21 STRANGEST Things Found in Food

  • Published on Jul 7, 2018
  • Normally when we go to fast food restaurants we might expect a drink on the side, some fries and a stomach ache afterwards. With the unbelievable increase in popularity there’s a better chance that you might be the next victims. It’s always bad news though for them and they can sue fast food franchises for millions of dollars! From bullets that were found in hot dogs, to some seriously gross food toppings, here are the 21 strangest things found in food.
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    9. Rubber Glove Stew
    Another strange discovery in Russia, this photo we see here shows the can of beef stew as well as the free glove that came with the purchase. We supposed there could be more disgusting thing out there but seriously!

    8. Canned Teeth
    This photo of a can was also taken in Russia which makes you never want to try their food. Here in this country, you can purchase canned herring and it even includes their teeth, just to show how it’s real meat right? It almost seems like they catch a fish, chop it up in a few pieces and juts throw it in there!

    7. Feet in Lettuce at Burger King
    Most people don’t go to burger king for foot fungus but that might be exactly what they get. Thephoto was uploaded on 4chan anonymously with his feet clearly in a tub full of lettuce. He stated on the post, this is the kind of lettuce you get at Burger king. Is it worse with shoes on or without? This photo was captured in Mayfield Heights, Ohio and burger king fired 3 people who they believed to be involved with the making of this.

    6. Chocolate Surprise
    Just keep in mind not to piss off people who are making your food! You never know when they’re having a bad day and if you push them over the edge, who knows if this might happen to you! In 2008 in Australia, the government food minister confirmed that fecal matter was found inside chocolate gelato ice cream, which might work as a good camouflage. Two people had eaten the ice cream at the restaurant, after complaining about the noise level at the bar. Many the bartenders slightly disagreed. In any case though, the two people were sent to the hospital and then sued their butts off when they got out. Hopefully they don’t feel too butt hurt about the whole ordeal.

    5. Syringe in Burger
    Take a wild guess which burger company in the US is guilty of this one! It’s burger king again and maybe it wasn’t just the lettuce we had to worry about. Their burgers seem pretty dirty too! One of the more dangerous and unbelievable items on this list, in 2010 a US army staff sgt regrettable made the decision to eat at a Burger King. He took a few bites and eventually his tongue had been seriously injured. That’s not all though. He swallowed another one which ripped up his stomach, intestines and the exit hole. Those are typically the symptoms after eating a burger from here anyways. When can we start suing! And yes this has also happened in a Mcdonalds in Kentucky.

    4. Human Skin
    Hey looks like arby’s is making it on our list for the first time so far and it certainly deserves a place here on this list. It’s understandable how sometimes accidents do happen and people’s skin does get cut while making food. It’s not unheard off. But what if some skin got sliced off, and ended up in your sandwich somehow, thus making you an involuntary cannibal. Could you live with yourself.

    3. Nugget Nightmare
    What’s wrong with this nugget, and why’s it on the list? It’s seems perfect normal to me or wait… what’s that? If you zoom in juts a little bit closer, you might see something and once you see it you just can simply unsee it! A 30 year old got a not so happy meal after she noticed a little wiggly creature hanging around! Are nuggets actually made with worms and this one just wasn’t fully cooked? Who knows anymore.

    2. Mouse in Soda
    Another infamous case took place between Mountain dew and a couple living in Illinois. They found what they believed to be a diseased mouse stuck inside the can! Maybe this mouse was just trying to do the dew and was done for? They notified mountain dew authorities about the incident and their response was quite mind boggling. They stated that if the mouse was actually able to get into the can, the mountain dew would have reduced it to a jelly like liquid in 30 days and the consumers would likely not even know. As creepy as it might sound, it’s actually true. RU-clip experiments online would support the theory. All that was left after about a month was the rats tail. Would that happen with any soda or just mountain dew?

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Comments • 35

  • Jolteon and Toys YT
    Jolteon and Toys YT 2 months ago

    7 bruh dat meme

  • Raisa
    Raisa Year ago

    I have found feathers in oscar meyer lunch meat and hot dogs. I complained to them and found out that there are other people who also found feathers in their products. I wont ever eat oscar meyer again.

  • Johnny J
    Johnny J Year ago

    How do you accidentally swallow a 9 millimeter bullet?

  • Noah Paulsen
    Noah Paulsen Year ago

    Developer float prevention sake jury curtain dirt dawn let include.

  • reddragon stacking

    Try finding pubic hair on your pizza

  • GhostCity Shelton

    OK, now who's hungry?
    Can you do something on how MREs are made?

  • GhostCity Shelton

    Reminds me of a movie Soilent (sp?) Green where they'd make green cakes out of people. Yeah that was a movie but with over population, global warming, farmers not being able to make a living ect. could we one day actually start turning some folks into 'food'?
    Have folks in cages like we have cattle fenced in. I like writing horror stories & have thought about this before.

  • Candace Argo
    Candace Argo Year ago

    One time at a McDonald’s in Kansas City Missouri I ordered a large coke. When I had drank all of it something wasn’t right feeling about the weight of the cup. I opened the lid to find the black nozzle to the machine in the bottom of my cup. I understand accidents happen and returned the item. I never even got offered a sorry.😕

  • KM R
    KM R Year ago +1

    Those people who are eating food with sharp objects in them, please "chew" your food first, then you might have found it before it got lodged in your stomachs. Just saying.

  • Reila Shiro
    Reila Shiro Year ago +1


  • Tammy's Hangout
    Tammy's Hangout Year ago

    I got a pizza from Gatti's one time and it had hair all over like a extra topping, Barf!!

  • Must Love Cats
    Must Love Cats Year ago

    Considering Arbey's logo looks like the head of a penis...I'm not suprised.

  • idk idk
    idk idk Year ago

    I'm the 26 one

  • Miggi so bad
    Miggi so bad Year ago +2

    I love fry food

  • Teia Tot
    Teia Tot Year ago

    Glad non of it was from Wendy's. Yay. So happy

  • shadow bolt the fox gaming

    i never wana eat agen aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • John Gabrielle L. Bautista

    FIRST edit: for some reason i forgotted to press to post this comment...so it looks like im lying BUT IM NOT BOI

  • Idk my name 13
    Idk my name 13 Year ago

    I’m scared for life

  • michael Longford
    michael Longford Year ago +4

    Right that's it, from now on I'm only eating food I've prepared and cooked myself.

    • GhostCity Shelton
      GhostCity Shelton Year ago +1

      michael Longford Wise move! As a waitress I got fired because I saw a cook drop the meat on the floor & put it in a pan any way & I told him to throw it out & wash the pan. He went to the manager & falsely claimed I was 'herrassing' him. The manager wouldn't believe the cook would do what he did !
      I've worked both McDee's & Burger King They rarely clean drinking machines & if do just use cleaning stuff & not rinse! The oil is barely changed for fries.
      Burger King is worse than McDonnals. If store is busy managers up the cooking time & the burgers fly through the cooker.
      Both eateries use burgers that have painted black lines on them to make it look like the burgers were 'grilled'.
      I went into security then & into the Army, no more food industry.
      I eat what I cook !

  • Its Ma’am
    Its Ma’am Year ago +6

    Good job you have officially ruined food for me

  • Customzsazsa The kitty lover

    You put in the wrong numbers!

  • rsuriyop
    rsuriyop Year ago +2

    I remember hearing a story a long time ago (back half of the 90's) about someone finding a chicken nugget chicken head after ordering from a McDonald's.

  • Aaron Baker
    Aaron Baker Year ago

    sometimes people put a bacon packet to put inside the salad and eat

  • Ancient_Ys
    Ancient_Ys Year ago

    2:34 there's nothing wrong about that one, I guess the server just wanted the customer to cut the sub in half? Seeing as according to the picture that sub clearly wasn't cut in half already and besides the knife wasn't inside of the sub.. So basically this entry doesn't count.

  • Gabby Cooper
    Gabby Cooper Year ago


  • Farhanplayz69
    Farhanplayz69 Year ago +1

    Early 360th

  • Emo Equestrian
    Emo Equestrian Year ago

    Nose ring thing. I’m Emo and I don’t have a nose ring.

  • Andreas Hammar
    Andreas Hammar Year ago

    wasnt this popular in like 2014?

  • YewNorkie
    YewNorkie Year ago

    Early 6th

  • Its Erin
    Its Erin Year ago


  • FunDipWolf :3
    FunDipWolf :3 Year ago

    Early >:3

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