An End to Procrastination | Archana Murthy | TEDxMarcusHighSchool

  • Published on Apr 21, 2017
  • Humans are all united by a force greater than joy, sorrow, and love... procrastination. Contrary to the humorous picture our popular culture paints, avoidance of work is a serious issue. Surveys suggest that 85-95% of students encounter problems directly related to procrastination. As a teenager, all-too-familiar with this torrid cycle of stress, anxiety, and depression, Archana Murthy presents an insightful cure to one of society’s greatest ills. Through personal reflection, Archana suggests that the cure to procrastination is a springboard for a greater journey that is better navigated with others.
    Archana Murthy is a student of Marcus High School but also of life. She learns Indian classical music and dance but loves any and all art. She believes that art, science, and spirituality are often interchangeable. This is her first TEDx talk.

    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • Nell Russell
    Nell Russell 3 days ago


  • Nell Russell
    Nell Russell 3 days ago

    The audience is procrastinating on their emotions during this Ted

  • Danila Angileri
    Danila Angileri 4 days ago

    I finally understand my problems.

  • Elena Stefanucci
    Elena Stefanucci 6 days ago

    In the very moment she revealed the truth to solve procrastination I started crying so bad

  • Albon Queely
    Albon Queely 13 days ago

    Amen guys x

  • mispelling
    mispelling 20 days ago +1

    I am a Muslim. And the Hadith has a very helpful text regarding procrastination.
    It states ‘kill the infidels’.

  • st4r-lord
    st4r-lord 25 days ago

    I just saved this to watch later

  • Raunak Ronnie
    Raunak Ronnie Month ago

    Awesome talk👍

  • Logical Aadmi
    Logical Aadmi Month ago

    Video begins at 7:23 . You're welcome.

  • Felipe Nava de Santiago

    I am in troubble, I am procastinating my study watching procastination videos XD

  • marishkaaable
    marishkaaable Month ago

    Wow, the audience does look dead

  • Alex W
    Alex W Month ago

    Is the audience procrastinating laughter or...

  • michael maina
    michael maina Month ago

    I'll watch this tomorrow

  • Mendus Flare
    Mendus Flare Month ago

    The audience has no sense of humor

  • Rosetta White
    Rosetta White 2 months ago

    :/ (: ):

  • taşkın Orhan
    taşkın Orhan 2 months ago

    Added to my playlist, going to watch it later.

  • rodneyclooney1
    rodneyclooney1 2 months ago

    Worst audience ever..

  • iPodFayne
    iPodFayne 2 months ago

    Rough crowd

  • Nancy Frix
    Nancy Frix 3 months ago

    Wonderful speaker, great subject, one I know I can use.

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 3 months ago

    The audience was full of blacks, no wonder they were brain dead

  • Alfred Essa
    Alfred Essa 3 months ago +1

    I study procrastination. I am super impressed by this talk, not just on the topic of procrastination (which is excellent) but the style of her talk. Lot of substance packed in. Heads and shoulders above most TedTalks by “professional” speakers. She is brilliant!

  • My own species
    My own species 3 months ago

    cringe worthy ted talk, oh so bad

  • David L. Mitchell
    David L. Mitchell 3 months ago

    Wonderful video...

  • Chubbic S
    Chubbic S 3 months ago

    method starts at 7:27

  • Chubbic S
    Chubbic S 3 months ago

    Thank you for this. It helps.

  • MantisTCO
    MantisTCO 3 months ago +1

    Who else procrastinates their procrastination by watching videos about procrastination?

  • Maria Ali
    Maria Ali 4 months ago

    This was my project. Writing tips on procrastination. (Learning Framework Class)

  • Simply Anmol
    Simply Anmol 4 months ago

    I ardently believe in Krishna. Right now I am facing this serious issue of procrastination and i guess this is the thing i really need. This is the video everyone who's procrastinating should watch. 👏👏👏

  • Funny Eri videos Filimom

    I like her energy!

  • karo ma
    karo ma 4 months ago

    Honestly you are a really good and natural speaker, great work and advice I will try it and stick it to my vision board too!

  • Michał W
    Michał W 5 months ago

    I still struggle with procrastination :/

  • Saubhagya Negi
    Saubhagya Negi 5 months ago

    The crowd is really doucey

  • alish shrsetha
    alish shrsetha 5 months ago

    Jump to 7:23

  • metarus208
    metarus208 5 months ago

    I'll do it later ....

  • Pratham Gupta
    Pratham Gupta 5 months ago

    She is damn right.

  • Vibhu
    Vibhu 5 months ago

    So dull.

  • Mn M
    Mn M 6 months ago

    a quarter of comments are jokes about procrastination, a quarter are saying how good a speaker she is and half of them are commenting about the crowd. I have y theory about the crowd, but I'll do a comment about that later....

  • Ravenwood
    Ravenwood 6 months ago

    Stop procrastinating.. 8:50 you’re welcome.

  • Livin' Great
    Livin' Great 6 months ago

    Believe in yourself. You are braver than you think, more talented than you know, and capable of more than you imagine. ― Roy T. Bennett

  • Yuvraj Singh
    Yuvraj Singh 6 months ago

    Dead audience.😑😑

  • Christine Vang
    Christine Vang 6 months ago

    I cannot with this crowd!

  • megha jain
    megha jain 6 months ago

    Good talk

  • Kathryn Kuhl
    Kathryn Kuhl 7 months ago

    Procrastination is self-sabotage. Part of you is against having to do this project because a project of yours has been sabotaged by someone else in the past. You repeat the cycle because you have not yet broken free from it. If it is a creative project, and you are putting your heart into it, part of you may fear completing the project because it means you'll have to deal with your fears(demons) from the past. Or, maybe someone in the past told you that you would never be successful, and you were naïve enough at the time to believe it, and you see completion of the project as going against this other belief that you have been holding. You need to let go of that belief in order to accept the belief that you are allowed to be successful. It could also be a self-esteem issue. Part of you may be holding the rest of you back because you are not really sure you deserve success.

  • Kathryn Kuhl
    Kathryn Kuhl 7 months ago


  • Ranjana Adhikari
    Ranjana Adhikari 7 months ago

    Worth watching and the line when she says to older people it might not be issue but to us it is is really true

  • Linda Van Veen
    Linda Van Veen 7 months ago

    She should get a disney movie or something

  • TheAmazingJG1
    TheAmazingJG1 7 months ago

    Plot twist. The audience was on their phones, procrastinating from listening to the talk

  • Sharon Kenye
    Sharon Kenye 7 months ago

    I have been procrastinating the whole day. I'm so sick of this , I want to get up and start my work.

  • yashwanth patel
    yashwanth patel 7 months ago

    She is so beautiful..

  • Brian O'Donohue
    Brian O'Donohue 7 months ago

    Exceptionally insightful for such a young person. Thank you for sharing!

  • Jacob Thomas-Smith
    Jacob Thomas-Smith 8 months ago

    Ok, yes the crowd wasn't reactive but she really didn't say anything overwhelmingly profound, definitely seems like the talk was tailored for high schoolers

  • Vibhansh Gupta
    Vibhansh Gupta 8 months ago

    1. SET A GOAL

  • beastbuilder
    beastbuilder 8 months ago

    either they dont like her or its the limbic system meaning it doesn't appeal to the audiences communication style

  • nataliee mo
    nataliee mo 8 months ago

    wtf is wrong with the audience?

  • David Holloman
    David Holloman 8 months ago

    Please... Bring her back Ted Talk

  • Jasmine Espy
    Jasmine Espy 8 months ago


  • Abdullah Farashe
    Abdullah Farashe 8 months ago +1

    One of the best ted talks I ever seen, and likely the most touching to me as I am a master procrastinator.

  • John Lüka
    John Lüka 9 months ago

    You in the comments criticising the crowd are pathetic. She is really annoying to listen to as she has no empathy at all. Me, me listen to my boring story!! It's like an old man talking. Think Buzz Killington from family guy.

  • sudhanshu s
    sudhanshu s 9 months ago

    Added to "Add to watch later"

  • Sally O’malley
    Sally O’malley 9 months ago

    A good way to not to ‘procrastinate’ whilst watching this video to, for example,is to listen to it whilst cleaning your room.

  • mugenishere
    mugenishere 9 months ago

    Her talking style reminds me of bitches from real life. People who are extremely arrogant, self-centered, proud, boastful, ungrateful and fighters.

  • Senthil Venkat
    Senthil Venkat 9 months ago

    Audience are procrastinating to appriceate her!

  • Me Me
    Me Me 9 months ago

    the audience is dead haha but I relate girl I relate

  • Madhu Babu
    Madhu Babu 10 months ago +1

    Acknowledge & Reflect
    Reduce stress & Increase happiness.
    Enjoy whatever you do
    Thanks for such a wonderful video.

  • Leith Keshava
    Leith Keshava 10 months ago

    the talk is good, the audience is not. But on the other side, I also think she doesn't utilize 'pause' enough to get the feedback before she proceeded the story further. Her expression sometimes shows doubts too.

  • Sebastiaan
    Sebastiaan 10 months ago +1

    Excellent talk. Super helpful. You have no idea how bad my procrastination became. Even the thought of work makes me feel stressed and afraid. It's so unrational, especially for me being a very rational and confident person. But it's indeed a very subconscious process that I find hard to break. I will try your methods immediately. thank you so much. I'll update this thread with my progression.

  • Video Vagrancy
    Video Vagrancy 11 months ago

    Agreed with most of the posters here, Archana was a fantastic, and enthusiastic speaker. I am going to put her tips into practice. Her audience though...Wow! The complete lack of interaction/involvement was palpable. She was giving this passionate presentation, and they acted as though they were watching an infomercial. Kids these days.... I can't believe I just said that... I guess I really am getting old.

  • Punitha Kanagasabai

    May Divine Lord Sri Krishna bless Archana richly for extracting a sacred gem from His holy text Bhagavad Gita for our wellbeing. It is amazing a very young lady has had such a profound glimpse into an eternal truth. Certainly, God's Grace is with her. Thank you very much. It helped me to write this comment on a 'here & now' basis by not allowing procrastination. God bless all including the audience!

  • frog frog
    frog frog Year ago

    im a working person

  • Vaishali Kashyap
    Vaishali Kashyap Year ago

    Great talk! 👏

  • Andriana Holubka
    Andriana Holubka Year ago

    Really talented girl and one really tough audience.
    Liked the speech a lot though and enjoyed the jokes too, nice job :)

  • bharat gaikwad
    bharat gaikwad Year ago +1

    End to Procrastination Algo:
    1. Set the goal
    2. Be Positive
    3. Acknowledge and reflect on feelings
    4. Feel Grateful
    5. Record
    talk greatly delivered, problem analysed in depth, good solution proposed.
    Thanks a lot.
    From a chronic procrastinator.

  • Chaga Dundev
    Chaga Dundev Year ago

    cant believe that im procrastinating on my assignments watching this video

  • Prashant Kaul
    Prashant Kaul Year ago

    This is awesome - 'if I avoid work it will bring stress and anxiety' nailed it.

  • Fernando Arzola
    Fernando Arzola Year ago

    publico de mierda, aplaudan invalidos culiaos

  • Jayasre Leelamma
    Jayasre Leelamma Year ago

    12 is pm

  • Anna Elizabeth Laube

    This is amazing! Thoughtful and practical advice and so well-delivered. Looking forward to implementing the Mmmmm method and have a feeling it's going to be very helpful. Can't wait to hear more solutions from Archana in the future, surely there will be many more!

  • Sunny shah
    Sunny shah Year ago

    The quote from Bhagavad Gita she is referring to is
    "Karam kar, fal ki chinta mat kar"
    basically, "Do karma, don't worry about the fruits"
    Karma = Action
    Just do what you need to do, and stop worrying about what rewards (fruits) the task will bring you

  • M7MD
    M7MD Year ago

    Thanks God.
    Those audience were alive, they clapped! 😂💔
    You're beautiful and talented keep it up girl!

  • Victor
    Victor Year ago

    Reeeeeeeeally helpful, thanks a lot!!

  • Kenny McCormic
    Kenny McCormic Year ago

    Oh, girl! You’ve made my day! God bless you!

  • Ganga Gangsta
    Ganga Gangsta Year ago

    1. Set a goal
    2. Be positive
    3. Acknowledge and reflect on my feelings
    4. Feel grateful
    5. Record what happens

  • Kwyat Man
    Kwyat Man Year ago

    I understand why the crowd was quiet... Her image (she doesn't look "dominant" enough for A-type personalities), her commercial-like delivery, and it took her 7+ minutes to get to the good stuff.
    It's an AWESOME VIDEO, so thank god it was taped for those who appreciate it.

    • Katelyn L
      Katelyn L 11 months ago

      she slayed at her high school: #4 in her class and off to Texas A&M . very articulate and I agree with your comment

  • sushma yadav
    sushma yadav Year ago

    Wow kya speaking skills hai great

  • Noureldin Khalil
    Noureldin Khalil Year ago

    im procrastinating by watching this video

  • Haohdah D
    Haohdah D Year ago

    Thank you

  • life love
    life love Year ago

    Beautiful talk

  • Marbie Downen
    Marbie Downen Year ago +1

    This is like more of a declamation or theatrical speech than a talk -- probably why the crowd zombied.

  • Alex
    Alex Year ago

    One world " wow 😯" 👏👏👏

  • Don loKIOso
    Don loKIOso Year ago +2

    That's actually pretty cool!!!

  • Ajay manthri
    Ajay manthri Year ago

    She s here to showoff her Daimond necklace n her status

  • Ajay manthri
    Ajay manthri Year ago

    Wasted my 16mins

  • Bingko Subu
    Bingko Subu Year ago

    One of the worst Ted talk. Why do indians always talk this way? bit cringy. Watch humanoid Sophia in India and see how the host speaks.

  • V S S
    V S S Year ago

    Thank you!! Murthy, you are an excellent speaker🙏 Being a chronic procrastinator I have gone and am going through the dread of deadlines. I just can't get myself to work.

  • Patrick Holmes
    Patrick Holmes Year ago

    This is an excellent talk. Congratulations, Archana! You speak very well and your ideas are original, wise, insightful, and intelligent. Just ignore the negative comments on here. Haters will be haters. They cannot stand excellence in other people, especially from a woman of color. You have a very bright future ahead of you. Keep aiming high.

  • D K
    D K Year ago

    I agree! Procrastination by Emma Hayes on Amazon

  • Kathleen Higgins
    Kathleen Higgins Year ago

    Good job!

  • Senthil Kumar
    Senthil Kumar Year ago

    excellent one...

  • blissful fragrance
    blissful fragrance Year ago +1

    Hands down the best Ted Talk I've seen👏

  • detsb
    detsb Year ago

    Good advice. I've never heard it put that way,""