How To Stage And Sell A $5.5M NYC Apartment Model Unit

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
  • New developments pop up all the time in New York City, but how do developers get buyers to want to purchase a space before it's done being built? A model unit. It’s used as a sample to show how the actual unit will look, and it helps buyers envision how they’ll live in and use the space. Cheryl Eisen and her team at Interior Marketing Group are experts in putting in just the right amount of detailed work to help buyers decide to make the big purchase. She showed us exactly how her team does that as they staged a new boutique development in Chelsea.
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    How To Stage And Sell A $5.5M NYC Apartment Model Unit
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  • R P
    R P 8 days ago

    Dennis Rodman called, he wants his wife back.

  • Faizah Anjum
    Faizah Anjum 10 days ago

    i cant believe people get paid for this

  • Citrusy
    Citrusy 20 days ago

    Calmly says *just under $5.5 million dollars*

  • The Fork and Spoon
    The Fork and Spoon 21 day ago

    I think you're paying for the location of the apartment.

  • Michelle Yustira
    Michelle Yustira 23 days ago

    Love Cheryl’s works!!!

  • Patrick Krämer
    Patrick Krämer 24 days ago


  • 1 23
    1 23 27 days ago

    what is this? staged reality show??

  • Heather TEA
    Heather TEA 29 days ago

    I see they're LOTS of ' BOO BOO the FOOL' throwing away money. $5 Mil...please.

  • it's that one kid
    it's that one kid Month ago +1

    I've would've gonna with a African interior with a touch of india

  • D.T. Baker
    D.T. Baker Month ago

    4:28 teeth grinding, clearing epiglottis, Cocaine is das uber drug.

  • Alexandra Marks
    Alexandra Marks Month ago

    That does not look like a $5.5 million apt

  • Liangjie Zhao
    Liangjie Zhao Month ago +1

    It comes with the girl Chelsea? 😂

  • natural history
    natural history Month ago +1

    If Jessica Simpson and Lisa Ann had a child , she would be this interior designer 😂😂😂.

  • Martune
    Martune Month ago

    Could you please share the wall colors for the living room and the master bedroom

  • iDIMi
    iDIMi Month ago

    Damn that blonde is sexy AF

  • cali nimr
    cali nimr Month ago

    wat tha fuk is a Scandinavian lifestyle? is it being gay and spending $5.5m on an apartment?

  • Ahenkel36
    Ahenkel36 Month ago

    I came for the hot lady rocking pantyhose!!!

  • Dennis Xu
    Dennis Xu Month ago +2

    4:25. If I had the money and if this was actually a unit for sale, I'd say nope at the first sight of seeing that horrible thing. The stripes don't even line up. Some of higher, others are lower.

  • Tech Unboxing Videos
    Tech Unboxing Videos Month ago +1

    Business Insider, You Rock! 🔥Huge Fan of Your Channel 🔥Looking Forward to Watching Your Next Video

  • Slegacy CDN
    Slegacy CDN Month ago

    Put a beautiful woman on the countertop.

  • DJL66
    DJL66 Month ago

    Who staged her face?

  • Ford ST
    Ford ST Month ago

    Rich people problems.

  • Waleed Saleem
    Waleed Saleem Month ago

    5 million for a apartment?!?

  • salty1234567890
    salty1234567890 Month ago

    lmfao not as big as a house and 5.5mil. what bullshit is this

  • gideon agu
    gideon agu Month ago

    Zimbwabwe dollars????

  • Waheed Adel
    Waheed Adel Month ago

    step 1, get hot blonde
    step 2, take pictures of rooms with said hot blonde
    step 3, offer hot blonde

  • PW218
    PW218 Month ago

    Where are all the MOMENTS like in the previous video.

  • Shawnna Fuller
    Shawnna Fuller Month ago

    Why is my broke ass watching this 🤔

  • Brenda m-g
    Brenda m-g Month ago +1

    At 10 mins, she is wearing a white skirt with V buckle. I need it. Anyone knows where it’s from?

    • Kebabsa Lina
      Kebabsa Lina Month ago

      Pretty sure it's this one by Valentino

  • Visiblur
    Visiblur Month ago +2

    That does not look Scandinavian in the slightest.
    Source: I'm a Scandinavian.

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix Month ago

    She treats objects as man, dude

  • Nokenify
    Nokenify Month ago +1

    Only came here for the plastic doll Cheryl.

  • Jordan
    Jordan Month ago +2

    Little do they know about the trades that build these new buildings! Trash in the walls...rats in and out of the building! Plenty of homeless as soon as you leave the building lol! Cramped rooms, haha such a waste of money!

  • Sunny day
    Sunny day Month ago


  • Just Random
    Just Random Month ago +1

    Is NYC even worth it?

  • Juho V
    Juho V Month ago +81

    Im just saying that im from scandinavia and no ones house looks like that.

    • Water Crafter
      Water Crafter 11 days ago

      You really have to get in to it to understand

    • Voughhn
      Voughhn 15 days ago


    • phunny onqel
      phunny onqel 22 days ago

      Well, she pointed at an Eames chair saying it is definitely Scandinavian....

    • Shadoninja
      Shadoninja Month ago +8

      I am going to just guess that scandinavia is a cool word, so fashion designers use it to trick rich people into feeling sophisticated.

  • oum saffiya al belgikiya

    ikea but upscale. No my dear. this is just ikea vibe.

  • wei li
    wei li Month ago

    Woman in black pantyhose? Clicked.

  • mdem
    mdem Month ago +1

    Ooof.. that living room is almost useless, the catch is pretty much in line with the TV at that point lol.
    I've just removed the TV completely and install a nice sound system with a turntable and make it a chill-out area that has speakers both focused in the living room and a system that spreads out throughout the whole space instead of a TV area. Because half the people won't even be able to see the TV from the couch unless they break their necks lol

  • Jiawen Alice Lin
    Jiawen Alice Lin Month ago +24

    The biggest issue with this unit is that it has NO storage spaces...imagine how messy it will look once you move in...

  • Jerome Moss
    Jerome Moss Month ago +1

    looks like a nice hotel room

  • caoYB
    caoYB Month ago +1

    Does it comes with the cover girl?

  • Grl Pwr
    Grl Pwr Month ago +14

    My interior design professor always emphasized verbiage in design. For a “designer” to keep referring to Ikea and Scandinavian design to almost all of the products really devalues the “high quality” products she’s presenting buyers to.

  • Bill Peirce
    Bill Peirce Month ago

    Must be some dumb ass millionaire's to pay 5.5 million dollars for a shitty Apartment.
    I could see 400 to 500k but definitely not 5.5 million dollars.
    What a waist of money!!!!!

  • Lisa Lisa
    Lisa Lisa Month ago +3

    Cheryl always does magic, regardless of design type!

  • aaron Salentine
    aaron Salentine Month ago +3

    Go to finland on vacation its cheaper.

    ERIKA DOWDY Month ago

    I wonder how much they make for staging?

  • krzeszewski
    krzeszewski Month ago

    generic video made by generic people for generic people.

  • Ana Banana
    Ana Banana Month ago +1

    blonde in the thumbnail included?

  • 左将军领徐州牧如东侯

    I clicked in because of the thighs in the thumbnail. 😿

  • Gyanesh Tripathi
    Gyanesh Tripathi Month ago +31

    Reality: how to stage a thumbnail and sell people into clicking the video.

  • csalinas0385
    csalinas0385 Month ago +5

    The chick got me to watch this $5.5M appartment video.

  • Caroline R Beauty
    Caroline R Beauty Month ago +1

    i bet she is good a dresser, because she dresses things up for a living🤷‍♀️😜🙌

  • Darkstreamx3
    Darkstreamx3 Month ago +7

    5:09 a really cool custom media wall.. 30 inch tv

    • avicohen2k
      avicohen2k Month ago +1

      And placed in a nook you can't see from the sofa..

  • fjellyo32
    fjellyo32 Month ago +1

    Perfect location for porn shoot.

  • Green Man
    Green Man Month ago +3

    5.5 Mil for the location not the price...

  • Bryan Munoz
    Bryan Munoz Month ago +2

    If she came with the appartment I would buy it in a heart beat

  • Omega Lord
    Omega Lord Month ago

    Just what I needed to know!

  • Naganachiketh Chinnamuttevi

    take a shot for every time she says scandinavian.

  • PCaviatort1000
    PCaviatort1000 Month ago +1

    Right atleast kinda good to know that's the price on Chelsea