2018 H-D Fat Bob & Breakout Test Ride / New Softail frame

  • Published on Oct 10, 2017
  • Today we visit a H-D demo site to test ride the 2018 Harley-Davidson Fat Bob and the Breakout. The Fat Bob had the 107 and the Break out had the 114 Milwaukee 8 engine. This demo was at Bikes Blues and BBQ and they set these up at most major events. It is easy to get in do the test ride and do a full walk around. H-D dealers often also set up demos right on their property a couple times a year so ask about it.
    *I am sorry for the mic popping. I am working on it.
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Comments • 155

  • James
    James Month ago

    Soft-tail for a soft bitch.. lol perfect.

  • Mike Fearsum
    Mike Fearsum Month ago +1

    Would love to own the new Breakout and Fat Bob

  • Tim Lowe
    Tim Lowe 2 months ago +1

    Yeah bro fatbobs r sweet I have one 2008 an it still runs great. Love ur videos bro. Be careful out there.

  • A Ninja
    A Ninja 2 months ago +1

    Adam from Adam R here! I have the 2018 breakout 114 with stage 3, you need to see how it opens up a whole new bike at under 700 lbs, a real ground pounder! I’m sure you can find one set up like that in your collection of rider buddies 👍🏻

  • gottas33
    gottas33 3 months ago +1

    I love your voice! And she’s a badass, looking to get my motorcycle license soon!

    • Adam Sandoval
      Adam Sandoval  3 months ago

      Always glad to hear about another rider getting on the road. Good luck!

  • Ray Powers
    Ray Powers 4 months ago +1

    What kind of Harley is Ashley riding?

  • graham johnson
    graham johnson 4 months ago +1

    Ashley is burning you Adam. Breakout is awesome the Fat Bob looks a little small for you though. The New FXR is a great one too test ride that one next please.

  • corryszam
    corryszam 5 months ago +1

    Doppelgänger alert at 0:41

  • steve imperial
    steve imperial 5 months ago +1

    Where can i find a women like Ashley?

  • campdavid278
    campdavid278 5 months ago +1

    Ashley, that black & white helmet with the unicorn is awesome looking!

  • Thomas Elisseou
    Thomas Elisseou 6 months ago +3

    I bought a new 2018 breakout today...inspired by Ashley....I wonder what she did not like about the bike...

  • Robert Ortiz
    Robert Ortiz 7 months ago

    You should get one for sure! I went with the 2018 fatbob in 107 and I absolutely love it! I wanted the 114 version but the Harley-Davidson dealership here in San Antonio only had one new 2018 left and i got a smoking deal! So i got 107!

  • Ron Marvicsin
    Ron Marvicsin 8 months ago

    Where is Ashley? Haven’t seen her in a long time.

  • chris
    chris 9 months ago

    That gas tank on the breakout is a step backwards for Harley. They need that larger tank. That larger tank brings a beefy nice appealing classic look. That smaller tank just makes it looks sort of anorexic. It's really a shame also that throughout all these years they got to put those shit exhausts on there because of EPA regulations

  • Brawndo
    Brawndo 10 months ago

    Great video, what's Ashley's helmet if you don't mind me asking.

  • EastCoast.30Cal
    EastCoast.30Cal 10 months ago +1

    So glad I traded my Yamaha for a Breakout 114! I love my Harley!

    YABBAHEY YABBAHEY 10 months ago

    So Ash , what didn't you like about the breakout ?? I've only sat on one in the show room (Cape cod Harley.) It is a beautiful bike. Dig the fat rear tire & Milwki 8 114. Position might be a little forward for long rides. Lg. rear tire means slower response but like a
    Down hill ski compared to a slalom seems better for long sweeping twisties. I will test ride one soon. You got cut off at the end & I did want to hear the end of your impression.

  • Brody
    Brody 11 months ago

    Better get your wallet out Adam.

  • Carmen Rivera
    Carmen Rivera 11 months ago

    What type of bike was Ashley on....

  • icn80
    icn80 Year ago

    Adam is talking about the Fat Bob’s responsiveness.........Ashley pulls away like he’s sitting still 😂😂😂

  • FatBob Jim
    FatBob Jim Year ago

    Adam I have taken it off road, the Fatbob absolutely rocks! Ashley looks right at home on the Breakout..... Ride hard or stay home😎

  • johan van hullebusch

    how tall is that girl,

  • Blades 22
    Blades 22 Year ago

    Weight and low center of gravitation makes so much differance. It is crazy, ive ridden dynas and softtails forever, just bought my first touring bike love it. Sat on a fatbob the other day felt like i could throw it into back of my truck lol. They aint light its the low motor trans position

  • JD Younk
    JD Younk Year ago +1

    Let’s be honest bro, she’s gonna look good sitting on any bike 😏

  • UglyBoy Smallz
    UglyBoy Smallz Year ago

    In regards to wearing stuff; in hot weather I ride full blown squid ( shorts, t-shirt, full comfort). Cooler weather I’m fully dressed.

  • Dicarlo RoadGlideRockS #69

    Love the fat bob 114 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Chops Ahoy
    Chops Ahoy Year ago +1

    I got the Boneville Salt Flat white in 114 Fat Bob. Cool bike. Responsive & nimble!

  • Solo 000
    Solo 000 Year ago +1

    Hahaha, Ashley don'know slow !

  • Alfred Vogl
    Alfred Vogl Year ago +1

    Lol. My whole ride home from the dealer I kept saying the same thing "It's so small ". But it isn't that small just feels like it when coming off a different bike. Know the Polaris scooter that's small.

  • Leon Beck
    Leon Beck Year ago +1

    You both looked like a boss. Nice to have just the bare bones to ride once in a why'll. You make us want one😍🏍🇺🇸

  • Aaron Green
    Aaron Green Year ago +1

    I would love a breakout! Out of my price range. Lol

  • Jeremy Stewart
    Jeremy Stewart Year ago

    Adam, you need to hook up your girl with some comms

  • The One
    The One Year ago +2

    You should do a video about how you set up the back of your bike.... I think it would be pretty interesting... like if you'd want to see this

  • jamie satterly
    jamie satterly Year ago +1

    Ashley was grabbing a handful of throttle, hell yea.

  • Chris Fenton
    Chris Fenton Year ago +2

    At 41 seconds in this vlog did anyone else notice Adam's. Twin brother in the back ground I had to stop the video and make sure I wasn't see things haha that was crazy

  • Kenneth Wise
    Kenneth Wise Year ago

    Harley Davidsons "brand new" Milwaukee 8 motors is junk, just watch this bullcrap!
    The "Motor Company" did NOTHING to address my "Twinkie" Motor when it blew up after only 20K miles due to a stupid tensioner design flaw. Neither did all the other sorry ass people who suffered the consequences of the Motor Company's utilization of substandard roller bearings which were placed in the motor AND transmissions! Do you honestly think they'll do ANYTHING about this latest debacle? I'll just continue to ride my old reliable Carbureted Evo WITH throttle cables and no computer while all the owners of these new sorry ass bikes are getting wrenched on. "RIP Harley Davidson 1903-1998"

  • Jason Plant
    Jason Plant Year ago +1

    The coolest statement: "Wow,I think I gota get me one of these.bikes"

  • Knucklehead
    Knucklehead Year ago +1

    What if u never rode before and u bought this bIke?

  • Bobby Nick
    Bobby Nick Year ago +1

    Hello Adam,I did not see where you rode the Breakout. What were your thoughts?What did Ashley say about the Breakout?

    • Adam Sandoval
      Adam Sandoval  Year ago +1

      She thought it was fun, but its not a road trip bike like we use.

  • Dragan M
    Dragan M Year ago +3

    People please....so many riders have a false sense of security based on dress code.... riding naked and riding smart IS SAFER than all geared up and reckless. Ride safe.

  • Craaag Of Victory
    Craaag Of Victory Year ago +2

    I used to ride a V rod but got swayed over to a Victory Hammer. I'm really digging these new softail bikes I think Harley is going to get my money back when I'm ready for a new bike. She looks good on that Breakout, looks like a bad ass bike. Really like the new Fat boy too.

  • Sean Gonzales
    Sean Gonzales Year ago +1

    "We are going to have fun on these!"
    *stuck going 5mph behind the touring bike*

  • Brigman
    Brigman Year ago +1

    I'm from Arkansas and love Fayetteville. I've been all up and around where you rode. Last time I was there, I spent 4 days riding the area and hopping the bars at night. I watched your live video (removing plastic from pipes) and was surprised to hear you praise Arkansas so highly. That's awesome. One day I'll run across you somewhere and say hey or ride along for a few hundred miles.

  • patman wainwright
    patman wainwright Year ago +1

    i like your vlogs but i must say this is my fav so far was so good to see both bikes on the go you should do more test rides and reviews i know its not your mission but if you get time in between it would be good well i think so anyway

  • Martha Mendez
    Martha Mendez Year ago +1

    Woww that beatifull bike this te breakaout

  • David Cardone
    David Cardone Year ago +2

    That breakout though....Looks killer! As far as the FatBob goes, Its my favorite out of the new lineup! Love the style, riding position is sporty and upright but not too leaned in. I rode both the 114 & 107 versions and honestly couldn’t feel a super noticeable difference in power. The 114 had a bit more pull out of lower rpms but, the 107 felt snappier. Both are great! I’m thinking it’s gonna be my next bike. 👊🏼

  • Brian Stephens
    Brian Stephens Year ago +2

    Ashley makes anything look good.

  • Lynn Michel
    Lynn Michel Year ago +2

    You go Ashley! Wish I had the courage to demo new harleys. I get nervous when they a aren't mine. Lol

  • Gary Williams
    Gary Williams Year ago +3

    Nothing is cuter than a blonde ponytail sticking out the back of a helmet

  • Roberta Hunter
    Roberta Hunter Year ago +1

    Cool over load! Ashley is hauling A**. Lol

  • Steven MacAlpin
    Steven MacAlpin Year ago +1

    Bikes Blues and BBQ demo rides! Pig Trail HD!!!!!!!!!!

  • Odin The All Father
    Odin The All Father Year ago +1

    Great vid ! Nice to see the new bikes

  • nitesights
    nitesights Year ago +1

    Fat Bob in a 114! Love that bike.

  • kyle stewart
    kyle stewart Year ago +1

    I don't like people telling me what do to, or what to wear. life is all about loving and living with/ thru lessons learned. some come easy ,some come hard. what doesn't kill us makes us stonger.
    enjoy your lifestyle, leave this world in better shape than you found it. peace.

    • Adam Sandoval
      Adam Sandoval  Year ago

      We appreciate the concern and are aware and even own every kind of gear you can think of, in the end what a person choses to wear and how much comfort they are willing to give up is a personal choice. We wear helmets when many others don't. Everyone draws a line where they personally feel safe.

    • kyle stewart
      kyle stewart Year ago +1

      +Sean O totally get that and no doubt it that concern comes from great people. BUT. and I'm not trying to be a jerk here I swear. That girl is a grown-ass woman she knows exactly what she is doing. at this point in her life she probably thinks the risk out weighs the consequences ain't nothing wrong with that. Later on when she has a few kids and she's older she won't think that way probably but that's life and that's freedom to choose. ;]

    • Sean O
      Sean O Year ago

      kyle stewart It doesn't come from being bossy, it comes from concern.

  • Tommi Dahlberg
    Tommi Dahlberg Year ago +2

    Damn that Breakout looks awesomeee!!!

  • knucklestv
    knucklestv Year ago +1

    Hey Kinfolk I'm a new subscriber and let me tell you I love your channel you have great content and Scooter is one hell of a co-pilot👍. Also what you do is amazing the way you help people let's us no there are still great people doing great work in this world. So keep it up kinfolk and man it would be an honor to meet you, you wouldn't happen to be coming to the Lonestar Rally in Galveston TX are you?

    • knucklestv
      knucklestv Year ago

      Adam Sandoval Rides ok Kinfolk hopefully I can meet u one day 👍. Keep up the awesome work Brother safe travels 🤙👊👊🇱🇷

    • Adam Sandoval
      Adam Sandoval  Year ago +1

      Welcome Knuckles, sadly we will not make it this year.

  • Donna Marie Lyda-W
    Donna Marie Lyda-W Year ago +1

    What a nice Harley! Love it & the color! Thanks for sharing.

  • Rosie
    Rosie Year ago +2

    Man, Ashley looks like she is having a great time and hell bent to use every bit of that 114.

  • Patxi del Norte
    Patxi del Norte Year ago +1

    Superbikes both!! Buy them both w. 114 ci

  • Ontario Andrews
    Ontario Andrews Year ago +1

    Good ride video. When you two started off I said to myself "he should let Ashley go ahead of him so we can see her." and of course you realized that. :)
    At the end she said she'd tell you what she likes and don't like about the bike, but we only got to heard what she liked. I'm just saying. :)

  • Scott McLinden
    Scott McLinden Year ago +1

    Sweet Bikes

  • Pit Dawg
    Pit Dawg Year ago +1

    Nope, sorry for that might as well just by and import and for fraction of the price. Don't look like a Harley, don't sound like a Harley, BUT it's just priced like a Harley

  • Armadale031
    Armadale031 Year ago +1

    Hey Adam. When you coming to Southern California??

  • Sammy Davis Jr
    Sammy Davis Jr Year ago +1

    Hey Adam, Sammy D in Colorado. Talked to you on your live feed last week. Now you know why I love my 2010 Fat Bob. Yes it is a Dyna, but the ride is amazing. And after a couple of upgrades like foot boards, highway pegs, and a Maverick Daddy Long Legs the ride is heaven. I have done a lot of add-ons to my bike like the cup holder, stereo/security system, Gas X bulbs instead of Halogens. Plus sissy bar with rack and rack bag with cargo nets. Watching you has given my so many ideas for riding. You help me want to ride more. Thank you.

  • Freddie the Fly
    Freddie the Fly Year ago +4

    Ashley is riding like a pro! I liked her bike and that fat rear tire.

  • zach sullivan
    zach sullivan Year ago +1

    Man I reallllllly wanted to demo one of those at the central HOG rally last weekend but just flat ran out of time! On my short to-do list for sure!

  • klh3244
    klh3244 Year ago +1

    I road the Fat Bob at the other location at BBBBQ in Springdale it had a 114 in it! It would haul it! Ride Safe!

    SHARKTANK Year ago +1

    That looked super fun. Haven't ridden any of the new models, but the new fat bob is on the short list. Want to check out that new frame/suspension. When are yall in FL?

      SHARKTANK Year ago

      Right on. Thought about doing that ride with Six Bends

    • Adam Sandoval
      Adam Sandoval  Year ago +1

      We will be in ft Myers the 20-22nd of this month

  • glenn maltese
    glenn maltese Year ago +6

    @ 4:04 Ashley smokes your ass!!!

  • D Y
    D Y Year ago +3

    Those are the two I’m torn between. Don’t know which I would enjoy more!

  • Eduardo Santos
    Eduardo Santos Year ago +1

    Nice vid Adam! All the new Softails are badass but that Fat Bob is something else! I love it!

  • Ron Pettit
    Ron Pettit Year ago +1

    The two of use should of switch bike and went again

  • Phil Meup
    Phil Meup Year ago +1

    She was riding the shit out of that hog.

  • Daniel Bowers
    Daniel Bowers Year ago +1

    Where is Ashley from

  • tccoup355
    tccoup355 Year ago +2

    Of coarse it looks good on her. She would look good on a Grom.

  • pmg1180
    pmg1180 Year ago +1

    Did you add the sound proof on your go pro? I am not sure if I missed one of your video that you mentioned but was not sure if you added those on go pro mic.

  • Wil Reyes
    Wil Reyes Year ago +1

    Ashley handled that bike real nice.

  • donyboy73
    donyboy73 Year ago +2

    the Instagram link isn't working

  • Dwayne White
    Dwayne White Year ago +1

    I liked the look of both

  • Michael Diaz
    Michael Diaz Year ago +2

    lol drayg bars

  • donyboy73
    donyboy73 Year ago +9

    those are both super nice bikes!

  • Robert McClanahan
    Robert McClanahan Year ago +1

    Adam life is short, buy the damn bike! Haha

  • Chris Fernandez
    Chris Fernandez Year ago +1

    Good stuff Adam ....

  • R Journey
    R Journey Year ago +2

    I love the fat bob too.

  • Becker Inal
    Becker Inal Year ago +11

    could you guys put on some riding jackets? jackets are cheap, skin is expensive!

  • A Th
    A Th Year ago +1

    Rode all those during bbbq. Same here, I loved the Fat Bob. Front end and brakes felt awesome. Wish they would have a Road Glide with those front forks and brakes.

  • mrs. B
    mrs. B Year ago +1

    Go Ashley Go!! Total Girl Power

  • PhatboyHD88
    PhatboyHD88 Year ago +3

    Adam I get what you are saying about the difference between that bike and a dyna ,, something to consider tho is that true Harley fans are not all about the newest latest or greatest,, it’s about tradition... we don’t really care about the perfect smooth ride it’s “about” the vibration as the traditional sound,, I’m 52 and have owned 14 brand new Harley’s ,, and let’s face it Harley as far as innovation is far behind the tech curve ,, but that’s the way we like it that is what Harley owners want (for the majority) and that’s why the vrod never took off and is no longer made ,, because of traditional Harley riders values on their bikes,, so yea Dyna’s I am sure don’t handle like that bike “But” they are cool and are a awesome bike I own a 2002 CVO Dyna wideglide or FXDWG3 which was the first screaming eagle CVO , Harley ever made only 700 of them in black and 700 in blue made ,, best riding bike I have ever owned ,, more fun than any other bike and I have had most every model...so the Dyna controversy is real ,, and important to some of us ... Harley if you read this we love you please show us some love and keep 1 model Dyna ,, it’s a good business move trust us ...

    • Pauly P
      Pauly P 6 months ago +1

      Agreed, the older harleys have that vibration and sound. So much better experience. I dont need the new electronics. My 2000 Blacked out Deuce is quicker than the new 114s believe it or not. And its carbed!! Very torquey with the 95cu in build. They are getting more metric, more honda like, which isnt a bad thing for some. Just not for me. Theyre more for millennials. The suspensions are better but i slam mine anyways for cornering. However, if i were to get a newer Harley, id get the new Road King Special just because its already blacked out, stretched bags, etc.

    • motardmania
      motardmania Year ago

      I like harleys but they are all outdated tech even the new ones.

    • Adam Sandoval
      Adam Sandoval  Year ago +2

      To each their own, If you like Dynas there are MANY on the used market. The Dyna is just outdated technology. As with all business things must evolve with time, but there will always be collectors who love the old stuff! Thats just the way it works.

    • Uncle Allan
      Uncle Allan Year ago +1

      PhatboyHD88 well said! I always dreamt of owning a Harley since I was a kid and finally got a 2017 street bob this year and I’m soooo happy I got it before they changed them. I want to feel the power and the shakes and I don’t want it to look like anything but a Harley Davidson as we have known them for many years. But it looks like triumph is picking up where HD dropped the ball. But I’m sure the new line handles well... they are just not for me

  • Jim Holt
    Jim Holt Year ago +1

    As much as I appreciate the new Harley's and the way they look and feel is beyond anything I have ever ridden.. But I would never, ever trade my 2004 Road King Custom for any of them..One, because it's a classic (only made for 3 years), and Two, because it's mine and not bank owend ..

  • Fast Freddys
    Fast Freddys Year ago +3

    Damm,Ashley rode the hell out of that breakout! You have been truly blessed Adam!

  • HarleyDayRider
    HarleyDayRider Year ago +8

    For Ashley being a newer rider you can tell she has some miles under her belt. She rides like a veteran of 20 years. It's nice when you can see someone jump on a bike and ride it. Ride Safe

  • Pete’s Motogram
    Pete’s Motogram Year ago +1

    Maybe own both.. low rider s for the novelty and the fatbob for performance..

  • Everette Henry
    Everette Henry Year ago +4

    Test Rode A Fat Bob 114. I felt like I was leaning forward like a pavement licker. Has power for days, just does not feel like a cruiser. I think the Fat Boy 114 is a sick bike

    • ZIPPER
      ZIPPER Year ago +1

      Penguin Ninja it’s supposed to be sporty feeling

  • dobber00
    dobber00 Year ago +6

    Ashley =👍

  • Vin
    Vin Year ago +14

    She is a beauty. But please please wear some gear. Would hate to see that pretty thing with road rash :(

  • Engir
    Engir Year ago +1

    That softail looks great on her or her on it but she needs a camera so we could see you on the fat bob?

  • gsfinatic
    gsfinatic Year ago +1

    Ashley definitely has it figured out! BTW, you can get the 114 on the Fat Bob also, make mine white.

  • Road Buster
    Road Buster Year ago +5

    I wish Ashley had a jacket on. I would hate to see her arms get mangled.

    • Road Buster
      Road Buster Year ago +1

      Gary Williams I hear ya, when it’s really really hot, I’m sort of a squid too. Mesh jackets with armor are great in hot weather.

    • Gary Williams
      Gary Williams Year ago +3

      Adam Sandoval Rides I agree we all have the right to ride how we want to damn hot in Florida and Texas for a damn jacket.

    • Freddie the Fly
      Freddie the Fly Year ago +1

      Road Buster Agree 100%. As a guy who went down a year ago not wearing full gear, I am now an advocate for ATGATT

    • Road Buster
      Road Buster Year ago +2

      Adam Sandoval Rides Sorry, but without the right gear, a small accident could turn into a big accident. Say hi to Scooter.

    • Adam Sandoval
      Adam Sandoval  Year ago +2

      I would hate to see any of her get mangled.. but its part of the risk ridding.

  • mickey winstead
    mickey winstead Year ago +1

    you would miss the horse

  • Aaron Hershberger
    Aaron Hershberger Year ago +1

    I don't know why everyone up set about the Dina this is better love that sounds