Our Gender Reveal...(Pt. 4/4)

  • Published on Apr 18, 2019
  • ITS A.... PRANK
    (For Help)

    To be clear, our incredible partners at Bang Energy did not approve of this prank, and weren’t even aware of the concept of this video. We are sorry for any confusion this may a have caused in a previous version of the video.
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  • Defne tknsln
    Defne tknsln Day ago

    She did not take this pregnancy isssue seriously I guess How bad for her.. even if she is only 13

  • pricilla Negrete

    imagine she was actually pregnant but had to abort it so now she’s saying it’s a prank 😭.

  • Julyssa Cabrera Ayala

    I’m so confused

  • blerta nuhiji
    blerta nuhiji 2 days ago

    Guys why are you all mad ? In the info box she wrote that it is a prank so 🧐

  • Mama Tales
    Mama Tales 4 days ago

    Shes soooo fake. And she was jus talkin about that teen pregnancy is serious. Like bih. Shut the f uppp

  • Petra Lopez
    Petra Lopez 4 days ago

    Dani there are a lot of other girls who are actually pregnant and you are making others feel like an actual disappointment and there’s u messing around ur a real disappointment

  • Aliayah Playz gxcha
    Aliayah Playz gxcha 5 days ago

    U can twerk while u wait uu raking up then tip your body rocks and your pbooty pops and I'm proud to call u ms b***::)) @™

  • excusemewtf 23
    excusemewtf 23 5 days ago

    I just want to know why

  • SWanCY XXX
    SWanCY XXX 6 days ago

    When you have more dislikes than likes..😬

  • Jestina Sealy
    Jestina Sealy 6 days ago

    why would u do it if teen pregnancy is not a joke

  • Jestina Sealy
    Jestina Sealy 6 days ago

    honestly I was not supersized

  • Jestina Sealy
    Jestina Sealy 6 days ago

    you are showing kids that it is ok to have a baby at that age

  • Jestina Sealy
    Jestina Sealy 6 days ago

    This is not ok

  • Eve E
    Eve E 6 days ago

    a lot of people are talking about how hard this ‘prank’ must be for people who can’t have children. but imagine how hard it must be for teens who are in this situation for real and have to watch their life struggle become some stupid joke for a bit of attention in the media. real teens who are facing the trouble of balancing themselves being a child aswell have to watch this be glorified and made light of. i am truly heartbroken especially knowing jen was a teen mother and knows how hard it is.

  • Davia Pinder
    Davia Pinder 7 days ago

    Wow this is what 12 yr do fake pregnacies well im happy im not 12 yet

  • Todd Fair
    Todd Fair 8 days ago

    She is so fake

  • madison johnson
    madison johnson 8 days ago

    First off you are 13 secondly
    Planned parenthood kills babies
    I am pro life
    You make me sick

  • Kaylee Jeannn
    Kaylee Jeannn 9 days ago +3

    “A year, a year and a half”
    “wow that’s insane”
    um...... lmaooo

  • i know bts so suga is proud of me

    Yo the day she has 0 subs boom her boyfriend leaves her

  • Arissa Salinas
    Arissa Salinas 10 days ago

    Why tf would you prank like dat tf and I’m glad you not bc u only 13sooooo u is a lil girl🤢🤐🤯💀💀betttt y’all just

  • Arissa Salinas
    Arissa Salinas 10 days ago

    How many of y’all unsubscribing💀.

  • Martina Austin
    Martina Austin 10 days ago

    Ummm if she was pregnant she would of had the baby already

  • Camila T.
    Camila T. 10 days ago

    7:00 is where she started loosing subscribers. ur welcome

  • Eleven Brown
    Eleven Brown 10 days ago +1

    She say "IS...... A PRANK"!

  • * -Splitxn- *
    * -Splitxn- * 11 days ago

    The family can’t get that fact that she is 14 and she is pregnant

  • Adriana Argüelles
    Adriana Argüelles 11 days ago

    I have seen danielle’s friend in a movies

  • Richard Imo
    Richard Imo 11 days ago

    But why

  • Tipsy Gypsy
    Tipsy Gypsy 11 days ago

    Even if this was real, it takes longer to find out what gender the baby is 💙💖

  • Ocean_ Wannabe
    Ocean_ Wannabe 12 days ago

    Guys stop blaming! Read description! She said its a prank!! Ik its not to joke about,but the big thing she said it.

  • Mary Audrey
    Mary Audrey 14 days ago

    I live in a bad place, the middle/high school constantly have knife fights and 7th and 8th graders walk around pregnant and the go have the child give it up for adoption or they're moms take care of the baby and they are in school the next week. A mother's love is strong and honestly not to be joked about! As a pro life person you upset many viewers I think a life is a life I don't care if you are pro choice or pro life don't talk about abortion, if you get pregnant it's HARD to leave your child it's mentally awful to the woman

  • Tay Mcmamara
    Tay Mcmamara 14 days ago

    Shes literally the same size shes been!!!!

    AH KIRA 14 days ago

    Ela gosta de atenção

  • Rebecca George
    Rebecca George 14 days ago

    So many females can’t get pregnant and you made a joke about being pregnant... you should feel ashamed! I hope you never have to experience that feeling of never being able to get pregnant or getting pregnant and then losing the baby!

  • Annaa
    Annaa 15 days ago

    i am sure that she can't even take care of a puppy and how is the baby still alive?? her leggings are so high tied

  • Josefina Valdez
    Josefina Valdez 15 days ago

    Bro she's only 13..

  • Maria Jose Romero Arias

    No entiendo nada de lo que dicen

  • Queen s cs
    Queen s cs 15 days ago

    Why u faking a pregnancy 🙄

  • Dakalia Wilson
    Dakalia Wilson 15 days ago

    I hope this is a 🤬 prank cause😑

  • Dakalia Wilson
    Dakalia Wilson 15 days ago

    Omg she can’t pregnant wait them broke up so Ethan .....you know what let me 🤐

  • skyluna
    skyluna 16 days ago

    can i dislike twice

  • HH_JORDAN ;-;
    HH_JORDAN ;-; 16 days ago

    Their friends are legit mad lmao

  • Alejandro
    Alejandro 16 days ago

    It’s so sad to think that the best man would have been a Jacob satorius wannabe

  • Babymykiya
    Babymykiya 16 days ago

    She really brought stuff for a fake baby like, im pretty sure she could have got an bigger and better place if it was a real gender reveal

  • Noor Al-Nasri
    Noor Al-Nasri 16 days ago


  • Anonymous Account
    Anonymous Account 17 days ago

    Am I the only one that noticed that at 4:23 the guy in the black shirt says they have 4 years until they are 20 to be the same as whoever is talking 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Amaya’s Vlogs
    Amaya’s Vlogs 17 days ago +1

    Bro they set this gender revel for somebody else

  • Princess Kiki
    Princess Kiki 17 days ago

    10/10 acting 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Miss_wolfie Channel
    Miss_wolfie Channel 17 days ago

    She has a man every month 😂

  • Something weird POTATOs

    This has more dislikes that likes 💀

  • becky banana
    becky banana 17 days ago

    1:47 them thinking they are famos gettin questions about there ummm so called BABy

  • becky banana
    becky banana 17 days ago

    Who is here after she broke up with Mikey

  • Olivia Desantis
    Olivia Desantis 17 days ago

    i love how everyone knew it was prob fake and the parents know and they go along! lollll its kinda painfull seeing danis face when they reveal ist a girl lmfao

  • Giana Molinari
    Giana Molinari 18 days ago +1

    What is wrong with you?? Seriously. Tell me. Things like this aren’t funny. I have never seen more childish behavior in my life.

  • barely _Acceptable
    barely _Acceptable 18 days ago

    95k dislikes is even too good for her, she needs to get cancelled. HOW IS SHE STILL RELEVANT

  • Løri ówò
    Løri ówò 18 days ago

    You are 15 what the flip flop are u doing with ur life

  • Delandrea1queen Benton

    So when it time she gone say I had a miscarriage 😭😭😭

  • Ayiden Shute
    Ayiden Shute 18 days ago

    Y'all stop hating like damn she was just trying to make something entertaining there's other people on RU-clip that fake being pregnant but it's a prank but u guys are just hating in Dani she was just trying to make people laugh like she said she didn't mean to offend anyone but it's your fault u got offended because your not offended unless u think u are so u y'all just stop hating on her no cap

  • Itzayana Martinez
    Itzayana Martinez 19 days ago


  • 4debbiedeb
    4debbiedeb 20 days ago

    What a little liar

  • Aya Salim
    Aya Salim 20 days ago

    Guys so many you tubers do pregnancy pranks on there boyfriends and stuff just because it is “Danielle Cohn” u think it’s ok to hate and it’s not fair on her she’s still only a human