Enclosed Tricycle is Half Bike, Half Car

  • Published on Dec 16, 2013
  • The Elf-an enclosed, electrically assisted tricycle-is certainly something different. Learn more: spectrum.ieee.org/video/green-tech/conservation/organic-transits-enclosed-tricycle-is-half-bike-half-car
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  • Pete Moss
    Pete Moss 4 months ago

    Any such thing is one of these with the pedals operated by hand (if the user uses a wheelchair to get around more efficiently?

  • dan deribas
    dan deribas Year ago


  • Tom Center
    Tom Center Year ago

    Could build one way cheaper- use the motor hub kit off ebay.

    • Popeye Gordon
      Popeye Gordon Year ago

      No you can not. The materials alone cost $4000 and the light body shell is vacuum formed in a custom mold. Quality is not free.

  • ahsaaan100
    ahsaaan100 2 years ago +1

    simple trycycle but charging alot money for body plastic frame

    • Popeye Gordon
      Popeye Gordon 2 years ago +1

      Nope, it is far from a 'simple tricycle'. Integrating solar and pedal into a safe body design with many car features is genius, no one had done this previously, 1000 have been sold so far. The price is cheap for what it is. Every year you drive this instead of a car you save $3 to 6K while getting essential exercise.

  • Pam’s Science Lab
    Pam’s Science Lab 2 years ago

    ??????? Please tell me??????????

  • Pam’s Science Lab
    Pam’s Science Lab 2 years ago

    What is it called

    • Popeye Gordon
      Popeye Gordon 2 years ago

      ELF by Organic Transit - Electric Light Fun

  • sirenamber
    sirenamber 3 years ago

    Faaak if only this was in a family bike style like the Taga 2.

    • Popeye Gordon
      Popeye Gordon 2 years ago

      They sell a two seat version with two rear seat belts for kids.

  • shu shu
    shu shu 3 years ago

    in our country all low level vehicle will limiited by the gover,even in some city no a route planning for this kind such as that bike,since the richful gover officer don't will ride this low level vehicle, and no chace 4 it,they hate the poor man

    • Popeye Gordon
      Popeye Gordon 2 years ago

      Not true, there are dozens of new Asian designed and built light electric vehicles

  • Sebas Aldrete
    Sebas Aldrete 3 years ago

    +Sebastián aldrete

  • Fred Tenzer
    Fred Tenzer 3 years ago

    Please make this tricycle affordable to everyone.

    • Snow Snow
      Snow Snow 10 months ago

      Popeye Gordon you cant compare this to a car..seriously.....a car could do so much more.

    • Popeye Gordon
      Popeye Gordon 2 years ago +1

      It saves you at least $3000/yr compared to car ownership.

  • kaba Kone
    kaba Kone 4 years ago

    Does anyone think a kid would be allowed to ride it

  • bahrta sai
    bahrta sai 4 years ago +1

    Inexpensive? I don't think $5,000+ is inexpensive considering what it is. I like it but it is still basically an expensive tricycle.

    • Dindo Nuffin
      Dindo Nuffin 10 months ago

      $5000.00 for a complete Enclosed Trike is VERY reasonable considering a good quality trike s $2500.00 and if it is replacing a car it is well worth the money in saved fuel cost you may need to rethink why you think it is expensive and what you would want it for

    • Snow Snow
      Snow Snow 10 months ago

      i agree. its just triycle, advantage only with roof/big umbrella so you dont get wet. thats it.

    • Shindinru
      Shindinru Year ago

      When you say things like that, why should we in turn care what you think?
      edit: Initial comment was harsher then intended.

    • Popeye Gordon
      Popeye Gordon 2 years ago

      We don't care what you think.

  • 47Gigs
    47Gigs 4 years ago

    i want one but i cant afford it

  • Banana Bonbony
    Banana Bonbony 4 years ago +2

    The time actually in the 60s in england.

    • Popeye Gordon
      Popeye Gordon Year ago

      Wrong. That old thing was not even close.

  • Marcus Hill
    Marcus Hill 4 years ago

    That's pretty cool but two questions when will they be available in the west coast (California)? And how do you lock it up to keep it from getting stolen?

    • Popeye Gordon
      Popeye Gordon 2 years ago

      Organic Transit ships anywhere on Earth.

  • Yeti Gaming
    Yeti Gaming 4 years ago

    omg sooo cool i need one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kajani
    kajani 5 years ago

    If this hits standing water during a turn what happens with front wheel spray especially inside the cabin? The front fenders on the inside seem narrow. Aftermarket doors or half doors available to stop exterior spray from oncoming traffic?

    • Popeye Gordon
      Popeye Gordon 2 years ago

      Yes, half or full doors are sold, I would not want them, makes it too hot. If you anticipate lots of rain it is easy to add some little inner fender panels. Only a tiny percentage of your ride time is spent in turns.

    • King of Whiskey
      King of Whiskey 4 years ago

      I don't exactly think that people would want to ride one of these in the rain

  • Oracladeus
    Oracladeus 5 years ago

    This needs springs for the suspension with a lightweight shock absorber. It also has to be faster to ever be viable in rural areas. But faster also means more weight for protection and results in less efficiency.
    It also needs a heavier rear tire with a small bed above it to put bags and small items in.

    • Popeye Gordon
      Popeye Gordon 2 years ago

      It has front elastomer suspension. The three inch tires are a popular option I would not be without. 20 mph is fast enough for any area rural or otherwise, when you are concerned with living sustainably.

    • Popeye Gordon
      Popeye Gordon 2 years ago

      Mine holds 20 bags.

    • bahrta sai
      bahrta sai 4 years ago

      It has room for 10 bags groceries according to the founder.

    • MrArthoz
      MrArthoz 4 years ago

      If you are willing to pay and buy it, anything could be designed. Just like ebola cure, if you got the money for r&d, you'll get it....

  • OnlySound
    OnlySound 5 years ago

    Were can I buy them in Europe?

  • Zorgoon
    Zorgoon 5 years ago

    This is sleek, sexy and eco friendly. If only alternative transportation got half the TV exposure that cars get. It's almost like the TV controls what people know and think. If more people hopped on this train it'd be jogging into the sunset on metaphorical diesel fuel. It's gonna have to take RU-clip to change the minds and ideas of the people. Great vehicle!

  • roidroid
    roidroid 5 years ago +2

    Well it's a very nice velomobile. But it's still just a velomobile, nothing really new here.
    I'm not really sure $4995 is "cheap" for a velomobile, but i guess it might be cheap for something this new & nice looking.
    Alas recumbent bike mechanisms are quite expensive simply because they are relatively rare compared to normal bikes, so it's hard to get cheap prices.

    • Shindinru
      Shindinru Year ago

      Velos in the 10k range, where the ELF now sits ($9k base price), have e-assist options and all velos have cargo space (40-80+ liters). Also those in the that range often use higher end components as well as carbon fiber for the shell. That makes them weigh ~1/3 that of the ELF or less (ELF ~180lbs a 10k velo is ~60lbs or a little less). On a velo weight is everything, it affects accelerating from a stop and climbing inclines.
      The solar panels are not much more then a sales gimmick for anyone outside the the south west, Texas and Florida.

    • Popeye Gordon
      Popeye Gordon 2 years ago

      Velos typically sell for $8 to 11 K with no motor or solar or cargo and passenger carrying ability.

  • Awcomeon ElReyCW
    Awcomeon ElReyCW 5 years ago

    you guys should try Copenhagen Wheels on this thing....

  • RyanBurke
    RyanBurke 5 years ago

    After visiting Copenhagen, I really wish The United States of America had a better bike set up. Amsterdam is very bike friendly also. I enjoy riding my bike more than my Blazer, but I take a risk each time I go out. People with less tenacity than I don't risk it. Build it and they will come.

    • Popeye Gordon
      Popeye Gordon 2 years ago

      Buy a bike, use it and the better bike setup will come.

    • IEEE Spectrum
      IEEE Spectrum  5 years ago

      We just did an article about Copenhagen's new e-bike sharing system: