Hey Steve: Emotional Pregnancy

  • Published on Aug 15, 2019
  • His wife is pregnant and is experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions. Steve shares his advice for being a supportive husband.
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Comments • 104

  • HukGuay
    HukGuay 14 days ago

    women can give birth but it takes two to make one.

  • Gabby Barnett
    Gabby Barnett 15 days ago

    That woman screaming tho 🤣🤣

  • Clenly Ciriaco
    Clenly Ciriaco 17 days ago

    Steve lookin’ like a tasty Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. 😂

  • Jes Virgo
    Jes Virgo 29 days ago

    Am I the only woman who was not hormonal during pregnancy? I just wanted to be held

  • Beanie Bro
    Beanie Bro Month ago

    My only problem with Steve is I think he sides with the women way too much. His advice is sage, but the side of defense is unbalanced.

  • Live From The Fridge
    Live From The Fridge Month ago +1

    1:58 is that his Wife right next to him?? Lol 😂 she’s clapping 👏 so hard

  • Amy Kline
    Amy Kline Month ago +4

    Best thing to say to anybody when you feel for them, but don't really understand why they feel a certain way: "I can't even imagine what it feels like to be going through this. I may not understand, because I have never been there. But I you are not in this alone, and I will be here for you." That's all/ The most validating thing a person can say to you when you struggle, is admitting that you recognize the struggle, even if you don't get it.

  • tithemi Dozard
    tithemi Dozard Month ago

    I like your style Steve

  • Shaw Mou
    Shaw Mou Month ago


  • Miranda Twumasi
    Miranda Twumasi Month ago

    YES Steve👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  • IsaacMcIntire 18
    IsaacMcIntire 18 Month ago +10

    If you’re a husband with a pregnant wife you gotta learn how to give feet massages

  • Dehinde A
    Dehinde A Month ago +5

    That suit colour!!!!

  • Paula Jablonka-Binder
    Paula Jablonka-Binder Month ago +5

    Best quotes "Whatever she want (sic) git it." And "A woman can do something no man can do, have a baby."

  • John Cena
    John Cena Month ago

    The baby is the seed of the man
    The woman is only a bedding ground where the child develops and then is conceived
    So Steve Harvey, who then makes another human being?

  • XO darnell
    XO darnell Month ago

    Women have more worth than me😳😳

  • AO
    AO Month ago

    This is old

  • Scott Mauro
    Scott Mauro Month ago

    You are created from man and grown from woman. Kinda like you are born of God grown from earth

  • Scott Mauro
    Scott Mauro Month ago +1

    Only men make life mabby she built the body but the mind is his

  • Bright Jade
    Bright Jade Month ago

    Steve is full of BS ..

  • Blaire 101
    Blaire 101 Month ago

    no one is superior, it's not a competition, that being said, the troubles that women go through to have a child far exceeds the troubles of the man, and it's just the nature of things.
    say you and your significant other want to have a child..
    your job is to do the thing, and then chill there for nine months waiting for the baby to be born.
    while the woman has to endure the pains and emotional burdens of pregnancy, labor, post pregnancy deppression, and lactation.
    this is just the nature of things, and that's what steve was talking about.

  • Dk Nurul
    Dk Nurul Month ago +1

    They looked cute together ❤️❤️❤️

  • Roger Vance
    Roger Vance Month ago +33

    Whatever happened to “It takes two to make a baby”?

    • NiBBer
      NiBBer 4 days ago +1

      Sima Soumi stfu algerian terrorist

    • Manabu
      Manabu 17 days ago

      @Tayna Rodriguez Wow, it feels great to hear something like that. I would go through any pain with my future pregnant girl without any questions. But the respect is always something both parts need... i've got mad respect for any woman carrying a baby for 9 months and going through hard times... but i love the way how you're also appreciating and respecting the part of a man. It should always be like that... respecting both parts of a relationship, also when it comes to pregnancy which is also a challenge for a caring man :)

    • Sima Soumi
      Sima Soumi Month ago +3

      It is the God Who creates a baby :) sometimes men and women go on forever trying to conceive without success if it was not for the will of the one and only creator. Now what Steve meant was that we cannot compare between a drop of semen with 9 months huuuuuge changes in a woman’s body both physically and emotionally followed by labour ! Lactation etc etc etc etc

    • Tayna Rodriguez
      Tayna Rodriguez Month ago +5

      Exactly! I'm a woman and I could have never had my beautiful babies without my wonderful husband. Women are just vessels, men are who make the babies.

  • Cz Gnzlz
    Cz Gnzlz Month ago

    What a great guy.

  • Nathalie Li
    Nathalie Li Month ago +2

    Tell that to SJWs and "non binary" folks haha

  • ez101 tube
    ez101 tube Month ago +6

    Congratulations 🍾🎈 bro

  • Gamer2000
    Gamer2000 Month ago

    Dude Steve yeah giving life and is cool but the first shot still needs to go in to even have the chance to have that new life so. At the end of it all xD ... Because any idiots and moron can have a kid but to be rich and big in life uuuui that is way way harded.

    Respwct to women to for going all those months of having the baby in belly but still 1 year to 20 years of hard work to become big is nothing to compare.

  • mcmic1212
    mcmic1212 Month ago

    I love Steve!

  • Univor
    Univor Month ago +4

    Harvey style "wait until she wants something and get it!" i like that one!

  • slipper409
    slipper409 Month ago +2

    Damn steve i hope you are as real as this show. God bless you

  • VV RR
    VV RR Month ago

    My favorite Steve Harvey RU-clip short that I've seen!!! 💕 ❤️

  • It must be Beck
    It must be Beck Month ago +1

    He’s hot......but married

  • fullhousefrek
    fullhousefrek Month ago

    I'm a guy but isn't it normal for women to randomly get emotional when they're pregnant?

  • Heather Smith
    Heather Smith Month ago +1

    They can produce a child. But at what cost though? 😩 And I don't think any man will even want the ability to produce a baby anyway. Not gonna lie. It looks scary. I haven't got kids by the way.

    • Blaire 101
      Blaire 101 Month ago

      Heather Smith yeah, absolutely would rather just chill there for nine months waiting for my baby to come like some kind of online delivery (the way men have it) rather than having to deal with pregnancy, labor, and lactation.
      but that's the nature of things I guess...

  • Happy isZahra
    Happy isZahra Month ago +8

    Oh a re-upload of something i saw be4 but still watching anyway lol

  • CJoseph Ferrerro
    CJoseph Ferrerro Month ago +3

    You're going to need cooking lessons.
    Unless you know how to make things like peanut butter mustard sandwiches, mayo jelly tarts, sardine and honey toast etc.
    Hit me up whenever bro.
    Stay blessed 🙏

  • Andre Carter
    Andre Carter Month ago +6

    They look cute together ❤

    MATYAR SONIC Month ago

    yup its not like men play a role in there

  • Candy GM
    Candy GM Month ago


  • Crying Pepe
    Crying Pepe Month ago +5

    But ya need a man in order to make a human life

  • Cedy Seb
    Cedy Seb Month ago +4

    From 1:10 it's all about facts. Women are AMAZING!💃❤

  • Reem Mohd
    Reem Mohd Month ago +1

    His wify is so cute

  • Dimmithy Darn damn
    Dimmithy Darn damn Month ago +9

    Steve Harvey: Pregnant women are beautiful
    Pregnant Joe Keery: *Am I a joke to you*

  • SJR26
    SJR26 Month ago +1

    Right on the money Steve 👍

  • Rouaa Mamoun
    Rouaa Mamoun Month ago +11

    I really do respect you mr. Harvey 😍😍❤️

  • guitarhamster
    guitarhamster Month ago

    Damn what a fine man

  • Baim Ken
    Baim Ken Month ago +2

    I like Steve But i don't think women can made a bb without man ...we r equal...

  • Raquel Mancognahan
    Raquel Mancognahan Month ago +3

    Hi Steve..am Raquel...and am living Philippines..I really love your show.. giving advice to ather person. And .find someone dating...I know it's I'm passible to come to your RU-clip show...i need your advice... because I really to find my Love one...I like American guy ..hu will Love me hu I am and what I am ..

    • Mohammed Yakub
      Mohammed Yakub Month ago

      You will need to apply to come on his website and its not a RU-clip show, he just posts it up on RU-clip. It is a show on live TV

  • Abhinav Tripathy
    Abhinav Tripathy Month ago +12

    Well without sperm they cannot make babies.

    • Blaire 101
      Blaire 101 Month ago +1

      no one is superior, it's not a competition, that being said, the troubles that women go through to have a child far exceeds the troubles of the man, and it's just the nature of things.
      say you and your significant other want to have a child..
      your job is to do the thing, and then chill there for nine months waiting for the baby to be born.
      while the woman has to endure the pains and emotional burdens of pregnancy, labor, post pregnancy deppression, and lactation.
      this is just the nature of things, and that's what steve was talking about.

    • Ife Leke
      Ife Leke Month ago

      @Mario1611 Well, sweetheart, you can't. Stop being unnecessarily insecure. Nobody said y'all are weak, that would be an ignorant statement. This post was simply about child birth, it is not a competition.

    • Mario1611
      Mario1611 Month ago

      If men could produce children we would. Out here dying in wars every year protecting our homelands and these people want to make it seem like we're weak.

    • Abhinav Tripathy
      Abhinav Tripathy Month ago +4

      @Rosalia Lekganyane my point was that without each other neither men nor woman can exist. No one is superior, everyone is equal.

    • Ife Leke
      Ife Leke Month ago +3

      @Mad Monkey I'm pretty sure that's not the point. No need to get insecure or defensive. Men can't fertilise their own sperm as well, they need the woman for that, as well as the carrying, which is what Steve was talking about.

  • Ashwini Ashu
    Ashwini Ashu Month ago +5

    Steve😓😥😥😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓 ur really great man. I respect u from my core of the 💜❤💓💓. I keep watching ur shows on RU-clip. My dream is too meet You and Ellen in person, and that day is my dream come true in ma life.

  • Sugarplumgirlxoxo
    Sugarplumgirlxoxo Month ago +60

    Steve Harvey is the realist dude in the whole of this entertainment. This dude really know everything. Like if you wish you was on his show.

    • joshua woodall
      joshua woodall Month ago +1

      Until I sore that hair I thought hes a God

  • Thanh Đoàn Phương
    Thanh Đoàn Phương Month ago +13

    Wow, some nice words and great advice here👏. Love Steve Harvey so much, additionally the man in the video is really a great husband with handsome appearance and cute personality.

  • Grandpa Reficul
    Grandpa Reficul Month ago +1

    real talk

  • Merit Iyawe
    Merit Iyawe Month ago

    Hey steveeeeee

  • mt nguyen
    mt nguyen Month ago +1

    We asians the best

  • Marveline D.
    Marveline D. Month ago +2

    This is old but that suit omg

  • Phumi Zuma
    Phumi Zuma Month ago +22

    Steve is CONSISTENT with posts over here!!!!!!!💃💃💃

    • Just Being
      Just Being Month ago

      I didn’t watch it on cable you stupid , I watched on RU-clip so just stfu

    • Ace Anime
      Ace Anime Month ago

      Just Being | Maybe on cable or on something else, but this is the first time it’s been uploaded on uTube

  • pratik tamang
    pratik tamang Month ago

    Only 15 comments

  • meem El
    meem El Month ago


  • Rainy Zion
    Rainy Zion Month ago +69

    "Women have the ability to make another life" yes, Steve period 👏

    • Will never show my name, Youtube, just stop.
      Will never show my name, Youtube, just stop. 28 days ago +1

      @Irene Akbar And where do you get sperm? From men

    • Irene Akbar
      Irene Akbar Month ago

      @Vin Cal Caldarise No, all we need is sperm the female body does the rest of the work not male.

    • Julian Magana
      Julian Magana Month ago +3

      Not without sperm

    • Bossmane Don
      Bossmane Don Month ago +2

      She needs a man to make it tho so we are both responsible for the child’s life but since women are the carriers men should always cater to her during her pregnancy and for the first year after but after that it’s back to regular scheduled programs I’m not about to kiss your ass for ever

    • Maria Lewis
      Maria Lewis Month ago +1

      @Vin Cal Caldarise don't think too hard. It is not a 50/50 job. It is a 10/90 - 20/80.

  • anzal hussein
    anzal hussein Month ago +5

    I just found only 10 comments how lucky is me😛