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  • Published on Mar 20, 2018
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Comments • 88

  • Asheer 23key
    Asheer 23key 3 years ago +7

    Peter fury is one guy who knows his boxing. Says it how it is as well. Nothing un-polite about this interview, gave some long and honest answers. What more do you want

    ENKI NZ 3 years ago +2

    Always appreciate peters outlooks 👊 says it how it is 🥊✅

  • Bikerman 690
    Bikerman 690 3 years ago

    Great interview, really enjoyed it, keep up in same fashion Mr Ingram!👍👏

  • amightyatom
    amightyatom 3 years ago +7

    That was one tough gig. Brilliant interviewing. Very well done.

  • Groove Traxxx Gingerbreadman

    This guy is a very underrated coach!! To me, he's every bit on Rob McCracken's level.

  • A B
    A B 3 years ago +3

    Fury's need to move on from the Parker fight & lose the chip on their shoulder. Hughie simply wasn't good enough & needs to focus on getting up the rankings or get left behind. Too much competition in the heavyweight scene for them to keep playing the world is against us card

  • inetfraud
    inetfraud 3 years ago +1

    Peter is a very classy guy, straight forward and honest. Love listening to him. Would love to talk to him over coffee (or tea, lol).

  • ronnie crabtree
    ronnie crabtree 3 years ago +4

    Peter very sincere, but I can see a lot of frustration in his attitude.

  • Adam C.
    Adam C. 3 years ago

    I just watched the whole interview and the interviewer did a Stella job.

  • Jesus1
    Jesus1 3 years ago

    Great interview.

  • Grant langley
    Grant langley 3 years ago

    I get the impression Peter and Tyson aren't on good terms at the moment

  • Mohammed Shafiq
    Mohammed Shafiq 3 years ago +4

    Hughie fury should fight Ortiz. It makes sense they are both avoided and going to stay avoided until they become mandatory.

      ORIGINALINDIVIDUAL 3 years ago

      Mohammed Shafiq hughie has nothing to gain and everything to loose

  • MetalThrashingMadGuy
    MetalThrashingMadGuy 3 years ago +3

    Peter seems pissed off. if he didn’t want to do this interview he should have said no.

  • davym23
    davym23 3 years ago

    Pmsl love peters interviews. Imagion askin aman like peter about theres some world champions that arnt dedicated

  • Matthew Johns
    Matthew Johns 3 years ago

    Tyson will be back with peter when he is fit, or could he stay with dom ingle because of BJS improvements ?? Would love to see Tyson fight under Dom but also be happy to see him and peter make amends..could listen to peter all day despite how mardy he is here 😂 I hope price knocks povetkin clean out 👀

  • G Des
    G Des 3 years ago

    The bowl of soup makes this whole exchange hilarious.

  • jallow gayle
    jallow gayle 3 years ago

    i really like peter fury hes just a straight talking guy with no ego.

  • sacha sacha
    sacha sacha 3 years ago

    Peter and hughie top men and very loyal men ,hope to watch them go all the way to the top with mick hennessy proper loyalty with all of them . I hope tyson fury stays with mick but if he leaves please for gods sake don't sell out to fast car bs hearn ,go with frank or al hamon

  • Nilson's Bleep
    Nilson's Bleep 3 years ago

    Peter Is a really good guy. If you talk shit to him he'll detect it a mile away. He knows fighting on a level that most people will never understand. When he talks about the sport it's worth listening to.

  • James Smith
    James Smith 3 years ago +2

    Lovely man and always talks sence

  • leigh beckwith
    leigh beckwith 3 years ago

    talks sense and tyson wont be the same without this man in his corner

  • Nigel Banks
    Nigel Banks 3 years ago

    Takam caused no problems for AJ

  • Micky Readman
    Micky Readman 3 years ago +10

    Wouldn't surprise me at all, if Tyson & Peter are pulling some secret masterstroke, regarding Peter training Tyson.
    Everyone seen how Tyson was mucking about, when Peter couldn't travel to be in Tyson Fury's corner (vs Cunningham.) That is why Tyson got dropped.
    He was mucking about and got caught square on.
    A slap can put you down, if you don't have a solid stance to absorb the shot.

    Now, take into consideration that they all may think there has been a fall out between Peter & Tyson, (this could actually be true, but I try think outside the box) "they" in this instance, is Eddie Hearn.
    If Hearn thinks that the Fury that turned up against Cunningham, (minus his calming influence and key man) then that Tyson Fury could turn up vs AJ, if Peter isn't in his corner.
    I understand this may be total bollocks, but imagine they are doing the ring-walk, for AJ vs Fury & Mr Peter Fury walks out to the ring with his nephew to be seen together for the first time..........That is the biggest mind game/trick for Hearn and Joshua.
    Panic will set in as soon as they see Peter!
    Trust me.

    Now. I'm either very smart, or I think too much, to try and work things out!
    Imagine if I'm right!

    The Fury clan are masters of mind games.
    Just saying.

    Cheers mate.

    Thank you for the interview.

    • Marios2000
      Marios2000 3 years ago

      very interesting theory

    • Marlo Stansfield
      Marlo Stansfield 3 years ago

      Mate very very good prediction these chaps ain't ediots there smart people a lot smarter than the general boxing world of today Tyson the master of mind games at press conferences and where do you think he learnt it from ? His father and his trainer I believe the master plan theory watch this space people

    • Spotless Leopard
      Spotless Leopard 3 years ago +1

      Micky Readman thinking that Columbo would be proud of.
      Hope you're right pal.

    • Micky Readman
      Micky Readman 3 years ago

      I'm not assuming that this whole thing I've concocted in my head is nailed on mate, minus any proof!
      I just try and work out legit reasons how things have came about....And more so, where they are heading.
      I just think this would be a major pounding head fuck, like no other to Hearn & Matchroom - Joshua & McCracken just as they are about to fight, they see Peter walking to the ring with Tyson.

      To be honest mate, if they haven't planned anything at all from what I've said, they fucking should. I'm sorry, don't like sucking myself off!!.......
      This is a straight up genius idea.

      Well, I think it is.
      If it happens, it would be kinda cool man! :)


  • Ridaa
    Ridaa 3 years ago

    All the Fury's - The Klitschko of 2015 the greatest fighter of all time bar Tyson & Hughie the Klitschko of 2017 is over the hill,how small is this hill?

  • Nova
    Nova 3 years ago +1

    Usually like peter fury but he is talking absolute rubbish about the takam fights, joshua won comfortably every single round whereas parker went the distance with him and actually struggled losing a lot of the rounds

  • Mohammed Shafiq
    Mohammed Shafiq 3 years ago

    As soon as Peter fury said that "mick has been betrayed". I think about how Tyson fury always said that he would stay loyal to mick then he negotiates with Eddie Hearn and frank warren. In turn leaving mick hennesy in the dark. If Tyson fury is going to fight D/E class fighters in his comeback fights in 2018 and 2019. Then I think he should stay with mick Hennessy and fight on terrestrial tv, fight on channel 5.

    AMG LFC 3 years ago +2

    honest man! knows his boxing

  • jKe19
    jKe19 3 years ago

    big problems against takam for AJ??? he won every round but one...

  • Bryan Kallee
    Bryan Kallee 3 years ago +8

    Hard work this one

  • Mike Brien
    Mike Brien 3 years ago

    Good video training makes so tired we'll it's every day non stop training fan's dont see this 👍👍

  • Pete Taylor
    Pete Taylor 3 years ago +54

    That’s one awkward interview 😏

  • steven murray
    steven murray 3 years ago


  • Adam C.
    Adam C. 3 years ago

    Proper dig at Tyson

    DAVE B's PET MERKIN 3 years ago

    I could listen to peter fury talk boxing all day.

  • Paul Suarez
    Paul Suarez 3 years ago

    Class act Peter from a scouser to a manc

  • Nigel Windsor
    Nigel Windsor 3 years ago +28

    bloody hell who took the jam out of peter's donut seems really pissed off here

    • ловушказвезда
      ловушказвезда 3 years ago

      Imagine if he was interviewing big John fury

    • Leigh Hadley
      Leigh Hadley 3 years ago

      He’s gone from having a heavyweight champion with all but one belt in his stable. He’s now relying on hughie to win a world title you’d be pissed off and down.

    • James
      James 3 years ago +4

      looks like the interviewer just rocked up while they were eating, i'd be pissed off too.

  • Thundercat A
    Thundercat A 3 years ago +1

    What a pillock Peter Fury is in this interview. Acts like he knows it all and is too good to talk to the interviewer. Also, his fight predictions are always wrong. Said Charles Martin would beat AJ ... errr not even close. Apparently AJ is cherry picking?! WTF? He's fought everyone possible except Wilder but that's going to happen.

  • M squared
    M squared 3 years ago +1

    seems like he just wants to left alone with his bowl of pea soup

  • Adrian Fell
    Adrian Fell 3 years ago

    Dodgy Peter wouldn't be so calm if the referee gave ten seconds to one of Hughie's opponents I am sure!

  • arstor1
    arstor1 3 years ago +7

    The reluctant interviewee !! 😞

  • sanjay luay barhar
    sanjay luay barhar 3 years ago

    hughie aint gonna put his fist through the top boys and knicking decisions aint gonna be easy either when hughie doesnt even have worry power at top level and it should be there now at 23 no more of this growing into a man guff it aint gonna just magically appear now

  • Quin CG
    Quin CG 3 years ago

    Stroppy git, knows his stuff though - realist!!

  • Chris Ray
    Chris Ray 3 years ago

    Great Video Dude , & good question

    #Blessings #LionsDenBoxingCommunity #BMBoxingUK #BWTMSportshannel

  • ltaper woody
    ltaper woody 3 years ago

    Can’t help but think Peter is losing the love of the sport these days he’s had some terrible treatment of the past few years it will be sad if he leaves the sport.

  • On ix
    On ix 3 years ago

    Stubborn ol bugga lol. I like it! And I’m just talking about Hughie.

  • SF
    SF 3 years ago

    Cherry picking. C'mon Pete, Wilder has done nothing but cherry pick opponents. 40 fights and only one real challenge?

  • Ched Baker YT
    Ched Baker YT 3 years ago +1

    I'd be pretty pissed off when I'm tryin to eat whilst having a camera shoved in my face

  • MayPac#
    MayPac# 3 years ago


  • Joga Uppal
    Joga Uppal 3 years ago

    Give it to the interviewer much better interviewing skills than the IFL lot. Voice is a bit annoying but he got some good info out of Peter Fury.

  • Leon Moore
    Leon Moore 3 years ago

    I think Pete wanted to have his soup in peace.


    Peters alright just saying it as it is.

  • Michael McMillan
    Michael McMillan 3 years ago

    Not a happy bunny. Who do you think he was talking about when he said, “to be a world champion, you can’t sit and eat fish and chips everyday?”

  • Micky Readman
    Micky Readman 3 years ago

    Cheers, Jonesy, me owld pal.
    Your doing well, Ingram.
    Good to see mate.

    Best of luck pal.


  • little fish
    little fish 3 years ago

    If you were a boxer you would want Peter fury in your corner

  • cliff matthews
    cliff matthews 3 years ago

    I like peter fury, but his attitude on this interview is poor !

  • gruffydd1000
    gruffydd1000 3 years ago

    So Tyson can't win? So dissapointed.
    27stone....all done. Gutted.

  • Ant B
    Ant B 3 years ago

    Gone off fury after this, why do the interview if you have this attitude? Maybe there's history with the interviewer?

  • junior jones
    junior jones 3 years ago

    Never stops moaning

  • matthew brian
    matthew brian 3 years ago

    Top man peter

  • steve green
    steve green 3 years ago

    liked the shit or bust coment peter did then, a line very must favored by paul sykes in paul sykes at large lol

  • matthew brian
    matthew brian 3 years ago

    Who u think won him or jonh ???

    A.V.LONDON 3 years ago

    The Hate is real think he doesn't like Hearn much lol 😂🤣 bring back the Gypsy King miss you jokes and Charisma I know he run rings round Wilder the Boxing board did him dirty 🤔


    Peter can not be arsed at all haha

  • CAVERN1234
    CAVERN1234 3 years ago

    Mick put the fight on you tube lol. My son is going to be world champion lol . Tyson fucked off and left me lol. Other than that I'm happy lol. Well come on Hughie lets get back to the gym ,yaaawwwwwwwwnnnnnnn

  • Mr .Gallagher
    Mr .Gallagher 3 years ago +3

    Who's Shelly Finkel? Never heard of that person

  • Time To Do Patriot Stuff

    How you change the corruption in boxing is the same way they do it in Big Game Fishing Tournaments they make every member of the fishing team take a lie detector test after the tournament to make sure they didn't break any rules before getting payed out. So after every fight you make all three Judges, Ref, and Promotion take a lie detector test problem solved except the Promoters and santioning bodies would never let this happen.

    • LML 147
      LML 147 3 years ago

      Ryan Oros They really do that in fishing?

    HEY YOU GUYS 3 years ago +10

    Why interview wile the having lunch ? No wonder the long miserable face and answers

  • Bullen Harben
    Bullen Harben 3 years ago

    Just tell him to piss off, I'm eating.

  • Stephen Evans
    Stephen Evans 3 years ago

    a lot of time for Peter's comments but he does not as already posted seem himself , you can understand why mabye ??

  • matthew brian
    matthew brian 3 years ago

    Think peter do his brother

  • AJD
    AJD 3 years ago

    Please explain Tyson record being as aj has had cherry picked... The absolute bumz that Tyson fought and he moans about who aj fights. Bitter clowns

  • Matt Doyle
    Matt Doyle 3 years ago

    Fuck sake.. it's like pulling teeth

  • ihopetowin
    ihopetowin 3 years ago

    Wilder is a strategist not just a big right hand and though hurt in the Ortiz fight, managed to hold his composure. Way behind on points, Wilder did what champions do.

    • MetalThrashingMadGuy
      MetalThrashingMadGuy 3 years ago +1

      Windmill lost that fight if it wasn’t for the bell and then the ref giving him 20 seconds recovery... only happens in the u.s huh? Lol

    • Matthew Turner
      Matthew Turner 3 years ago

      Similar to what AJ did I suppose