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  • Published on Jul 20, 2022
  • www.ilikeme.co

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  • Artax Octarine

    Dina and Hannah’s friendship is so sweet Mashallah!

  • Shahina_999

    Hannah looks like Kate Middleton in the thumbnail and is naturally stunning! The whole look was just WOW!😍😍 Good job Dina!!!

  • Asabul Miah

    I’d honestly now love to see a ‘Dina T’s’ inspired look on Hannah!☺️

  • Lina O
    Lina O  +23

    Hanna is a natural beauty mashallah and Dina you did an amazing job!! 😍

  • s m
    s m  +2

    Dina I learnt makeup off you haha 😂 about 10 years ago still love everything you used back in the days like maybeline age rewind and hoola bronzer 😍

  • Arfia Wahid

    This made my day and made me proper laugh (in a good way) Dina's Makeup Channel coming soon???? BTW did the rid lipstick come off the shirt! ❤️You always brighten my day!

  • Axa
    Axa  +6

    Dinaaaa whatttt you did an awesome job. Well done mate. 10/10 looks gorgeous. Alex is probably drooling over Hana’s look 😅😅

  • Jusna Khanom

    Hannah looks perfect without makeup!

  • ✨ i
    ✨ i  +8

    You’re a beacon of light and strength and coolness and good vibes m’A..I’m a big fan:)🧡🥰

  • s m
    s m 

    Hana you look gorgeous and I loved this wholesome video love your friendship❤️

  • Zebz
    Zebz  +2

    Just goes to show literally anyone can be a make up artist lol

  • Sunny D
    Sunny D  +7

    Hey Dina, Happy Thursday 🌞 Hanna looks very pretty. Good job 👌

  • Shazia💕

    Hanna looks stunning, well done Dina you did a fabulous job.. X💋

  • kayshaa24h

    OMG LOL when she said Hannahs washed her face and I'm gonna start, I thought ...did she moisturise ...she probably did...maybe she didn't....omg I bet they're gonna realise half way through she didn't moisturise 🤣

  • BE--ASOM

    lol this was hilarious and Hanna you look amazing.

  • Sania
    Sania  +1

    This was chaotic I love it🤣

  • Anne Marie
    Anne Marie 14 days ago

    Good job Dina! She looks beautiful!

  • Flu Go Away

    Adult Hannah’s eyes are poppin!!

  • M J
    M J  +2

    You did a great job x

  • Anisa Yusuf

    Awwww love thiiiiiis 🤣🤣👏👏well done guuuys !