Why does this exist... Vive Pro Review

  • Published on Apr 13, 2018
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    Is the Vive Pro the next amazing step forward in consumer VR? Unfortunately we think not...
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  • Rhami Zeini
    Rhami Zeini 15 hours ago

    Man I can’t wait to see what he thinks of the index

  • Apple Master327
    Apple Master327 15 hours ago

    4:40 as someone with a magnum shnoz I can relate.

  • Brayden Vargo
    Brayden Vargo 19 hours ago

    In the intro i feel like I’ve been shot

  • Tom
    Tom Day ago

    You should work for HTC - So they dont sell us garbage

  • Mr.Trololo
    Mr.Trololo Day ago

    the plastic on the cameras

  • Mille
    Mille 3 days ago

    you know whos real when someone is actually complaining to get something for 800€ for free... Firist one Ive ever seen, thanks!

  • Dsj
    Dsj 3 days ago

    I don’t even have enough money for a vice

  • Noah’s world 1230
    Noah’s world 1230 3 days ago

    I’ll take vibe please

  • Tet8063
    Tet8063 3 days ago +1

    subtitles go zucc juice then disappear

    • Tyway
      Tyway 3 days ago +1

      was looking for this comment. WTF?!

  • Greenpixel
    Greenpixel 3 days ago

    Well, it is bigger... And as Linus explains, it's definitely badder...

  • Blount B
    Blount B 6 days ago

    4:08 what is that game

  • Eddie Park
    Eddie Park 6 days ago

    Is there some kind of hidden tactic to even get over 1k likes. What could it possibly be?

  • LoneToast385 -ToasterGaming-

    vive 2: electric boogaloo

  • Panayot Hristov
    Panayot Hristov 8 days ago

    At 2:43 you are saying $30 instead of 30% :)

  • Isa _ Brayden
    Isa _ Brayden 9 days ago

    okay enough waiting after this sponsor

  • Matt4:4
    Matt4:4 10 days ago

    This is going to look so dumb when in 10yrs you get a nano filament installed into your hand which uses your own mineral and metallics from your blood to build Neuro and occular stimulating nanobots.

  • ndstrlsm
    ndstrlsm 11 days ago


  • Sunny
    Sunny 11 days ago

    Did he got payed by oculus?

  • Andrews Mainly pointless

    PS4- $300
    PSVR with move controllers- $350
    Total $650 not including tax... It's Hella cheaper

    • s E n
      s E n 8 days ago

      Andrews Mainly pointless Also less future proof, versatile, and supported.
      I’d rather spend $800 on something that’ll last me at least a few generations than $650 on something that’ll last me a couple years

  • Robin Calais
    Robin Calais 12 days ago

    May i PLEASE have a free vive pro......... and compatible pc also😄

  • 64jcl
    64jcl 13 days ago

    This product is so stupid since you could get a complete Samsung Odyssey WMR device including controllers with same screen resolution at half the price. I recently got the upgraded Odyssey+ for $300 which is fantastic value for money.

  • twitch.tv/ENDER wiggin
    twitch.tv/ENDER wiggin 13 days ago +1

    This is going to look so stupid 10000 years ago when vr was a chip embedded in our DNA

  • SimpleQuantum
    SimpleQuantum 13 days ago

    I’m sticking with my Oculus Go

  • Luke Lawley
    Luke Lawley 18 days ago

    Pretty scathing video title lol.

  • RegalT-type
    RegalT-type 19 days ago


  • Bratislav Metulski
    Bratislav Metulski 19 days ago +1

    8:27 A REALLY BIG LIE, LINUS !!!

  • Bratislav Metulski
    Bratislav Metulski 19 days ago +2

    vive pro is just crap - especially for that high price **epic facepalm**

  • Jacob Speckhard
    Jacob Speckhard 21 day ago +16

    You should review the Oculus Quest

  • RocketSimplicity
    RocketSimplicity 23 days ago

    Do the Oculus Rift S!

    THE HOUSE 24 days ago

    how much does the HTC vive cost in norway

  • Tea Tea
    Tea Tea 25 days ago

    Can I have it if you don't want it?

  • W.D. Gaster
    W.D. Gaster 26 days ago +4

    So you’re saying we need to have a vive if we are gonna buy a vive pro, welp i’m not that rich dude, i can’t, too expensive.
    (I didn’t say the money is mine, but yes i’m not that rich)
    Edit: so like i found a Not that expensive vive pro with vive pro controllers. (on amazon, it’s sad that life is limited, we can’t play that much or travel the whole earth.)

  • Mickehd00d
    Mickehd00d 27 days ago

    You shouldn't buy this for moral reasons alone. Don't let HTC think for ONE second that this is an acceptable price.

  • Luis Yax
    Luis Yax 27 days ago

    I'm receiving my HTC Vive pro tomorrow, I got the package that includes new base stations and controllers, so I'm hoping my experience is better then yours. Currently my first gen Vive still works but has busted audio, so can't wait for this one. Your points are pretty valid though for folks that only are getting the new headset.

  • Ducky Man
    Ducky Man 27 days ago

    Thankyou for saving me enough money to buy the controllers at the same time as the headset

  • Mike Dalley
    Mike Dalley 28 days ago

    I've found a complete list of all VR Headsets ever produced and all future Headsets in comparison: delight-vr.com/blog/complete-list-of-vr-headsets-2019/

  • Raj Jethwa
    Raj Jethwa 28 days ago

    The vive pro is extreme , I use my lenevo explorer

  • spaceweed10
    spaceweed10 Month ago

    This exists as a disgusting money grab from Valve.

  • L
    L Month ago

    Oculus: Let's drive consumer interest by creating more user friendly devices with more polished software, and only release hardware when we know it's ready.

  • Trippy Subie
    Trippy Subie Month ago

    Hold on, what the fuck case was that?!?

  • Sxedoc
    Sxedoc Month ago

    Hmmm, i spent 10$ in a software called trinusvr and now i can use my PS VR on my pc. Problem solved.

  • Pyrocical X Bell Delfine

    Oculus rift s bb

  • FlyAway
    FlyAway Month ago

    Just asking but can my laptop run vrchat at 60fps with htc vive:
    GTX 1050 2gb
    I7 7700k
    16gb ram ddr3
    Windows 10

    • FlyAway
      FlyAway Month ago

      @Cryptic Light how many would i need

    • Cryptic Light
      Cryptic Light Month ago

      u just need to make sure you have enough usb 3.0 slots for your vr

    • Cryptic Light
      Cryptic Light Month ago

      thats perfect for vr basically mid range

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader Month ago

    The vive pro is the reason why I switched to Oculus.

  • Lexus Fox
    Lexus Fox Month ago

    So it’s not worth the upgrade?

  • Imad Choucair
    Imad Choucair Month ago +1

    You see today after one year of this review how Linus did not have enough product knowledge about the PRO and what is planned from wireless option, ...you did not do well here, sorry

  • MYC
    MYC Month ago +5

    LTT: Let's unbox it
    Me: Yay i'm so excited
    LTT: After this sponsored message
    Me: ... Get. The. Gun.

  • Jim Silvestri
    Jim Silvestri Month ago +1


  • Angelica San Juan
    Angelica San Juan Month ago

    You just said Canadian pesos... ☹️

  • Nigel Minor
    Nigel Minor Month ago

    Is it me or this guy is speaking in alien language.......

    Ooh im just high

  • For Wakanda
    For Wakanda Month ago +1

    why is this guy always making himself look like an idiot?

  • DanTdm
    DanTdm Month ago

    *_zucc juice_* 1:12

  • Avaku
    Avaku Month ago

    7:30 I thought you said BabeStations lol

  • Voice Muted
    Voice Muted Month ago

    Google Plastic 2.0

  • Email Alpha
    Email Alpha Month ago +1

    I think the Valve Index is better than this in every measurable way - including price.

    • Croft
      Croft Month ago

      Well, it's been a year since this video. So probably not surprising. But yeah I agree, the Index is looking good.

  • Platinum_Panzer
    Platinum_Panzer Month ago

    Saddest part? The Samsung Odyssey, a $300 Windows Mixed Reality HMD was able to compete with this HMD and actually beats it in some areas like the microphone quality.

  • Macafee
    Macafee Month ago

    Linus just doesn’t like anything.

  • Tarek Moneim Said
    Tarek Moneim Said Month ago

    wait, so this is a "pro" version that is actually targeting businesses, and not just used as a fancy marketing word? Seems like it, since it's bulkier, it has a 93m2 range (way bigger than most people's apartments, let alone their room)...

  • Rich Smith
    Rich Smith Month ago +1

    Newsflash: Linus can't appreciate the brilliance of the Pro because of his massive honker.

  • Matt
    Matt Month ago +2

    I brought a vive pro - have loved it since the day I brought it and never had any issues what so ever. Mind you I never tried a vive 1.

  • Jiří Valtr
    Jiří Valtr Month ago

    So... if I'!m a typical poor consumer... do you recommend me to buy Oculus Rift? And what about the sensors? Rift doesnt have those two blacky-boxy-sensors, does it? Thanx to anyone who answer.

    • Jiří Valtr
      Jiří Valtr Month ago

      @mushnoodle I have watched lot of videos and I have made a decision :) Ill buy HTC Vive, but used. Not the new one. Its much more worth than buying any shitty Microsoft Mixed Reality headset :D
      Anyways, thanx for answering.

    • mushnoodle
      mushnoodle Month ago

      If you're a poor consumer you might want to look into mixed reality headsets (but i heard they might be a bit flimsy in terms of material and tracking?) or consoles and phone based sets but those require you to have a certain phone or the playstation or the nintendo switch. (the prices on these vary a bit)
      oculus quest 64gb is at 400$ which is just released for preorder. (you can try the set out in some stores once its released and its a standalone set that doesnt need a computer)
      the go is cheaper but i wouldnt really recommend it over the quest imo. If you already have a decent pc (costs a lot too after all) rift S also costs 400$.
      or you look into second hand Vive&riftcv1 since some people might want to get rid of theirs in favor of a new set?
      the valve headset and future vive is probably going to be pretty expensive so i wouldnt count on those.

  • Horary Zappy
    Horary Zappy Month ago

    Well... if you don’t want it

  • JasperTube
    JasperTube Month ago +2

    Why i cant have a VIVE Pro for free?? Guess i have to lick your shoes later

  • Malcolm Hughes
    Malcolm Hughes Month ago

    i love my pro but i hate the lighthouses

  • saucy snipers
    saucy snipers Month ago

    seems like i had none of the problems you had

  • Jimmy Nahlous
    Jimmy Nahlous Month ago

    I'm happy with my very cheap 2nd hand Vanilla Vive I got.. At work we have 2 vives, 5 Oculus Rifts, and not long ago a Vive Pro.... I tried the Vive Pro and man, that was buggy, heavy like Linus said in fast paced games. Not to mention, the signal kept dropping out and the image pixelating to keep up with the bandwidth. It literally goes from the best image it can give you to a 'censored' artifacting look even at 2m away from the transmitter. I think it is very prone to interference.

  • Edwin Biju
    Edwin Biju Month ago

    Does anyone know what that keyboard he was using with the corsair one was???

  • Mint
    Mint Month ago

    Sorry The vive pro is already out...Valve can't count to a third product....

    • Mint
      Mint Month ago

      @ILovePlebs It's a running joke about Halflife 3....it was never released and Valve denies it will be a thing...Valve doesn't do threes....

    • ILovePlebs
      ILovePlebs Month ago

      Crowz what do you mean?

  • Brando Crispim Vieira
    Brando Crispim Vieira Month ago +1

    HTC Vive is overpriced, customer support is awkardly defensive about everything and they try to enforce a 1-year warranty even in countries where it's 2-year by law.

    • ULI LOCK
      ULI LOCK Month ago

      This is my biggest complaint. So many reviews of issues with customer support, or being forced to pay to mail in a defective unit, really scares me away and to the Rift and other options. Support is important.

  • MindDrift
    MindDrift Month ago

    I'll give you 200$ for it.

    SHRED SHREDDER Month ago

    Zucc juice

  • Fishum
    Fishum Month ago +15

    After nearly a year with the vive Pro full 2.0 kit, I'll say it was one of the best decisions I made, it seems perfectly adapted to my head, didn't hurt my nose and feels ten times better than the original Vive.

  • Dave Wisnosky
    Dave Wisnosky Month ago +1

    I'm still surprised that this guy is heterosexual (not that there's anything wrong with that)

  • James Hoffman
    James Hoffman Month ago

    you know I could've just taken that off your hands and used it just as the headset and been happy.

  • Wade Zer0
    Wade Zer0 Month ago

    Dislike at "RIGHT AFTER!"

  • Iancov m
    Iancov m 2 months ago

    9:32 Isnt this just another radiation generator stick in to the year? Worming up the brain:D you should check it with a radiation metter:)

  • Grass Hopper
    Grass Hopper 2 months ago +1

    What game is that he is playing at the start>?

  • Team Ski
    Team Ski 2 months ago

    Awesome review, thank you!

  • TheBlueberry606
    TheBlueberry606 2 months ago

    Sim racing :)

  • coolbeatsunboxing
    coolbeatsunboxing 2 months ago

    This guy is so negative

  • Scott Magee
    Scott Magee 2 months ago

    I absolutely fully agree with what you mention in this video. I have an Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. I mostly only use the Rift due to discomfort because of the weight of the Vive. I even bought a delux headset to try and fix the comfort issue, but it still not as good for me as the lighter Rift. Like you, I'm also blessed with a big nose, but I doubt that is the actual problem. lol I won't be getting the newest Vive anytime soon.

  • Gamers Haven
    Gamers Haven 2 months ago

    @LinusTechTips think I can get it then, to replace my DK1 Oculus Rift?
    I don't mind buying the controllers later.

  • _Aedan_ _Richardson_
    _Aedan_ _Richardson_ 2 months ago

    So oculus wins again?

    SLAYER-GAMES 2 months ago

    I have a rift should I buy a Vive?

    • Demongod99
      Demongod99 2 months ago

      No, stick with the Oculus until you can buy an actual new better VR headset like the upcoming windows mixed reality headsets. All of the headsets that are out right now are about the same. You won't notice a difference in the vive than the Oculus.

  • Rick Nance
    Rick Nance 2 months ago

    I'm just lazy. I'm waiting for the mixed reality contacts. I want yellow with lizard pupils.

  • Samael Gamboa
    Samael Gamboa 2 months ago

    Holy sponsored message, that looks seriously sexy

  • sculpta
    sculpta 2 months ago


  • maulCS
    maulCS 2 months ago

    You are exerting way too much energy swinging your arms around. I mean, fuck.

  • eropis
    eropis 2 months ago

    My issue with this thing is only one. I cannot use my favorite Headphones because they dont fit over the thicker Headwrist. In every other Way i think it is better. Fits better in my Head and stays there opposite to the normal Vive without Deluxe Strap.

  • Marko BlackBaron German

    parli troppo!!!!

  • sexmachine-Stay on the scene

    take the blue pill take the red pill or Vive

  • LuigiBro74
    LuigiBro74 2 months ago

    Valves been getting away with overpricing their shit long enough

    • M0rph3u5
      M0rph3u5 2 months ago

      Not for long hopefully, with the upcoming Valve Index and Rift S/Quest

  • Psykonaut
    Psykonaut 2 months ago

    I feel like it's still not the time to invest in vr yet...

    • M0rph3u5
      M0rph3u5 2 months ago

      Definitely NOT!! at least wait till June when both Valve Index and Rift S (along with Quest) are released, and possibly Vive revealing more info re: Comsos. Its too late to get 1st gen Vive or Rift

    • Radu Stoltz
      Radu Stoltz 2 months ago

      have you tried a proper VR setup yet? because i had the same mindset until i tried a setup and was completely mind blown with it, watching does not do it justice at all, give it a decent go and then decide

  • Han Lockhart
    Han Lockhart 2 months ago +1

    Big, bulky and ludicrously expensive- Yea, I`ll wait.

  • King im craften
    King im craften 2 months ago


  • SevenDeMagnus
    SevenDeMagnus 2 months ago +6

    VR is so amazing, just watching it, does it no justice (it's like describing the most beautiful actress you saw in person with stick figure drawing). VR is the most amazing, it's sometimes even better than the real world. I'm glad I've tried VR. The emotions the same game brings is multiplied so many times.
    God bless, Proverbs 31

    • TehUltimateSnake
      TehUltimateSnake Month ago +1

      SevenDeMagnus google earth vr is also beautiful. Being able to go back to the house and streets I grew up on gave me major nostalgia. Thats when I knew VR was special and not just a gimmick.

  • C M
    C M 2 months ago

    Send it to me then since I can’t get a free one

  • MrEkg98
    MrEkg98 2 months ago

    SO this is the true rift 2.

  • SP Champion
    SP Champion 2 months ago

    Your channel fu@#%$! rocks!

  • Times
    Times 2 months ago +1

    VR is the future, but the future ain't here yet.