James McAvoy Meets Himself AS A BALLOON | The Graham Norton Show

  • Published on Jan 11, 2019
  • One of the slightly odder moments in this show’s history.

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Comments • 143

  • DualNexus
    DualNexus 2 days ago

    James mcavoy is mr tumnus? MIND BLOWN

  • Jennifer Graham
    Jennifer Graham 14 days ago


  • Tyler King
    Tyler King 17 days ago

    I won't lie....I had no idea he was Mr. Tumnus

  • Bryan
    Bryan Month ago

    James seems like a douchebag

  • Anna Neprawskey
    Anna Neprawskey Month ago +3


  • Coco Chanel
    Coco Chanel 2 months ago


  • hijabereact
    hijabereact 4 months ago

    I wish I could do something incredible for him to notice me as well omg james ily

  • pan banan
    pan banan 4 months ago

    So you telling me if I'm gonna make some balloons figures then McAvoy will look at me for at least a second?
    I'm down for that

  • Liz b
    Liz b 4 months ago

    Those balloons are cute ! And kinda creepy

  • Glo.M
    Glo.M 4 months ago

    Embarrassing question but, I always see bits of this show here in RU-clip and it’s funny as hell, is there anyway of watching it here in the US?

  • Kasia B.B.
    Kasia B.B. 5 months ago +1

    OMG Graham in that suit!! It's like the best suit i've ever seen *_*

  • Ivan Arsov
    Ivan Arsov 5 months ago +1

    So tell me about shaving ur balls. Gosh i love sarah😂

  • Harmony Martinez
    Harmony Martinez 5 months ago +1

    I’m not sure whether to be amused or terrified

  • Emma Gonzales
    Emma Gonzales 5 months ago

    1:13 he looks like the rat from Flushed Away lmao

  • Eric Woodard
    Eric Woodard 5 months ago

    McAvoy is toasted lol

  • Gabriela Trindade
    Gabriela Trindade 5 months ago

    graham norton really should host the oscars

  • Doug McCool
    Doug McCool 5 months ago

    Fan since "Children of Dune"!!!

  • winged wolf
    winged wolf 5 months ago +2

    one word - WANTED .

  • MoleRat
    MoleRat 5 months ago +2

    Without missing a beat "That's a stick he's holding... I think". Brilliant!

  • Marcel Venter
    Marcel Venter 5 months ago

    James is ridiculously sexy!

  • Panon Mc Avoy
    Panon Mc Avoy 5 months ago +1

    I love tumnus & Patricia balloon
    His fan will always LOVE him. And want to make something for show how about love on them. Me too ❤

  • Eliott_Toyota_ Tot
    Eliott_Toyota_ Tot 5 months ago +7


  • Andrea Rosales
    Andrea Rosales 5 months ago

    Oh my god, I love that lady!! And I love James was so nice to her ❤️

  • iffy
    iffy 5 months ago +1

    she wanted a hug, James. Come on!!!

  • tonebonetones
    tonebonetones 5 months ago

    One overrated actor!

  • ShardofBrokenGlass
    ShardofBrokenGlass 5 months ago +4

    Richard E. Grant is gorgeous!

  • alisa alferova
    alisa alferova 5 months ago

    That is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sammy Derrick
    Sammy Derrick 5 months ago +2

    Well James McAVOY you've made it in life!!!

  • Vamanos Ninja
    Vamanos Ninja 5 months ago

    I first saw him as Tumnus and even then I got a crush on him.

  • Briar Rose
    Briar Rose 5 months ago +1

    “Tell me about shaving your BALLS”
    😂 I love Sarah Paulson

  • Jess T.
    Jess T. 5 months ago +1

    I can't tell the difference!

  • dsmyify
    dsmyify 5 months ago +4

    I'm a big fan of some of his work.

  • Lianne Williams
    Lianne Williams 5 months ago +1

    Sexist accent ever the Scottish mmmmm love it love him

  • Orodon Kassa
    Orodon Kassa 5 months ago

    I just had the ad of the coming up movie "Glass" before this video 😂

  • Ndudi Obichi
    Ndudi Obichi 5 months ago +228

    Aw. I always see Ria commenting on James’ instagram. I’m happy she got a chance to get recognized like this.

    • ___ Arch
      ___ Arch 5 months ago +3

      alisa alferova She’s just confirmed, I’m currently sat next to her !

    • alisa alferova
      alisa alferova 5 months ago +7

      She is also mentioned on one of his Jimmy Fallon interviews 😊 and he follows her IG as well 😀

  • eepruls
    eepruls 5 months ago +2

    That's pretty awesome!

  • BerylL
    BerylL 5 months ago +270

    "It's 2019! Who blows anymore?"
    James' small, tiny expression of "Say what....?"

    • mrs mcavoy
      mrs mcavoy 14 days ago +1

      Love that expression too

  • L Meto
    L Meto 5 months ago

    James’s accent ❤️

  • Sylvia S
    Sylvia S 5 months ago +4

    HOHOHO, James McAvoy come to Graham's show again. He is probably the most welcomed guest in Graham's sofa.

  • Josh Miller Music
    Josh Miller Music 5 months ago

    Blowing,balls,stick is holding,think of joke...
    Fudge that,subscribe to my channel also have the best day of your life

  • enima
    enima 5 months ago +2

    Pumping or blowing 😂

  • Iiduli
    Iiduli 5 months ago +10

    I never realised that he is Mister Tumnus.

  • SkinheadBrian von R
    SkinheadBrian von R 5 months ago

    damn, i love the Graham Norton Show SOOO much!

  • Muhammad Maaz
    Muhammad Maaz 5 months ago

    I have never clicked to watch a Graham norton video this fast.

  • Joey Indolos
    Joey Indolos 5 months ago +1

    Was that Professor X or Popeye? 😄

  • mamaveros
    mamaveros 5 months ago


  • Hectorferjr2
    Hectorferjr2 5 months ago +4

    James McAvoy was my first choice to play Pennywise the Clown.

  • Hectorferjr2
    Hectorferjr2 5 months ago +3

    Do you want a balloon too, Georgie?

  • Love yourself
    Love yourself 5 months ago +6

    Why is James so hot?

  • Sea Hunz
    Sea Hunz 5 months ago +22

    “so tell me about shaving your balls” sarah paulson is such a legend

  • JO EL
    JO EL 5 months ago +4

    My dream is to see him and Tom Hardy to be in a movie together

  • kirch
    kirch 5 months ago +8

    I remember first seeing him in a modern bbc version of Hamlet. Had to watch in English Lit at secondary school. This was way before he was famous but I remember my teacher thinking he was a great actor. I guess she had good intuition.

    • Wiame Hekmi
      Wiame Hekmi 11 days ago +2

      I'm pretty sure it was Macbeth

  • Jack Talbot
    Jack Talbot 5 months ago +221

    I feel like a solid 70% of this show is just innuendos

  • ohmyafy
    ohmyafy 5 months ago +2

    Ahh Graham, the king of wit.

  • fala_hpy
    fala_hpy 5 months ago +70

    She was blowing James backstage.. 😂😂😂😂

  • fala_hpy
    fala_hpy 5 months ago

    I think there was a cut at 2:11 saying blowing away

  • fala_hpy
    fala_hpy 5 months ago

    Norton for oscars

  • Matdy James
    Matdy James 5 months ago +2

    James looks so awkward.

  • Sharay's Corner
    Sharay's Corner 5 months ago +2

    I could look at these balloon comparisons all day 🤣🤣

  • jimjimmyjames59
    jimjimmyjames59 5 months ago +52

    It's been so long since I've seen that movie - I didn't realize he was Mr. Tumnis.

    • Matt Lolo
      Matt Lolo 5 months ago

      jimjimmyjames59 me too 😂😂

  • Michael Chambers
    Michael Chambers 5 months ago

    Gram Norton is Daddy af

  • Simon Riley
    Simon Riley 5 months ago +3

    Not at all creepy

  • SueBeka
    SueBeka 5 months ago +1

    I follow her on Instagram ria.norman

  • J. Aj.
    J. Aj. 5 months ago +6


  • Nihal .k
    Nihal .k 5 months ago +284

    "Tell me about shaving your balls"
    How can she even say that with a straight face 😂😂😂

  • PoofySpoofy
    PoofySpoofy 5 months ago +12

    "O thanks sweet heart"

  • Klent orious
    Klent orious 5 months ago +4

    What a beautiful artist

  • JamesJimmyMac
    JamesJimmyMac 5 months ago +13

    1:35 Looks like Wallace. Someone get him some cheese

  • Diegasos Job !!
    Diegasos Job !! 5 months ago +32

    He should give the thanks to the woman who made him a ballon himself

    • Diegasos Job !!
      Diegasos Job !! 5 months ago

      Oh i didnt know that, thank you for you comment

  • Emese Kubik
    Emese Kubik 5 months ago +3

    00:13 and I'm already dead

  • CSE Samoan Zeus
    CSE Samoan Zeus 5 months ago +3

    Lmfaoo I love Graham lol always making his celebrity guest fee awkward lmfaoo

  • KayBee
    KayBee 5 months ago +151

    I actually never knew that he was Mr. Tumnus 😱

    • Mousita Mousita
      Mousita Mousita 5 days ago

      Mys Morgan he did afterwards but five year old me was like 😪

    • Mys Morgan
      Mys Morgan 5 days ago

      @Mousita Mousita But he tried to save her from the white witch!! or maybe I just don't remember correctly lol

    • CurryKingWurst
      CurryKingWurst 5 months ago


    • Mousita Mousita
      Mousita Mousita 5 months ago +3

      I knew and I had watched it when I was very little so for a while I actually didn’t like him bc of the way he gave Lucy away to the White Witch. And then I got older and realized he was an actor😂😂

    • Matt Murdock001
      Matt Murdock001 5 months ago +2


  • Oteng Phuthego
    Oteng Phuthego 5 months ago +3

    gotta love these Graham Norton videos

  • dani_13
    dani_13 5 months ago +8

    *tell me about shaving your balls* HAHAHA DEAD 😂😂💀💀💀

    • KayBee
      KayBee 5 months ago +2

      "That'd be a bit dangerous now" 😂

  • Chris Ducat
    Chris Ducat 5 months ago +20

    She's very talented...and very kinky lol

  • Sar XT
    Sar XT 5 months ago

    James is such a babe

  • leanne sanchez
    leanne sanchez 5 months ago +43

    God James Mc Avoy's got a sexy accent! :)

  • Sean Bradley
    Sean Bradley 5 months ago +15

    Is it just me or does the balloon look a bit like 'Roddy' from 'Flushed Away'?

  • Melissa Ngai
    Melissa Ngai 5 months ago +96

    Awww James is so wonderful and kind to his fans haha

  • MM 127
    MM 127 5 months ago +340

    I dare you to watch atonement and not fall in love with James McAvoy!

    • B.b. Gun
      B.b. Gun 5 months ago +1

      MM 1992 if you don’t fall in love with James in atonement, it’s proof you have godawful taste.

    • samantha roxette sabado
      samantha roxette sabado 5 months ago +8

      James in atonement awaken my sexuality

    • Bianca Floros
      Bianca Floros 5 months ago +2

      Too late🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Shaz Romli
      Shaz Romli 5 months ago +9

      As for me, Tom Lefroy in Becoming Jane...sooo madly in love with him!

    • R S
      R S 5 months ago +2

      MM 1992 for me it was Children of Dune

  • kushagra pandey
    kushagra pandey 5 months ago

    Thats shsshhh in the last ..

  • Pal C
    Pal C 5 months ago +8

    Rhea Norman looks like E.L James (author of 50 shades of gray).

  • Mntdewmania
    Mntdewmania 5 months ago +119

    She should have done James from Watership Down he was amazing as the voice of Haze!!!!

  • Pal C
    Pal C 5 months ago +85

    Honestly one of the most funny and talented actor in Hollywood.

  • Laylla's Locker
    Laylla's Locker 5 months ago


  • Konstantina Panagopoulou
    Konstantina Panagopoulou 5 months ago +79

    I want him to be the father of my children

    • Sagarikha
      Sagarikha 5 months ago +13

      Oh honey don't we all

  • Blak
    Blak 5 months ago +179

    That's some cool artistry :)

    • Onion Face
      Onion Face 5 months ago +10

      It really is. I'm impressed.

  • Blak
    Blak 5 months ago +7


  • 김태형
    김태형 5 months ago +844

    I was thinking of how funny Graham would be hosting the Oscars, then again, he's too good for that mess😂❤

    • Rebekah Price
      Rebekah Price 2 months ago

      We could start a petition, just sayin... 😃

    • Rebekah Price
      Rebekah Price 2 months ago +1

      김태형 oh I want this! Graham for the Oscars!!!

    • L Meto
      L Meto 5 months ago +15

      김태형 Graham is too talented for the oscars. They don’t deserve him.

  • yupyupyup yupyup
    yupyupyup yupyup 5 months ago +4


  • Qais Al Bulushi
    Qais Al Bulushi 5 months ago

    100% ✌😂

  • kala v
    kala v 5 months ago +84

    Oh Graham you are a cure for me, and James McAvoy oh my Gosh, always lovely.

  • Floppy Bird
    Floppy Bird 5 months ago +22

    3:07 - watch that left hand, kids are watching too

  • Handsome Jack
    Handsome Jack 5 months ago +765

    I suppose she likes blowing James..

  • HollyBlueAgitated
    HollyBlueAgitated 5 months ago +14

    looks like if Aardman Studios did Split/Glass

  • Mateo Banda
    Mateo Banda 5 months ago +23

    Okay. That Lifesize James Mcavoy Balloon Is Creepy AF 😨

    • Mateo Banda
      Mateo Banda 5 months ago +4

      @J LA Yeah. I mean, yeah.

    • J LA
      J LA 5 months ago +7

      But really cool! I mean she's quite talented.

  • Photography _scenery_15
    Photography _scenery_15 5 months ago +13

    These are quite funny

  • The Music Arena
    The Music Arena 5 months ago +536

    Still stuck in the never ending loop of Graham norton show 👀

    • MRTN13
      MRTN13 5 months ago +2

      It's the year 2019. Still stuck in the Graham Norton loop

    • Jess_Marie_G
      Jess_Marie_G 5 months ago

      It happens

  • Mateo Banda
    Mateo Banda 5 months ago +114

    OMG!!! James Looks Very Sexy These Days😍😍😍

    • Daffy
      Daffy 5 months ago

      ​@Chris Ducat Yeah, he looked about to pass out. I was thinking, not so sure it's only balloon James who's drunk!

    • Mr. Griffe
      Mr. Griffe 5 months ago +6

      He has always been hot

    • chokinonashes61
      chokinonashes61 5 months ago +2


    • Chris Ducat
      Chris Ducat 5 months ago +1

      Seems pretty tired though

    • George
      George 5 months ago +10

      Mateo Banda these daysss?????