Love Death Robots FISH NIGHT SCENE episode 12

  • Published on Mar 20, 2019
  • #lovedeathandrobots

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  • Sean Cabanayan
    Sean Cabanayan 9 days ago +2

    My heart was pounding...I thought he was gonna get killed off screen and see the other guy's reaction ( sorry if I dont know the names ) I didn't expect them to show him getting devoured by the shark...incredible..this is just incredible

    • 99999drake
      99999drake 6 days ago

      Sean Cabanayan never tell the names

  • Katherine Pérez
    Katherine Pérez 17 days ago +4

    This chapter was so visually beautiful that I cried.

  • Дзіцячыя відэа

    RIP Gameing people

  • Shutter Island 1893
    Shutter Island 1893 24 days ago +3

    I need that soundtrack ^^

  • thesebsanimation studio
    thesebsanimation studio 27 days ago +1

    The music is so beautiful it's like if something is good

  • Roger Kincaid
    Roger Kincaid Month ago +2

    This is probably my favorite animation from the entire series.

  • Oberon Gaming
    Oberon Gaming Month ago +1

    Looks so much like borderlands!

  • Diego Macowski
    Diego Macowski Month ago +2

    Is it about a man watching himself since he was young through adult life and remembering how are the teenage phase and reflecting and taking easy with himself like a new beginning to next years?

  • Nick Grimz
    Nick Grimz Month ago


  • Kyle Campbell
    Kyle Campbell Month ago


  • Martin Sasia
    Martin Sasia Month ago +3

    The song 'A horse with no name' came to mind while I watched this.

  • PierreShark
    PierreShark Month ago

    You will notice earlier in the episode that the kid threw the empty bottle of water away. Then we had a time lapse but they had all given up hope. It's possible that the water ran out or the cold killed him at night. Though it's not explicitly explained or shown, the kid most likely died in the car and this was the old man's way of coming to terms with leading him on a useless salesmans trip and claiming the route to be a short cut. Also, before he died, the older man wistfully mused about the ghosts of fish. It is also possible they both died but the old man couldn't accept it because he was bitter and had turned cynical from living longer and losing any sense of wonder and innocence, which the younger kid had, hence why he accepted it all and wanted to join the spirits and swim away.

  • Emilio Hidalgo
    Emilio Hidalgo Month ago +6

    This episode brought up a point I've argued for years:
    How come we only see the ghosts of people (and sometimes pets), but we never see the ghosts of extinct animals?

    • Emily Gunwaldsen
      Emily Gunwaldsen 4 days ago

      +Kemanie Campbell maybe that's what all those weird cryptids are that nobody can seem to find? Ghosts of extinct creatures... ETA: yeah I know the vast majority of cryptid sightings are the result of misidentifying actual critters and/or natural phenomena and a hefty dash of wishful thinking, but a witch can dream, right?

    • Kemanie Campbell
      Kemanie Campbell Month ago +1

      I always wondered about that too, I mean how cool it would be just the ghosts of huge pterosaurs gliding in the air, the shadows of Utahraptors in the darkest night, seeing Dire wolves reliving an anciet hunt, and watching a Mosasaurus lept out of the water?

  • darth_frager
    darth_frager Month ago

    Aaaand then they woke up.

  • {melody cockies}
    {melody cockies} Month ago +2

    Its son xtrange but interesant :^

  • Fabio Militello
    Fabio Militello Month ago +11

    The music and visuals for this give me shivers every time.

  • Ardhan Fadhlurrahman
    Ardhan Fadhlurrahman Month ago +4

    Are we there yet?

  • Baby cute
    Baby cute Month ago


  • Emilce Diaz
    Emilce Diaz Month ago

    This was so beautiful. See those creatures that were the masters of this world. Until the guy die...Why did he die? They were ghosts, how can the shark kill him?

    • Tubby
      Tubby Month ago +1

      +Emilce Diaz im pretty sure he somehow was able to turn into a ghost and he could interact with them, and the shark ate him

    • Emilce Diaz
      Emilce Diaz Month ago

      +Tawny Jordan I thought the same...

    • Sentinel TV
      Sentinel TV Month ago +1

      The guy became turned into a ghost, just like the other creatures. The shark was a ghost too. Ghosts can kill each other.

    • Emilio Hidalgo
      Emilio Hidalgo Month ago +5

      There are plenty of old tales of spirits luring people to their deaths, taking people to their realm.

    • Tawny Jordan
      Tawny Jordan Month ago +1

      Emilce Diaz he sleep in a car and died this is just a illusion

  • BlueIceShards
    BlueIceShards Month ago +9

    I actually cried during this scene...I dont know why but I found it so..beautiful. just something about seeing the spirits burst from the ground and the music- it got me man

  • DANKKrish
    DANKKrish Month ago +4

    The family DMT trip doesn't go that well.

  • Noja8787
    Noja8787 Month ago +2

    One of my favorite stories.

  • A.Krishna
    A.Krishna Month ago +7

    how is this not copyrighted?

    • G G
      G G Month ago

      A.Krishna shhhh

  • alyvc_
    alyvc_ 2 months ago +18

    Does anyone know the name of the soundtrack?

  • The Modern Heathen
    The Modern Heathen 2 months ago +53

    Hands down my favorite story of the series. It reminded me so much of the Greek myth of Daedalus and Icarus.

  • darnell
    darnell 2 months ago +9

    He should of known swimming with ghost wouldn't end up well smh.

    • darnell
      darnell 8 days ago

      Lilli6n I make it a rule to never hang with ghost

    • Lilli6n
      Lilli6n 8 days ago

      darnell your telling me if you saw what he was seeing you wouldn’t want to explore it like cmon

  • MarXman124
    MarXman124 2 months ago +42

    This reminds me of the story of Icarus where a man and his father were flying over the ocean with wings.
    The man was flying too close to the sun out of excitement, which his father was constantly warning him not to do. Ultimately, the sun burned his wings and he drowned in the ocean.
    I guess in this case, he was flying too close to the moon. Just a thought.

    • Nick Grimz
      Nick Grimz Month ago

      I only heard that story from Samuel L. jackson

    • Dushan Fernando
      Dushan Fernando Month ago +1

      Tatiana Dashkova more like he got access to their realm. That’s why the meg noticed him.

    • Tatiana Dashkova
      Tatiana Dashkova Month ago +1

      MarXman124 it was probably about dead. All the animals in the episode were real life extinct animals. The guy probably died falling of the cliff, when the shark ate him he hited the ground

    • Dushan Fernando
      Dushan Fernando Month ago

      natural selection

    • Harrison Skelton
      Harrison Skelton Month ago +6

      Or a shark

  • Rai Bishal
    Rai Bishal 2 months ago +8

    So it's like different dimension and if u are coloured {body} u can interact with those fish and stuff?

    • Tawny Jordan
      Tawny Jordan Month ago

      The heat kill him before

    • Tawny Jordan
      Tawny Jordan Month ago

      He is already death that’s why

    • Ruud
      Ruud 2 months ago +7

      Yeah i believe once you glow you are part of the spirit world which could mean the spirits knew he would die since he glowed before he got eaten by the shark. Just a stupid theory though :p

  • Siang C
    Siang C 2 months ago +37

    Young guy slept inside the car and died.

  • dalton Gilliam
    dalton Gilliam 2 months ago +13

    Is it me or the animation looks similar to telltale games that

    • Tawny Jordan
      Tawny Jordan Month ago

      Batman telltale

    • Robert Phillips
      Robert Phillips Month ago

      DANKKrish same here. When Rhys and Vaughn stuck in the desert

    • DANKKrish
      DANKKrish Month ago +1

      It really reminded me of borderlands

    • Taka
      Taka 2 months ago

      yes it does

  • attovishnu
    attovishnu 2 months ago +61

    Best animation I've seen in a long time, the graphical colors are absolutely stunning. Any animation like this with a Eurypterid is world class in my book.

    • ceren
      ceren 15 days ago

      Wisdom Tooth Uh, I think it’s rotoscope until the fish scene. But either way it looks good.

    • ceren
      ceren 15 days ago

      kindapeachy I didn’t say it wasn’t. Of course, it’s wonderful.

    • Wisdom Tooth
      Wisdom Tooth 15 days ago

      +ceren It's not rotoscoping, it's motion capture. They use actors for movements with green suits and balls, they use 3d models to mimic the actors movements. If it was rotoscope the actors would look more human(like scanner darkly.) They look like 3d models and kind of tooney.

    • kindapeachy
      kindapeachy 22 days ago

      +ceren it's still so breathtaking though, it obviously took time & care

    • James Wearing
      James Wearing Month ago +1

      +ceren yes it is buzzkill

  • Aly
    Aly 2 months ago +81

    This is the saddest episode in the whole series......when you live an empty life with no goal and then you discover the beauty of dead things

    • Diego Macowski
      Diego Macowski Month ago +1

      I understood like no empty, but, the wasted time working, responsability, then he though that he needeed a brand new restart to follow the rest of his tired life

    • Zachari Boi
      Zachari Boi Month ago +1

      Wow that's deep jaden smith

    • Rai Bishal
      Rai Bishal 2 months ago +1

      Wasn't there a fox girl part?

    • Aly
      Aly 2 months ago

      +Jessa Falcis and also sad

    • Jessa Falcis
      Jessa Falcis 2 months ago +1

      Wow that's deep

  • Daniel Esperanza
    Daniel Esperanza 2 months ago +6

    Did it kill him because he didn't belong?

    • Paradox1559
      Paradox1559 Month ago +1

      It ate him because it was a freaking shark. That's kinda their shtick

    • Daniel Esperanza
      Daniel Esperanza 2 months ago +2

      Yeah I was torn. Part of me wants to look at it on the surface as he either just got eaten because he was not paying attention, but also he was a virus in their world more or less. But I think I stand corrected! Thanks!

    • Appalachiosaurus22
      Appalachiosaurus22 2 months ago +10

      We saw the fish eat the little anomalocaris earlier, meaning the "land of the dead" where the fish swim still follows the eat or be eaten rules of the living world.

    • Crash Andersen
      Crash Andersen 2 months ago +18

      Pretty sure it was just hungry.
      Never occurred to the kid that when you swim with prehistoric monsters, you swim in THEIR world.

  • Jose Luis Pando
    Jose Luis Pando 2 months ago +46

    I need this soundtrack

  • Alex McVey
    Alex McVey 2 months ago +1

    Freakin' great.

  • Kenneth Roberson
    Kenneth Roberson 2 months ago +18

    What is the score for this?!!!????? I need answers

  • Hristo Hristov
    Hristo Hristov 2 months ago +7

    LSD trip inc.