After The Elimination: Joana Martinez & Shane Q (Presented by Xfinity) - The Voice 2019

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
  • Joana Martinez and Shane Q talk about their amazing experience on The Voice and what it was like working with their superstar coaches. Watch what happens immediately after the elimination - presented by Xfinity.
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    NBC’s The Voice follows the strongest vocalists from across the country and invites them to compete in this season's blockbuster vocal competition.
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    The four-time Emmy Award-winning The Voice returns with the strongest vocalists from across the country invited to compete in the blockbuster vocal competition show's new season. Rock icon and pop culture phenomenon Gwen Stefani reclaims her red chair alongside superstar coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Blake Shelton as they return for Season 17. Carson Daly returns as host. The show's innovative format features five stages of competition: the Blind Auditions, then the Battle Rounds, Knockouts, Playoffs and, finally, the Live Performance Shows.
    After The Elimination: Joana Martinez & Shane Q (Presented by Xfinity) - The Voice 2019
    The Voice
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Comments • 97

  • Cornelia Bergmann
    Cornelia Bergmann Month ago

    Echt prima 😘💋

  • Elektrik Santexnik
    Elektrik Santexnik Month ago

    Azerbaijan, Baku appreciate your work. Science fiction

  • Superpotex G
    Superpotex G Month ago +2

    Joana should be a finalist, it's not fair

  • ted evans
    ted evans Month ago +1

    I really want to see these two go make records , I think there were more gifted singers this season than ever , and they at least got exposure and more fans . I am not a singer but I can imagine how hard it is to get a recording deal with millions of others trying at the same time . RU-clip is loaded with great singers and it takes the right people to hear them , at least with the extra exposure from these talent/game shows they get seen by many producers , artists and song writers . There were many who left way too early , and some still in that I feel are just plain average in their genre , but their coaches will push them so they can get a win . I would not be surprised to see a coach dress their singer in red , white , and blue with stars and stripes and have them sing the national anthem in the final to get more votes . Or the country one doing "Proud to be an American " to get more votes . If they do , I hope the voters see through that nonsense , it is called THE VOICE !

  • anitabreakone
    anitabreakone Month ago +1

    I love Joana’s Voice so much, not to mention her beautiful personality. I’ll miss seeing and hearing her each week. She was one of the best ever on the show. Would have loved to hear her sing “Amazing Grace”.

  • stylebygrace
    stylebygrace Month ago +1

    I can't believe that they were eliminated 😫😫😫😫😫😫

  • blissfrombooks
    blissfrombooks Month ago +1

    Awww you guys are great. Yeah, making it this far is already a huge blessing! Joana's right - they're all winners at this point!

  • Kevin Black
    Kevin Black Month ago +1

    Sad to see talented people go, but at least my final Voice team is STILL in Full Strength

  • M D
    M D Month ago +10

    Joana is such a positive person.

  • Bri S
    Bri S Month ago +8

    Glad Shane is gone. I'll miss Joana though. Wish Hello Sunday had gone home instead.

  • ChrisCrashNow
    ChrisCrashNow Month ago +1

    The Show now officially sucks. All the best singers are gone.

  • Kay Cee
    Kay Cee Month ago +7

    Joana deserved the Finale
    Edit: Maybe the Finale did not deserve Joana.

  • T. B.
    T. B. Month ago +3

    Have you ever wondered how things would be different if there is no block in the blind auditions?
    Marybeth would be Team Blake, Katie Kadan would be Team Kelly and probably Mendeleyev would be Team John's front runner.
    I honestly don't like this block. It prevents the participant from working with his idol, with whom he wanted. I would have already extinguished this block.

    • Jason D
      Jason D Month ago +1

      what I don't like is battles and knockouts... who they pair people up with can keep the best signers out of the live shows and nobody ever gets a chance to vote. Part of why Mikaela didn't go far last season. I guarantee if she made lives she would have kept getting voted through.

    • thousandyard gavri278
      thousandyard gavri278 Month ago

      You know what I don't like? Its the top12 voting system. I would rather have teammates against each other so that coach's popularity wouldn't matter except in the finale. There may be fewer weeks but at least montages won't exist.

  • T. B.
    T. B. Month ago +1

    If I were to compare the 8 semifinalists with participants from other seasons, it would look like this:
    Hoot = Josh Gallagher (season 11)
    Hello Sunday = two Courtney Harrell (season 11)
    Will = Nic Hawk (season 5)
    Katie Kadan = Sarah Potenza (season 8)
    Marybeth = Hannah Huston (season 10)
    Rose = Kyla Jade (season 14)
    Ricky Duran = Taylor Phelan (season 7)
    Kat = Xenia (season 1)

    • Jason D
      Jason D Month ago

      sometimes kat reminds me of Reagan, EXCEPT Reagan has more range and can get louder. But they both have sweet voices.

    • thousandyard gavri278
      thousandyard gavri278 Month ago

      Hello Sunday = Aliyah Moulden
      Will Breman= Troy Ritchie
      Marybeth Byrd=Reagan Strange

  • T. B.
    T. B. Month ago +1

    I swear, Hoot champion, which is probably going to happen with so much bonus he gets, will be the most forgettable winner in The Voice's history. There will be a minimally great performance to remember. I don't even remember his blind audition. I remember all the other 7, if only a few striking moments but Hoot, simply nothing. In my ranking of the most memorable to the least remembered winners, I would look like this with Hoot winner:
    1 - Jordan
    2 - Cassadee
    3 - Maelyn
    4 - Sawyer
    5 - Chloe
    6 - Alisan
    7 - Chris
    8 - Tessanne
    9 - Sundance
    10 - Josh
    11 - Javier
    12 - Danielle
    13 - Jermaine
    14 - Craig
    15 - Brynn
    16 - Chevel
    17 - Hoot

    • Jason D
      Jason D Month ago

      @richard gott you mean Reagan best everrrr. (I am counting her as winner.)

    • richard gott
      richard gott Month ago +1


    • richard gott
      richard gott Month ago +1

      Chevelle number 1

    • Jason D
      Jason D Month ago

      I don't think they get bonus votes anymore. I don't even think they did this past week because I don't recall Carson mentioning who had the most streams.

  • Leen Maarouf
    Leen Maarouf Month ago +20

    Gwen: I never won anything
    Me: You won my heart

    • anitabreakone
      anitabreakone 28 days ago +1

      Yea, pretty sure these shows weren’t around when she was young and starting out. Lol

    • amir tiwari
      amir tiwari Month ago

      Mine too 😍❤️

  • FrxstyWxlf
    FrxstyWxlf Month ago

    Unofficial Voice Fan Discord Server!

  • Ethan Weisman
    Ethan Weisman Month ago +20

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:

    Me: WhErE’s MeNdElEyEv

  • Rs
    Rs Month ago +5

    John is soo cute!!! How he kisses Joana on her forehead 😭❤️

  • Dylan Sousa
    Dylan Sousa Month ago +5

    Joana should not be going home Hello Sunday should be going home . Joana 10 time a better singer than Hello Sunday

  • Sunny girl 87
    Sunny girl 87 Month ago

    Shane should still be on the show FOR THE WIN!!! He is incredible.

  • Karen Brown
    Karen Brown Month ago +8

    I'm shocked they were eliminated. But I'm also shocked that Kat wasn't eliminated. While she has a unique & sweet voice that reminds me of Leigh Nash and Kacey Musgraves, she has also had pitch problems in every one of her performances.

    • Sophia Lepley
      Sophia Lepley Month ago

      I feel like Shane is legit always flat though lol. And Joana was flat in the first half of her instant save performance. Although I do love her.

    • Jason D
      Jason D Month ago +3

      and her voice doesn't go up or down. not bashing her, just saying... when measuring the technicality of the voices, hers isn't showing the range or always being on key etc..

  • Fabian Bosio
    Fabian Bosio Month ago +1

    Hay que lograr que Joanna Martínez, abra su canal de RU-clip.

  • Maximilian France
    Maximilian France Month ago +3

    Oh I'm glad there's a video for them

  • Betty A Baptiste
    Betty A Baptiste Month ago +1

    Team got this....Ricky.....or Kat..

  • Arnav Vaidyanathan
    Arnav Vaidyanathan Month ago +6

    I want Katie, Kat, Marybeth and Rose to be in Top 4. Jake Hoot and Will are amazing too. Hello Sunday and Ricky are amazing tooo man this is hard. But I predict: Jake, Katie, Kat and Rose. Marybeth was in the bottom 3 so her chances to be in top 4 are very less. Will, Ricky and Hello Sunday most prob won’t be the Top 4.

    • Jason D
      Jason D Month ago +1

      it's really too hard to predict because voters are weird. IT SEEMS that jake and Katie are for sure going to be in finals, but who knows.

    • Lisa Oatts
      Lisa Oatts Month ago

      I think Jake will definitely be in the finale.

  • Nancy Wood
    Nancy Wood Month ago +8

    So happy for Shane. Hope his future is bright😻

  • garrett b
    garrett b Month ago +1

    Next year, they should have the audience vote and not America because it never turns out fair because the West Coast doesn’t get to vote.

    • Jason D
      Jason D Month ago

      I bet even if the whole world could fit IN the audience, the results would be different, too, because in person a lot of singers sound better than when you watch/listen from tv.

  • Zain ab Tufail
    Zain ab Tufail Month ago +8

    In the finale my vote is for Ricky , Katie , Rose and Will though I know Jake will make it instead of Will

    • Jason D
      Jason D Month ago +2

      I WANT it to be that exact four, but Hoot will be there instead of one of them. I hope you're not right that Will will be who doesn't make it, though. I would rather either Katie or Ricky not make it and Will be there.

    • Konner Struik
      Konner Struik Month ago +2

      Zain ab Tufail agreed

  • Keyon Davis
    Keyon Davis Month ago +23

    Why didn't do this for the other eliminated contestants smh?

    • Joey Bulford
      Joey Bulford Month ago +2

      Keyon Davis
      Because this is the top 10

  • T. B.
    T. B. Month ago +7

    Kat, Rose, Marybeth and Ricky in the finale!

    • T. B.
      T. B. Month ago +2

      @Miguel Albino I know but that doesn't make them cheer for them. It's 17 seasons. This is not the first time, by far the first time, that my favorites do not reach the finale. But there will still be Rose and Ricky left, and those I believe have a chance of reaching the finale.

    • Miguel Albino
      Miguel Albino Month ago +1

      Kat and Marybeth are DOA next week

    • Archana Bhuta
      Archana Bhuta Month ago +1

      No, hello sunday, katie, rose, and maybeth in th finale

  • T. B.
    T. B. Month ago +2

    Kat Hammock's talent is for the few. Most prefer performing pyrotechnics, acrobatic jumping and jumping on stage, dancing choreography with uncontrolled screaming. It's "easy" to get attention. Kat simply sings in her sweet, velvet, angelic voice. It does not change your personality, your style. It does not force anything, it has nothing fake. Madi Davis, Madelyn Paige, Mikaela Astel, Jaclyn Lovey, Addison Agen, did any of these indie girls come out of their personalities, their styles? The only one who tried to do that (Holly Henry) was knocked out in the KOs after a disastrous performance of "Creep". Everything about Kat is pure, genuine, true. It's a unique voice for people with finer tastes, who don't get carried away by the visual explosion of performance with dance, choreography and pyrotechnics. Kat is different in her simplicity of being, just singing without forcing herself not to be. As I said: Kat's talent is for the taste of the few. She is a rare and precious gem.

    • anitabreakone
      anitabreakone 28 days ago

      Glad u like all that. I can listen for a minute but then it gets annoying.

  • Theresa Toomer
    Theresa Toomer Month ago +17

    The long term friendships developed from this show is priceless.

  • Imágenes y Palabras
    Imágenes y Palabras Month ago +16

    Joana didn't deserves that elimination 😑

  • Mohamed Chergui
    Mohamed Chergui Month ago +2

    if Kattie Kadden Won this season o am done with the voice
    Especially when I remember Kyla Jade

  • Tracy Hall
    Tracy Hall Month ago +1

    All Amazing.. Shout Outs 🤘

  • Tracy Hall
    Tracy Hall Month ago +3

    I'll Vote Again like I have since the Beginning of The Voice 💯✔️

  • Tracy Hall
    Tracy Hall Month ago +1


  • Zain ab Tufail
    Zain ab Tufail Month ago +3

    Stop saying that myracle was robbed even her coach Gwen realized that Shane pulled out his best performance so that's why he beat myracle in top 11

    • Jason D
      Jason D Month ago +1

      and it was really close to even also, with shane doing slightly better than her.

  • Max Power
    Max Power Month ago +13

    They seem like such sweet people🥺

  • manjeet nirala
    manjeet nirala Month ago

    Time to join a gym

  • tykeandtalon
    tykeandtalon Month ago +3

    So where’s this video for Cali and Max?

    • Sophia Lepley
      Sophia Lepley Month ago

      Theyre only doing it for like the top 10 I think.

    TARUN GUSAIN Month ago +9

    2:02 Yes for the Collab......🤘🏻

  • Nil Nor
    Nil Nor Month ago +14

    damn ! Shane Q is one of my favorite !

    • amir tiwari
      amir tiwari Month ago +2

      He was the worst among top 12 probably even before that.

    • The 626
      The 626 Month ago


    • Sachin Jain
      Sachin Jain Month ago

      Nil Nor
      He was ?!?! Did you see his Caribbean queen?

  • Chazdon Alexander
    Chazdon Alexander Month ago

    i hope they come again next season.

  • Hyd Hut
    Hyd Hut Month ago +104

    Myracle and Max deserved their videos and should have gone further

    • Jason D
      Jason D Month ago +1

      was just thinking it would be nice if they did these after every elimination where we see even though they are eliminated they aren't looking like they are depressed and sitting in a dark room all day. lol.
      As for Max and Myracle, I picked Max to maybe even win the whole thing. Myracle was good sometimes, but still there are so many others close to equal with her, so it's just tough because someone has to go home.

    • Marcio Diaz
      Marcio Diaz Month ago


    • Lisa Oatts
      Lisa Oatts Month ago +4

      Are you sure they're not up somewhere? Myracle was amazing, and not in her teens or 20's, she had something special. And Max, never should have gone home either. They're all so talented, you just hop with the help of the exposure, they'll win in the end. Sometimes it's best NOT to be the winner, then they're not held to contracts, can sign with whoever has the best contract & shoot for the stars. Also, Blake is known for continuing with his team members, lets them perform at Ole Red anytime. Gwens team may now have those same perks😉

  • Jacarious Oneal
    Jacarious Oneal Month ago +1


  • Sara-A
    Sara-A Month ago +32

    Wow they sure were happy how far they got. Good for them and it's only the beginning for them! Joana is only 16 and the experience she got from the show she will take with her and be a bigger star in the future!!!

  • Lisa Oatts
    Lisa Oatts Month ago +7

    A collab with #ShaneQ & #JoanaMartinez? "Hell Right"! Make sure you check with Blake, that I just used the title if HIS song. Or maybe ask Gwen, she's so sweet. 😉❤

  • Kerri Gomez
    Kerri Gomez Month ago +8

    I thought joanna or kat was gonna win and when joanna went home I was so sad hopefully there will be a comeback stage like last season

    • Jason D
      Jason D Month ago

      @Brendan Chwascinski I don't think Kat can make finals regardless of team or song choice, though. But she does have a sweet voice.

    • Brendan Chwascinski
      Brendan Chwascinski Month ago +1

      It was scary because Joanna was on gwens team and kat survived because she’s on Blake’s team it was her song everyone loves still the one

  • Deborah Black
    Deborah Black Month ago +10

    Joanna plz keep put your music on the you and Twitter and Facebook

  • Poet
    Poet Month ago +25

    “I never thought I’d make it this far.” Well if it wasn’t for Kelly’s constant overpraise then you wouldn’t have lol

    • Sophia Lepley
      Sophia Lepley Month ago

      I feel like Shane is always flat lol

    • Jason D
      Jason D Month ago +1

      Same with Kat too, though. Like I've said, she is good, but they overdo it for some, making it seem they're so much better than others.

  • King Sass
    King Sass Month ago +13

    Y’all ain’t do this for Myracle or Max ? Wtf like I don’t get it

    • Karen Brown
      Karen Brown Month ago +1

      Myracle and Max (both of whom I also loved) were not in the top 10. None of the others who were previously eliminated got to do this either. It's clearly for the first 2 eliminated from the top 10.

    • Kerri Gomez
      Kerri Gomez Month ago

      Myracle was like the best

    • Kerri Gomez
      Kerri Gomez Month ago +4

      Myracle was like the best

  • Twilight Irons
    Twilight Irons Month ago +30

    They are all so humble

  • Alexandre Silva
    Alexandre Silva Month ago