Her 1st Ride on New Street Glide / Ashley rides new 114 H-D

  • Published on Jul 19, 2019
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Comments • 283

  • David Sidler
    David Sidler 4 days ago

    Ashley is such a sweetheart! 💜

  • Jonathan Delgado
    Jonathan Delgado 9 days ago

    What kind of boots does Ashley wear? My girlfriends inquiring!

    • Adam Sandoval
      Adam Sandoval  9 days ago

      Red Wing Gloria boots in oro legacy leather

  • TG H
    TG H 12 days ago

    Life will be shorter if your not wearing proper clothing UNREAL.

  • 06 smokes
    06 smokes 13 days ago +1

    What's up Adam! Keep the vids rolling! Hey what kind of helmets do you guys ride?

    • Adam Sandoval
      Adam Sandoval  13 days ago +1

      I have a Sena momentum pro and Ashley's is a bell bullitt

  • jetdoctn
    jetdoctn 15 days ago +1

    Life's short, buy the damn bike! Well I did! 2018 Street Glide Special 115th Anniversary Edition, Denim Blue. Picked it up in Indianapolis last Friday and am LOVING IT!

  • Dominick Sheppard
    Dominick Sheppard 17 days ago

    Where is the Road King?

  • Wayne Gordon
    Wayne Gordon 17 days ago +1

    Glad to see Ashley got her helmet fixed.

  • James Thompson
    James Thompson 19 days ago +1

    Ashley looks alot better on that than the unicorn, better seating and wrist positioning.

  • t watson
    t watson 21 day ago

    Are you ok.

  • Jeffrey Bennett
    Jeffrey Bennett 22 days ago +3

    Just by her the damn bike!!👍🤣🤣

  • Jeremy Permenter
    Jeremy Permenter 23 days ago +2

    So glad I finally got my Road King Special (2019). Looking forward to running into you during one of my many rides

  • Lob BKK
    Lob BKK 23 days ago +1


  • Dirty D
    Dirty D 24 days ago +1

    Well guess I won’t get that color. Since it’s pretty.

  • william raftery
    william raftery 24 days ago +2

    Harley bikes and Penn reels Worlds Greatest 😍🇦🇺✝🏍🎣

  • Ceccola Construction Residential Remodeling

    Looking Great Guys!!

  • Beth Cochran
    Beth Cochran 24 days ago +1

    Looks great on you, Ashley!

  • Bryce Hansen
    Bryce Hansen 24 days ago

    What is that band of helmet she is wearing?

  • Born To Be Uai
    Born To Be Uai 24 days ago +1

    Amazing vid, as usual, Adam! Keep it up! Its always great to see you and Ashley and your friends riding new bikes!

    • Adam Sandoval
      Adam Sandoval  24 days ago

      Thanks for being part of this channel 👊

  • Zorro Z
    Zorro Z 25 days ago +1

    Ashley makes this channel - sorry Dude ... : (

  • Phil Layman
    Phil Layman 25 days ago +2

    Ashley, you just kill it with your Beautiful Southern draw...either one of those bikes..they look great when you are. Tha rider...adam
    .you're still a dawg..lol...lv u 2
    .face in the wind..phil

  • Robert Darrah
    Robert Darrah 25 days ago +1

    Ashley that’s gonna be your next bike. Great taste

  • Gregory Duncan
    Gregory Duncan 25 days ago +2

    Love my Street Glide, Traded my Road King for it too.

  • Chris W
    Chris W 25 days ago +1

    She's soooooo cute... love you guys... ride safe and often..

  • Beetle Mann
    Beetle Mann 26 days ago +1

    Love these two, Never seen more down to earth people. I always liked the look of the Street Glide over the Road Glide, but...Bought the Road Glide after riding both on the highway. Love my 18 RG Special. Y'all Rock!!!

  • southernstyle69
    southernstyle69 26 days ago +1

    I just got a new to me 2012 ultra classic. I love it. I've had Wide Glides, choppers, and even an old iron head sportster. But this is my first original harley. The others were customs. Just get out there and ride.

  • roymoderatto
    roymoderatto 26 days ago +1

    That exact model Street Glide, but in Wicked Red Denim is one of the coolest looking baggers ever! This Gray Denim is awesome, though! 🤘🏻

  • dooku65
    dooku65 26 days ago +2

    R.U.B. One of the many things wrong to with this company today

  • Debra Nelson
    Debra Nelson 26 days ago +1

    Hot digg-a-dee!!! Look at that Ashley ride, haha!!! Papa Greg here 😎😎👍

  • Larry Graves
    Larry Graves 26 days ago +1

    Thanks for the smile..love the color!

  • Trucker Who
    Trucker Who 26 days ago +1

    Your camera work is second to none. Nice job!

  • Pauly P
    Pauly P 26 days ago +3

    I prefer the Road King. Something about the big Necelle style headlight sticking out. Its like a Freight Train with no windshield😎. I cant wait to get a RK Special.

  • Bayou Garage
    Bayou Garage 26 days ago +1

    We hang out with the Guys from Cajun HD all the time... Let us know if you are ever in the Lafayette area again... Would love to have you on the Channel!

  • Fred Allen
    Fred Allen 26 days ago +1

    What has happened to riders today? No bugs in yer teeth. My cressy friend has been trying to get me to put a 'shield on mine! Nah. Wind and bugs, I was hit with a June bug and thought I was shot! Gotta love 'em. She looked on that bike, like it was made for her.

  • Shannon Cruse
    Shannon Cruse 26 days ago +1

    Nice bike

  • Motorcycle Momma
    Motorcycle Momma 27 days ago +1

    Ashley was rocking that Street Glide 👍 I just looked over at my husband, who has a 2017, and he said ‘Nope’! He knows me well 🤣

  • Tony Black
    Tony Black 27 days ago +1

    That's one fine lady you have the Adam.

  • Màtthew Walker
    Màtthew Walker 27 days ago +1

    Buy the dam motorcycle

  • Laurence Brazil
    Laurence Brazil 27 days ago +1


  • yamahchopper
    yamahchopper 27 days ago +1

    Ashley look great test riding that bike!

  • Jim Weagant
    Jim Weagant 27 days ago +1

    Good video thanks for sharing Ashley needs the street glide by the dam motorcycle

  • Corey Schrader
    Corey Schrader 27 days ago +1

    My wife wants Ashley's boots. What are they?! Lol

    • Adam Sandoval
      Adam Sandoval  26 days ago

      Red Wing Gloria boots in oro legacy leather

  • Nomadic Angeleno
    Nomadic Angeleno 27 days ago +1

    Should be wearing gear. Road Rash hurts.

  • Wayne Siminski
    Wayne Siminski 27 days ago +2

    That is one of the best colors for the Street Glide. I agree with you Adam, little higher on the handlebars is easier on the shoulders when riding. If you love it, buy it Miss Ashley. We are here for a good time, not a long time. Thanks

  • Ricardo Olivieri
    Ricardo Olivieri 27 days ago +1

    hola, increiblee, una locura!!! saludos desde Argentina!!!!!

  • DandyG23
    DandyG23 27 days ago +1

    Makes me want one even more!! I've been looking into one and just don't know when I will be getting one. One day I will buy one. Another great video from the both of you guys. Keep it up.

  • Tana Staton
    Tana Staton 27 days ago +1

    Nice video!
    That bike fits you well Ashley!
    Enjoy ! 🇺🇸✌🇺🇸

  • fredsw6
    fredsw6 27 days ago +2

    hey Ashley, for an europeen like me, driving motorbike without glove and jacket is just amazing, if any issue on a bike, you can have major injury, please drive safe, I like your video, and your joint implication for veterans cause. keep going and take care.

  • Applicator 40 USA
    Applicator 40 USA 27 days ago +4

    I love the shirt she's wearing.. sasquatch for life,a long with Harley's

  • Dean Williams
    Dean Williams 27 days ago +1

    Adam...... I live in the UK and wanna tour here,Ireland and maybe Europe..... torn between a Softail Heritage 114 and a Road King Classic.any advice would be a big help

  • Jonathan Kemp
    Jonathan Kemp 28 days ago +2

    Great people love the videos

  • Ace of Knaves
    Ace of Knaves 28 days ago +1

    Greetings from Grand Rapids Harley, anytime you want to go back to Holland for drinks come see me.

  • De Ba
    De Ba 28 days ago +1

    Bro, did you secretly get her that Street Glide, or are you gonna have her ride the Darkhorse next to compare? I’ve said all along, that lower riding, better suspension Copper Darkhorse is the right choice!

  • walter douglas
    walter douglas 28 days ago +1

    Adam, How is Scooter, Personaly I have a hard time staying away from my 4 legged family. Blessings

  • Lynn Michel
    Lynn Michel 28 days ago +1

    So keep the RG add a Wide Open Customs fairing and she gets to keep her IRide suspension..

    • Steven Thorpe
      Steven Thorpe 26 days ago

      Kinda what I thought add a fairing to the road king. Got the sweet suspension

  • James Block
    James Block 28 days ago +1

    adam how tall is she cause I am a short guy and can she touch the ground

  • Julen Ropitini
    Julen Ropitini 28 days ago +1

    Come on bring that H/D name home im a KIWI watching from Australia that H/D name is calling for somone to pick it up and bring it home to AMERICAN LAND where it was born Tell everyone of your friends who ride H/D to BRING IT HOME GOD bless America in Jesus Amen

  • Amador Robancho
    Amador Robancho 28 days ago +1

    What’s Ashley’s height?? Thinking about getting the old lady a touring. Also, great video bro!

  • Joseph Marton
    Joseph Marton 28 days ago

    Ashley, stay away from burger world. Try the Jenny Craig diet.

  • CBrackin
    CBrackin 28 days ago +2

    Miss Ashley you are amazing. Ride safe, Ride free!!!

  • Albert Andrews
    Albert Andrews 28 days ago +1

    Helmet is totally unacceptable

  • V. Vking
    V. Vking 28 days ago +1

    She likes the flat gun metal grey of the bike because it makes her beautiful eyes and smile stand out even more. What a sweetheart.

  • Santiago Rodriguez Guillen

    I don't understand why you would wear a helmet and no gear. Bike looks amazing good.

    • Adam Sandoval
      Adam Sandoval  28 days ago +1

      Santiago Rodriguez Guillen to protect her head.

  • MelloEllo70 Ont, Canada
    MelloEllo70 Ont, Canada 28 days ago +1

    Gonna trade the Road King?

  • bobby campbell
    bobby campbell 28 days ago +1

    I'm new with you guys can y'all tell me more about Paris ride would like to ride that one. Bobby from Brady Tx heart of TEXAS

    • Adam Sandoval
      Adam Sandoval  28 days ago

      On October 5th we will be breaking the world record for the longest parade of Harley Davidsons! ru-clip.com/video/b6UMh5JkbzM/video.html

  • Robert Watkins
    Robert Watkins 28 days ago +1

    Time to sale the old King and buy the new 114 Street Glide for Ashley.

  • Bob Ellis
    Bob Ellis 28 days ago +1

    Take it from a fellow street glide owner, you will love love love that bike. Yes, I agree the suspension isn’t great, but the aftermarket has us covered there. The only thing I truly dislike is that I can’t spend more time on it. Enjoy and rock on.

    • haywoodyoudome
      haywoodyoudome 28 days ago +1

      That's what sets HD apart, dropping over 20 grand on a bike and having to spend another couple thousand just to get it comfortable to ride.

  • Keith Sweat
    Keith Sweat 28 days ago +1

    Same color as my 19 Road Glide Special good choice Ashley

  • theChestnutMtnTinman
    theChestnutMtnTinman 28 days ago +1

    Yup, she needs to trade

  • Jcwhite0703
    Jcwhite0703 28 days ago +1

    I believe I saw a drive out temp tag on the back of that beauty....
    I’m pretty sure that’s Already ASHLEY’s!!
    You aren’t test riding lol.

  • liquidktm
    liquidktm 28 days ago +1

    Nice new ride!! Congrats

  • derf skittlers
    derf skittlers 28 days ago +1

    Your handgrips need to be a little higher. Mine were low like that and i didnt realize it till someone pointed it out. I rotated them up just an inch or so and made a real difference. My 2 cents.

  • Leslie Armstrong
    Leslie Armstrong 28 days ago +1

    Might have to test ride one!!!

  • Smore_Travels
    Smore_Travels 28 days ago +1

    Awesome vid as usual. It looks like that bike was made just for you ashley.

  • Jeremy Henkel
    Jeremy Henkel 28 days ago +1

    What brand of helmet is she wearing? Really like it!

  • James Luckett
    James Luckett 28 days ago +1

    Great bike,beautiful woman and best of all she is country as cornbread! Great video!