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  • Published on Jan 9, 2022

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  • @palmbeachgrown5125

    “Alright guys bring out the real stuff and a straw. Let’s celebrate”

  • @Emma_Hasty

    them just doing their thing

  • @ramen7196
    @ramen7196  +648

    “His probably cheating on me”

  • @boyinamask69

    Plot twist: it’s actually charging them for every swipe and the loser has to pay everyone’s bills

  • @amruthack9604

    Lisaa...... "Money" song❤️.........

  • @DabBanger
    @DabBanger  +310

    The neighborhood elderly couple: WhAt arE tHeY dOiNg

  • @IslanderloverBKK

    I'm with everyone who got shocked that coach did that to his princess 😂😂

  • @jungkooksbananamilk8629

    Everyone - wow this game is interesting. 😃😃😃

  • @kadiegudness479

    LoL 🤣🤣 this is fun, Linda face at the end 🤣😂

  • @user-wp7bv9zy3i

    i find it wholesome where the dad doesnt yell “line up” or something

  • @davidguardado5201

    Realizes she had makeup 😨😬 Papa and Mama with bois :Oh shit we’re gonna have to run

  • @user-wv5ff2vi8z

    The cashier wondering why my credit card has white powder on it:🤔🤔

  • @cheetah3631

    Plot twist, this game was already achieved in Mexico long ago.

  • @moonikatsernikova4068

    This is soo cool. You have such a big family your Soo lucky 😊 this deserves a trillion likes

  • @user-lb4ur7dc7q

    "Wow, oh my god" as they are slicing flour with paper cards

  • @aleafo1449

    Good to see pops spending time with his family and having fun with them

  • @khushiagarwal6872

    Everyone - wow that's so much fun... Nice family... Blah blah

  • @robertsplanks6404

    Me and the lads cracking a parcel in me nans kitchen

  • @u_tried_bvch9832

    plot twist: it’s actually fringe and the dad runs the family mafia and he’s teaching them for when there ready to join

  • @iwilleatyourfingers2771

    Ive never had this family time in forever i have the majority as the family in the video but all of us had just separated. But damn i wish to have family time with all my siblings.