croeahtn dcrleagcr 2 months ago

    i think the people behind this video have been watching me. I INVENTED MOST OF THESE TECHNIQUES!

  • thebluespaceman
    thebluespaceman 2 months ago

    that thumbnail is disgusting

  • Mr. Bubbles
    Mr. Bubbles 2 months ago

    Well you see in school they tell you not to use your hands so I am doing the right thing;)

  • H Stanley Wood
    H Stanley Wood 2 months ago +1

    Jeff: praying for you as you seek the Lord's direction and for the new leadership at Hot Metal Bridge! Blessings and prayers, Stan

  • Autumn Smith
    Autumn Smith 2 months ago

    The last one with "Closing a bag of chips". That is a nice useful tip.

  • Peri Dorkster
    Peri Dorkster 2 months ago

    Bro no one cuts the way you saying not to cut it