Live: Overclocking i7-8086K Past 5GHz

  • Published on Jul 12, 2018
  • This is our tenth live stream! We are overclocking the Intel i7-8086K CPU past 5GHz. Tune-in to see how far we can go!
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    We are overclocking the Intel i7-8086K live today. This is basically a binned 8700K CPU, but we want to see just how well ours performs. We're hoping for 5.3GHz+.
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    Host: Steve Burke
    Video: Andrew Coleman
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Comments • 199

  • Mick D
    Mick D Day ago

    I got 23346 on my 2700x. No overclock. Turned on PBO and XFR2. Undervolted 0.05V. Memory @ only 3200mhz because 4 dimms 14,14,8,14,28,42 timings

  • Byron Young
    Byron Young 11 days ago

    my 8086k will run at 5.1 all day, no issues. great processor, it is only special because it was named special anniversary because it's a 8700 that's not different, it is just pre-tested, pre-binned, pre-sorted. They just took the best of the best from the "silicon lottery."

  • Fortnite: JeffAr27
    Fortnite: JeffAr27 16 days ago

    I fell asleep then woke up and watched the whole 4 hours

  • Chespirita Vasquez
    Chespirita Vasquez 22 days ago

    1st time watching. Learning a lot thanks

  • Travis Runyard
    Travis Runyard Month ago

    I overclocked my i7-7700 using moon juice however the stream isn't going faster, and the screen is learning human biology by mimicking standing up too fast or spinning in a chair real fast.

  • George Scott
    George Scott Month ago +2

    have an i7 7700k @ 4ghz, never overclocked it and it is blazing damn fast. All I need.

    • BH4x0r
      BH4x0r 3 days ago +1

      i've got my 6700k still at 4.7

  • Grantly420
    Grantly420 Month ago +1

    I'd buy a toddler sized shirt

  • slr150
    slr150 Month ago

    Why are you over clocking a 16 bit Intel microprocessor from the 1970s?

    • Yoko G
      Yoko G 21 day ago

      slr150 because it’s not the 8086 is a limited edition cpu

  • Lexter Is Here
    Lexter Is Here 2 months ago

    5.35 Ghz

  • justin collier
    justin collier 2 months ago

    I have the 8086k

  • Quincy H Seven
    Quincy H Seven 2 months ago

    cut your hair dude. that shit looks guy!

  • Mika Oinonen
    Mika Oinonen 2 months ago

    This stream motivated me to further oc my non delid 8700k to 5,2Ghz 1,375v. Ran some benchmarks and went back to 5Ghz cuz the high temps. This is where it belongs

  • Mike Parts
    Mike Parts 2 months ago

    Yawn no one cares

  • Marc Mckenrick
    Marc Mckenrick 2 months ago +1

    all this linus tech tips talk gamers nexus i didnt think all i was going to ever see was video cards and cpu over clocks throw something else in there like hell you kno wwhy linus doesnt get as boring funny little things and he mixes it up come on guys do something different im bored of all this

  • Daniel Thyringer
    Daniel Thyringer 3 months ago

    Hm... where is the 8088?

    Quantum hits that hard?

  • MrBeezweez
    MrBeezweez 3 months ago +1

    I know it's old, but since you knew your max frequencies for your core and memory, you could've drop the ratios for both and bumped the bclk to like 105 or as needed to match your highest stable frequencies since bclk seemed to give a nice jump in your score earlier on. I believe you could got your 24k.

  • Majki Majk
    Majki Majk 4 months ago

    About this cpu, what is this

  • RdL
    RdL 4 months ago

    5 dollar from filth e casual

  • Several old fish in the yard

    Hey Gamer Nexus, you understand that longer hair collects more static? You might be short circuiting things you be doing just cos you want to look like someone that listens to Sepulcher or some other fucked up devil worshiping band!

  • Michael Asberry
    Michael Asberry 4 months ago


  • klingergary
    klingergary 4 months ago

    clean that dirty ass monitor screen

  • MegaTechpc
    MegaTechpc 5 months ago

    This is cool! Just for lulz, I decided to duplicate this FS Physics run on my old 4930K (6 cores, 12 threads) using just my 24/7 OC since 2013(!!!) on a RIVE and 4 x 4GB of 2133 MHz DDR3 memory. To be clear, this is the locked in OC I've been using now for over 5 years which is just 4.5 GHz. I've benched this rig at up to 4.8 GHz back in the day but the processor is old now so I don't like to push it. Full custom loop for 4930K and both GTX Titans, temps hover in the 50C's for this short test.
    I am really amazed that running this bench now, with nothing having been optimized and just using the same old 4.5 GHz OC I customized for low voltage, daily usage that this Ivy Bridge E processor from 2013 scored 16062 for the FS Physics Score! That's just a couple thousand points less than Steve's baseline on the 8086K. Pretty comparable CPU's; both are 6C / 12T for example. I dunno, I guess it kinda confirms my feeling that this 5 year old IBE processor is still plenty fast enough even in 2019!! Clearly the stock 8086K is a good bit faster than my 4.5 GHz 4930K, and at 5.1+ GHz it will destroy the 4930K. I might go for 4.8 GHz just to see if I can top Steve's baseline score for kicks, but yeah, the 4930K even today is still a BEAST!!! :)

  • jovan tabanao
    jovan tabanao 5 months ago


  • mason dalton
    mason dalton 5 months ago

    love your content keep it up

  • Kimutai Kirui
    Kimutai Kirui 5 months ago

    Its midnight in East Africa. Im tryna catch up tho😉😉

  • David Whitehead
    David Whitehead 5 months ago

    New to your channel just discovered

  • j jon
    j jon 5 months ago

    i hti 21ghz on a i7-2600k while gaming. if hwmonitor is correct/accurate

  • Spinks
    Spinks 6 months ago

    Wait till we have Zen 3...Team blue getting a dose of some REAL Competition.

  • Anthony Batista
    Anthony Batista 6 months ago

    hurry up

  • Robert Mendoza
    Robert Mendoza 6 months ago

    you are live!

  • Jonathon Brooks
    Jonathon Brooks 6 months ago

    I want your opinions

  • SK8 GEEK
    SK8 GEEK 6 months ago

    for some reason the video is muted for me and I made sure its on my end. this is weird

  • Witter PC
    Witter PC 6 months ago

    I still have and use an 8370 in one of my older pc's

  • Arno Aiden
    Arno Aiden 6 months ago

    #Gamers Nexus
    I need help.My cpu is overheating even after applying thermal paste in a very little dot method and p sized dot method nothing has worked out and my cpu isn't overclocked it's idle temp is 50-55 degree Celsius .My room temp is 22 degree Celsius. If I overclock it to 4.4 GHz the temp goes to 101 degree Celsius but if I don't it holds on 70 degree Celsius. My cpu is Intel i7 5960x I bought it 3 years earlier but the problem occurred some day before October. What should I do. Should I delid my cpu but I have no tools for that and the rezor blade method won't work cuz the IHS is soldered . Please if you read my comment give me a solution I want my cinebench score back to 1715 cb like before. I forgot to mention that I have changed my CPU cooler too. Its Antec Mercury 360.

  • Steven Corbo
    Steven Corbo 6 months ago

    Dude there is lots of us out there who are vets who are having a hard time you can open your own go fund me page

  • I am Gay
    I am Gay 6 months ago

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  • Chad Hay
    Chad Hay 6 months ago

    Sry wrong video went to the next video

  • Carl Flegg
    Carl Flegg 6 months ago

    I might be late, but I just want you to know. Everything seems OK!

  • vapenoodles
    vapenoodles 6 months ago

    My phone almost overheated since it auto played to this and I was laying on it.

  • Warrock N0HCH0
    Warrock N0HCH0 6 months ago +1

    MSI bios better for ovc coffee lake ( 8600K 5.3ghz with cooler be quiet dark rock tf)

  • Bjørn Bentsen
    Bjørn Bentsen 6 months ago

    Atm a 8086K is cheaper then a 8700K should i go for the 8086K or 8700K ?

  • scottie612
    scottie612 7 months ago

    He looks like Omar isuf

  • Jack C.
    Jack C. 7 months ago +2

    I fell asleep watching RU-clip and this is what I woke up to.

  • paciouno1
    paciouno1 7 months ago

    no one has done this test yet.. are you fking kidding me...

  • paciouno1
    paciouno1 7 months ago

    can someone please run a 2700x single thread overclock to shut him the hell up.. out of the box with a good watercooler ryzen 2700x can boost , not only 5 but over 5 ghz easily in game. surprise morons dont see he is an intel fanboy.

  • Ioan Koka
    Ioan Koka 7 months ago

    duude, i am watching this, it is soooo useless everything

  • The Infidel
    The Infidel 7 months ago

    my 8700k from late 2017 goes past 5 ghz using the ASUS Software/AI Bios Tuning completely no brain , i wonder how far i could really push it if id do serious job on it, and since its watercooled it doesnt even sweat doing so.

  • J.T.
    J.T. 7 months ago


  • Stratos
    Stratos 7 months ago

    I am somehow getting 5.1GHz on 1.285V. I guess that I am quite lucky???

    • Youlasty
      Youlasty 3 months ago

      Stratos some processors are better than others even though theyre the same

  • Thechickensfoot
    Thechickensfoot 7 months ago

    yo I left my pc on all night I have no fucking clue how I got here but this is a nice stream

  • Andreas Spanos
    Andreas Spanos 7 months ago

    which model is the monitor?

  • WuskilyWabbit
    WuskilyWabbit 7 months ago

    Overclocking is $hit, not good pushing a computer past its factory limits :)

  • wiggin wiggin 7 months ago +7

    Did I win the 8086k lottery of the lottery if I am getting 5.2 at 1.38 without delidding wth temps of 66-70 degrees max ?

    • Norman Rand Wolfe
      Norman Rand Wolfe 6 months ago

      @Harry Harkins
      I didn't say you were lying, I said I doubt you are obtaining those result because in your comment showed a total lack of knowledge about the symbiosis within a system, and how they are related to overclocking a CPU or RAM.
      5.0Ghz at 1.3 volts is not anywhere near what a normal 8700K can achieve, In fact, most CPUs can only reach 4.6 at an acceptable voltage for 24/7 usage. 5.0Ghz at between 1.28 and 1.36 is a "gold chip".
      I agree that paying $1000+ for a 6700/7700/8700 chip is a bit stupid (since there is almost no risk involved)... However other Intel chips are very risky to unlid, and you do get a 3-year guarantee, and a speed guarantee.

    • Bonanza Driver
      Bonanza Driver 6 months ago

      @Norman Rand Wolfe lol okay give me some time . Why would I lie like it's only 1 percent faster than a normal overclock at 5ghz. I need to get it back in. I have a 9900k now. Only a moron would pay 1200. Just saying.

    • Norman Rand Wolfe
      Norman Rand Wolfe 6 months ago

      In one of your comments you do say you have screen captures... Let's see them.

    • Norman Rand Wolfe
      Norman Rand Wolfe 6 months ago +1

      @Harry Harkins
      There is two hypothesis here:
      - You got extremely lucky with your CPU... Like I said in my comment the 8086 is a "cherry-picked" 8700, so I don't see what your disagreement is with. 1% of people who bought the 8700K have a CPU as good as the 8086K, so what do you disagree with?
      - Or you are probably lying, which is the most obvious conclusion... I'd like to see those hour long stress tests on OCCT, in Prime, and in IST in order to believe your claim.
      However, with that aside, you could probably belong to the 1% that got the top "baked" 8700Ks, which is very doubtful, the beauty of the 8086K is that it guarantees that performance to everyone.
      Why do I say it is extremely doubtful you got a top 8700K? Because companies like Cherry, Overclockers, Caseking, even Intel and many others always keep those for their "guaranteed 5.0 or 5.2 builds", and they each cost from $800 to $1200 (just the CPUs, not the builds).
      Can I prove this? They are currently selling at (called 8pack Edition) and at (Der8auer Edition)... You have the web pages to those stores, just go there and check the prices for yourself on the "special 8700Ks"... It only takes a few minutes.
      You, on the other hand, can send us links to the validation of your CPU at the speeds you claim, or just send us links to the screen captures. Until then I'm calling your claim as internet BS,

  • custom PC indy
    custom PC indy 7 months ago

    how is everyone recording with their displays and not having lines/distortions on their monitor/TV's? THANKS

  • Ricky D
    Ricky D 7 months ago

    i have the 8700k whats a safe voltage to use with air cooling im using the thermalright le grand macho rt cooler

  • vigholate
    vigholate 7 months ago

    Finger prints on monitor............ TRIGGERED........

  • Jean Ulysse
    Jean Ulysse 7 months ago

  • Ivo Gouveia
    Ivo Gouveia 8 months ago

    who the hell uses 3dmark to test OC stability .... even aida64 is not optimal . prime95 .........if u doing it do it right

  • Big Dubyuh
    Big Dubyuh 8 months ago

    that hat is nice

  • linuxguy 11
    linuxguy 11 8 months ago

    RIP Gamers Nexus don't know what an 8086 is.
    Holy shit, I went to click the like button and hit the dislike button, welp no going back now

    • Pedro Bermudes
      Pedro Bermudes 2 months ago

      if click on like, the dislike will automactically disappear...

  • Rider King
    Rider King 8 months ago

    My 8700k does 5ghz@1.28v, 5.1@1.34, 5.2@1.4.

  • Sergey Sedlovsky
    Sergey Sedlovsky 8 months ago

    Guy is like.... totally a drug addict.

  • Ondřej Brandejský
    Ondřej Brandejský 8 months ago


    MATTWER 8 months ago

    are mod mats like mouse mats?

  • Quincy H Seven
    Quincy H Seven 8 months ago

    cut your hair

  • Quincy H Seven
    Quincy H Seven 8 months ago


  • Iain Mcfly
    Iain Mcfly 8 months ago

    Cash for comments

  • Alex Chambers
    Alex Chambers 8 months ago +1

    As someone who hasn't yet OC'd my i5 4690k, I'm watching this as a casual OC guide with commentary. Thanks!

  • Christopher Cavoto
    Christopher Cavoto 9 months ago

    Need that shirt

  • duffbiker
    duffbiker 9 months ago

    Lmao Denis shout out, is there anything he can't do?

  • Kristoffer Persson
    Kristoffer Persson 9 months ago +1

    you left the old ram settings also when you swithed, you should have set xmp with the new sticks and then rebooted into bios and checked what settings it likes to run at, then worked from there. its really hard doing so many things at once :p the hindsight-power I possess

  • Kristoffer Persson
    Kristoffer Persson 9 months ago

    well youre running switching frequency at 300 khz, if you would have bumped it up to 500 you surely would get some stability. maybe...

  • Simone Di Bella
    Simone Di Bella 9 months ago

    now you create dirt like the XE? poor 8086k

  • Pimak
    Pimak 10 months ago

    but this isnt live! [Just Kidding]

  • Michael Cavalchire
    Michael Cavalchire 10 months ago

    copper IHS worth the $$?

  • Andrew Plourde
    Andrew Plourde 10 months ago

    Really bummed i didn't know about the shirt when you were selling it.

  • JrBlnX
    JrBlnX 10 months ago

    wtf im at 5.0 @ 1.3V on my 8700k

  • Mattias Pettersson
    Mattias Pettersson 10 months ago

    FYI hwinfo not reliable for temp its 10c to high for ryzen

  • PC Gameplay
    PC Gameplay 10 months ago

    When i first got 3d mark on Steam overclocking made a very noticable difference but now no matter what i overclock or how high scores dont change in the slightest. And that's the reason i got the shite in the first place. And why i quickly lost interest in it. 1250 or something give or take is what i always get now no matter what settings on Fire Strike.

  • Jeremy Kothe
    Jeremy Kothe 10 months ago

    I'ma wait for the 80286. k?

  • Billy O'Neal
    Billy O'Neal 11 months ago

    Mmmmmm hat

  • Frosty.
    Frosty. 11 months ago +1

    If you want to be able to set something as Always-On-Top, nab autohotkey and use the one-liner below. It makes Ctrl+space force ontop for the active window
    ^SPACE:: Winset, Alwaysontop, , A

    • Yggdrasil
      Yggdrasil 6 months ago

      @The Infidel deskpins ..

    • The Infidel
      The Infidel 7 months ago

      if it can do that ...there must be a little tool out there that adds ALWAYS ON TOP option to every windows context

  • Sorin s
    Sorin s 11 months ago

    too much talk...just do it bro

  • Keretizein x
    Keretizein x 11 months ago

    i could not get the free processor from intel, due to my location. As usual.

  • Arjan Stoop
    Arjan Stoop 11 months ago

    All these memory timings sound like TLDR to me. Coincidentally it's also how I usually treat them, except when I buy it.

  • Chris Season
    Chris Season 11 months ago

    thanks for keeping these full streams up, i enjoy watching them after the fact

  • David A
    David A 11 months ago

    missed the live stream so watching it a bit at a time. Thought I'd see what score I get with my delidded 8700k 5Ghz @1.32 volts on Firestrike , 21485, happy with that :)

  • Martin W
    Martin W 11 months ago

    Clearly he's not using the latest BIOS for the Maximus X. The new BIOS for me doesn't activate MCE when you hit yes to the prompt that appears when you set XMP. Asus have disabled MCE. You have to switch per core to sync all cores now to activate MCE.

  • mjr2015
    mjr2015 11 months ago

    Bios settings 44:45

  • Martin W
    Martin W 11 months ago

    He said the 8086K is the same stock frequency as 8700K. It's not, max Turbo is 5 GHz, on one core of course. Not much difference, but not the same.

  • Kayla and Jim Bryant
    Kayla and Jim Bryant 11 months ago

    I'm running on the Strix Z370-I Gaming, and the problem I am having is that I can NOT disable the SVID support, but can alter the behavior using the behavior setting.
    I was hoping they'd have a Maximus Impact board out by now, but they haven't had one for two generations.
    For my config:
    Any tips on how to deal with this?

  • Blue Bulb
    Blue Bulb 11 months ago

    what is the recommended MAX vcore for 8700k 24/7 ?

  • Dorian Gray
    Dorian Gray 11 months ago

    Who the hell can watch a four hour RU-clip?

  • Ausgamer5171
    Ausgamer5171 11 months ago +3

    Really want the mat, but the shipping is over 30% of the price. Total after adding wrist strap is 250 AUD. Do you offer direct shipping from the country of manufacturing?

  • usir
    usir 11 months ago +3

    8086 non k as in the original 8086 from back in the day lol

  • scruff
    scruff 11 months ago

    Cant believe I watched the whole thing today

  • Silent Market
    Silent Market 11 months ago

    She's doneski! Steve!

  • Frozen Flame
    Frozen Flame 11 months ago

    fuck Linus , fucking sellout

  • John Hooper
    John Hooper 11 months ago

    Most important thing: Temp of the cat.. :D

  • Durragas
    Durragas 11 months ago

    I'm curious now if I won the lottery with my 8700k as it's not delided so I can't test it properly at 5GHz, but mine can do a cinebench run at 5Ghz with only 1.33vcore (but touching 90°C with a Noctua NHD15). I've not stressed it further as I don't want to cook it. I keep it at 4.7GHz 1.2vCore for daily gaming.

    • Vasana612
      Vasana612 10 months ago

      its a shame deliding is amasing. i got 5ghz on my 8086k at 1.28v for a 24 hour prime95 test. highest temp hit was 78.5 deg C with a 360mm rad AIO.