The Green New Deal, explained

  • What's actually in the Green New Deal?
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    The Green New Deal is an ambitious plan to fight the effects of climate change. It’s the only American plan that actually acknowledges the size of the impending crisis. And it contains some difficult truths that we might not want to hear.
    Read the Green New Deal resolution here:
    For additional context I recommend this piece by Vox’s Umair Irfan on the United Nations climate report, where the world’s best climatologists tell us how urgent of a problem this is:
    This piece from Vox’s David Roberts, shows that world leaders really aren’t taking this urgency seriously.
    Finally, you should read this explainer of the Green New Deal, followed by this story (in list form) by Hannah Northey:
    I also enjoyed this piece, from Kate Aronoff of the Intercept, that imagines a world after the Green New Deal: is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out
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  • Vox
    Vox  9 months ago +778

    If you want to read about the Green New Deal in the lens of the 2020 election, I recommend this piece explaining Washington Gov. Jay Inslee’s proposal:

    Inslee has the most ambitious climate proposals; it is, as Vox's David Roberts writes, the Green New Deal translated into policy.

    For more from the rest of the 2020 democratic field, check out the Vox policy guide:

    - Alvin

    • Criscross
      Criscross 2 days ago

      @** Is that all you have to say?

    • Dianna Skare
      Dianna Skare 28 days ago

      @Mint Visto and Glaciers HAVE DISAPPEARED over my 63 Years almost all of the glaciers have completely melted on our Southern Side!! I was BORN here and I used to have snowball fights in June snowfall at the Summit>Our children were the Last to do this and IT WAS ANCIENT ICE! Not fresh snowfall>> 25 years ago!

    • SquirrelHill1971
      SquirrelHill1971 Month ago

      .There's a children's book that debunks the environmental hysteria. It's called, "The Children's Guide to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Green New Deal."

    • Fusion Moose
      Fusion Moose Month ago

      How about instead of killing my state's economy (New Mexico) you plant more trees, breed more bison, and allow renewable technology to keep developing.

    • Matthew Dick
      Matthew Dick 2 months ago

      So the Great Leap Forward 2.0 and it doesnt address the developing third world. Brilliant. The simple answer is to develop base load green energy that hits the right price point. That can be done for a fraction of the cost of the Green Leap Forward. This plan is nothing more than to cynically rule over the ashes of civilation.

  • Hannah Eula
    Hannah Eula 4 hours ago

    They don’t care because they only see the present and doesn’t care about the future. SadTruth

  • Erika Lee
    Erika Lee 8 hours ago

    Green deal is happening now 👏🏼👏🏼 with the quarantine earth seems to be healing!! Nature took over

  • Hadi Pawar
    Hadi Pawar 18 hours ago

    Either some must suffer or all will suffer. its as simple as that.

  • MrTyman83
    MrTyman83 Day ago

    Absolutely unrealistic! Computer models used as facts of the "end of the world as we know it"! Your Demi-God leader Al Gores' predictions never came into fruition. I'm not a denier, just very suspicious when I'm lied to!

  • Aby Brod
    Aby Brod Day ago

    I wander if when she say we don't have money for that if it's true
    Also you gave no explanation what so ever how this won't completely destroy the economy you just said we have a plane? I pray to God Dems don't take over this is completely foolish

  • Cruella De Vil
    Cruella De Vil Day ago

    Everyone was so worried about losing their jobs before. SURPRISE 2020

  • Lenard K
    Lenard K 2 days ago

    If democrats lose 2020, which they won't, the world will be on a horrible path, but it won't

  • Vijay Kumar
    Vijay Kumar 2 days ago +1

    Congrats, COVID-19 caused a complete lockdown of all major economies around the globe. Oil prices have plunged.

  • XAOS
    XAOS 2 days ago

    There a cheaper and more agreeable way to take carbon out of the air. Don’t need to redo the whole world to do it either.

  • Criscross
    Criscross 2 days ago

    I just wanted to say that the Democratic Party has stolen the main platform of the Green Party. It is a real shame that Vox has given credit to AOC rather than Howie Hawkins and Jill Stein.
    Need to work a bit harder guys.

  • Thomas Heath
    Thomas Heath 2 days ago

    Why would anyone put there faith in the government?

  • Graham Luke
    Graham Luke 3 days ago +2

    Come on, guys, all we have to do is figure out socialism, then everything will work.

  • Public Health Safety Co.

    actually effects of global warming are already here.
    sea level , hurricane and wildfire is really generalized version of global warming...that it is "coming soon" but "not here" already.
    the more dangerous part that is already here is related to glacier. glaciers are melting and it is causing water shortage in many areas.
    it would require moving cities with millions in them.
    and if you like skiing business

  • Jennifer Garfield
    Jennifer Garfield 4 days ago

    There is something fishy about covid-19 ???

  • FoxoFlox
    FoxoFlox 4 days ago

    How to fix world? Take down china

  • Patrice Lumumba
    Patrice Lumumba 4 days ago

    Okay but... Fossil CO
    2 Emissions (Mt CO
    2/yr): 1990 [US 5085 CHINA 2397] 2017 [US 5107 CHINA 10877]

  • Moon Wolf
    Moon Wolf 5 days ago


  • 348 Loaded Lever
    348 Loaded Lever 5 days ago

    Green new deal-depopulation for starters
    Someone took things seriously

  • Sacri ficer
    Sacri ficer 5 days ago +1


  • Sam Plautz
    Sam Plautz 5 days ago +1

    I got a great idea. Let's slip this into a stimulus package for America's economy when Americans are suffering cause they don't have jobs

  • Brandon McGowan
    Brandon McGowan 5 days ago

    Liberals: "raising middle class taxes will cool the planey down"

  • Archangel Uriel
    Archangel Uriel 6 days ago

    I would like to point out two reasons why the green New deal would be a big mistake for humanity. 1. It creates dependence on electricity which could be wiped out by either emps or solar flares and there has been such a solar flare in the 1850s. It was called the Carrington event. 2. it eliminates marketplace transformations which should happen naturally as opposed to artificially which is what the green New deal would try to do. Humanity does not innovate until it needs to.

    • Archangel Uriel
      Archangel Uriel 6 days ago

      I forgot the most important part which is that the underlying premise that climate change is man-made is false. That climate change that you see will continue to occur until all the ice in the glaciers now it's because that was caused by the flood and then suing ice age.

  • C RIFF
    C RIFF 6 days ago

    I'm sorry and this might seem selfish. But I want to keep some fossil fuels. Like classic cars, old automotive and transportation for museums and personal use. I'm all for cleaning and relying on electricity and renewable power

  • Jerome Kennedy
    Jerome Kennedy 6 days ago

    Have you all taken into account that big business determines whether or not any of this gets done?

  • Jerome Kennedy
    Jerome Kennedy 6 days ago

    Did they take into account the effect of Japan's nuclear crisis?

  • Jerome Kennedy
    Jerome Kennedy 6 days ago

    Let's see...did they factor in the earth tilting on its axis?

  • A dangerous comedian

    Where is Dr. Roy Spencer and Dr. Tim Ball and dr. Patrick Moore .
    Why don’t you talk about how to plan it was warmer during the Roman empire than it is today why don’t you talk about the fact that Greenland used to be green and warm . Why don’t you talk about how we had five ice ages and we’re technically in one right now the end of one

  • Candice Lewis
    Candice Lewis 7 days ago

    Socalist agenda..unemployment rise even higher

  • Goutham Chalamala
    Goutham Chalamala 8 days ago

    Calling Elon Musk

  • Drew Fowler
    Drew Fowler 8 days ago

    Isn't that the stuff plants need to survive. Walking in the woods is my safe space.

  • ajanay23
    ajanay23 8 days ago +1

    We're talking about saving the planet, they're worried about jobs and money. No planet=no jobs.

  • Hape
    Hape 8 days ago

    Americans need to understand: There are NO negotiations with mother nature nor with MATH. The highest Goddess in ancient Greece wasn't Zeus or Hera, it was Ananke, the Inevitable. Even the gods had to obey her. And so have we.

  • Spook
    Spook 9 days ago

    Vote Bernie, who seems to actually WANT to change, and has talked about the Green Deal, n I could list of all of the other reasons to vote for him but simply do your own research cuz who am I to tell u what to do

    But seriously vote Bernie he’s the only boomer we approve of as a president now pEriod

    • Jenn smith
      Jenn smith 7 days ago

      so i guess you wont be voting for Biden, then?
      Bernie's done. the democrat billionaire establishment doesn't want him.
      he & his ideas have been totally rejected.
      so, you will vote for Demented Joe cuz that's what you will be told to do.
      i won't.

  • syed sarwar hussain
    syed sarwar hussain 9 days ago

    Now every thing is shutdown....might be helping lower global warming....

  • April Trevino
    April Trevino 9 days ago +1

    With covid 19, now is the perfect time to transition. Everybody is already losing jobs. Enact UBI and initiate the changes we need.

  • Ben Sapper
    Ben Sapper 10 days ago

    America only accounts for 15% of global emissions, stopping America’s emissions does not stop climate change, especially as India and Africa and the developing world further industrialize, really our only chance is to invest into clean energy sources and innovate them to make them economically feasible.

    • Anthony
      Anthony 9 days ago +1

      Yeah, the problem is too big. We should do nothing.

  • George Steele
    George Steele 12 days ago +1

    Two major factors of the GND have come to pass: Extremely reduced air travel and no one driving cars to work.

  • antargaming
    antargaming 13 days ago

    How do we fly out airplanes then? Our most advanced batteries couldn't supply a plane. Also where do we get the money for this? It doesn't come out of thin air. We are already in extreme debt and doing this will further plunge us into debt

  • Carl Mannhard
    Carl Mannhard 13 days ago

    I love Vox and I feel like they really want to make good change, empower people and combat the recklessness of todays world. But why aren't they mentioning Nuclear Power? Nuclear power has been demonized for so long and that is really hurting our planet. We are missing a clean and effective method of power production that we already have a lot of infrastructure for. Such a waste of potential...

    • Carl Mannhard
      Carl Mannhard 7 days ago

      groudon 877 You’re not wrong in saying that. It is an issue for sure.

    • groudon 877
      groudon 877 7 days ago

      @Carl Mannhard you're posing some good arguments I'm going to watch the counter argument against nuclear energy because nuclear waste is I'd say the biggest problem with it

    • Carl Mannhard
      Carl Mannhard 7 days ago

      groudon 877 Yes but people would have to come in contact with it. There are loads of ways to store it safely. I’m not trying to bash other types of energy production or win some argument. I’m interested in nuclear being given a fair trial.

    • groudon 877
      groudon 877 7 days ago

      @Carl Mannhard 1 kg of nuclear waste causes about 1 million bq which is about 1 25th of the radiation caused by a kilogram of uranium so you can imagine that over a longer period of time the cancer rate could increase if nuclear becomes our primary source of energy and no I have not dealt with nuclear waste personally

    • Carl Mannhard
      Carl Mannhard 7 days ago

      groudon 877 we have nuclear waste under way better control than we have of CO2 or CO or mercury. Besides, there are power plants that can use the waste as fuel for even cleaner and even more effective energy production.

  • Charlie Westerfield
    Charlie Westerfield 14 days ago

    What happens when the ecology of this planet is no longer hospitable to us?

  • Wetimus Prime
    Wetimus Prime 14 days ago +1

    It's too late

    It's too Late...

  • ThatOneGinger
    ThatOneGinger 14 days ago

    We really need this deal so bad right now but I do not like Bernie..

  • Christian Luensmann
    Christian Luensmann 15 days ago +1

    They should’ve let somebody smarter than AOC represent this idea

  • YouTubeWatcher
    YouTubeWatcher 15 days ago

    4:44 to 5:21 How is it that "anyone who’s historically missed out on those benefits - especially the poor, and people of color - could end up even worse off"?
    In other words, how do new jobs that people are financially less able to train for make those people worse off (assuming they are not in jobs that would be displaced by the transition, such as coal miners 4:20)? I'm thinking people whose jobs are not in the fossil fuel sector or otherwise won't be displaced won't be made worse off by a clean energy transition they still have their jobs?

  • Jacob Serrano
    Jacob Serrano 15 days ago +2

    The Green New Deal isn't one law or policy - it's an idea, and an era, which would be embodied by an entire series of laws and policies. This is the same way that the original New Deal wasn't merely one Act of Congress, but many policies - one of which included Social Security. We need to do this.

    • Yes Itis
      Yes Itis 14 days ago

      Yes we need to give the government full power and control over our lives. Its agenda 21 wake up

  • Krishnanand Boolaky
    Krishnanand Boolaky 16 days ago +4

    It's only about "we need to take actions"..
    No one knows.
    Take the action now!

  • BoraCM 39
    BoraCM 39 17 days ago

    What about carbon capture?

  • TheWaySheGoes
    TheWaySheGoes 18 days ago

    This video sounds like you’re actually trying to sway people not to like the green new deal

  • TheWaySheGoes
    TheWaySheGoes 18 days ago

    Why didn’t you talk about the 10s of millions of jobs that will be created to transition our energy system

  • Adam First
    Adam First 18 days ago

    liars... liars.....liars....

  • Eddie Kaspbrak
    Eddie Kaspbrak 18 days ago +1

    earth doesnt matter. it's all money. is that right?

  • Michael Recine
    Michael Recine 19 days ago

    Read the plan for the Green New Deal. Its NOT just environmentalism. Dont be naive. Most people arent rejecting it bc it fights climate change. Most people are rejecting it bc it acts as a trojan horse for other economic/social policies. This is why it has the "new deal" portion in the name. They admit themselves it isnt just about the environment. You can care about the environment, and not agree with the agenda being pushed alongside.

    • Michael Recine
      Michael Recine 19 days ago

      As even stated in the video. It's also about "economic inequality ".

  • Joseph Olson
    Joseph Olson 19 days ago

    "Mommie, Can We Play Obombie Truth Origami" > FauxScienceSlayer(.)com > there is NO greenhouse gas warming

  • Ottoman Maldonado
    Ottoman Maldonado 19 days ago

    I hear tax tax tax lol

  • allcreatures greatandsmall

    I see you have the bird killer wind turbines in your video...I like birds. Did you know they CHANGE the population of animals underneath them by artificial selection eliminating the birds of prey in the area. Only the ones out in the ocean are safe for birds. Do no harm.

  • Sang Pham
    Sang Pham 19 days ago +1

    Living in 2020 right now, having the Green New Deal will be really helpful rn.

  • SurelyNotLolicon
    SurelyNotLolicon 19 days ago +1

    Is this some american joke I'm too european to understand?

  • Will Stehman
    Will Stehman 20 days ago +2

    Sounds like a sneaky way of implementing communism

  • Digital Karma
    Digital Karma 20 days ago +2

    The only president who would ever let anything like this happen is Bernie Sanders

    • agnat86
      agnat86 17 days ago

      You think so? I think Sanders has very bad plans and has no clue how to implement most of his proposals, but even he will probably shy back when asked to implement this ridiculous, childish plan as actual policy.

  • F Jackson
    F Jackson 20 days ago

    What does it really do if it's just us that changes. Plenty of other countries would have to change as well.

  • Commander Carlos
    Commander Carlos 20 days ago

    So let us have Socialism for America!!!

  • Toby Haijuu
    Toby Haijuu 20 days ago

    "We can't afford it, it's too expensive." Well, it ain't gon' be cheap if you don't use your money now.

    • Yes Itis
      Yes Itis 14 days ago

      No agenda 21. No 5g

  • Ashu Jha
    Ashu Jha 21 day ago

    Ooo now I understand. You need to be North Korea.

  • Synthesia Tutorials
    Synthesia Tutorials 22 days ago

    It is absolutely impossible to turn off all fossil fuel buisness. The world heavily runs on it for jobs, energy and peace. If you think we could have 0 energy use through them so fast you would be stupidly wrong

  • Lilly Taggert
    Lilly Taggert 22 days ago +3

    Isn’t it interesting that every solution to every problem democrats try to solve costs a fortune and never works. Whats the deal with that?
    Bernie wants to be like China (his words) but China is the biggest polluter on earth.

  • Bhanu Pangtey
    Bhanu Pangtey 22 days ago

    Green new deal is something u think about when ur high on pot

  • Nice Try NSA
    Nice Try NSA 23 days ago +1

    America started off with Europeans moving to a new faraway land. From nothing, we built up settlements, which grew to towns, and the towns grew into cities, forming self sustaining colonies. We rebelled and won against one of the most powerful militaries in the world and created a new government which up to then has never been tried before. We moved west, crossing mountains into more untamed land, settling everywhere from coast to coast. We built railroads connecting both coasts, cutting through mountains and rivers and all other natural obstacles. We built our own canals connecting rivers throughout the continent, then built one through Panama connecting the two largest oceans. We built up the interstates connecting major cities. We sent people to space, then to the moon and return home to tell the tale.

    People knew this would be difficult and expensive, but did that stop them? Now the world is threatened by increasing temperatures, and a solution is being proposed, people are saying "it's too expensive" and that "it can't be done". What happened to this country?

    • J Dizzle
      J Dizzle 22 days ago +1

      Politicians across the isle have stopped working together, and people just pick sides.

    NOELLE YANG 23 days ago +3

    in order to get something, we need to give up something.

  • Dojoevan
    Dojoevan 23 days ago +1

    US: drops out of Paris climate acrod. US: no saving the planet that gives us money is to expensive

  • Jimmy The Gent
    Jimmy The Gent 23 days ago +1

    Lol never gonna happen absolutely psychotic!

  • mex herr
    mex herr 23 days ago +1

    Mother nature: I HAVE WAYS to make you suffer the consequences! 🤬💯

  • アフリカ人
    アフリカ人 24 days ago

    The injustice is staggering. Imagine the level of devastation this catastrophe will entail. Countries who didn't contribute or benefit from the problem will suffer the most. Capitalism will do what genocidal regimes couldn't, the near total destruction of most non- european societies. Think on that.

  • Chris coning
    Chris coning 24 days ago

    And what are you going to do about China and India.

  • Guillermo Zeigler
    Guillermo Zeigler 24 days ago +1

    Greed and narrow mindedness is the cause of imbalance in the world.

  • Bj Moon
    Bj Moon 25 days ago +2

    If you would like to learn more about climate change and the green new deal and what you can do to help it read Revelation . I would not normally recommend starting the most important book you will ever read at the end , but it is crunch time. The good news is you can read it in about an hour.

  • Leo V
    Leo V 25 days ago +2

    Wow those last words are deep from Rhihana! 😢 🌎
    “Because if we don’t do that, then there will be no paradigm, because there will be nothing to fight for.”

  • Jason Sammons
    Jason Sammons 25 days ago

    By the time you view this, it's already too late. Or it's another climate scam.

    • Shadow Clan
      Shadow Clan 12 days ago

      'ANOTHER'? what was the last one?

  • tim ahlf
    tim ahlf 25 days ago +1

    You need to have Stephanie Kelton on your show she is Bernie's financial advisor, she will tell about the green new deal and how to pay for it.

  • Moe
    Moe 25 days ago +3

    we need to takeout old people from politics that's a first step.

    • J Dizzle
      J Dizzle 22 days ago +1

      What about Bernie Sanders