Top 10 Most Unsettling Plot Twists In Non-Horror Movies

  • Published on Jul 31, 2018
  • Top 10 Most Unsettling Plot Twists In Non-Horror Movies
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    Horror movies don't have a monopoly on scary twists. From The Usual Suspects, to Chinatown, to Shutter Island, these movies delivered some skin-crawling narrative curveballs. WatchMojo ranks the top most unsettling twists in non-horror movies.
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    List rank and entries:
    #10. “The Usual Suspects” (1995)
    #9. “Chinatown” (1974)
    #8. “Arlington Road” (1999)
    #7. “Shutter Island” (2010)
    #6. “Malice” (1993)
    #5. “Se7en” (1995)
    #4. “Planet of the Apes” (1968)
    #3, #2, #1???
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Comments • 1 412

  • Smriti Pal
    Smriti Pal 2 days ago

    Amy dunne is the mastermind villain of all time... I mean she faked her own death!!!

  • SkylinerGaming
    SkylinerGaming 4 days ago

    “it’s all about the implication” = the greatest opening to a watchmojo video ever

  • pssywagn
    pssywagn 5 days ago

    Inception and Sixth Sense should've been on this list

  • Sam Mills
    Sam Mills 8 days ago +1

    Are we so sure that Seven is a "non-horror" film? Because it's more horror than most horror films out there.

  • The creator
    The creator 10 days ago didn't include Attack on titan!!!

  • Sophie Holloway
    Sophie Holloway 10 days ago

    How is fight club not on this list?

  • Sam Sharp
    Sam Sharp 11 days ago

    Sorry to Bother You belongs on one of these lists lmao

  • cim888
    cim888 12 days ago

    No no no no no no... I've finally forgot about Oldboy... why the fuck did you have to bring it back up..... :(

  • Dee Wright
    Dee Wright 14 days ago

    I know the list came out before the movie did but I think "The Gift" would be on a new version of this list. Soooo good.

  • Calder Rahn
    Calder Rahn 15 days ago +1

    The Usual Suspects should've been the first no doubt

  • Christopher Parks
    Christopher Parks 17 days ago

    Shutter Island was marketed as a thriller/psychological horror. Why make rules for your lists if you're going to break them? Retards.

  • Wabash
    Wabash 18 days ago

    How the actual fuck y’all gonna put the usual suspects at number ten...

  • אריאל גולני
    אריאל גולני 24 days ago


  • Deborah LePage
    Deborah LePage 27 days ago +1

    Hey Seven, he did NOT get all Seven. For lust he killed the prostitute NOT the John.

  • Ernest Marshall
    Ernest Marshall 29 days ago

    Actor Charleston Heston one best actors in Hollywood then and. Now.

  • Ryan Hughes
    Ryan Hughes Month ago

    Can someone post the list of movies mentioned so I can watch them later? I know I haven’t watched them all but plan to and don’t want them spoiled. Thanks in advance!

  • Jermaine Savory
    Jermaine Savory Month ago

    SOLYENT GREEN IS PEOPLE - this line made me chuckle

  • s staners
    s staners Month ago

    Fight Club had me wondering how I missed that. Having to watch it again and again I realized the biggest clue was when Marla Singer called the narrator to check for breast cancer. Or Tyler Durdan in the basement talking to the narrator and telling what to say to Marla.

  • Michael Arballo
    Michael Arballo Month ago

    Was that intro a reference to iasip?

  • Curt Christensen
    Curt Christensen Month ago

    Memento. You might have to watch a few times to figure out he's faking his condition

  • Andy Smith
    Andy Smith Month ago

    Course Planet of the apes is unsettling, you’d feel buggered if it happened to you! Poor old Harrison. I always thought Usual Suspects was a bit silly , almost juvenile writing,seems I’m alone

  • Throatwobbler Mangrove

    Soylent Green's ending was awesome (although it was heart-wrenching when Edward G. Robinson died in the film, already having been diagnosed with the cancer that would kill him in real life shortly after the movie wrapped). I enjoyed the movie so much I had to read the book it was based on, Harry Harrison's "Make Room! Make Room!" The book doesn't have the same ending, and is honestly a slog to get through.

  • Mojack
    Mojack Month ago

    Can't remember of there ever was a DiCaprio movie i didn't enjoy, he's a very consistent actor i suppose.

  • Lord Leviathan83
    Lord Leviathan83 Month ago

    When in reality we don’t know “what’s in the box” as even the script never said.

  • BigDaddyJinx
    BigDaddyJinx Month ago

    The original Planet of The Apes and Soylent Green were two of the best twists I have ever watched.

  • Kyra Audino
    Kyra Audino Month ago +1

    Prisoners with Jake Gyllenhaal is also nice to go on this list

  • Ahra Mina Dimalanta

    Soylent Green, yeah it's 2019

  • Jinri
    Jinri Month ago +1

    oldboy is the best omg

  • Serious Star
    Serious Star Month ago

    Shutter Island and Wolf of Wall Street up there in the highest grossing listings make me realise that Scorsese and Di Caprio really have churned out a lot of crap together.

  • Sharon L
    Sharon L Month ago

    How about Memento?

  • Allen Sagalla
    Allen Sagalla Month ago +6

    Ah, yes, the classic line, "You've got to tell em, Soylent Green is people!" ~love it, thanks for uploading :-)

  • Guillermo Zabala
    Guillermo Zabala Month ago

    Where is de life of david gale?

  • miloradvlaovic
    miloradvlaovic Month ago +1

    Gone girl is a reductive version of Double Jeopardy.

  • Remi Lalaque
    Remi Lalaque Month ago

    Sadly, I got green sun spoiled by someone so I never watched it

  • Yulian Coronado
    Yulian Coronado Month ago +1

    This video was uploaded one day after my birthday

  • Mimi Grayson
    Mimi Grayson Month ago +2

    Yeah. . . usual suspects should be number 1!

  • Ben Brennan
    Ben Brennan Month ago +30

    Usual Suspects twist wasn’t unsettling. It was spine tinglingly brilliant.

  • kaila m.
    kaila m. Month ago


  • ArsenaL Mike
    ArsenaL Mike Month ago

    Who is the girl in the thumbnail

  • iamchillydogg
    iamchillydogg Month ago +1

    Uh, humans ARE apes. So apes are right now ruling the world. 😁

    • iamchillydogg
      iamchillydogg Month ago

      @Red Rosenberg
      No we are classified as Great Apes right now.

    • Red Rosenberg
      Red Rosenberg Month ago

      iamchillydogg but that’s also like saying we are all amphibians so amphibians rule the world, see we were apes and now we are different, such as how we were all amphibians at some point, unless you don’t believe in evolution... than we were never apes and we still aren’t

  • Team Clue
    Team Clue Month ago

    The commuter

  • Shots and Chops Wrestling

    Charlton Heston the king of shouting out twist.

  • BaoGrant Plays
    BaoGrant Plays Month ago +3

    Top 10 + most + mind blowing/scary/dramatic adjective + part of a film/game + in + game/film genre = WatchMojo

  • Joshua Anderson
    Joshua Anderson Month ago

    Where is sixth sense??

  • dontrestyourhead
    dontrestyourhead Month ago

    Se7en isn't a horror film!? Watch the sloth scene and tell me that.

  • lex snow
    lex snow Month ago

    Shutter Island,Seven and Gone Girl are my favorites

  • Todd Peucker
    Todd Peucker Month ago

    Arlington Road is the best of these. It's crafted so well that you never see the ending coming. Gutsy movie because it has a bummer ending that is atypical to most Hollywood schlock. Orphan is good too.

  • R Rockwell
    R Rockwell Month ago

    There is no maybe at the endbof Shutter Island. It is clear as day his treatment worked. He just pretended to not remember so he doesnt have to live with his guilt.

  • chloe broadbent
    chloe broadbent Month ago

    Um okay but where is primal fear?!

  • John Dominic Laurente

    I don't wanna be spoiled so please share the list haha! I don't wanna watch the video. Give the top 10 list.

  • spokes
    spokes Month ago

    I havent watched any of these films.

  • plm2879
    plm2879 Month ago

    Not mentioned: Fight club, Primal fear, Departed, Basic instinct, Lucky # slevin
    Curiously on the "horror list": Sixth sense, Identity

  • Roberto Filho
    Roberto Filho Month ago

    Arlington Road is a very bad movie and its plot twist was very obvious, and very cliché, has been used in countless other movies, anyone with half a brain saw it coming from miles away.

  • Malice Flare
    Malice Flare Month ago

    nah, Dr. Lecter would hate Soylent Green, and call it junk food....

  • dajmacd
    dajmacd Month ago

    I would contend that "Gone Girl" qualifies as horror.

  • Osama Obama #2
    Osama Obama #2 Month ago

    Pay It Forward should have been here

  • Marc Colten
    Marc Colten Month ago

    The Usual Suspects sucked. It's not just the question of whether any of it even happened, although that is an issue. The real problems are:
    1. If Verbal really is the master criminal, why is he in police custody? How does this advance his agenda? Now they've seen him and have his picture. The narration says he's there to identify Kyzer Soze. Not true. The police don't hear that name until later. Without him all the police know is that people are dead on a blown up boat. A dead end.
    2. After hours of rambling about names and places the police detective is shocked, SHOCKED, that the man he thought was a street hustler was lying to him. You mean he believed a word that man said to him? Why?

  • Sophia C
    Sophia C Month ago

    Why wasn't dusk till dawn in hereeee

  • Patrick DeSantis
    Patrick DeSantis Month ago

    wicker man??

  • Zonnie Hoffer
    Zonnie Hoffer Month ago

    4:18 WHERE'S CODE: PANDORUM????!!!!

  • Dack Hammer
    Dack Hammer Month ago

    A Boy and his Dog. Still haunts me since I saw it in the 80's.

  • Noble Long
    Noble Long Month ago

    The Usual Suspects is so overused!

  • terron jackson
    terron jackson Month ago

    I actually figured out shutter island in 30 minutes. I watched it with my ex and she said i ruined it for her.

  • Wog 2968
    Wog 2968 Month ago

    Life of pie?


    soylent greens trailer pretty much gave away the ending

  • Roxi Smith
    Roxi Smith Month ago

    What about the movie (maybe someone remembers the title) where a woman's abusive cop husband sets her up for his murder and she runs away and falls in love with a widower with two kids. The woman befriended a woman there who turned out to be the ghost of the man's dead wife. The runaway woman was played by Julianne Hough. Anyone remember it?

  • Hank The Tank
    Hank The Tank Month ago

    Charlton Heston is so lucky, he got to be involved in two of the greatest plot twists in all of cinema!

  • Eric Bergstrom
    Eric Bergstrom 2 months ago

    Assuming one counts Skeleton Key as a Thriller and not a Horror movie, it should also be on this list. Without giving away too many details, SK could easily be seen as the spiritual predecessor to Get Out.

  • BLA5T3R Productions
    BLA5T3R Productions 2 months ago

    How is Se7en not a horror movie?

  • sol porter
    sol porter 2 months ago

    Shutter Island was bad, really bad

  • Thomas Schultz
    Thomas Schultz 2 months ago

    How about Primal Fear???

    JEN'S DEN 2 months ago

    warn ppl you going to ruin the plots for themm dickhead..

  • Raymond Moore
    Raymond Moore 2 months ago

    NO! The box was not "Found", it was delivered to them, a preset arrangement had been made for the box to be taken there. ( From Seven

  • Hannah Dworzak-Oberherber

    I think that "What happened to Monday" should also be on there somewhere

  • heatherwanderer777
    heatherwanderer777 2 months ago

    Arlington Road was one of my fav movies back in the day, never gets enough love or recognition.

  • Jeannine Lockridge
    Jeannine Lockridge 2 months ago

    I saw Soylent Green when I was a kid. Loved the movie!!! Scientists have since provin that any creature that eats too much human goes crazy and becomes addicted to it because humans don't have enough nutrition in them to keep the creatures body going. My favorite part of the movie was the clinics you could go to that helped the people who chose to be there peacefully end their lives. The only thing was they were made into Soylent Green!!!

  • Being Cinematical
    Being Cinematical 2 months ago

    I think You've mistaken Se7en by Fight Club.

  • zoorockf1
    zoorockf1 3 months ago +1

    An Honorable mention should’ve been: Primal Fear

  • Rabid Waffles
    Rabid Waffles 3 months ago

    did this come out before sorry to bother you... cuuuuuuuz that needs to be on the list

  • Rabid Waffles
    Rabid Waffles 3 months ago


  • Ask Yourself
    Ask Yourself 3 months ago

    There's this movie. About a man who uses hypnosis or sth to tap into some girls mind and memories to see them vividly as if hes in them so as to help the girl with something. Yes sth like that. Anyone know the name?

  • Hair Ball
    Hair Ball 3 months ago

    “Revenge is a dish best served cold, with a side of insest”

  • Lydia Smith
    Lydia Smith 3 months ago

    I know this is gonna sound crazy... And not very scary. But IT IS SCARY. Ifyouthinkabouttheimplications. PROMISE ME YOU'LL THINK ABOUT THE IMPLICATIONS

  • Rodrigo Fernández
    Rodrigo Fernández 3 months ago

    I felt her when she said “Leave my daughter -and sister”…
    I dunno, her acting touched my heart though I haven’t seen the film

  • Hans Ruhlmann
    Hans Ruhlmann 3 months ago

    Se7en is a horror movie

    SMALLFRYSQUID 3 months ago

    did the lady in malice hit the guy with her kid or a doll???? either way hahaha going to beat you with another person

  • Raven 2002
    Raven 2002 3 months ago

    I never really paid attention to Gone Girl or Shutter Island. I've heard of both movies but never actually sat down and watch them. After seeing this top 10 I had to watch both! Gone Girl mad me sooooooo mad that she got away with all of that!! Shutter Island was really good and I predicted then ending.

  • Deanna Nicolari
    Deanna Nicolari 3 months ago

    what about Fight Club!!

  • My Enemy's Enemy
    My Enemy's Enemy 3 months ago

    Some of these could arguably be classed as horror films, or at least containing elements of the horror genre - Seven, specifically

  • Creepylifeofme
    Creepylifeofme 3 months ago

    2022 isn’t that far away anymore

  • Shay Rattlesnake
    Shay Rattlesnake 3 months ago

    Its like I've been seeing the same lists, running out??

  • Christopher Panossian
    Christopher Panossian 3 months ago +3

    You ignored the plot twist that has shaped the minds of every child for the last forty years. Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's father.

  • OmegaMan
    OmegaMan 3 months ago

    I guess I’m the one person who hasn’t watched the Usual Suspects. It’s not on Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon Prime.

  • Luella Anderson
    Luella Anderson 3 months ago

    Um excuse me where is Tully?

  • Mamaluke 64
    Mamaluke 64 3 months ago

    Primal Fear
    The Sixth Sense ..neither mentioned
    Arlington road was a vastly underrated movie with a realistic and not a “Happy Hollywood” type ending. Too low on this list in my opinion.

  • Funk-A- Tron
    Funk-A- Tron 3 months ago

    I think it's shocking that watch mojo has 20mill subs

  • Dade Lee Murphy
    Dade Lee Murphy 3 months ago

    soylent green is liberals.

  • Owaissa Althea Dickey
    Owaissa Althea Dickey 3 months ago

    All of these are wonderful movies but I would also add The Crying Game,Frankie Starlight,The Usual Suspects,Barefoot Gen,Changling,The Butterfly Effect,The Sixth Sense,Mama,Bent,The Green Mile,Girl Interrupted,Shutter Island,One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest,The Orphan,Dead Poet's Society,Pan's Labyrinth,The Vinyard,Recycled,Seven,The Horsemen,The Postman,Braveheart,Saving Private Ryan, Full Metal Jacket, The Jacket,AI,9,The Orphanage,Red Dawn,Hart's War,Empire of theSun and many more

  • R N
    R N 3 months ago +2

    You should have included INCENDIES.has one of the craziest plot twists

  • The Majestic Spider
    The Majestic Spider 3 months ago +8

    This will always be my favorite movie quote: The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist. And like that... he's GONE.

    • Mistah J
      Mistah J 2 months ago

      Love that quote. Kevin Spacey will always be one of my favorite actors.