Will Congress pass background check legislation?

  • Published on Aug 18, 2019
  • Nancy Youssef, Dan Balz, Antjuan Seawright and Leslie Sanchez discuss gun reform, the 2020 race and the economy on Sunday's "Face the Nation."
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Comments • 20

  • Red894336643
    Red894336643 Month ago

    The weekly DNC meeting

  • Douglas Barton
    Douglas Barton Month ago

    Is the Republican Health Care Plan better than Obama's Affordable care Act?
    If so how do I sign up?

    • TheTyphoon365
      TheTyphoon365 Month ago

      @Douglas Barton ah I see

    • Douglas Barton
      Douglas Barton Month ago

      @TheTyphoon365 You can look it up. the republican party has never had a health care plan in its entire existence and never planned on one, my comment was a trick question hoping someone would give me the right answer, after posting this for 4 days no one has

    • TheTyphoon365
      TheTyphoon365 Month ago

      I couldn't say, I'm on the military's Tricare, probably the cheapest health insurance in the world. But Obamacare hit me with a lot of huge fees because I wasn't covered for a short time while I was recently doing some transitions in their coverage. I'm no fan

  • Bernard Scheidle
    Bernard Scheidle Month ago +2

    ONLY 18 years in Afghanistan? "General, would you say light is at the end of the tunnel?" "Yes Senator, victory in Vietnam is just around the bend!"

  • Brigid Martin
    Brigid Martin Month ago +1

    4 RINOs voting to pass HR8 is NOT a bipartisan effort.
    It’s a HORRIBLE piece of legislation and you can’t litigate evil to make everyone safe

  • Hy Seize
    Hy Seize Month ago

    Deja vu: Repubs playing the part of Lucy with football & the media & the Dems playing the part of Charlie Brown - "well maybe THIS time she won't pull the ball away" - we've done this deranged dance so many times, how many times more before people realize the history of hypocritical, devious, brainwashed Republicans that will do nothing substantial to help prevent future mass shootings. They are puppets of the NRA & the people that fund them.

  • David Edwards
    David Edwards Month ago +5

    How about background checks and testing for government officials... There are no requirements for elected officials to even know basic government policy.

  • Marcus C
    Marcus C Month ago +3

    The establishment will no longer be allowed to lie and cheat Americans into giving up their natural, God given rights. Shall not be infringed. No amount of establishment propaganda is going to change this fact.

  • écriture cinématographique

    Antjuan needs to work on the face he makes when the moderator introduces him

  • Seanzy W.
    Seanzy W. Month ago +2

    What I don't understand is that we're not addressing the core issue the court issue is little by little liberal progressives are chipping away at the Second Amendment. We're not addressing Mental Health since the Democrats got rid of mental institutes we've had more homeless more mental problems with are citizens the never before there again we're not addressing the court issue. Makes me think why do you want to come after a person's guns and make it harder for law-abiding citizens to keep or buy new guns so there again let's address the court issue not The Fringe.

  • Gary Davidson
    Gary Davidson Month ago

    Background checks doesn't take one gun from a LAW ABIDING owner

    • Gary Davidson
      Gary Davidson Month ago

      @EABOY2600 I think we should arm ever law abiding citizens to keep like russia at bay on our homeland

    • Gary Davidson
      Gary Davidson Month ago

      @EABOY2600 sure man let's allow a bunch of killings in or schools or children for you can't wait and wonta keep secrect you have a gun

    • EABOY2600
      EABOY2600 Month ago

      @Gary Davidson No I can't because those few days can turn into a few weeks or months because you share a common name with many people and some may be criminals it slows down purchases causing a backlog! Also you may already be a gun owner so what's the point of waiting if you already own multiple firearms? If you had any bad intentions you wouldn't need to get a new firearm to attempt something. Background checks have caused people their lives, I live in Maryland there's a 7 day waiting period and you have to have an HQL to purchase pistols and that can cost upwards of $400 and it's a two day course and you have to wait upwards of 3 months to get the license and some people don't own a car to get to their nearest local gun range which may be in a neighboring county and some just don't have the money in their budget to afford the license which prevents them from exercising their rights and turning it into a privilege. People have been killed by their attackers while waiting defensively for their HQL's and firearms purchases to clear and people like yourself want to make it a national thing.

    • Gary Davidson
      Gary Davidson Month ago

      @EABOY2600 I can wait a few days for my ar if it saves children lives what about u