• Published on Aug 18, 2016
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Comments • 27 335

  • killer_ monkey
    killer_ monkey Hour ago

    Walt Disney was smart but he wasn't Einstein smart

  • Kim Kim
    Kim Kim 5 hours ago


  • Chef Jaybokke
    Chef Jaybokke 7 hours ago

    “ drinking Mountain Dew makes your dick small” oh my god i’m dying hahaha

  • Cuzz Why
    Cuzz Why 9 hours ago


  • XxTwilight ReaperxX
    XxTwilight ReaperxX 14 hours ago +1

    I was so scared but then i screamed when i saw an ad for taxes and brexit

  • Midnight Studios owo
    Midnight Studios owo 15 hours ago +1

    Who else noticed he wears the same shirt every conspiricy video? Lol 😂

  • Nate Youtube
    Nate Youtube 23 hours ago

    If I did The tapeworm diet it would be like “goddamn this nigga eat so much junk food”

  • Kenia Alzaga Vera

    no plz

  • Christine Melton

    Great video, fun myths! I must admit though, I’m mostly glad to know that the spider swallowing thing was disproven! I heard that one in my youth and refused to ever think about it again, so thanks for helping me sleep better at night! 😅

  • Argiselle Merci
    Argiselle Merci Day ago


  • Raibaru Fumetsu
    Raibaru Fumetsu Day ago +2

    Who is watching in December 2019??

  • Margaret Kelley
    Margaret Kelley Day ago

    My birthday is on the 40th anniversary of Walt’s death

  • JKissaJ06 XD
    JKissaJ06 XD 2 days ago

    Couldn’t you feel the worm move inside of you? That is so disgusting! 🤢

  • Pooh_b3ar
    Pooh_b3ar 2 days ago +2

    December 2019 squad where y'all at 👇👇

  • FanaticalEmojipower •w•

    It’s been 2017 and we still don’t know anything

  • Moist Rat
    Moist Rat 2 days ago

    Im watching this at 6 am before school. How bout u?

  • Biggie Blex
    Biggie Blex 3 days ago

    What do you mean!? This would by a nightmare if it was true. 0:16

  • Josie Nichols
    Josie Nichols 3 days ago

    I love how the beginning was like a cross breed between his scary vid intros and his weird crackhead vids lol

  • yaya films
    yaya films 3 days ago

    Begging of the video: Walt Disney
    End of the video: tape worm diet

  • Amandah Owen
    Amandah Owen 3 days ago

    I miss this shane

  • Nightowl333
    Nightowl333 3 days ago

    So true about the Marilyn Manson rib rumor, I will never forget how big that rumor was when I was a kid in middle school. It made me feel like even more of a rebel when I became a big fan of his in high school lol

  • jessica straub
    jessica straub 4 days ago

    I know nobody is going to read this BUT you need some clarification on some of these First, yeah there’s an odd urban legend that Walt’s head is frozen but the tech wasn’t there(the few people they tried it on ended up in one leaking machine together-so gross)but we do know that Walt’s last words(well last thing he wrote-was....Kurt Russel-spelled incorrectly but still kinda cool) AND Disneyland was already done when he died. He learned from Disneyland that he’d like to be able to control more things(land around Disneyland was quickly purchased and he lost chance to expand) Anyway, he had already started on Disneyworld by the time he died.....What we now know as EPCOT was actually supposed to be what the letters stand for. A self-supporting community UNDER A DOME, where people lived,worked,shopped and took monorails to work......Unfortunately after his death...the people with the money thought it was crazy and there would be no profit and it became a theme park instead of the Experimental Prototype Community of tomorrow Walt dreamed of.

  • Emily Louise Gardner-Hudson

    Shane: Spiders will not crawl into your mouth

    Billie Eilish: Lets a spider crawl outta her mouth 🤣

    • 21hairgirl
      21hairgirl Day ago +1

      Emily Louise Gardner-Hudson 👑👑 🕷

  • Kristen Bortz
    Kristen Bortz 4 days ago

    I'm pretty sure I heard from the Cryonix lab in Scottsdale az that it was just Walt's head frozen, or maybe THAT was a rumor and just his DNA is frozen so he can be reborn if the technology ever existed?

  • Cat king Appleman
    Cat king Appleman 4 days ago

    Its 2019 8 years left

  • Sleepy__Cat_
    Sleepy__Cat_ 4 days ago

    in 2027 I would graduate .___.

  • Yaya Bootypants
    Yaya Bootypants 4 days ago

    I have never herd of it

  • Kenzie Eventing
    Kenzie Eventing 4 days ago

    the old shane is much better than the new shane

  • Puppylover 368
    Puppylover 368 4 days ago

    Thanks Shane I’m going to Disney tomorrow

  • Tessa T
    Tessa T 4 days ago

    I’m friends with some of Walt’s relatives swear

  • Itsdragonplays
    Itsdragonplays 4 days ago

    Scary MYTHS!?! More like DISGUSTING MYTHS!!!

  • Elissar Kheir Beyck
    Elissar Kheir Beyck 4 days ago +5

    Scary Disney Myths
    Myth: Elvis Presley is still alive

  • Rekt Fam
    Rekt Fam 4 days ago

    Wait pooping out something 30 feet isn’t normal

  • Remistarz LPS
    Remistarz LPS 5 days ago

    Shane: a dome that he could control everything
    me; WaKaNdA fOrEvEr

  • Rocío Sartelli
    Rocío Sartelli 5 days ago

    The parasyte's name is Taenia saginata

  • Taylor Honeyman
    Taylor Honeyman 5 days ago

    I know that on the pirates of the Caribbean ride has a real skeleton in the scenes and a worker told me and my family that

  • Joseph Gonzales
    Joseph Gonzales 6 days ago

    You gay

  • Jocelyn Padilla
    Jocelyn Padilla 6 days ago

    Bruh my mom was born 1977!😱

  • Haelee Steel
    Haelee Steel 6 days ago

    My dad told me about the tape worm diet when I was like 10

  • Lexigana • 10 years ago

    Does Marilyn Manson have tits?

  • Baby Smores
    Baby Smores 6 days ago

    Omg I just went to Disney land and I went on the pirate ride and I saw a like figure that was like transparent and looked like Walt Disney that was not there the second time I went on. I'm freaked out, what the heck

  • Yandere Demon
    Yandere Demon 7 days ago

    One of these myths was about Disney

  • Mary Potter
    Mary Potter 7 days ago

    Outside of a human bodies tapeworms can grow to 120 feet tall!

  • Destiny Pasterin
    Destiny Pasterin 7 days ago

    That's a horrible mom who feeds their children a tapeworm

  • Braulio Iniguez
    Braulio Iniguez 7 days ago

    I told my mom and this is her 😫

  • niks tvs
    niks tvs 7 days ago

    Who's here rewatching his precious conspiracy videos?

  • random girl crafts
    random girl crafts 7 days ago +1

    Thete isnt cockroaches in my country

  • Cherry Cat
    Cherry Cat 8 days ago

    Title:Disney theorys
    Shane: so... Elvis... tapeworms...\•-•/

  • Geraldine Reyez
    Geraldine Reyez 8 days ago

    Shane you do know that now in 2020 the photoshopped pictures from old old old days people could photoshopped with 4k editing

  • adalena butler
    adalena butler 8 days ago

    The tape worms isn't disney

  • Abigail Greguski
    Abigail Greguski 8 days ago

    What does most of this have anything to do with disney

  • A Person Who Can
    A Person Who Can 8 days ago

    Me after watching this: I’ve been on the haunted mansion! 😰

  • Alison David
    Alison David 9 days ago +1

    Me *is eating a dinner roll during this vid
    *gets to the part about the tapeworm diet
    *slowly stops chewing my roll and doesn’t finish food

  • Alison David
    Alison David 9 days ago

    Maybe eating during this is not a good idea

  • Tina Venden
    Tina Venden 9 days ago

    When I was little my uncle told me that chips will make you shrink

  • the doggo man hi
    the doggo man hi 10 days ago

    He released a new vid

  • Sarah Cherry
    Sarah Cherry 10 days ago

    I think every kid in primary school/high school at that time heard about marilyn manson rib removal 😂 who on earth made that up? especially since as I know now Manson has a huge---member

  • Kaylea Terrell
    Kaylea Terrell 10 days ago

    Orian legit is Elvis. There's no doubt

  • Glenda Lopez
    Glenda Lopez 10 days ago +1

    How is Elvis and merilan related to disney😂

    ASHLYNN WEBBER 10 days ago

    If elvis was still alive today he would be 84 years old