Wearing The Ugliest Shirt In The World For A Week

  • Published on Apr 30, 2017
  • Another questionable fashion decision! Is this fake band ruffle t-shirt from ASOS the worst one ever made? You tell me! I wore it for a week and I’m still not sure, though I did feel like a Carmen Miranda/Ashlee Simpson mashup. Who ended up at Coachella.
    You can get the shirt here: us.asos.com/asos/asos-t-shirt-with-washed-band-print-and-exaggerated-ruffle/prd/7657696
    I got a US size 6!
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  2 years ago +7139

    HELLO LOVES! would you wear this?? also, comment if u got to the end to see what "ugly" item is next :)

    • SisterGrimm 0_0
      SisterGrimm 0_0 9 days ago

      I’d wear the shirt If the ruffle was black

    • Devin Erbaugh
      Devin Erbaugh 27 days ago

      Are they the completely clear pants?🤔👖

    • Ana Banana
      Ana Banana Month ago

      I would wear it just because it's unique and kind of cute.

    • Lotus Ferslev
      Lotus Ferslev Month ago


  • Galexia
    Galexia Day ago

    You have such an infectious positive attitude. It is so inspiring.

  • Alissa Kullenberg
    Alissa Kullenberg 3 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who who actually kinda likes it?

  • Jacquie Timms
    Jacquie Timms 3 days ago

    Now all you need is the most ugly accessories in the world, and you've got a complete outfit.

  • Valentina Acquafresca

    I actually like it very much

  • samm koz
    samm koz 6 days ago

    I loved the shirt and the final outfit of ugly items 🤣🤣 do I have bad taste or what?? Its so cute together or you just rock it !

  • keep moving foward
    keep moving foward 8 days ago +2

    When you a rockstar but also want to be a Disney princess😂😂

  • Joya Breems
    Joya Breems 10 days ago +1

    But the last outfit was kinda stylish?

  • Anna Sinnett
    Anna Sinnett 11 days ago

    I thought it was just the tutu.

  • Sara Secara
    Sara Secara 11 days ago

    I would buy that 3 sizes bigger

  • Jeanna Linebarger
    Jeanna Linebarger 12 days ago

    Oddly really like it, especially with the blazer!!

  • IrishSkyeOMalley
    IrishSkyeOMalley 14 days ago

    Tyler: "And she's all mine." Roflmao!! You two are so perfect for each other.

  • What Ever
    What Ever 15 days ago

    Why does the blazer outfit work???????

  • Paul0 ski19
    Paul0 ski19 16 days ago

    i like it!

  • Prachi _chiii
    Prachi _chiii 16 days ago

    This shirt is really cool it would be more fashionable if that tutu skirt draped like off shoulder top / frills

  • Stella Pretorius
    Stella Pretorius 16 days ago

    T Shurt + Tutu = T Tutu

  • Yeetus Cletus Give my your fetus

    I love this t-shirt i wish I owned it

  • Alina Zhidil
    Alina Zhidil 18 days ago

    I wanted that t-shirt so bad, and i still want it

  • S K
    S K 19 days ago


  • mary daniel
    mary daniel 20 days ago

    the band name is until the end

  • Precious_ GachaBaby
    Precious_ GachaBaby 21 day ago

    9:40 guy in the background is like "oh okay 👌

  • Bat Man
    Bat Man 22 days ago +3

    Do a video where you wear all of the clothes in this series plus all of the makeup you mix together!

  • Darcy Anderson
    Darcy Anderson 23 days ago

    It's looking cool

  • Hamilton Fan Girl
    Hamilton Fan Girl 23 days ago +1

    I'd wear this on Meme Day at school lol

  • GamerGirl5688
    GamerGirl5688 25 days ago

    Am i the only one who would *definetly* wear that

  • sue hill
    sue hill 26 days ago

    Ahahaha😂 "This shirt has its own idea of life..."

  • mackenzie 123
    mackenzie 123 26 days ago

    U should wear the clear knee mom jeans with fishnets more often

  • Nehita Ehiametalor
    Nehita Ehiametalor 29 days ago +1

    I found you channel when I was first moving to my new home. My bedroom was big and empty and I felt scared the first night whilst my parents have been there and had adjusted. So I was alone on this. I clicked on one of your videos and watching you comforted me until I was finally able to go to sleep.

    Thanks for everything.

    Also yes I just wanted to rewatch this

  • Natalie VanKesteren

    I like it i would wear it, but my mom wouldn’t let me 😅haha ya...........

  • Natalie VanKesteren

    I like it i would wear it, but my mom wouldn’t let me 😅haha ya...........

  • Ana Banana
    Ana Banana Month ago

    LOL the more i look at it the more funnier it is 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Em _
    Em _ Month ago

    I wonder what people think if they see her multiples times in a week where she’s just wearing the same top 😂

  • Alara
    Alara Month ago

    I like the shirt a lot

  • Karlee Spence
    Karlee Spence Month ago

    I’m confused 😐 just YY YYyYYYYYYYY

  • sydney_ lived
    sydney_ lived Month ago

    I ean the tutu COULD be cute as just a top

  • Kiri Glinz
    Kiri Glinz Month ago

    The shirt will work at Burning Man. May I have it? :) :O X)

  • Megan Mart-Kirven
    Megan Mart-Kirven Month ago

    It’s definitely the interesting and that’s all I got

  • Maddie Propes
    Maddie Propes Month ago

    why do i think that it’s actually cute??

  • Maya Elina Overkamp

    Why do I love that shirt ????

  • Mniva -
    Mniva - Month ago

    I feel that they should’ve made the tutu bit blue to match the flower and writing

  • taradactyl9
    taradactyl9 Month ago

    I kinda love the shirt tbh

  • keylaa_deniise1821
    keylaa_deniise1821 Month ago

    My mom might go up to me and be like; “Honey! Thats beautiful! Do you want it?”

  • Cheer Angler
    Cheer Angler Month ago

    When she said jingle jangle my mind went strait to riverdale😂🤧

  • xxx neysasta
    xxx neysasta Month ago

    Me when i was 4 year old

  • Lotus Ferslev
    Lotus Ferslev Month ago


  • Jade Thrasher
    Jade Thrasher Month ago

    those coachella people rubbed me the wrong way idk what it is lmao they just did not seem into it at all cx

  • Marie C
    Marie C Month ago

    I've seen this shirt in a whole bunch of other videos and I always thought it was just the weird tutu part, so I couldn't figure out why she wasn't trying the tutu in other positions on her torso, lol

  • Jazmine Orozco
    Jazmine Orozco Month ago +3

    Who else thought of riverdale when she said jingle jangle... no one just me well the usual

  • icess overstreet
    icess overstreet Month ago

    Wicked into the shirt

  • Scarlette Petaccio
    Scarlette Petaccio Month ago

    It’s really not that ugly and your one of the ppl that can pull it off very well

  • Miranda Larkin
    Miranda Larkin Month ago

    Honestly tucked into jeans I kinda dig it

  • Roozyj
    Roozyj Month ago +5

    I actually liked the giraffe look, because in that one, the band shirt seemed out of place instead of the tutu

  • -ˏ ̀ frog ́ˎ-
    -ˏ ̀ frog ́ˎ- 2 months ago

    i feel like this shirt would be better styled with more layers, kinda like harajuku type thing

  • Venusian Mermaid
    Venusian Mermaid 2 months ago

    I actually really liked the combination with the mustard skirt and high heels ^_^

  • Alyssa Smiles
    Alyssa Smiles 2 months ago +4

    It looks like the band name is "Until The End"

  • Hahahahaha I hate you
    Hahahahaha I hate you 2 months ago

    We feel like it would kinda work if the ruffle was black but the purple just looks weird

  • Han Lee
    Han Lee 2 months ago

    If the shirt and tutu were solid black, I think itd be neat

  • Tessa Vankeerberghen
    Tessa Vankeerberghen 2 months ago

    I really don’t think the shirt is that ugly

  • Marie M
    Marie M 2 months ago

    Just no

  • B
    B 2 months ago

    I kind of like it... and feel like I'd wear this...

  • geørge
    geørge 2 months ago

    ok but where can I get those boots saf had on in day 3?

  • karris smyth
    karris smyth 2 months ago +1

    I fucking love it lol 😂

  • Jayne Davis
    Jayne Davis 2 months ago

    You look like an alien trying to “human”

  • Miranda L.
    Miranda L. 2 months ago

    Ayeee this was uploaded on my birthday!

  • Arunima Shome
    Arunima Shome 2 months ago

    Not judging, but personally I feel if the ruffle was sewed only in the front, it would have looked much better.

  • Riley Stapleton
    Riley Stapleton 2 months ago

    You should wear your entire "Ugliest Clothes in the World" outfit.

  • Grace Durkes
    Grace Durkes 2 months ago

    I love the shirt. Would wear.

  • Jax Gagnon
    Jax Gagnon 2 months ago +8

    I'm reasonably convinced the shirt says UNTIL THE END, not just a mash of letters, if nobody's pointed that out yet ^^

  • Mia Short
    Mia Short 2 months ago

    I liked it best when you wore it to the meeting with the blazer. It actually looked pretty cool.

  • Maggie Werhan
    Maggie Werhan 2 months ago

    So I've only been watching this channel for a few weeks now and I've watched a different video when she pulled this shirt out with another ugly clothes item and honestly I didnt realize that the black shirt underneath was attached to the ruffle...I'm glad that is cleared up...I guess...

  • Mad World Mystic
    Mad World Mystic 2 months ago

    Not showing enough skin for burning man lol

  • Hannah C
    Hannah C 3 months ago

    The whole "Love beyond the grave." thing kinda make me think of the song A Little Piece of Heaven by Avenged Sevenfold.

  • Miranda Milner
    Miranda Milner 3 months ago

    I just wish the tutu part was a little shorter so u could see more of the graphics on the shirt.

  • Raspberry Razmin the fox OWO

    Who Wants a fictional band shirt

  • YouObviously LoveOreos
    YouObviously LoveOreos 3 months ago

    The fact that she either had to wash this same shirt every day, dry it, and re-wear it for a whole week or did not wash the shirt at all intrigues me

  • samantha louise
    samantha louise 3 months ago

    At DAY 6, they went to coachella where BANDs perform. Another reference only fans will catch.😉

  • Tresa Patterson
    Tresa Patterson 3 months ago

    The reason why they make profit is because people like Saf buy it

  • snakeufaceu
    snakeufaceu 3 months ago

    Unpopular opinion: I actually really like this shirt, but then again I’m a fine art student xd

  • Chiara Bono
    Chiara Bono 3 months ago

    You could've used this shirt for the Japanese layering style in the Japanese street style video

  • kawaiiXpress
    kawaiiXpress 3 months ago +1

    This is the worst of all of the weird clothing. This has no purpose and it's is so ugly!!!!

  • Lindsey Phillips
    Lindsey Phillips 3 months ago

    I feel like this shirt is basically a physical manifestation of a boardroom full of 60 year old dudes going like, "hmm...I bet this is what those kids goin' to the Co-chella would be into!" *lights cigar*

  • Lauren W
    Lauren W 3 months ago

    I actually don’t hate it...

  • alicia sciarrillo
    alicia sciarrillo 3 months ago

    No. I would wear the plastic stuff before this

  • donna izzard
    donna izzard 3 months ago

    I seem to be the only person who would actually buy and wear this shirt.I'm sure it isn't for everyone but it kinda matches how I dress normally. All black with a side of eccentric.

    SARAHTRYS!! 3 months ago

    The cringe factor with this one is high!!!!!!!

  • Pamela Walker
    Pamela Walker 3 months ago

    Where can we get those boots?

  • Lauren Mitchell
    Lauren Mitchell 3 months ago

    I actually really liked it with the blazer. *hides*

  • totoro ly
    totoro ly 3 months ago

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  • lara
    lara 3 months ago

    Wear this Tshirt with the long arm jeans jacket, the long leg jeans and the ugg sandal boots

    KIDS REVIEW 3 months ago

    Why do I kinda like the shirt?

  • royalparadigm
    royalparadigm 3 months ago

    So why does Habanera from Carmen start playing during day seven?

  • Monse Mendoza
    Monse Mendoza 3 months ago

    But why did she get kickdd out of the meeting?

  • vani
    vani 3 months ago

    2 people bought it :-)

  • Suparawasomefuntime T
    Suparawasomefuntime T 3 months ago

    She looks so good

  • Jackie Lubeck
    Jackie Lubeck 3 months ago

    I like it. Next time, wear "housewives" clothing, that's true ugly i.e.: moo-moos, plaid slippers, beige A-line skirt, loafers, (no end to boring shoes)... a shirtwaist dress, trousers in light blue with a matching white and blue top with a cat appliqué, these kinds of things. I dare you to try true ugly and boring.

  • bandotaku
    bandotaku 3 months ago

    I actually really like it with the blazer as well! Though overall, I don't find it ugly, just odd. It looks like you were going through your childhood closet and found this tutu, and decided to put it on as a joke.

  • M00shmallow
    M00shmallow 3 months ago

    I'm actually not mad at it at all?? Like it's a fun, original clothing item! I wouldn't say it looks bad, not even the last outfit with all the clothing items. Break the norms!

  • Tigra Cat
    Tigra Cat 3 months ago +1

    8:27 even that sign has an opinion

  • xxfangirlsxx fan
    xxfangirlsxx fan 4 months ago

    That is acctually cute! I WOULD WEAR IT DEFINETLY!

  • Yvonne Rosa
    Yvonne Rosa 4 months ago

    I like how this t-shirt combines two styles together, i would wear it.