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  • Published on Oct 8, 2015
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    A lot of people treat Adolf Hitler as if he was a military genius who was only done in by his own visions of unattainable excess. This is incorrect. He was actually a complete idiot who was done in by his own visions of unattainable excess. Why? Well:
    Text version:
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    10. He Cancelled the Worlds’ First Assault Rifle
    9. He Cancelled the Me-262 Fighter Jets
    8. Never Allowed Retreat
    7. The German Army Was Unprepared for Winter War. In Russia.
    6. He Misused the V1 and V2 Rockets
    5. Never Listened To His Generals
    4. Gave Control of the Luftwaffe to Goering
    3. He Blundered Germany Into A Two-Front War. Again.
    2. He Declared War on the United States
    1. Obsession with Stalingrad
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  • Juan Laris
    Juan Laris 11 hours ago

    It is all f****** b******* is all propaganda computer has the upper hand that's why we were talking s***I'm not white I'm Mexican I'm just saying

  • Frank Griegorian
    Frank Griegorian 14 hours ago

    Sound like this Trump !!!!! 🇷🇺😀

  • Roberto DeJuan
    Roberto DeJuan 15 hours ago

    THE Reason Hitler invaded the USSR was that they were going to invade Germany. The diversion to the South when the Central force was almost to Moscow is the big screwup.

  • Roberto DeJuan
    Roberto DeJuan 15 hours ago

    While you're right that Hitler should have finished off the UK at Dunkirk, Hitler HAD to invade the Soviets, since they were planning to invade Germany.

  • scott mcadam
    scott mcadam Day ago

    Well he wasn't an idiot ! He was perhaps technically insane, But could an idiot get control of a country and backed by the people with inflated ego, embark upon a race dominance war, engulfing the whole of Europe, North Africa and Russia ? There is no way an idiot could lead a nation ! That would never happen !

  • tom mccabe
    tom mccabe Day ago

    This guy is a dumb idiot.

  • Jason Lawson
    Jason Lawson Day ago

    Haha ..the German people created a monster .

  • Wolf Heart
    Wolf Heart Day ago

    Hitler was an english spy... why else would have that stupid mustache...

  • dennis duran
    dennis duran Day ago

    Idiot! Assault weapon? No such thing!

  • shesaknitter
    shesaknitter Day ago

    Invading Russia in the winter is straight up idiocy. As brilliant as Napoleon was supposed to have been, and he WAS a great military strategist most of the time, even he did that. Sheer folly.

  • martine. mjt
    martine. mjt Day ago

    he was a drug addicted drama queen!

  • Lewis
    Lewis Day ago

    goring had command experience in WW1... He commanded the elite German fighter squadren and was a highly decorated Ace

  • Mouhamad A. Naboulsi

    I believe Churchill was a bigger idiot. Instead of managing Hitler ambitions, he went to war backed by an empire and ended up with a bankrupt country. Way to go Winston

  • Rel
    Rel 2 days ago

    Watchin this in 2019. Where is your face?

  • Issac Arellano
    Issac Arellano 2 days ago

    Just sixth army
    Not 6th panzer army

  • Arlene Reber
    Arlene Reber 2 days ago

    He reminds me of someone we're dealing with today. Another moron thought to be a genius by his followers.

  • Eric Dary
    Eric Dary 2 days ago

    I’m Jewish and I was forced to live with a Natzi.

  • Emm Pedno
    Emm Pedno 3 days ago

    one is coming to be like him very soon: Adonaldf Trimptler, the DICKtator of the usa: Unazi Stupid Americunts

  • 5341545
    5341545 3 days ago +7

    There's evidence that Hitler's insistence on the Schwalbe (Me-262) being a fighter-bomber isn't why they ended up with too few, too late. Problems with the Jumo engines, some due to the lack of appropriate metals due to Allied sanctions, meant that the airplane wouldn't be ready any earlier anyway. There's also some evidence that German generals, hoping to continue their military careers in whatever armed forces existed in post-war Germany, blamed many of their own mistakes and failures on Hitler's shortcomings as a commander. After all, he was dead and couldn't contradict them. Most historians agree that his order to stand firm in December 1941, outside Moscow, saved the Wehrmacht from total defeat and annihilation, although his future such orders were often irrational. I'm not defending Hitler by any stretch, but history has to be accurate to be history and not myth.

  • Gazza Baigan
    Gazza Baigan 4 days ago +4

    England? What about Scotland, Ireland, Wales and other EU countries? It's not all about England ffs....

  • lester L
    lester L 4 days ago

    trump sounds like his hero Hitler more and more every day SADD VERRY SADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adam Jauregui
    Adam Jauregui 5 days ago

    Even though we hate the Nazis we can’t put aside the fact that the Germans were decades ahead of their time I mean at least 20 years ahead

  • William Wallace
    William Wallace 5 days ago +1

    You do have a sense of humour 😂😂😂

  • ricky french
    ricky french 5 days ago

    Not a nice or sane guy. Did turn a completely broke country into the Worlds first 'Superpower' though. No mean feat.

  • ricky french
    ricky french 5 days ago

    Heinkel He 178.

  • ricky french
    ricky french 5 days ago +4

    That's an Stg44. And it's Mkb 42, not Mbk. 262 was unsuccesfull because of metallurgy. They simply didn't have the alloys developed to run a reliable jet engine.

  • Rainna
    Rainna 5 days ago

    They will come up wih a lot more than 10 reason why trump is a idiot after trump is history.

  • Don Fields
    Don Fields 5 days ago

    He was high on meth and a bunch of other crap

  • robert clark
    robert clark 5 days ago

    you are a Idiot,all lies!

  • nasty buzzard
    nasty buzzard 6 days ago

    I beg to differ I think he was a genius he was just disease-ridden crazy and drugged out to no end

  • Robert Sederholm
    Robert Sederholm 6 days ago +1

    Dude you're clean-shaven! Wtf!! I think I like your old, scruffy look better

  • Chris Dykstra
    Chris Dykstra 6 days ago

    Can you do one on Trump?

  • Cyriljr. Mansueto
    Cyriljr. Mansueto 6 days ago

    How dare you call this man an idiot!??!??

    PSYCHO DAD 6 days ago

    the most effective tool an American soldier has? WE HOLD A GRUDGE.

      PSYCHO DAD 4 days ago

      @Yurek Hunt
      i could care less what an enemy thinks about anything.

    • Yurek Hunt
      Yurek Hunt 4 days ago

      Being gutless cowards has helped you the most, so I would put that at number 1.

    PSYCHO DAD 6 days ago

    we need a hitler to deal with antifaa. they seem to love him so much.

  • Jason M
    Jason M 6 days ago

    Yes he made mistakes, but an idiot would be stretching it, regardless of his beliefs

  • GLEN Dooer
    GLEN Dooer 7 days ago

    The West were lucky he was the leader.

  • john kendall
    john kendall 7 days ago

    the Germans didn't invent the jet engine and The allies could have fielded a jet fighter also but made the choice to over whelm Germany with what they had instead of changing supply lines that were already stretched. They largely stuck with the Sherman tank for the same reason. My reasons.#1 He had no real plans to deal with Great Britain. Once the convoy systems was set up U-boats were being sank faster then built and while Great Britain was not as strong as it once was it still spanned the globe. Hitler never really had a chance to invade Great Britain leaving an unsinkable air craft carrier to his west.#2 Invading Russia with out a real plan except to conquer it. Instead of heading straight for the oil and parts that were strategically important attacking on a broad front. It didn't help alienating to local population either, they welcomed the Germans at first. # 3 declaring war on the US . While the US was already somewhat in the war when Japan attacked, the US might have put all their vast resources to destroying Japan alone. By declaring war on the US he insured that there was going to be lots of stuff and men on that unsinkable carrier coming after him. Declaring War on the US alone would have doomed him given enough time. #4 wasting time and materials on huge guns of limited use and the other questionable wonder weapons like the V-1 and 2 Also the king tiger and panther. Germany could have built a lot more of the Panzer IV It was a proven design.. Up gunned it was equal to the Sherman or T-34. #5 Wasting money and manpower and resources on the death camps. Having the Jewish population move to Great Britain and the US created a brain drain in some very important industries and think tanks Trains and railways could have been put to better use carrying supplies instead of people to be mass exterminated .

  • Elainel Blais
    Elainel Blais 7 days ago


  • Flammenmeer Feuerkopf

    A for effort for you trying your best on german words. ;)

  • andrew nicholson
    andrew nicholson 8 days ago

    hitler might have been a bit insane....but he was a fantastic politition and leader you just have to look at german history

  • AMaDDeR HaTTeR
    AMaDDeR HaTTeR 8 days ago

    Umm... Where is your man fur Simon!!??????!!!!!!!??????!!?!!!!!?!

  • Phil Read
    Phil Read 8 days ago

    Quite a lot of direct Trump comparisoms

  • Honti Veros
    Honti Veros 8 days ago

    hitler intention to lost bcoz he realised that what he is doing was very enough

  • achillies40
    achillies40 8 days ago

    So many mistakes in this video.

  • xfd zfd
    xfd zfd 8 days ago +1

    Here are four that a lot of people gloss over, but are important.
    Norway. Yes, Norway. It may not have been a true blunder, but it crippled the already weak Kriegsmarine to the point of no return. Bismarck and Tirpitz, as well as the other large battleships and pocket battleships, proved to be an enormous waste of money that could have been used for U-boats, landing craft, and destroyers. Then again, it could be argued that the useless battleships kept Britain's most powerful fleets in the Atlantic-Arctic regions instead of allowing the Royal Navy to send them to the Mediterranean and Far East. In either case, the losses suffered in Norway meant the Kriegsmarine would be eaten alive by the Royal Navy even if the Germans had air supremacy in the English channel and North Sea.
    Not getting Spain into the war. If Spain enters the war, Germany and Italy gain bases and allies to launch massive offensives on Gibraltar. Britain has to commit all of its forces there, or lose the port and control of the Mediterranean.
    Termination of the Kursk Offensive. Most people know that the Wehrmacht needed a year to recover from the catastrophe at Stalingrad and that the generals wanted to wait until 1944 for new offensives. Hitler also called off Operation Citadel after just one week because he was worried about the invasion of Sicily, which angered Manstein who believed that the his forces were slowly gaining the advantage. The result was the complete loss of initiative for the rest of the war.
    Not aggressively attacking Murmansk. Murmansk was the Russian Arctic's only ice-free port. Murmansk's capture implies that the Lend-Lease convoy system would only be workable during the summer (and the polar noon meant that there's nowhere to hide from aircraft and U-boats), since Archangel is choked with ice in the winter. Now I am not saying that the Soviet Union would have lost without vast quantities of Lend-Lease, but I am saying that it would have been a nightmare for the Royal Navy. It would have also been a big problem for the Northern Fleet, since a number of ships were transferred to the Northern Fleet from the Pacific Fleet via the Arctic Ocean.

  • Crazy Canuck
    Crazy Canuck 9 days ago

    I smiled throughout this entire video. I used to think Hitler being in command was the worst thing that could have happened. Turns out he helped us win the war almost as much as our Allied soldiers did lmao!!

    • john kendall
      john kendall 7 days ago

      My son has a degree in psychology while in college he learned that the first person ever psychoanalyzed, that was not present, was Hitler The things they predicted about his behavior became eerily true They said that he would become his own worst enemy and would become distrustful of the generals and take over more control as the war turned against him . Also he probably would die of suicide instead of taking responsibility for his actions. Allied plans to kill Hitler were scrapped. The people that do this kind of work today are called profilers The government uses them to predict how world leader will behave. The FBI uses them to catch criminals.

  • Stephen Powdexter
    Stephen Powdexter 9 days ago +1

    I have read histories of the war with USSR in which historians point out that Hitler was not always wrong in overruling his generals. There were cases in which his plan was better. It was also the case that a few times he let his generals persuade him to do something militarily when they were wrong. So the case is not as one-sided as Whisler says - even if in general Hitler made monumental mistakes and was a cruel and sadistic person.

  • Siddis33
    Siddis33 9 days ago +2

    But I am sure that Hitler, in his own mind, thought that he was a «very stable genious».
    Now, where have I heard that before?

    • Gamesman01
      Gamesman01 8 days ago

      Trump's an idiot with a dictator fetish. He can barely speak let alone write correctly. He spouts racist crap villianizes minorities and put kids in cages. Yet you and your type will support him because of fear. How isn't he like Hitler? At least Hitler actually went to a war and didn't dodge the draft with a fake medical reason. Hell most of the conservative party dodged the draft one way or another yet they are the biggest hawks.

    • Dan Zervos
      Dan Zervos 8 days ago

      @Siddis33 According to your anonymous poll. Your insinuation that Trump is a Hitler demonstrates your illness - Trump derangement syndrome.

    • Siddis33
      Siddis33 9 days ago +1

      Dan Zervos -Said by someone who has no relevant argument. IT IS NOT JUST MY OPINIONS. Polls show that America’s traditional allies are massively (ca 80%) opposed to Trump because of his personality disorder. The only ones in favour are the Russians, the Saudies and North Korea.

    • Dan Zervos
      Dan Zervos 9 days ago

      @Siddis33 Those are just your opinions, faulty as they are.

    • Siddis33
      Siddis33 9 days ago +1

      Dan Zervos. Well buh huh. Poor Donald. Of course, he is the only one that should be allowed to be name-calling. Something that he is doing like 5-year old with behaviour problems. Are you some snow-flake right winger?
      Why not point out the similarities between Hitler and Trump? They are both insanely narcissistic. They lie all the time. And they give their country a massively bad reputation.

  • Clear Mind
    Clear Mind 9 days ago

    Mustache gave it away.

  • Siddis33
    Siddis33 9 days ago +2

    5:00 Potato vodka is actually very unusual in Russia. Mostly it is made of grain

  • Bobby Johnson
    Bobby Johnson 10 days ago

    No.10- the MP 43 would NOT have stopped the Russians, USA or UK - Russians had the numbers in manpower, US the production power to supply Russia and UK and the UK had already beaten the Nazis in North Africa, and were providing a decent share of planning and leadership to combined US and UK forces in the West ( plus the US and UK dominated the air by 1944)

  • Chi Chu
    Chi Chu 10 days ago

    He an idiot because he thinks he can be a dictator and controlled all his axes of proxies of powers to the whole world.

  • Roy Mercer
    Roy Mercer 10 days ago

    No such thing as an assault rifle.

    • Roy Mercer
      Roy Mercer 7 days ago

      @Flammenmeer Feuerkopf Damn. Not sure what I saw that said otherwise.

    • Flammenmeer Feuerkopf
      Flammenmeer Feuerkopf 8 days ago

      StG 42. Sturmgewehr 42. And the german translation to assault rifle is ... wait for it ... Sturmgewehr

  • Marci DeLaO
    Marci DeLaO 10 days ago

    He liked puppy dogs!

  • Yoder023
    Yoder023 11 days ago

    #11 - Outlawed ALL Jewish inventions, ideas, plans and professors. This could have given him an AMAZING advantage in nearly everyway. Faster weapons planes, engines; stronger explosions, missiles, grenades.... Seriously, it's astounding what was conceived at the end when his generals started going behind his back (or maybe he stopped caring; after all, I do believe he was legally insane towards the very end based on reports of medication and behavior)

  • doom loki
    doom loki 11 days ago +2

    Hitler lost due to the creation of supersoldiers like Cap. America and Bucky, also he got betrayed by H.Y.D.R.A, he was the first hipster tho.

  • The Hunter
    The Hunter 11 days ago

    I think the only idiot around here is you

    • RE H
      RE H 11 days ago

      Don't be so hard on yourself.

  • John Russell
    John Russell 11 days ago +7

    If Bonaparte's invasion of Russia proved anything it was Moscow falling does nothing. Russia let him take all the land he wanted, and let winter do the job

    • john kendall
      john kendall 7 days ago +1

      Napoleon sit in Moscow thinking he had won and waiting for the Russians to negotiate They never came.

  • Keith Vickers
    Keith Vickers 11 days ago

    Simon is a bigger idiot.

  • Anthony Fox
    Anthony Fox 11 days ago

    omg no facial hair 😮

  • Geo economics
    Geo economics 12 days ago

    Russia with Germany commands the World
    john halford mackinder
    Than he goes attacks CCCP
    How big of an idiot you can see now

  • Mark Kover
    Mark Kover 12 days ago

    The Luftwaffe was created as a supporting arm of the German army. It never developed a strategic bombing capability. Its capability to power project deep into enemy territory was nonexistent. Even with that limitation, IF it had been allowed to continue to attack RAF bases in southeast England, the Luftwaffe could have broken the back of RAF Fighter Command, thus opening up the possibility of Operation Sea Lion. Even with control of the air, without a sizable navy to support such an invasion, it would have been extremely difficult to sustain. Goering was definitely a poor choice to command the Luftwaffe. The allies can be thankful that Hitler chose him and stuck by him throughout the war.

    MUCKI PROVOKATOR 12 days ago

    napusite mi se kurca i vi i hitler

  • Martin Pedersen
    Martin Pedersen 12 days ago +12

    There are a lot of 'what if's in WWII.
    However, Hitler was a seducer of people and what made him successful also made him a terrible commander (as you point out).
    The only thing we can be happy about is, that he was so dismal, or else he might have been more successful in the war.

    • Dan Zervos
      Dan Zervos 9 days ago +2

      Early in the war, Hitler went against his generals' advice and was successful in several occasions. This probably gave him false confidence in his military acumen.

  • Mick C.
    Mick C. 13 days ago

    Say what you like about Hitler but it took the JewSA and nearly every other country in the world to stop what they helped start.

  • Roman Darius
    Roman Darius 13 days ago

    Because of censorship, we only hear one side!

  • Julie Miller
    Julie Miller 13 days ago

    I love this channel. I'm glad Hitler was an idiot and stopped. Just wish he was stopped before the war started.

  • Gene Smolko
    Gene Smolko 14 days ago +3

    "I know more about ISIS than the generals do."
    - Trump

  • Tupac Shakur
    Tupac Shakur 14 days ago

    Because some textbooks are secondary sources written by untrustworthy and biased authors that might have been Nazis idk lol any anti-Nazi country would know that Hitler was all hype and was actually the problem not a real general.

    • RE H
      RE H 11 days ago

      Wow, is that supposed to be English?

  • Ha Ob
    Ha Ob 14 days ago

    You forgot the biggest mistake , dunkirk

  • ruski muejek
    ruski muejek 14 days ago

    Simon says "scream really loud in the beginning of video".

  • eggmar54
    eggmar54 16 days ago

    The first mistake was sHitler's addiction to methamphetamines & drugs . sHitler the Junkie , was so enamored by drugs it led his mind into overconfident fearless head on collisions with erratic thinking misdirection confused paranoid grand illusions . Just like kids today who seek fame , fortune , power & feelings of indestructibility . The side effects of dangerous drug brain boosters cause destructive choice that backfire toward the attainment of any goals . They all lost the war because these drugs were handed out so much to the soldiers , their minds thinking powers became disassociated with the realities of their limited bodies .
    So the tem superman & Master Race seemed a reality across the country as they blitzkrieged a mindless uncompassionate bloody crusade through their neighboring countries borders . Their senses were heightened while their thinking was perverted & misjudging . The rest of the mistakes followed. In this age the underestimation of the powerful permanent drug inducement damages to the brain has gone on too long . Add conflicting belief and non belief systems to the mix (as if that those are not enough kindling)
    we now have what is today the most fearful times around the earth in the midst of great abundance and wealth . Let's not let desolation happen again .

  • Ulvetann
    Ulvetann 16 days ago

    The idiot thought he could grab Norway by sending a simple battleship in a norwegian fjord. *Poof* Blücher, no more. -Then the the idiot parks Tirpitz in another norwegian fjord... *poof* Tirpitz, no more...

  • Redrooster
    Redrooster 16 days ago

    You may be surprised to learn that near on all the things you've heard and read about Hitler and the Nazis are Jewish propaganda. Do some research but you'll have to use Duck Duck Go and Firefox browser to get to the Truth because Google, Bing, etc block this stuff or put it way-way down in scrolling backwoods. David Irving who is a respected prize-winning Author on German actions, etc in the second world war has a website debunking this propaganda. Just type David Irving and find his website. Check this one out as well to find out what these Zionists are up to? ''How Israel and its partisans work to censor the Internet''

  • New Jones
    New Jones 16 days ago

    Is there any question about him being a idiot?

  • Dorian Staten
    Dorian Staten 16 days ago +3


  • vaderboy121
    vaderboy121 17 days ago +2

    And don,t forget he also made a giant tank that was usless

  • 51vvince
    51vvince 17 days ago +1

    i suppose the question to ask is why he came to power and what germany was like before he did

  • BUXB
    BUXB 17 days ago

    Lucky he made these mistakes, though

  • Irish Lass
    Irish Lass 18 days ago

    The man was an idiot from birth. Let's just get it over with... And that is that..

  • ChuffChuffWoo
    ChuffChuffWoo 19 days ago +1

    I wonder if Mr. Trump ever looks at Hitler and wonders how such an idiot ever got in to power.....

  • ChuffChuffWoo
    ChuffChuffWoo 19 days ago

    No hair! Looking 15 years younger! :D

  • The Truth
    The Truth 19 days ago

    I hate Hitler.

  • xXAshesFallenXx
    xXAshesFallenXx 19 days ago +1

    I can give a Top 10 list of how he and his people were brilliant. I say people because he didn’t come up with every idea that helped them to become as great as they were. His generals were mainly to blame for all the negative things that happened. The number one is the fact how he could mesmerize an entire country and many others worldwide that also supported him. This includes even some Royals. Yes what he did was wrong, but it was beyond words how he and his people pulled themselves out of the worst depression of all time in recent history from the aftermath of WWI. To rag on him is dumb. Without him we wouldn’t have some of the tech we have today. NASA, Aircraft, Medicine, Heart transplantation, WiFi radio waves, and so much more everyone uses still today. They also created some of the vaccines we use today. I in no way support the ideals, but history is a lesson learned today by those who heed the deeds of the past. I give them credit, and very grateful for the medical advances they had come up with. The list can go on and on.

  • Brian Sherling
    Brian Sherling 21 day ago +1

    So, The Kremlin found trump and imprinted hitlers dipshit narcissist personality upon the policies of the United States. And they are laughing thier asses off.
    Trump thinks he is so much smarter than his generals.
    Trump thinks he’s smarter than the bankers.
    Trump thinks he is beloved by all.
    Trump is alienating the United States from its allies.
    And every step he takes is that of a toddler

  • Cybrsk8r
    Cybrsk8r 21 day ago +1

    Goering was also a hopeless junkie.

    • Johny2bikes
      Johny2bikes 19 days ago

      But he had a stack of shiny medals and wore flashy trousers. Plus he enjoyed flags which was a critical requirement to be a nazi....lots and lots of flags.

  • Boutros boutros ghali Boutros boutros ghali

    That's what happens when you let common street thugs run a government!

  • Statist0815
    Statist0815 22 days ago

    Hitler was financed by the U.S..

  • Falynn B.
    Falynn B. 22 days ago

    #3 he said meh... 😂😂😂😂 how does he keep a straight face lol!?

  • Boofyre OG
    Boofyre OG 22 days ago +4

    You'd think one of his generals would have taken him out!!

    • Boofyre OG
      Boofyre OG 22 days ago

      @Blatherskite only because they didn't really want him dead. Look at ceasar. 20 of his "faithful" followers got together and all stabbed him in the back at the same time. Once it was over, Ceasar was dead. If they want a leader dead...they will find a way.

    • Blatherskite
      Blatherskite 22 days ago

      They tried. And failed.

    • Queen Empress Diva
      Queen Empress Diva 22 days ago +1

      Boofyre OG they tried many times. I believe there were around 30+ attempts to kill him such as the movie Valkyrie. They got close, but unfortunately never got him...

  • MagirusDeutz Jupiter
    MagirusDeutz Jupiter 22 days ago

    I do not think Hitler was an idiot, I do seriously in my view think he was taking too many risks which all literally back fired. Surely though, if you want to dominate the world you would look at the most powerful country in the world 1st, which was and still is, The USA. I actually really think Hitler deep down, was all about him being famous and on the history book walls, win or lose to express his anger how he sees what is right what is acceptable, and what fails our worlds future.

  • Serban Diuligher
    Serban Diuligher 22 days ago

    You must be idiot thinking A. Hitler was idiot. Typical brainless Brit.

    NARKISDUDE 23 days ago +1

    That guy was a real jerk!

  • chicoboybrezzy954
    chicoboybrezzy954 23 days ago

    I can assure you. Hitler was no idiot. You’re just mad he wiped you guys out from years of Britain invading other countries and ripping them away from their land and stripping them from their own rights. Britain has history much worst than Hitlers and they did it off of stupid mythology’s.

  • Galland 34
    Galland 34 23 days ago +1

    This man is starting to irritate me.

  • Galland 34
    Galland 34 23 days ago +1

    However we might detest hitler he certainly was Not an Idiot !

  • Daniel Bran Griffith
    Daniel Bran Griffith 23 days ago +1


  • James N Frey
    James N Frey 24 days ago +1

    Hitler cancelled the 4 engine bomber that could have reached Russian factories in the east that were
    cranking out T34 tanks like packages of Twinkies. He thought the 4 engine planes used too much
    fuel. So he saved the fuel and lost the war.

  • ariel films inc
    ariel films inc 24 days ago

    He also disliked others technology. When he had SOME parts of Russia he replaced THERE tech with German tec a.k.a railroad
    The "gauge" of Russian Trains was different even though easy targets TOU STILL had to transport large amounts o material
    Since he had peope revuilding trains to German specifications instead of FIGHTING enemies along with the winter …….........…...