SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick: Extra Storage for iPhone, iPad and Android Devices

  • Published on Sep 11, 2016
  • SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick - A wireless storage device that's not much bigger than a standard flash drive. If you're in need of some extra storage, this drive can easily share, transfer or back up files from your iPhone, iPad, Fire tablet or Android device.
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Comments • 87

  • Djmeqa
    Djmeqa 21 day ago

    if you open the hony comb lid you will see an sd card there so you can upgrade it

  • Mitchell Mckenzie
    Mitchell Mckenzie 2 months ago

    How do you charge it if don’t have a computer

  • Charles Kelvin
    Charles Kelvin 5 months ago

    *U earned my sub*

  • Ad Ka
    Ad Ka 7 months ago

    Can I plug this in charger and use it as classic NAS storage for ip camera? I dont want paying cloud storage for mijia 1080p anymore. This seems to be better option.

  • ccjw33
    ccjw33 7 months ago

    Can I access the drive when the device is plug in and writing the file on my laptop?

  • Peter Tran
    Peter Tran 11 months ago

    Will the flash drive remember a photos data, like location and date the picture was taken?

  • Marc Co
    Marc Co Year ago

    So this might be the answer to transferring files from android to ios...probably not as fast as wired connection but it probably ain't too bad...thanks for the vid!

  • Benon Chuk
    Benon Chuk Year ago

    I still have a problem connecting it on my Dell laptop, it worked befor but itstopped

  • sumit chaudhary
    sumit chaudhary Year ago

    Can we transfer pdf and word file?

  • Rip Mowt
    Rip Mowt Year ago

    can it connect to your local wifi network and be i accessed like a media server?

    • Steven L
      Steven L 7 months ago

      @Steven Ben No the password is not required if you insert into your PC

    • Steven Ben
      Steven Ben 7 months ago

      @Steven L I need your help.. the sandisk can be passworded for WiFi connectivity, if you connect it to your computer via USB port, will you still need the password to access the flash drive ?

    • Steven L
      Steven L 10 months ago

      Yes you can connect it to your home network

  • Ezzequiel2517
    Ezzequiel2517 Year ago

    Can it be set up as a NAS

  • MLGLogy
    MLGLogy Year ago

    These type of products could be amazing if they were Bluetooth or some other form of wireless. Using them via WiFi gives rise to one massive caveat: you're locked to that WiFi, which you cannot browse with.

    • Steven L
      Steven L 10 months ago

      Incorrect. You can set this device up to run on your home network, accessing the Internet or the contents of the disk itself.

  • Rooban raj
    Rooban raj Year ago

    I forgot my SanDisk connect 64gb WiFi password

    • Steven Ben
      Steven Ben 7 months ago

      I need your help.. the sandisk is passworded for WiFi connectivity, if you connect it to your computer via USB, will you still need the password to access the flash drive ?

  • Dave40
    Dave40 Year ago +1

    When they say it’s 16gb is it really or is it 10gb like when you buy a smart phone?

    • Emerald lx
      Emerald lx 11 months ago

      Dave40 are you stupid ? The phone has the operating system included on your storage . Is that hard to get ?

  • Comment Faitil
    Comment Faitil Year ago

    Very clear but kind of queer to have music playing. Came here to learn, not dance.

  • Neil Cooper
    Neil Cooper Year ago

    Great, clear, concise and informative video, so much better than all those shouty Americans!

  • Zain Venturi
    Zain Venturi Year ago

    Hay buddy really liked the way you put this video together, I really liked your style. You got a sub of me. Ps you should be doing more video's; -)

  • Aayush suneja
    Aayush suneja Year ago

    Too much treble in your audio

  • Dr. Icy
    Dr. Icy Year ago

    Is it possible to share bulk files??

  • Piyush Nikhar
    Piyush Nikhar Year ago

    Hey, nice video, very helpful,
    Can I use the wifi drive along with the mobile data connection, coz its impossible to share pics from drive to whatsapp., As the data gets disabled

  • Joshua Sidell
    Joshua Sidell Year ago

    Can I transfer MS Office files to and from it?

  • Yasin Hasan
    Yasin Hasan Year ago

    so it doesnt connect to my existing wifi? thats disappointing

    • Steven L
      Steven L 10 months ago

      It does. You'll need to set it up to connect to your network

  • Caroline H
    Caroline H Year ago

    Excellent and helpful review. Thanks for uploading it!

  • Gordon Sinclair
    Gordon Sinclair Year ago

    Brilliant accurate and precise unlike many American sights that seem to love the sound of their own voice.

  • vishal hanchate
    vishal hanchate Year ago

    to pc

  • vishal hanchate
    vishal hanchate Year ago

    it is not conceting please help me

  • DJPete
    DJPete 2 years ago

    Is it iPhone compatible ?

  • Paul Pells
    Paul Pells 2 years ago

    Do I need a Router then or can I just copy or stream via Bluetooth?

    • Paul Pells
      Paul Pells 2 years ago

      So I can transfer Excel files to it via its own WiFi, thats cool. I guess I cant work on a file in the device, thank you James.

    • James Talks Tech
      James Talks Tech  2 years ago +1

      No router required, it creates it's own WiFi hotspot that you can connect to.

  • Craig Bertram
    Craig Bertram 2 years ago

    Thanks for video. Great help. Are the photos same quality as they are on your iPhone etc....?

  • Edward Orlando Zuniga Perez

    Do you know if this device is capable of review other kind of text formats? Like .pdf or .doc

  • Allen Rogers
    Allen Rogers 2 years ago

    Great video and information.

  • Rashedul Haque
    Rashedul Haque 2 years ago

    This one doesn't work with televisions. TV can't detect it.

  • Francisco Noe Artuza Leon

    One question, can you also transfer PDF files or any other document type of file??

  • Ervin
    Ervin 2 years ago

    Thanks for the review, clear and complete.

  • Emon Ahmed
    Emon Ahmed 2 years ago +1

    how can I upload other files than photos from iPad to this stick? Can anyone pls help me. TIA

  • LadyDanielle Zana
    LadyDanielle Zana 2 years ago

    It streams music alright accross 3 devices(since I solely got it to host my entire itunes/music library on a 128GB stick, which i can wear around my neck. , I suppose only VCD/ DVD quality movies it would stream seamlessly with video, but when you get to HD and HD+ you would have issues. The only drawbacks I have with it is the wireless connectivity with pc/mac. They should have made an app for it, or it showed up as a shared folder in finder/windows explorer. You can access it via windows explorer/finder using webdav buy using its iP address, on it's wifi network. found it to be slower than if it were to be smb. Also it's lack of support of playback audiofiles in wma format via the app. They might improve on that in future updates. I wont recommend putting personal files on it, when using it in a public space with the WIFI turned on even when you have set a security password to the wifi access. It works fine for me as a device that can store my iTunes library(free up space on computers) and use when plugged in, and windows media player can also import a playlist for windows media player if plugged in a windows machine, and stream music to my iphone/ipad when I am out and about without having to worry about disk space on them. Always back up your music library on other drives encase something goes wrong with it, and not have it solely stored on this.

  • Joey Sudyka
    Joey Sudyka 2 years ago +1

    Excellent presentation! Helped me immensely. Can you transfer files both ways "FROM" the stick and "TO" the drive? I haven't tried it yet...using Mac. Thanks again for a very very helpful video!

    • James Talks Tech
      James Talks Tech  2 years ago

      Hi Joey, I'm glad you found the video helpful. Yes you can transfer files to and from the stick :)

  • Victor Martino
    Victor Martino 2 years ago

    Can you add files from other apps using the share sheet? I get so pissed off that NOBODY TALKS ABOUT THIS, IT'S THE MOST IMPORTANT THING.

    • James Talks Tech
      James Talks Tech  2 years ago

      It's been a little while since I tested it but I don't recall the option of saving to or pulling files from the connect wireless stick via the share sheet. I've since given the stick to a friend but if I can get my hands on it for testing again, I'll let you know for sure :)

  • Mohammad Yousuf
    Mohammad Yousuf 2 years ago +1

    Thanks for excellent the review mate!

  • Oscar C
    Oscar C 2 years ago

    Every thought of doing ASMR, you have the voice for it. Love your tech vids pls make more lol

  • Stephanie McPherson
    Stephanie McPherson 2 years ago +1

    Does this work with any iPhone?


    can you save your apps

    • James Talks Tech
      James Talks Tech  2 years ago

      I'm afraid this isn't possible. You have to use the Sandisk Connect Drive app to interact with the stick so this doesn't work directly like internal storage.

  • Amy Italo
    Amy Italo 2 years ago +15

    Have you considered doing narrating relaxing videos? You have an amazing voice!

    • Aiden
      Aiden Year ago

      James Talks Tech can I use it as a WiFi adapter for my computer that doesn’t have WiFi by just leaving it in the pc?

    • James Talks Tech
      James Talks Tech  2 years ago +1

      Hah, I can't say I have - I'm no Attenborough ;)

  • Sky A. Cramer
    Sky A. Cramer 2 years ago

    How do you get movies on it?! I've been trying everything and nothing works

    • After Office
      After Office 2 years ago

      Sky A. Cramer Drag and drop as you would with a normal flashdrive

  • Frederik Holmquist
    Frederik Holmquist 2 years ago

    Can you transfer a word file from an ipad to this, and then to a pc?

  • Matt Klapman
    Matt Klapman 2 years ago

    One can stream 3 video streams if the total aggregate bandwidth does not exceed around 20 Mbit/s and the WiFi traffic in the area is not congested. So the claims are true within a reasonable video rate and low congestion. A DVD rip can be HD quality at 2Mbit/s, so try Handbrake to limit to that bandwidth for the encoding process.

  • C.J.
    C.J. 2 years ago

    Can you store apps on it?

  • James Kilpatrick
    James Kilpatrick 2 years ago

    can i play music stored on the stick on my iPhone using my cordless headphones

  • sachin kunder
    sachin kunder 2 years ago

    But to gotta charge it..

  • Theresa  Sanchez
    Theresa Sanchez 2 years ago

    Thanks for posting this! Great video, very informative! 👍🏼

  • jazzz7005
    jazzz7005 2 years ago

    Thanks for the detailed tutorial . It helps

  • William
    William 2 years ago +1

    Hello, I am thinking of buying this for a 19 hour bus trip I have next week and wanted to make sure you can use the wireless functionality while charging off of a portable battery bank?

    • tom maddern
      tom maddern 2 years ago

      James Talks Tech p

    • James Talks Tech
      James Talks Tech  2 years ago +3

      William You should still be able to use the wireless functionality even when it's connected to a dedicated charger such as a power bank :)

  • Pardhu B
    Pardhu B 2 years ago

    Can i connect it to my TV continuously? and upload videos to scandisk from laptop without removing from TV USB?

    • Renato Gyuris
      Renato Gyuris 2 years ago

      Can you find solution?

    • James Talks Tech
      James Talks Tech  2 years ago

      Pardhu B Your TV is likely to mount the stick as an external USB drive and unfortunately the wireless functionality is unavailable when the stick is mounted as a drive :(

  • Sankha Dahanaggala
    Sankha Dahanaggala 2 years ago

    How fast does it transfer data via WiFi? Can anyone say?

  • Aruel Pene
    Aruel Pene 2 years ago

    thanks great idea..

  • James Mason
    James Mason 2 years ago

    Great video. Since my iPhone is almost full do you know if there is a way for me to shoot video and have it go to the stick without having to go to my camera roll on the phone.??

    • Huub Smetsers
      Huub Smetsers Year ago

      I don't have the stick myself, but if I'm not mistaking, you can make it automatically make back-ups for you, and then it will delete the photo's from your device (so it will only be on the disk). But I'm not sure cause I don't have the disk myself!

  • Jacob Snider
    Jacob Snider 2 years ago +6

    Thank you for this video, extremely well done and helpful.

  • Molly Brearley
    Molly Brearley 2 years ago +2

    Thank you so much, this is a very helpful review. I have very little knowledge in IT and even I could understand this.

  • Israel Delatorre
    Israel Delatorre 2 years ago

    Thanks bro

  • Israel Delatorre
    Israel Delatorre 2 years ago +1

    where did u get ur walpaper on your computer?

    • Emerald lx
      Emerald lx 11 months ago

      Israel Delatorre the internet

    • James Talks Tech
      James Talks Tech  2 years ago +2

      Israel Delatorre it's a facets wallpaper (Ghosts) by Justin Maller :)