Learn to Swim - Basics of Buoyancy

  • Published on Mar 18, 2016
  • SwimLifePro's Basics of Buoyancy video tutorial reviews the fundamental skills required to learn each of the six official swimming strokes, and Treading Water. These skills will be the foundations of everything that you will need to accomplish in your journey to becoming a lifelong swimmer!

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    • lisa cameron
      lisa cameron 3 months ago

      A u fists

    • Winona Johnson
      Winona Johnson 10 months ago

      SwimLifePro Thank you!!

    • Anthony A
      Anthony A 11 months ago

      If you exhale all the air in you, you will sink. At least I do. I would always wear a Jet Ski PFD USCG certified life jacket. You don't do anything and it floats you.

    • Leader Daniel
      Leader Daniel 11 months ago

      i get a lot of muscle cramps I NEED HELP 😭

  • BoBo Manny
    BoBo Manny 3 days ago

    Why can I float an kinda swim in a pool but when I'm in ocean or lake I sink an almost drown every time?

  • Solaire JS
    Solaire JS 4 days ago

    I can swim in space now.

  • Rahul Sapkal
    Rahul Sapkal 20 days ago


  • Himm
    Himm 20 days ago +2

    The biggest challenge I have in swimming is stress management lol

  • Fragile Heart
    Fragile Heart 20 days ago

    I can never do a backfloat

  • acc nam
    acc nam 29 days ago

    Next:Learn to Walk

  • Jeremy Fowler
    Jeremy Fowler Month ago

    this guy looks like Timmy from WKUK

  • J Smit
    J Smit Month ago

    Instructions unclear. Got my finger stuck in my dick

  • Paul Gee
    Paul Gee Month ago +1

    @1:53 "...a steady stream of blubbles" :-)

  • Lodemer Carpina
    Lodemer Carpina Month ago

    I wish i could learn how to swim and float on the water.

  • The JUDGE
    The JUDGE Month ago

    I learnt how to swim when i was between the age of 8-10 at school , after that i never swam again up until i was 18, like most people i thought u can never forget since its Procedural memory but to my surprise i was drowning. And now i hv serious confidence issue and im learning again at beginner level. Some thoughts on that ?

  • applejack hope
    applejack hope 2 months ago +2

    swim or sink

  • Md Najmus Sakib
    Md Najmus Sakib 2 months ago +2

    Why does my hips falls during back float?My instructor says my hips are heavy.

  • X Marks
    X Marks 2 months ago

    My girlfriend knows how to blow through her nose.

  • X Marks
    X Marks 2 months ago

    Sounds like the narrator is under water.

  • michael bennet
    michael bennet 2 months ago +1

    Everyone should learn to swim for emergency situations. You never no.

  • pedro santos
    pedro santos 2 months ago

    From Brazil

  • Alex Trafalgar
    Alex Trafalgar 3 months ago

    This is so helpful

  • argereth argereth
    argereth argereth 3 months ago

    video is very quiet

  • Naveen Sarathy
    Naveen Sarathy 3 months ago

    It's very easy to watch but in pool struggling very hard to breath,.....

  • Learicia Mahabir
    Learicia Mahabir 3 months ago

    I would like to know how transition from threading water to a back float in deep water

  • Nova3000のヴぁ
    Nova3000のヴぁ 3 months ago

    I'm in high school trying to look up how to swim before my swimming unit

  • Lauralaey5
    Lauralaey5 4 months ago

    I can float both on my back, and front but, I can't swim at all.

  • Valerie MARALIT
    Valerie MARALIT 4 months ago

    Sorry didnt work ended up in my friend's sink😅

  • Kimmie Leigh
    Kimmie Leigh 4 months ago +2

    This is sooooo helpfuuuuul! Appreciate this one. Hope I'll get over my fear of drowning.

  • Tiffany Gacha
    Tiffany Gacha 4 months ago


  • Izwan A. Jeffrey
    Izwan A. Jeffrey 4 months ago

    Soooooooo.... Did anyone learned how to swim after watching this video?

  • Big Fella
    Big Fella 5 months ago

    The dad bod on this guy is distracting.

  • MrToby
    MrToby 5 months ago

    My legs always sink.

  • Sonia Wisdom
    Sonia Wisdom 5 months ago +1

    do we have to keep our armpit hair too so that we float on the water?

    • Sonia Wisdom
      Sonia Wisdom 5 months ago

      +Shekhar S 😂😂😂😂

    • Shekhar S
      Shekhar S 5 months ago

      You can use your balls to float. If you are female you can use your breasts😋

  • Peter Flaherty
    Peter Flaherty 5 months ago

    When you actually showing us a clip of floating how about not cutting it short after just a few seconds? Another thing, 5.28 - 5.46 how about floating for this amount of seconds instead of showing a photo? Nobody can float, in this position, in fresh water that is why you are showing a pic. Whoever reads my comment don't try to do what he "does". You are not going to succeed. There is a way to float, in fresh water, but not the way he "shows"

  • Kenan Whyle
    Kenan Whyle 5 months ago

    thanks :)

  • Ammar Saleh
    Ammar Saleh 5 months ago

    That is amazing work, thank u so much.

  • Azeem Nayeem
    Azeem Nayeem 5 months ago

    Very nice, well demonstrated, nice explained video. Thank you!

  • D Monk
    D Monk 5 months ago +5

    this guy is naturally bouyant. Find a dense and big boned, lean, tall guy like me to demonstrate these techniques

    • Jemi Giwa
      Jemi Giwa 2 days ago

      D Monk EXACTLY!!!!!!! I couldn't master how to float on my back until a guy who looked like that (lean, tall, dense heavy bones) gave me tips on how to do it. I think it's harder for lean tall people.

  • Kathleen Lea
    Kathleen Lea 5 months ago +1

    Why can't I stand up after floating on my back

  • Rusty
    Rusty 5 months ago

    Helps if you have a big gut and ass like the guy in the video.

  • tempelle m
    tempelle m 6 months ago

    hairy armpit

  • Shadow Z gaming
    Shadow Z gaming 6 months ago

    i go swimming at school thx this help

  • Marko San
    Marko San 6 months ago

    I can float when i breath in, then i sink when i breathed out and then started to panic lols

  • Grimlock 313
    Grimlock 313 6 months ago

    Need help. I try all of these things and i find myself resting on the bottom of the pool everytime. I don't think that it is possible for me to float at all. And yes im relaxed, it doesnt matter, i cant float.

    • Robin Smith
      Robin Smith 4 months ago

      +imd12c4advice Maybe I will try again but having spent so many years trying and failing, I'm not sure. Thanks for your answer.

    • imd12c4advice
      imd12c4advice 5 months ago

      +Robin Smith Yes. But you should be able to swim via a good instructor/ program.

    • Robin Smith
      Robin Smith 5 months ago

      +imd12c4advice Does being super skinny make it harder to float? I took swimming lessons at school many years ago. I always sank to the bottom. I was a very skinny in those days. I never learned to swim and eventually gave up.

    • imd12c4advice
      imd12c4advice 6 months ago

      +Grimlock 313 Yes. Exactly.
      Interestingly, faster fish tend to sink naturally and compensate by producing lift, while slow fish tend to use gas filled organs to get more buoyant.

    • Grimlock 313
      Grimlock 313 6 months ago

      Ok. Thank you. So you are saying that in order for me to swim or survive in water, i have to keep moving and generating lift force? So instead of concentrating on floating, i should concentrate more on propulsion and stroke techniques?

  • Jimineutron
    Jimineutron 6 months ago +1

    Thank you so much for this video. Now I will just find a pool that's only on chest level just in case I will not be able to do it. If only I can bring you with me so that you can teach me in person and hold me while doing it.

  • Olamide Moronkola
    Olamide Moronkola 7 months ago

    This is very helpful

  • Wajahat Shah
    Wajahat Shah 7 months ago

    Interstin In swimmimg videos

  • Laurina S Moran
    Laurina S Moran 7 months ago

    noooooooooooooope nope nope

  • Uday mankena
    Uday mankena 7 months ago

    This is a very informative video. Helps clear a lot of questions in your head when you are beginner.

  • Anthony Ramos
    Anthony Ramos 7 months ago

    I see your not the best at floating

  • Gotah Gemini
    Gotah Gemini 7 months ago

    Thank you! This was very helpful! What's the next step after this? Could you do a video of rotation to the side as well.

  • Invaderguy78
    Invaderguy78 8 months ago +1

    I can always front float, but I have no clue how to back float. I have tried many times. Now, I just don't want water in my nostrils, but just in my nose is fine. Problem is, water gets in my nostrils while I back float.

    • imd12c4advice
      imd12c4advice 6 months ago

      That is normal. Some people like using nose plugs or clips. I just blow out my nose if i feel water starting in. The trick there is to replace the lost air quickly by immediately breathing back in so you minimize sinking. Also you can reduce the water going in by playing with your float position --> If only your face sticks out, it will be higher than if other parts (arms, legs, stomach, etc. ) are also sticking out. The higher your face, the fewer waves will reach your nose or mouth. Also, do it in calm water, and practice the breaths so you get used to the changes as you breathe, before you actually need to deal with water in nose. It is mostly about confidence and technique. Maybe even try mouth breaths with a nose clip first to get used to it before dealing with any water risk. With these techniques you will be able to back float for as long as you want in calm waters.

  • T0XXER
    T0XXER 8 months ago

    help me i always sink when gliding

  • Aini Messi
    Aini Messi 8 months ago

    I remember training by myself to float while my sibling laughing at me. They thought i couldnt do it bcoz im fat. Then i prove that i can do it.

  • Rasheed Siddiqui
    Rasheed Siddiqui 8 months ago

    A very well done production, Thanks.

  • semeramis ღ
    semeramis ღ 8 months ago

    please shave your armpets

  • The Gaming Guy
    The Gaming Guy 8 months ago

    OMG thanks dude i need to learn this before 17 cuz im joining swimming

  • YongChaks Are Overrated

    i nearly died today

  • KittyCat C34
    KittyCat C34 8 months ago

    I cant swim above the water just under water. Never been taught how to swim learned myself to swim under water.

  • pascalm
    pascalm 9 months ago

    " when your face is in the water you will note be able to inhale any air " .. thank you! I figured out I've been doing it wrong my whole life.

  • D N
    D N 9 months ago

    What of when swimming in the beach

  • Reydelito Pogi Tabalba
    Reydelito Pogi Tabalba 9 months ago

    I barely want to know swiming

  • boris beker
    boris beker 9 months ago

    I am an adult swimming biginner. have been practicing in both deep and shallow pools. I feel very comfortable in the water after 12 hours of swimming together, but looking at this video has definately cleared out some of my mistakes.
    thanx alot for this video

  • Farah Elhasan
    Farah Elhasan 9 months ago


  • Vladimir Poutine samira

    think you. 👍👍👍👍👏

  • Rasheed Ahmed
    Rasheed Ahmed 9 months ago

    Sir What can i must do when i stuck and drown deep water because of much fear and tiredness and very low confidence of swimming?

  • Steve K
    Steve K 9 months ago

    thank you bro for such a good lesson in swimming.. blowing water, floating .thanks

  • Mario _3402
    Mario _3402 10 months ago

    i almost drowned once while im drowning i use all my strength to swim to surface because i dont know how to breath in water.I only know how to move in water................still scared of water

  • Jenkins Montgomery
    Jenkins Montgomery 10 months ago

    Why are u holding your breath while your head is above the water? What the point of it if you aren't breathing ?

  • smart legend
    smart legend 10 months ago

    watch my channel

  • Robojax
    Robojax 10 months ago

    excellent video. Thank you. I checked your website and it seems your domain name has expired and someone else has registered it. Get swimLifePro with (dot TV) instead if you can't get your SwimLifePro dot com page

  • Ashleigh Harris
    Ashleigh Harris 10 months ago

    Thank you so much for this video! I watched it at the beach just now and went out and floated for the first time in my life!! I could never do it before!

  • Tomatom B
    Tomatom B 10 months ago +1

    As an experienced teacher I can say this video is pretty good from what I've seen. It's missed out a few little bits but overall pretty good.
    Interesting front float...his arms are really high. Looks like someone's been swimming butterfly...😎

  • Muhammad Ahsan Taqveem
    Muhammad Ahsan Taqveem 10 months ago

    You made it look so easy.
    Thank you for the amazing tips.

  • DaringStone 07
    DaringStone 07 10 months ago

    I can’t float on my stomach. My legs always sink

  • Keith Bhebhe
    Keith Bhebhe 10 months ago

    hello are these easy to do when swimming by the beach??

  • Pawel Чуи
    Pawel Чуи 10 months ago

    I want my own pool !! :(

  • KYS
    KYS 10 months ago


  • Nicholas Rampersaud
    Nicholas Rampersaud 10 months ago

    This guy talk to much boi

  • Joshua Townsend
    Joshua Townsend 11 months ago

    Theres only 4 official strokes

    • Joshua Townsend
      Joshua Townsend 11 months ago

      SwimLifePro ahhhh, gotcha

    • SwimLifePro
      SwimLifePro  11 months ago +1

      Joshua Townsend 4 racing strokes, but a total of 6 official strokes: Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Butterfly are the racing strokes. Sidestroke and Elementary Backstroke are still considered official strokes.

  • Shama Sharma
    Shama Sharma 11 months ago +1

    Although i dont know how to swim still i am facinated by the thing to go under water...but i am scared of my eyes, nose, and ears...i dont know what happen to these organ under water

  • Bisexual Mess
    Bisexual Mess 11 months ago

    All I want for my birthday is the ability to be able to swim overnight. Stupid swimming test, I don't know why I need you.

  • Roshida Din
    Roshida Din 11 months ago

    Front Float @ 2:35
    Back Float @ 5:50

  • Mogu
    Mogu 11 months ago

    Most of the comments are from old people saying they just learned to swim lol

  • Amal Alyazeedy
    Amal Alyazeedy 11 months ago

    Take a deep breath n spread ur arms n legs n ur gonna float

  • Nom
    Nom 11 months ago +4

    Beautiful belly ;)

  • Gaurav Rijal
    Gaurav Rijal Year ago

    Hey, I practiced the back float as you had suggested with the chin up, body relaxed and held breath, and it worked perfectly. Thanks.

    DARK HAZARD Year ago

    but i wanted this position🏊not this one that you're doing

    DARK HAZARD Year ago +1

    alright i got my life guard ready incase i fuck up and drown wish me luck i'll need it

  • S3rs3 se
    S3rs3 se Year ago

    Nice video. I'll put what I've learnt here into practice. Thank you

  • syverexion
    syverexion Year ago

    Who are those ungrateful freaks who keep giving a thumbs down to helpful videos like these. If you think you're better at swimming and teaching it, just make your own videos and leave other supposedly inferior ones alone. Anyways, thank you to the maker of this video. I gave you a thumbs up, your video is really helpful and great.

  • Neelesh suryawanshi

    I tried but it was tough not as easy as seen in video

  • nissanferrari1
    nissanferrari1 Year ago

    I am the type of person that cannot fully understand something until I am shown the demonstration and the reason why you do it this way. I am getting more inspiration to go back to learning swimming as I got a scare and became frightened of water.

  • Junaid Khan
    Junaid Khan Year ago

    This was the best video i found till now on youtube for swimming lesson

  • hi its me
    hi its me Year ago +1

    nice gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood vdo

  • Blewusi George Selali

    For Christ sake shave your armpit

  • Zeo -
    Zeo - Year ago

    The back float is so scary to ppl liked me that is scare of swimming

  • kavan hm
    kavan hm Year ago

    Very nicely taught.eye pointing downwards so that hip will raise helping leg not to go downward was one of the key point.everytime I used to see front and in response my leg used to drop down,I didn't knew the reason.i can try your method now.thank you.

  • penguine3000
    penguine3000 Year ago

    That music can make the fishes sink aw..

  • ernest747
    ernest747 Year ago

    that guy is fat

  • ernest747
    ernest747 Year ago

    basics of buyoyynuoynyoyny?

  • Såmårå Cøllins

    For school we have to do a swimming unit and idk how to swim hopefully this video helps. I just need to practice a bit before we start swimming