New to Who? | Doctor Who: Series 12

  • Published on Dec 11, 2019
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Comments • 667

  • How will pizza get a job now?

    New to who?

    Don't watch the 13th doctor. It's got bad writing.

  • RJ McAllister
    RJ McAllister 22 days ago

    The Cliffs Notes version, eh? And to think, a half-hour ago, she was a white-haired Scotsman.

  • succubus of happiness
    succubus of happiness 22 days ago

    Welp ... i don't like she

  • RobloxGamingVids Production Studio

    When 13th Doctor regenerate please make the last word be amazing and keep on going :)

  • idk okay
    idk okay 22 days ago

    'and travel in a tardis" , pretty sure its meant to be 'and travels in a tardis" , i swear the publicity for this season and the last was so bad, gives the show a bad image to ppl who don't realise how great it is

  • Knight Chime
    Knight Chime 23 days ago +1

    lol the first letters to appear on screen spell out 'ew'.

  • Delta
    Delta Month ago

    New to who, let’s dumb it down:
    Semi immortal nomad goes around in a blue mobile phone while defending the earth against everything from pepper shakers to baked potatoes.

  • Shikari Fox
    Shikari Fox Month ago

    Important Who rule; bananas are good.

  • Alex Smith Music Official

    "She's a Timelord"
    "She's from Gallifrey"
    Disgusted by this assumed gendering from the BBC. Surely, the Doctor should go by "They/ Them" pronouns seeing as they do not have a gender as shown from previous incarnations. Will be submitting a complaint to the BBC for going against their diversity policy.

  • vincent vimalraj
    vincent vimalraj Month ago

    When doctor come to south India ? Big fan

  • mitohumano ahd
    mitohumano ahd Month ago +1

    sorry i still dont watched this new episode because i git no time ;-;

  • Cheez The Artist
    Cheez The Artist Month ago

    Where’s the TARDIS toy we were told of a year ago?

  • A W
    A W Month ago +1

    After seeing Ben Barnes in BBC 'Golddiggers" with his range and importantly screen presence (lacking with Jodie sadly) I hope the BBC can consider him for a new Dr Who (if he was interested of course).
    Hopefully this can get this potentially appointment TV show back on track. It's one of the few gems still owned by the BBC and a Dr with screen charisma is a requirement, currently that's not the case unfortunately.

  • Brian Levine
    Brian Levine Month ago +1

    New to Who?
    Sucks for you.
    Grab a Tardis and go back in time.

  • Chromacrylic!!
    Chromacrylic!! Month ago

    Graham: where's the Doctor?
    Ryan, knowing full well that she has her head stuck in a tuba after Yaz told her *repeatedly* to stop messing around with it: ...who's the Doctor?
    (Source: Tumblr)

  • NCG
    NCG Month ago

    I honestly think the Doctor having Human companions is starting to get a bit stale. I know episodes need to take place on Earth due to budget restrictions, but surely more aliens could become companions?
    I think introducing new Time Lords would be a great and fresh idea. This would involve the Doctor having friends from the Academy (Like the Master) that we haven't even heard of, or a young Time Lord who's inspired by the Doctor.
    A potential plot could be that Rassilon is planning revenge against the Doctor due to his exile, but is almost completely untraceable. The Doctor would then need help from Time Lord friends (new to viewers) that he/she hasn't seen since his/her first incarnation at the Academy. The Doctor and the gang of Time Lords must find Rassilon before he destroys reality itself.
    I just think having the Time Lords more involved in Doctor Who would refresh it a bit. I don't dislike it, but I feel that having human companions 95% of the time is getting old.

  • Margie Garcia
    Margie Garcia Month ago

    Oh I so hope you bring back River

  • Wario64I
    Wario64I Month ago


  • Fellow Citizen
    Fellow Citizen Month ago +1

    New to Who? The Doctor is an ancient alien whose perspectives and behaviour are inexplicable to mortals - sometimes seeming childish, other times monstrous. S/He's a steward for young minds, and a problem-solver not a listener.

  • MattyD77
    MattyD77 Month ago +1

    Doctor who series ratings (2005 - 2018)
    Series 1: 8.5/10
    Series 2 8/10
    Series 3 8.5/10
    Series 4 9.5/10
    Series 5 7/10
    Series 6 7/10
    Series 7 6.5/10
    Series 8 7.5/10
    Series 9 6.5/10
    Series 10 8/10
    Series 11 6/10

    • Knight Chime
      Knight Chime 22 days ago

      Anyone who overlooks the first 26 seasons of the show can't have an opinion.

  • Mirielen Arantes
    Mirielen Arantes Month ago +1

    "The Doctor. In the Tardis. Next stop: everywhere." 💜😭

  • M P
    M P Month ago +2

    0:05 5 seconds in I'm already irritated.

    • Shikari Fox
      Shikari Fox Month ago +2

      Read this and heard it in Miranda's voice.

  • Blue Planet
    Blue Planet Month ago

    New to Who? No.
    This is the Doctor. Yeh I disagree.
    She's a Timelord. Annoying is another word.
    She's from Gallifrey. Sure.
    Can regenerate her body. Coool... sooo how long 'til the next one?
    And travel in a Tardis. Great.
    Tardis? Got it? God I feel sorry for new viewers of the show.
    Lets go. Yeh, I think I will. I have re-runs of better Who to watch. 'The Christmas Invasion' on Christmas Day anyone?

    • Knight Chime
      Knight Chime 23 days ago

      The Christmas Invasion??? lol I remember when that one first came out & everyone was saying it was the worst episode yet (& they were right). Some things never change.

    • Fellow Citizen
      Fellow Citizen Month ago +1

      Is she the XIIIth, or is she "...between your XIIth and final incarnation..."?

  • CediKayable o.O
    CediKayable o.O Month ago +1

    Badest Season...

  • Billie Ache
    Billie Ache Month ago


  • Sbrideau
    Sbrideau Month ago +3

    This is a pretty weak ad... Appears woke (which it probably is with what we've seen in the last season, I hope they do better this season with her, but I'm not keeping my hopes up, even as a female doctor the last season could've been a hell of a lot better, but instead only the first episode was awesome).

    • Shikari Fox
      Shikari Fox Month ago

      The Series 12 teaser didn't seem better to you?

  • Soogbad
    Soogbad Month ago +1

    She's not a time lord, she's a time lady, as previously said about, for example, the time lady in the end of time that guided Wilfred. And if you'd try to make the argument that it depends on how they were born as, or something else that's creative like that that implies it is still a boy then why do you call him a "she". The sentence she's a time lord just isn't grammatically correct

    • Knight Chime
      Knight Chime 22 days ago


    • Soogbad
      Soogbad 22 days ago

      @Knight Chime yes. What else are you supposed to say? Time lords and time ladies? It's like in Hebrew where a lot more words have genders than English so when you talk about a group of people, unless you know they are all women, you refer to them in the male version of the word

  • Fluffy Jackie
    Fluffy Jackie Month ago

    Banana's are great

  • The Green Dragon boat

    I thought the doctor is an alien not a she or he

  • Bruce lee1947
    Bruce lee1947 Month ago +7

    New to who:

    Do not start at series 11.

    • Bruce lee1947
      Bruce lee1947 22 days ago

      @Knight Chime oh alright

    • Knight Chime
      Knight Chime 22 days ago

      Are you America, or something? The one you're referring to is called series 11. Conversely, season 11 was originally broadcast in 1974.

    • Bruce lee1947
      Bruce lee1947 22 days ago

      @Knight Chime huh? Isn't season 11 the one we're on right now?

    • Knight Chime
      Knight Chime 23 days ago +1

      Season 11 was Sarah Jane's introductory season. It's not a bad choice to start with that one.

  • arb 348
    arb 348 Month ago +2

    She is not the doctor,she is a poor and pandering attempt to be pc and has honestly just killed the show

    • Knight Chime
      Knight Chime 23 days ago

      lol was Terminator 3 a pandering attempt to be pc? Weren't the constant gay references during the gay era pandering too?

  • David Carter
    David Carter Month ago

    Can’t wait and if u watch parts of old who but think it is cheesy or boring don’t fret and Just start with new Who! It is a great show; not withstanding, the last season. It is like watching the Patriots- if they don’t win the Super Bowl just keep watching the next year and they will be back in it.

    • Knight Chime
      Knight Chime 23 days ago

      The memory cheats. There's nothing cheesier or cringier than the RTD "era".

  • Tony Davis
    Tony Davis Month ago

    Lap it all up...… you know there wont be a series 13....ask the man in charge why...

    • Shikari Fox
      Shikari Fox Month ago +1

      They've already began work on it though?

  • Santa's Got An Axe
    Santa's Got An Axe Month ago +3


  • Frog
    Frog Month ago +1

    New to who?

    I don’t mind stepping on Lego’s

  • Дукхваха Манаев

    Доктор кто?


    She turns good Capaldi...

  • Elite Snowman king
    Elite Snowman king Month ago +1

    Once the 13th doctor regenerates that will mean the doctor has no more regenerations given a timelord only has 13 Regeneration's so considering they don't break Dr who lore by the BBC giving the doctor extra regenerations this incarnation is the final

    • Blox
      Blox Month ago

      Elite Snowman king They gave 11 a complete new cycle (12 regens) in Time of the Doctor, so no, she’s far from the final.

  • Unkn0wn_289
    Unkn0wn_289 Month ago +3

    New to who?
    Go back and watch everything from 1963 to 2017 and listen to some big finish see and hear how amazing it is and then watch the first four episodes of series 11 and see what an utter trainwreck and a disaster this era is, the doctor is a male

    • Knight Chime
      Knight Chime 23 days ago

      um, it has been a train wreck since 2005 & Big Finish is fanwank.

    • TFVids
      TFVids Month ago

      Now say that without crying.

  • Shahzaib Siddiqui
    Shahzaib Siddiqui Month ago +2

    New to who?
    "I am the doctor from the planet gallifrey in the constellation of kasterbrous

    • Shahzaib Siddiqui
      Shahzaib Siddiqui Month ago

      @Delta the Tenth Doctor's final acts of kindness

    • Delta
      Delta Month ago

      His names Alonzo

    • Shahzaib Siddiqui
      Shahzaib Siddiqui Month ago

      @Shikari Fox yeah I too liked his character

      P.S. do you watch Good Omens?

    • Shikari Fox
      Shikari Fox Month ago

      @Shahzaib Siddiqui I hope Mark Sheppard comes back for another episode, he spoke softer but he had a couple lines where his delivery sounded a little like Crowley.

    • Shahzaib Siddiqui
      Shahzaib Siddiqui Month ago

      @John Racy 10th all the way!!

  • Sealion Studios
    Sealion Studios Month ago

    New to Who?
    Bow Ties are Cool

  • Héloïse Capaldwi
    Héloïse Capaldwi Month ago

    very nice

  • Mark Duggan
    Mark Duggan Month ago

    I wish I was able to travel in time, I can't wait for New year's day.

  • Let's Get a Shift On
    Let's Get a Shift On Month ago +6

    New to Who?
    *Laugh Hard. Run Fast. Be Kind.*

    • Let's Get a Shift On
      Let's Get a Shift On Month ago

      @Andrew C I shall have to pass the credit for that one to Steven Moffat, but ta nonetheless! I think it's Who in a nutshell.

    • Andrew C
      Andrew C Month ago +1

      56 years summed up in 6 words. Noice!

  • James Gazeley
    James Gazeley Month ago +1

    I was going to criticize this the second it started but with every passing half a second oh look there's too many things wrong. This video is a crime worse than murder.

  • sonic time
    sonic time Month ago +1

    me who has watched all the classic and modern series and listens to big finish and reads the novels and comics...

    doctor who channel: new to who?

    me: not exactly...I'm gonna watch the vid anyway

  • Cameron St.Bernard
    Cameron St.Bernard Month ago +1

    New to who?

    Good! stay that way, it isn’t good over here!

  • B. Fam!
    B. Fam! Month ago

    That was awesome!

  • ꧁༺sofia༻꧂ Amiga

    New To Who?
    Beans are evil...bad bad beans.
    Are you my mummy?
    Fish sticks and custard
    Pears are disgusting
    Attack Eyebrows

  • TheLachstar
    TheLachstar Month ago +1

    New to Who?
    Shut up, just shut up

  • Magpie One
    Magpie One Month ago +1

    Jodie, I'm sorry.You seem to play the Doctor as a caricature.Talented?Yes.Doctor?No.

    • Knight Chime
      Knight Chime 22 days ago

      Dude, I only ever refer to David Tennant as David OTT Tennant. He was a cartoon. Subtlety has been a foreign concept to this show since 2005.

    • Magpie One
      Magpie One 22 days ago

      @Knight Chime She goes way over the top

    • Knight Chime
      Knight Chime 23 days ago

      that's true of her 4 predecessors too though

  • - MrPuppyFan -
    - MrPuppyFan - Month ago +4

    “New to who?”
    It’s called the TARDIS

    • Fellow Citizen
      Fellow Citizen Month ago

      Thyme And Rather Drenched In Saki, it's a cooking show.

    • Andrew Chapman
      Andrew Chapman Month ago

      *Tethered Aerial Release Developed In Style*

      Oh wait, wrong TARDIS.

  • NuttyRedBaBonkerz
    NuttyRedBaBonkerz Month ago +1

    she hasn't told team tardis about being a time lord from gallifrey. i hope she does...

  • Xtra Spice Mikey
    Xtra Spice Mikey Month ago +2

    new to who? no been watching it for 30+ years.
    BBC what is your obsession with worrying about new fans into the show not getting what it's about - it only took me a couple of episodes, and that was classic who!!

    • Fellow Citizen
      Fellow Citizen Month ago

      One of the essential ingredients of Dr Who is imagining or reconstructing what one has missed from an episode which clashed with some other activity. I remember watching Destiny of the Daleks and being astonished that it was completely different, and lacking important scenes which I suppose I'd imagined.

      It's also why I'd prefer perhaps 3-part stories, rather than these 1- or 2-part structures which don't leave enough time to ponder between.

  • Jake B
    Jake B Month ago

    Please don't say this means their gonna water down the Cybermen

  • Dr0p _b34r_09
    Dr0p _b34r_09 Month ago

    “She’s a time lord”
    Wait-Isn’t she, a he tho? Because Regeneration is a life cycle, new body, but same person/spirit? Or is it the other way round?

    • Dr0p _b34r_09
      Dr0p _b34r_09 Month ago

      Dova ok!

    • Dova
      Dova Month ago +2

      Dr0p _b34r_09 either works, Missy’s first incarnation was a man but capaldi says “I’m fairly certain she was a man”
      I think they just use whatever’s current for simplicity

  • Ztrangefolk
    Ztrangefolk Month ago +3

    New to who?
    Never ever eat pears!

  • whylime21
    whylime21 Month ago +4

    SHE's a timeLORD
    makes my day hearing that

    • Daniel Nickson
      Daniel Nickson Month ago +2

      westtell4 from what I can gather, Time Lord can be used in a gender neutral way so I suppose it’s a personal preference thing among female Time Lords a bit like some female thespians prefer to be called actors, others prefer actress.

    • westtell4
      westtell4 Month ago +1

      shouldn't it be timelady

  • Callum McPherson
    Callum McPherson Month ago +1

    In theory, the best jumping-on points for newcomers are Series 1, Series 5 and Series 11. Each was a fresh start with a new lead writer and new cast. That said, I started watching Doctor Who halfway through Series 3, and that worked out all right, so you can probably start anywhere.

    • Knight Chime
      Knight Chime 23 days ago

      In this day & age, why start anywhere other than the beginning?

    • Shikari Fox
      Shikari Fox Month ago

      Series 8? O.o

  • Harry
    Harry Month ago

    I'm sorry,
    Is that...
    New Galifrey Footage ooooo

    • Shikari Fox
      Shikari Fox 16 days ago

      @Harry For clarity, I did say "think" didn't necessarily say definitely yes or no :3

    • Harry
      Harry 16 days ago

      @Shikari Fox just came back to say I was right😉

    • Shikari Fox
      Shikari Fox Month ago

      Think it was from Series 3, could be new though, never know.