Dumb People That Died Disproving Their Own Theory

  • Published on May 4, 2019
  • Proving you should do a little more research and testing before blindly believing your own hype, here are People That Died Disproving Their Own Theory.
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  • King Kayan
    King Kayan 20 hours ago

    At this point it’s natural selection

  • Kelly Biddick
    Kelly Biddick Day ago


  • Israel Wolstein
    Israel Wolstein Day ago

    # 10 is nowhere close to the truth. The only true thing about it is the fact the man died. It's actually impressive to get so many things wrong in such a short segment. It's hard to believe anything else mentioned on this channel anymore ): Too bad because they were entertaining lies.

  • Will Makela
    Will Makela Day ago

    Where was Harry Houdini

  • Triton Brenizer
    Triton Brenizer Day ago

    1% :(

  • puneeth singhania
    puneeth singhania 2 days ago

    This video's title should be how bullet proof vest fail

  • Animating Odd
    Animating Odd 2 days ago +2

    I just love at the end of that stab proof vest how he used a *How to basic* cooking show

  • dany PLAYZ
    dany PLAYZ 2 days ago


  • Riker Hobbs
    Riker Hobbs 3 days ago

    Bro ride a jet they will tell you chem trails are real, I've asked they will show you

  • Ye4rZero
    Ye4rZero 3 days ago

    The baby shouldn't be on here, doesn't fit with the theme of the others. Poor little thing died confused and innocent. Not cool.

  • brandon bentley
    brandon bentley 3 days ago

    My best friend as a kid thought they could fly like mary poppins using an umbrella...it didn't work. The umbrella folded up and he broke his leg leaping from their roof. He works for a oil company now and is a millionaire. I went to college and am in mensa and make just above minimum wage in the addiction field as a counselor. I have had high end tech field jobs and was a machinist for 12 years as well but choose to help people but anyway I digress...

  • Amy Booth
    Amy Booth 4 days ago +3

    0:06put subtitles on bad boi need some milk 😂😂😂😂

  • Mari Gellerman
    Mari Gellerman 4 days ago

    Mah Friend: Want to test that theory?!?!?!

  • Mercedes Loja
    Mercedes Loja 5 days ago

    14:28 nice

  • A Huddleston
    A Huddleston 5 days ago

    Wok this way.... 😉 Wink 😉

  • 7 B
    7 B 5 days ago

    Thank these people for future reference.

  • Alfin [ShPai]
    Alfin [ShPai] 5 days ago

    Suprianto ?
    Man that on video .. He's house only 2 miles from my house and i know that accident :v

  • 209CALI *
    209CALI * 5 days ago

    Those crocodiles were just helping that guy not look stupid when he didn't walk on water!

  • tyler gnosis
    tyler gnosis 6 days ago

    Natural selection

  • Swidey Animations
    Swidey Animations 7 days ago +1

    0:06 subtitles on

  • 123 456
    123 456 7 days ago +1

    I think the title is disrespectful .

  • Parik Satu
    Parik Satu 7 days ago

    11:48 looks like the lizard from amazing spiderman

  • PvpJulian
    PvpJulian 8 days ago

    Try doing more research. Pedro Ruiz came up with the idea and forced his significant other to shoot him for the stunt. Such a basic fact that you completely misconstrued the story

  • robert burke
    robert burke 8 days ago

    Also, I call bullshit on that chick and her boyfriend and that book. She knew what was up...he was just fucking dumb!

  • robert burke
    robert burke 8 days ago

    Thank God, these people aren't around to reproduce anymore!

  • Azary Lettieri
    Azary Lettieri 8 days ago

    Please dont show me 19 that one was scary

  • Lee Randall
    Lee Randall 8 days ago

    Pedro Ruiz actually got his girlfriend involved in the shooting video

  • REEE Hello
    REEE Hello 9 days ago

    Some guy: i have a bullet proof vest :me uhhh umm uhh just umm :other guy ok me shoot you :some guy dies

  • novice Price
    novice Price 9 days ago

    The guy that tried to roll under the train. I worked for a driving company that picked up railroaders. I saw I deer jump between the train as it was moving the first deer made it the second did not make it and was killed. The was a dumbass.

  • Michael Taylor
    Michael Taylor 9 days ago

    The section in Mark, Holy Bible, re: snake handling, drinking poison, etc, ISN'T IN THE EARLIEST TEXTS FOUND: It's An Add-On (you've now been forewarned).
    Learn What This Means Christians:
    ✝️ You Should Not Put God To The Test!

  • Shawn Furl
    Shawn Furl 9 days ago

    Why not just take the best off and then test it out?

  • julius ssemanda1
    julius ssemanda1 9 days ago

    The religious one are so sad cos thousands of people are out there making mistakes because of religion and faith

  • RyanHung
    RyanHung 9 days ago

    The worst one were the parents

  • David Nguyen
    David Nguyen 10 days ago

    Turn on Caption on skip to 0:07.

  • Midoriya Izuku
    Midoriya Izuku 10 days ago


  • Bear Archambault
    Bear Archambault 10 days ago

    I feel like the story about the lady with the sailboat was an insurance scam. "Oh, sure, I'm gonna sail to my husband... right after he's done get our new life insurance policies notarized"

  • none of your business
    none of your business 10 days ago

    yessss yorkshireeeeeee

  • Moskau Melols
    Moskau Melols 10 days ago

    So so dumb

    Why u thinker that :/

  • Loc Kri
    Loc Kri 10 days ago

    Wait wait wait wait ! #10 it was the bf's idea she did not want to shoot the gun he pressured her by saying it was going to be alright😠 you can watch a clip of with her literally crying and saying out loud 'i don't want to do this, I dont want to do this' 👎👎👎👎

  • parker myers
    parker myers 11 days ago

    Number 10 the caliber of handgun the woman used was a 50 cal. Ive heard about it before

  • Paul Nester
    Paul Nester 11 days ago

    In the snake venom part, he said the snake was still conscious, the snake was actually dead. When the snake bit the idiot's tongue, it was actually a reflexive action which snakes still have at least some of shortly after they die

  • Ruairi Hubberstey
    Ruairi Hubberstey 11 days ago

    don't call them dumb or stupid

  • AZN Viking
    AZN Viking 11 days ago

    The shamans body was intact because he was being marinated. Crocodiles tend to bury a big meal to tenderize is before eating

  • Melanie Taylor
    Melanie Taylor 11 days ago

    Am I only one who spotted upside down chest Xray?

  • Zachary Toney
    Zachary Toney 12 days ago

    Superotio could control alligators so his body wasn't ate but he could not control water thus why he drowned
    Crocodile not algator

  • Kennth Bennett
    Kennth Bennett 12 days ago

    People can be stupid especially religious people!

  • Daniyal ismail
    Daniyal ismail 12 days ago


  • Gabriel the gamer's Hub

    guy: I have a bullet proof charm so shoot me!
    Criminals: *Shoots him*
    guy: *starts bleeding out* Uh.... wait.... let me... use... the... other... charm
    Guy: now shoot me again
    Criminals: *shoots the guy repeatedly 16 times*
    guy: nnnnn....Nnnn......n........Nnn.... i .... s ...cre....w...e...d....up.

  • Nicholas Charles
    Nicholas Charles 12 days ago

    I'm very ashamed that my country is mentioned twice in this video😤 malu njirr

  • YouTube kidz
    YouTube kidz 13 days ago +1

    Padra ruise looks like Preston

  • Bhu Wan
    Bhu Wan 13 days ago

    Walking like jesus is owesome.

  • humanoid prowler
    humanoid prowler 14 days ago

    There is no shortage of morons on the planet

  • KaiSau
    KaiSau 14 days ago

    Nr. 15 sounds like a life insurance scam

  • Jason Bourne
    Jason Bourne 14 days ago

    I am amazed by some's incapability to live indeed

  • TraRob-EastSide
    TraRob-EastSide 15 days ago

    I want a lil plushie of the little mascot 😍

  • Will Cass
    Will Cass 15 days ago

    The anti vax kid died from a vitamin k deficiency. It's hilarious the pro vax crowd here doesnt even have the listening comprehension to understand that. Really wants me to take the side of the idiocracy.
    I'm not anti vax, but you people hate anti vaxxers cuz Stephen Colbert told ya so. Robots. Dont @ me

  • Will Cass
    Will Cass 15 days ago

    Babies were born for thousands of years without vitamins after birth...your child is gonna contribute to ever growing weak and disease ridden gene pool if they cant survive a few weeks after birth. Sorry not sorry. Natural selection am I rite science is my religion peeps?

  • Amz Hansen
    Amz Hansen 15 days ago

    Wow okay, I thought I was stupid.

  • ooofboyYT OBYT
    ooofboyYT OBYT 16 days ago

    One time when I was little on a game of basket ball the whole bucket pile was falling at me so I stepped a side I was luck plz tell me your near death experience {^ω°}

  • Erika Castellanos
    Erika Castellanos 16 days ago

    Bulletproof vests need the bulletproof plates installed inside before use! Smh...

  • Gerald GawlikJr
    Gerald GawlikJr 17 days ago

    I thought that I liked stories of “Dumb People”!?

  • nikkow venne
    nikkow venne 17 days ago

    Stupid -. - ' its like they didnt wanna live

  • Zoom zoom
    Zoom zoom 17 days ago

    Im a Christian but im not idiot and dumb

  • Just an Aspie
    Just an Aspie 17 days ago

    Intentionally handling a snake in the hopes of God protecting you from the snake bites is tempting God; you are NOT to tempt God. While the Bible does mention Jesus referring to Christians not being killed by the deadly poison from the snakes (derived from Mark 16:17-18), Jesus also teaches to not tempt the Lord (derived from Mark 4:7).

  • Majestiq Olatunji
    Majestiq Olatunji 17 days ago +2

    Health and Safety Inspectors in Nigeria?...funny.

  • Nicholas Gordon
    Nicholas Gordon 17 days ago

    This dudes a faggot

  • Light Joshe
    Light Joshe 17 days ago

    A lot of these are because of God believe
    So ... I should become an atheist

    JAVON GORDON 17 days ago

    Mazi should not be on dis it's very direspectfull he didn't wat to die and he didn't do anything wrong.... Dats disrespectful

  • fox wright
    fox wright 17 days ago

    Am I the only one who gets pissed off when parents don't get their kid medical attention, when the kid needs it.

  • NextSuperstar88
    NextSuperstar88 18 days ago +2

    Limba (magic man)
    Hailing from Malaysia...

    *Then Shows Indonesia on Map*

    NEWROCKEROFFICIAL 18 days ago +2

    That baby one could be true after all the controversy surrounding planned parenthood and such, many doctors are corrupt.

  • Moxy Pony
    Moxy Pony 18 days ago +2

    It really needs to be more common knowledge that bulletproof gear is single-use.
    If the vest stops a bullet, the material will have been destroyed

  • Garrett the man
    Garrett the man 18 days ago

    For some reason I thought of these guys saying their theory with a dumb voice and falling instead of dying from their theory.

  • Ashley Lake
    Ashley Lake 18 days ago +1

    It's a good thing the guy at number 19 didn't survive since his humiliation would have been to die for...

  • Champ Champ
    Champ Champ 18 days ago +4

    The one with the rapper being shot isn't example of one dying disproving their own theory. That story is you guys bad attempt at being facetious.