Reverb vs Delay (How to Make Your Mixes 3D) | - Mix School #16

  • Published on Oct 2, 2017
  • Struggling with reverb and delay? Watch this video.
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    The key to making your mixes sound modern and professional is depth.
    A good mix is more than just a good recording. It has a sense of space, a 'larger-than-life' quality...
    In essence, a good mix sounds 3D.
    So, how do you achieve that?
    It all comes down to your use of reverb and delay.
    But which should you use, and when?
    You just have to ask yourself this one question.
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Comments • 31

  • Sebbse
    Sebbse 3 months ago +1

    Thank you.
    Love your channel

  • S T
    S T 8 months ago

    What was the mono delay used for and the tape delay on the track after it for?

  • Yomal Senanayake
    Yomal Senanayake Year ago

    What is thin DAW?

  • Manuel Ferral
    Manuel Ferral Year ago

    I just have something to say, your monodelays, are DEFINITELY NOT MONO

  • Charlie Panosh
    Charlie Panosh Year ago

    Well done. People interested in this concept should listen to Pink Floyd's album Animals.

  • Frank De Baere
    Frank De Baere Year ago

    Hi Rob, Your video channel is really great. We have already made some recordings with my daughter's band, two vocals and one guitar with one ukulele. Can you listen here?

  • Againwelived
    Againwelived Year ago

    what is the song in the video?

  • Markus Ineichen
    Markus Ineichen Year ago +2

    You have a real talant as a teacher ... absolutely brilliant your videos
    Fast easy and very comprehensive

  • Rob Cerasuolo
    Rob Cerasuolo Year ago +1

    This is the first time I've heard the close/far explanation. I think it's more comprehensive than what I've heard before.
    On a side note, who's the artist, and is there a link to listen to more of this? It sounds like somebody's in trouble...!

  • Alex Dj Mpc
    Alex Dj Mpc Year ago +2

    Congratulations on the video
    very good to see someone who understands audio comes here in you tube to teach the physics of the thing because what else has and false help behind tanned. I clicked the link to know more about the effects and I'm from Brazil and it has no translator !!!

  • Pat Autrey
    Pat Autrey Year ago

    What a brilliant explanation I can't believe no one else's ever put it like this I will forever no and remember from now on thank you sir

  • Maxton Barber
    Maxton Barber Year ago

    quick question ive always been confused about. so the reverbs on a send, wouldn't you just have it zeroed out at unity gain. why send things differently, then change the fader the reverb is on? been wondering this for a long time?

  • YankeeRhoad
    YankeeRhoad Year ago

    Great explanation \m/

  • James Taylor
    James Taylor Year ago

    Do you have videos that explain analog signal flow and then how that applies to the digital workspace? That would be really helpful in helping me understand what's going on in the digital environment. Thanks.

  • John Haas
    John Haas Year ago

    good stuff! as referenced in the cheat sheet, can you describe what is meant by "Pre-emptive​​ reverb"? I'm not familiar with that term, and Google wasn't much help. cheers!

  • Marcinho Fernandes

    Rob, awesome video! Just one doubt: How do you only heard the Aux channel? I use Logic too, but this just doesn't work for me. Every time i solo an aux, i get no sound at all.


      You can Tell your Daw at what Point the Signal is taken from the Channel Strip. Pre or post fader! That means, if you Put the pre fader listening, the Signal for the aux will taken from before the Fader. So you can change the loudness of the Single Track without effecting the send Signal.

    • Marcinho Fernandes
      Marcinho Fernandes Year ago

      Yes!! But i can only hear the send "in solo" if i solo the "main" channel as well. Thanks for the answer, anyway!

  • bizzy dee dee
    bizzy dee dee Year ago

    Great Stuff Rob,its very helpful many thanks

  • Nathan Avraham
    Nathan Avraham Year ago

    link works again. Thanks!

  • Afro Bennington
    Afro Bennington Year ago

    Link isn't working

  • Nathan Avraham
    Nathan Avraham Year ago +2

    this is really helpful! amazing, I want to download the cheatsheet but unfortunately your website is unavailable! I get a Siteground web hosting error message. I hope it's easy to resolve!
    - Afroham