Libra - You See Right Through Them... Who Is this Hater In Your Relationship? Feb 18th-28th

  • Published on Feb 18, 2019
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Comments • 84

  • juliet 1000
    juliet 1000 2 months ago

    The all zodiac signs all good but aries is a bit rude but thats ok i can be rude to sometimes and taurus is a bit weird but i think that ok tooo

  • Sheila Williams
    Sheila Williams 4 months ago

    left a taraus in sept 6th 2017 and it is still going on with the courts march1th 2019

  • Mike Thomas
    Mike Thomas 4 months ago

    I am emotionally drained and overwhelmed with the unmotivational and numbness to my pain and crys. I'm crushed totally and still I can't lie to myself, I love him.

  • Shana Dalton
    Shana Dalton 4 months ago

    On point every word !!!!!!!im sag sun libra rising gemi moon dealing with virgo....omg

  • Norma Martinez
    Norma Martinez 4 months ago

    Need a special reading

  • Ms Slimmint
    Ms Slimmint 4 months ago

    Spot on with Aries Ex and myself... Had to walk away and do no contact..... Only day 1 as of today....
    Id love a reading

  • Nadine Blake
    Nadine Blake 4 months ago

    Oh yea she hating hard lol 🙄

  • Renetta Nunez
    Renetta Nunez 4 months ago

    Girl!!! Once you started talking about someone coming in between us I was like yup! My person and I have a mutual friend which is how we met and the mutual friend is an Aquarius well I think he got in my persons head because he blocked my number and deleted me off social media today... all I can do is give him his space and hope he comes back...

  • Christie McCullough
    Christie McCullough 4 months ago

    Sag (Sun), Scorpio (Moon) & Scorpio (Venus) here dealing with a Cap (Sun), Sag (Moon) & Aquarius (Venus) bf, who I believe has been splitting time between myself and his ex gf, she’s a Libra (Sun), Leo (Moon) & Leo (Venus).
    My bf’s ex lives in an area that he travels to a lot for work and stays overnight or sometimes 2-3 nights for “work” at a time.
    His energy is so in and out, I knew there was something that wasn’t adding up. He’s emotionally detached and is very selfish, completely focused on his $ and whoever he can get with that will get him the most $.
    It is hard, I feel for her bc I love him as well, but he’s just has narcissist tendencies and is obsessed with $ and the material world. I mean, I currently live with the my bf and have been with him for years.
    She was his first gf and cheated on him with his best friend. And dates his best friend for years. He doesn’t make anyone but himself a priority. I’ve asked him repeatedly if he’s happy and if he still wants to move forward.
    He swears up and down that he does, which is why I just don’t understand what he’s trying to do in regards to our relationship and/or relationships outside of ours. Very confusing for myself, so I know it has to be for her as well.
    I just want to move forward in my life, but he’s making it near impossible when he refuses to open up and communicate how he truly feels. I just want him to be happy.
    Yeah it would suck if he had involved me in a 3rd party situation, but karma is a b*tch. I’ve been nothing but loyal and honest. I’ve done the 3rd party thing just once before and I’m getting my karma in this situation, that is if it is a 3rd party situation.
    We shall see. Only time will tell bc he ain’t saying anything, but I feel the emotional distance and that the energy is off between the two of us. Plus stuff just isn’t adding up.
    It’s sad, bc I know I have someone that’s waiting for me to come back, but I didn’t involve them or go toward them at all bc I thought that the connection that my bf and I have was a soulmate connection worth working on.

  • Chantelle Rieger
    Chantelle Rieger 4 months ago

    BIG trust issues. Beautiful work love thankyou.

  • Dee Vine Goddess
    Dee Vine Goddess 4 months ago

    My story exactly... He is a Taurus, & his psycho baby mama's is a cancer/gemini cusp she refuses to see us happy ...her bestfriend told us she had went & had spellwork put on us...she's bitter & jealous & I see right through her bullshit...I Know that one day we'll come together but for now I wish him the best..

  • Miss Thang
    Miss Thang 4 months ago

    He's a Virgo and I'v been down about the break up. I fell for him big time. Trying to just put my feelings aside and move forward as much as possible. Your right about gossip and someone not wanting to see us together. The same person was in my ear about him to and I figured out that he was just trying to turn use against each other. I am giving him space and if he come's back it must be balanced or else no go. I have been reflecting on how much effort I was putting in compared to him and he had trust issues with me from the beginning or I can see that now and now I have trust issues with him. I feel very torn over him, I keep going back and forth between missing him and telling myself that I should move on and let him go but I haven't been fully abable to do that because I love him but he made me feel like a fool and I realize I was to trusting of him.

  • Big Savage
    Big Savage 4 months ago +1

    Please do leo Ash. ❤❤❤😘u!

  • Talena Danage
    Talena Danage 4 months ago +1

    As a libra he was a virgo. Lied had multiple women never wanted to give was a user narcissist ways. What's in the dark comes to light. I let it go and moved on time will heal all wounds 💔

  • Kimberly McCracken
    Kimberly McCracken 4 months ago

    I can hear your boys - God bless them. (Big hugs from Miss Kim.) Great read, Ashley, thanks.
    Hope Connor is doing alright.

  • Javonnah Robinzine
    Javonnah Robinzine 4 months ago

    Great reading 💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥.

  • Javonnah Robinzine
    Javonnah Robinzine 4 months ago

    I love a hater Hoe 💯💯💯💯They motivate me too stomp harder and work harder 💰💰💰💰💰and continue too apply pressure .You give those who want too watch and attempt too cause you problems a show .

  • Elizabeth Sayers
    Elizabeth Sayers 4 months ago

    You are amazing. I have had 2 readings done in my life. The first one I went to, I was with the woman my husband had cheated on me with 5 months earlier, obviously unbeknownst to me. She is a Scorpio. My husband is a Gemini and his mother is a very bitter, evil Sag. At my first reading the reader told me that I was surrounded by enemies. We were visiting my in laws. 20 years later I learned the truth, because something he said didn't add up. I questioned him. He broke and confessed. His mother had set it all up. I was 8 months pregnant with our first son. The woman made sure he knew what she was offering. My husband took the bait. Some of the details are too painful to expose. He made the decision. When the truth came out... his mother lied/did not tell the whole truth and somehow, I got blamed for the infidelity and the break up of the in law family... His mother is no longer welcomed in MY house. He never faced them and owned up to what he did, nor did he defend me or my name. This has been a long hard road. I love him, but I will never look to him to defend me or stand for me. Some one once told me, be careful of the people that are in your circle, but not in your corner. No one is in my corner. Thank you for doing this on line. This is my second reading and I just found it by mistake. You have given me so much to think about.

  • Selina Pace
    Selina Pace 4 months ago +1

    Actually the Taurus with leo in his rissing has me on his mind I walked away from and I'm happy i did I have so many options now and did before I stopped talking to him. So he can keep on moving he's too much drama

  • Ms. Sarah Zahra
    Ms. Sarah Zahra 4 months ago

    That's crazy it's totally reversed I'm a Virgo but that's wild lol I did a reading on him but he will never open up to me and I don't know what's up with his home situation I think he's married but I gotta walk away lol he is with an Aries at least I feel like he is lol I'm gonna message him and done it I got a lot of other stuff on my plate thanks lady

  • Devine Nurse
    Devine Nurse 4 months ago +3

    Honestly Ashley, they can have him. If he put me in a 3 party situation then we can safely assume he cheated on both of us. Neither one of us truly had him. C’est la vie Virgo!!✋✋

  • Soul Believer
    Soul Believer 4 months ago +10

    As Libras we carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. Only another Libra truly understand what we go thru internally when it comes to how we are with other people. How authentic & genuine our hearts and intentions are. However we are often misjudged by most because this world has lost HOPE in real LOVE. We are often looked at as being fake with motives of something that just isn't in who we are as a Libra. We represent ❤ & not just any ordinary ❤. Sadly we see good in everyone else but fall short in remembering to also see the same ❤ and good in ourselves. 😢
    Those who come across a Libra have a hard time letting ago because deep down inside we become the safe haven that people seem to want to run to for peace/understanding. It has to do with our spirits being nurturing. It's a curse & a gift at the same time. We constantly fight a battle within ourselves. The heart & mind keeps us in a mental prison. Some of us honestly are carrying over 100 swords in our fucking backs right now as I write this & yet we find that one good thing about the person we ❤ who put the swords in our fucking back to begin with & hold on to it. Always looking at the good & overlooking the bad. This will forever keep us with broken spirits & broken ❤'s.
    Trying to keep them scales balanced in life is a STRUGGLE!

    • Slanteyez70 Jones
      Slanteyez70 Jones 4 months ago

      Thank u... libranation💫⭐️✨🌟

    • DeJa_Vu♎☾
      DeJa_Vu♎☾ 4 months ago +2

      Oh my this is my whole life you jus explain & it's going to be ok Thanks for the Moivational word

  • Gorgeous G Baby
    Gorgeous G Baby 4 months ago

    He's a whoish Aries-Sun, Gemini-Moon, Pisces-Rising and Venus-Aries....we were high school first loves. He's been married and now we are both divorced. I don't want to pull away but if he doesn't open up more and get this commitment on the ball....fuck him!

  • Violetsoul Reiki
    Violetsoul Reiki 4 months ago

    His mama

  • King riry
    King riry 4 months ago +1

    Amazing yes piscies dealing with libra

  • Paula Jacobson
    Paula Jacobson 4 months ago +1

    I give you 10 ***

  • Paula Jacobson
    Paula Jacobson 4 months ago +8

    Wow I'm impressed just what she said is exactly what I'm going thru, gave me the chills... My heart can't take much more hurt from him😢🙏💔

  • Superstar Lula
    Superstar Lula 4 months ago +6

    Thank you for a great reading. He is Down Low gay and sleeps with prostitutes, I don't want't this "relationship".
    He spends all day talking to guys and hides me from his guys. He is Cancer

  • Zechariah Miller
    Zechariah Miller 4 months ago

    You are reading my situation so well thank you sweetheart.

  • Cee Jay
    Cee Jay 4 months ago +1

    You nailed it...💯

  • Star Blane
    Star Blane 4 months ago

    Can a Libra tarot card reading can it resonate with a person that's a Libra that passed away 4 months ago or is it only for the living

  • Cee Jay
    Cee Jay 4 months ago

    Resonated 💯 I found out yesterday that has been asking about me (he’s blocked out of my life)! I still love him, but I’m not ready and I don’t think he’s ready, yet. In due time....💯

  • Gina Hoffsteder
    Gina Hoffsteder 4 months ago +2

    I’m sooo glad it’s over with 👍😂😂..... 👋 Felicia 😜

  • Nakisha Herring
    Nakisha Herring 5 months ago +7

    Yep sounds about accurate. He was dealing with a pisces female with fire in her chart. And yes she got in between our relationship and destroyed our happy home. Yes he was being petty and his whore was too. Then he sent her to my house until I ended up beating her down completely. Then alot of people heard about what I did and it got back to him. He tried to reach out to me but I DID A QUEEN OF SWORDS BY CUTTING THE PISCES OFF COMPLETELY AND STOPPED COMMUNICATING WITH HIM SINCE THEN PLUS I STOPPED HIM FROM COMING AROUND TO SEE OUR KID'S. BUT HE'S STILL WATCHING STALKING AND SPYING ON ME THOUGH LOL

  • Natalie Cassell
    Natalie Cassell 5 months ago +1

    Yes I’m married to a Capricorn moon man and he’s been cheating with a third party for along time ... But I’m in love with a Aries sun with a Aquarius moon and he is so all over the place ... I’m so confused at this point I want my life back and my independence back .... i just wanna move forward ...I’m tired .... I’m moving back with my parents soon and I just want peace in my life ...

  • Nakisha Herring
    Nakisha Herring 5 months ago +10

    Yep dealing with a delusional bipolar disorder schizophrenic pyscopath confused pisces. I'm over it

  • Empress D
    Empress D 5 months ago

    So on point my angel, I felt everything you said about this beautiful reading. Thank you honey Ash ❤😢❤

  • Tiffany Crowder
    Tiffany Crowder 5 months ago

    I have missed you thanks in advance OK let me watch the video

  • Steven Mahaley
    Steven Mahaley 5 months ago +1

    U hitting on the nail a Sagittarius show right thru him

  • penny snatcher
    penny snatcher 5 months ago

    Wow, I was dealing with a libra and he ghosted me and I didnt knw why. I spoke to a tarot card reader and they told me he was married 😔 wtf

  • Beauty In The Streetz
    Beauty In The Streetz 5 months ago +1

    Happy!!!! & mooooooo on😀 just don't do extreme drama, lies, baby momas, lil boys I don't do none of this.
    😂😀😂😂😀😂 they nagging you & you don't even know them😂😀😂😳☺

  • Salma N
    Salma N 5 months ago +1

    Right on point with Capricorn. We’re going thru a divorce, still been back & forth, he’s hot/cold so sick of it

    • Salma N
      Salma N 5 months ago

      Our challenges have been his family who negatively influencing him. I’m thinking either his brother or mother

  • Elizabeth Headrick
    Elizabeth Headrick 5 months ago +10

    I be SURROUNDED by haters... they can ALL FO!!! LOL

  • Rolanda Prince
    Rolanda Prince 5 months ago +14

    I want something new. The Gemini is a liar

    • juliet 1000
      juliet 1000 2 months ago +1

      No gemini is not a liar

    • Sphira Rubin
      Sphira Rubin 4 months ago +1

      He can Deal with KARMA without me 😂

    • Tiffany Crowder
      Tiffany Crowder 5 months ago +2

      Straight facts I'm walking away from mine he can suck it just tired

  • jane doe
    jane doe 5 months ago +6

    I saw it all except for him (pisces) still being married. They both tell everyone they are divorced. Took me 4 years to see. Who does that??? You couldnt pay me to stay married to a man living a bachelor life. But whats pissing me off is he knows i know, he just blows my phone up til i answer but wont mention it. I cant stand this! Hes the one shutting me out hiding behind s non existant marriage. My question is how is it easier to protect something you dont even claim as opposed to admitting how you feel about being happy. Last time I saw him, i told him, i want to be chosen too! I deserve that, ive earned that. And i wont see him again until he agrees, or he can stay gone. Stuck spiraling in a dark place. I cant join him. Not this time.

    • DeJa_Vu♎☾
      DeJa_Vu♎☾ 4 months ago

      Been there done that I can RELATE JUS answer & hang up

    • Kimberly Simon
      Kimberly Simon 5 months ago

      jane doe u dont have to answerthe phone...4 years! Just love yrself enough to walk away!

  • Tiffany lee
    Tiffany lee 5 months ago +3

    Wow only two mins in and yes a Pisces cheated on me with a sag after asking me to marry him and off the bat I seen what was goin on now their getting married but I felt it in my soul he was a liar.. spot on love.. I Kno longer talk to him at all we have a whole daughter and i don't communicate at all

  • TCTtreble
    TCTtreble 5 months ago +3

    I'm the cross watcher aqua and the Libra did this so Weird

  • Nubiancurls1
    Nubiancurls1 5 months ago +1

    Thought about you and your son. Pray everything is ok🙏💗

  • Phyllise Johnson
    Phyllise Johnson 5 months ago +3

    OMG!!!!! 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷HELLO ASHLEY WE MISS YOU🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖🙋💖💖💖

  • Princess Campbell
    Princess Campbell 5 months ago +1

    Yessss it’s over and I’m glad the Universe put that in to play 🙏💪

  • Enlightened Healer #9
    Enlightened Healer #9 5 months ago +1

    Hurray for the new, good love!!! I'm here for it🤸🏾‍♀️💞🙌🏾. I trust that the universe will guide him to me and help us recognize one another. Getting ready for what I asked for in love and life. Thank you Sooooo much Ashley! 😘

  • samone104
    samone104 5 months ago +7

    Yes Libra was dealing with a Pisces that had me in a third party situation and left him. He’s trying to return back but I’m closing the door on this toxic relationship. I can’t trust him no more. There’s a child that came about outside of our relationship by his Ex (Scorpio-the third party) that he already has a child with so now there’s two kids. A tower moment with his Ex broke them up but I’m done anyway. Not granting a second chance and moving on to a new path.

    • jane doe
      jane doe 5 months ago

      I hope i can get there with my pisces. Im a scorpio sun and libra rising, its always funny to hear my signs on both sides of the reading. I do think the wife is a scorp. Moon or risin....not sure tho

    • barbara k
      barbara k 5 months ago

      Thank you! Spot on!

  • Spiritual Justice
    Spiritual Justice 5 months ago

    Always on point

  • ZPD Survival
    ZPD Survival 5 months ago

    On Point for sure. I am dealing with Gemini and Taurus. Capricorn could be hidden from me. Thank You. Tired of the whole mess. Walking away physically. It's in Gods hands now. Focusing on work and clearing energy.

  • Kathy
    Kathy 5 months ago +8

    It's hard playing a player out here cause when I wanna leave they got an issue but it's always better when they leave instead.

    • LibraLady nior
      LibraLady nior 4 months ago

      Sooooooo true ...i dont know what thats about

  • Woman To Woman Support
    Woman To Woman Support 5 months ago +2

    Hi dear, hope all is well with your little one.. sending my love 😍..

  • Light Goddess
    Light Goddess 5 months ago

    Welcome back!!!😉😉😉😉😉

  • Ladii Butter In Da Mixx

    I just said that on the virgo reading you just did the Capricorn is his ex does witchcraft and that why ❓ But he is unfaithful... It's more I definitely gotta book you really to much on point...

  • Liz Darville-Middleton
    Liz Darville-Middleton 5 months ago +1

    Third party is a family member a Virgo. Your spot on again. Thanks Ashley. I want them back I love them. We live two hours drive from each other. They're cancer.

  • Soul Believer
    Soul Believer 5 months ago +21

    Yep Libra dealing with Aqua and I have been feeling as thou he has been keeping secrets. Libra already knows there is a 3rd party. We are long distance which he uses thinking Libra can't feel what's going on. Libra is intuitive & not only that but most people will give themselves away when it comes to being dishonest. Yes Libra has walked away. Aqua has been avoiding Libra now for the past month. It's ok thou. JUSTICE will be served soon or later. When it comes I hope he doesn't fold and is able to deal with the same pain he gave.

    • Follow UR Heart
      Follow UR Heart 4 months ago +1

      @samone104 The false sense of entitlement is really jaw dropping. Once you find out how cowardly they are you realize they are nothing to fear. Their scared of the light, so if you shine the truth on them they will disappear. They always hold grudges. So if they ever do come back it's only to hurt you. No contact is the only solution.

    • Soul Believer
      Soul Believer 4 months ago +1

      @Samson Solomon damn.

    • Samson Solomon
      Samson Solomon 4 months ago

      I’m in the EXACT same position as you but I’m the libra Male and Aquarius female is the cheat and liar. Libra dropped his twin flame and is moving on. Long live Libra

    • Gina Hoffsteder
      Gina Hoffsteder 4 months ago +1

      Soul Believer always a dumbass sneaky aqua gurl 😂😂😂

    • Kimberly Simon
      Kimberly Simon 5 months ago

      My lesson is i will nevwe deal with a long distance relationship again...i just wont do it

  • Spiritual Justice
    Spiritual Justice 5 months ago

    Hey! Hope all is well 💞

  • Marie Wills
    Marie Wills 5 months ago +4

    Heyy👏 Glad to see you back! Hope your son feel better😊 Haven't talked to Capricorn since Valentine's Day, taking a break focus on my energy Tired of that low energy, low vibration yes im upset ready to pull up!!.. Yesssssss...... Omg..... Yes Capricorn MAD because, I spoke up🙌 so there is no communication I don't feel bad had to put in my feelings before hearing only to realize I'm hurting myself