10 Pictures That Will TEST Your Intelligence

  • Published on Dec 4, 2017
  • How smart are you? Test your IQ by looking at these photos!
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Comments • 47

  • Joseph Law
    Joseph Law 8 months ago

    me neither

  • panda gaming/ random vids

    the pills are not green at all!

  • Sophie .A
    Sophie .A Year ago

    The dress is black and blue people. My family had an augment of a dinner about the stupid dress

  • SkippitySkoop925
    SkippitySkoop925 Year ago

    Rabbit/rat (I don’t really know what that is, I just thought I could be a rat or a rabbit) inside a cat, cat inside dog, dog inside donkey, donkey inside elephant. Those are the only animals I see in that picture

  • vsandman 12
    vsandman 12 Year ago

    Found th in about 4 seconds

  • Cream Puff380
    Cream Puff380 Year ago

    Wow! So interesting! Love the videos and liked!

  • notacatNAC
    notacatNAC Year ago

    10 animals

  • Kate Nguyen
    Kate Nguyen Year ago +3

    how many people didn't see the subscribe button?

  • Sour Potato Chips


  • Brad Garcia-Mora
    Brad Garcia-Mora Year ago

    I'm freaking and it's not because I can't find but it's because she switches the photos too fast and shows the answer

  • Subscribe to PewDiePie please

    I found the A in 2 second so easy

  • Mr. nova
    Mr. nova Year ago +1

    I found the f in a 3rd of a second

  • aye its wade
    aye its wade Year ago

    In the thumbnail there are Elephant, Donkey, Dog, Cat and a mouse

    • Kristin M.
      Kristin M. Year ago

      no between the back legs is a bird and the eye of the elephant is a fish

    • Avery Hansen
      Avery Hansen Year ago

      AtezGuy no its elephant, donky, dog, cat, and bunny

  • Truncation
    Truncation Year ago

    Eye of the elephant is a fish

    • Kayla Moore
      Kayla Moore Year ago

      YipHyGaming - Minecraft Agario Cytus and more! The trunk is a dolphin

  • Seyfi
    Seyfi Year ago

    And I hate optical illusions they never move and people around me go wow! Look at that "moving shape"

  • Seyfi
    Seyfi Year ago

    Those pills are obviously red and blue!

  • Olive Stuff
    Olive Stuff Year ago +3

    I saw red and blue for shades of grey😏

  • rawstarmusic
    rawstarmusic Year ago

    This must be US who thinks talking fast is necessary for attention.

  • rachel almendarez

    I don't know

  • zeen
    zeen Year ago

    I'm confused, the wheel isn't spinning at all to me...?

  • Michael Aumann
    Michael Aumann Year ago

    The elephants eye is a fish alwell

  • jippin
    jippin Year ago

    The spining wheel isn't moving I guess now I'm a genuise

  • RoseOfTheNight4444
    RoseOfTheNight4444 Year ago +1

    Those lines look straight to me.

  • Allan Sylvia
    Allan Sylvia Year ago +11

    But but but...... the "Spinning Wheel" is not moving at all. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN????

    • wolf gaming
      wolf gaming 11 months ago


    • Comrade Dog
      Comrade Dog Year ago


  • Darrin Chipps T.V.TM

    The thumbnail is a dog.

  • Rxghtz
    Rxghtz Year ago


  • Merle Jordan
    Merle Jordan Year ago +2

    This channel is dead
    it was only good with the guy creepy narration and creepy videos....this is crap channel now

  • Abaris84
    Abaris84 Year ago +1

    Thanks Eor TFaching MF thF DiEEerence bFTwFFn E and F! I subbFd to this channFl

  • Elias
    Elias Year ago

    Not what i expected
    And the donkey ears look more like a aligator head than the elephant mouth

  • TheGamer
    TheGamer Year ago +2

    Turns out my intelligence is through the roof! ;)

  • This Is A Certified Hood Classic

    Yeah I know for a fact I haven't subscribed to this channel

    • TheWacky
      TheWacky  Year ago

      Yeah, you most prob did. We used to be called Wacky Wednesday, ring a bell?

  • hime hime
    hime hime Year ago

    Caught lackin

  • Clarke
    Clarke Year ago +1

    Who the fuck is this bird

  • kirdot2011
    kirdot2011 Year ago +14

    not sure why I`m subscribed

  • Billy Morris
    Billy Morris Year ago


  • shadow assassin
    shadow assassin Year ago

    5 th veiwer i commenter