10 Richest Kids in the World

  • Published on Jan 20, 2017
  • Here are 10 of the richest kids in the world.

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    10 Richest Kids in the World
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  • helen rivera
    helen rivera Day ago

    $6 million for j-lo twins. bitch is really money hungry. not even royalty and people pay her to see pics. FOH...

  • Dr Obaidullah Salah Ideis

    مش عجبها لسا

  • Dr Obaidullah Salah Ideis

    شبع يشبعهم

  • Dr Obaidullah Salah Ideis

    I am a kid who lives in territory’s land

  • Caviler Vex
    Caviler Vex 5 days ago +1

    Bill gates is probably the best person on earth

  • Gina Henderson
    Gina Henderson 7 days ago


  • יהודה הללי
    יהודה הללי 9 days ago


  • יהודה הללי
    יהודה הללי 9 days ago

    הנחש אוהב אותי אני אוהבאותויותר

  • יהודה הללי
    יהודה הללי 9 days ago

    בשם יהוה אלהים ארץ ישראל זבת חלב ודבש נחלק אותה לכל העמים אהיה לכם גם כמונו מתאים עסקה.

    • יהודה הללי
      יהודה הללי 9 days ago

      אני יהוה אלהים מלך אהבה

    • יהודה הללי
      יהודה הללי 9 days ago

      אני יהוה אלהים מלך הגאוה מלך העולם יהוה גאה גאה

    • יהודה הללי
      יהודה הללי 9 days ago

      אני יהוה אלהים יעשה זאתת ארץ זבת חלב ודבש

  • TGAgaming TheGoldenApple
    TGAgaming TheGoldenApple 10 days ago +1

    When your son is on the path to becoming richer than you

    Yahhhh It's rewind time

  • Patric TheDragon
    Patric TheDragon 10 days ago


  • Melon Fox
    Melon Fox 11 days ago

    I would like to be *WEALTHY* not buck load *RICH*
    I wouldn’t wanna be a queen because that’s to much work for me in my opinion... but I would like to be a famous artist.

  • deepu j
    deepu j 12 days ago

    Just here because of thumbnail

  • Jessica Gray
    Jessica Gray 13 days ago

    People we all are rich

  • Dr Dermagraphics
    Dr Dermagraphics 16 days ago

    10 most spoiled assholes is more like it...

  • shadySapper MuzziHeadHunter

    Nothing about the rothschilds then?

  • R. Nagarya
    R. Nagarya 17 days ago


  • Mace Studio
    Mace Studio 19 days ago


  • Muntaha Watson
    Muntaha Watson 20 days ago

    who said money can't buy happiness🙃

  • Christen Grooms
    Christen Grooms 20 days ago

    Someone put Stormi on here

  • Spiritual Lioness
    Spiritual Lioness 23 days ago

    Neither one of them knows how it feels to be loved only money.
    Rich Kid- Mom/Dad I'm so sad
    Rich Mom/Dad-Dont worry we'll pay for a therapist.
    All they need is a hug and a *I love you*

    MATTHEW ILES 24 days ago

    The Royal Family always being in the public eye is an extremely small price to pay for the amount of money they have.

  • Zenobia Beckley
    Zenobia Beckley 25 days ago

    Heck out my RU-clip channel 💋🇺🇸🇧🇷🇺🇸

  • Gameplay Master
    Gameplay Master 25 days ago +1

    Why this is in my recomendation
    Iam already aware i am not rich kid!!

  • kavin lawrence
    kavin lawrence 25 days ago

    Where are the Kardashians 😂😂😂

  • Gautam Rana
    Gautam Rana 29 days ago +1

    Try making top 10 poorest kid in the world that would be good

  • Lili the dino
    Lili the dino 29 days ago

    She is learning to walk... and there. 5 billion.
    I can cartwheel...Hey! Where's my money???

  • Scott Hill
    Scott Hill Month ago

    The kids aren't rich ...
    the parents are ... stupid vid

  • George Ross
    George Ross Month ago

    Watched this because of the thumbnail

  • Tercy Lola Bullock
    Tercy Lola Bullock Month ago

    Wow I need help from them

  • Kamar
    Kamar Month ago

    The royal family should just stop giving billions of dollars to kids who don’t even know what money is yet.

  • urmommeghan !!!
    urmommeghan !!! Month ago +2

    *A relatively small amount of 10 million dollars each*

    me: begs mom for $10 for v-bucks and gets rejected

  • Eyoel Daniel
    Eyoel Daniel Month ago

    Was good

  • hina katha
    hina katha Month ago

    hey friends subscribe me and support.

  • Michael Regis
    Michael Regis Month ago +2

    I feel depressed.

  • Meet Shah
    Meet Shah Month ago

    No any Indians..!!

  • Sandra Seven
    Sandra Seven Month ago

    These people work hard and deserve all the money they have so you hater's stop.

  • The Top
    The Top Month ago

    1 Like 1 Subscriber
    anyone ?

  • Lalawmpuii Khiangte
    Lalawmpuii Khiangte Month ago +2

    They are not rich there parents are rich

  • Luck Luck
    Luck Luck Month ago +1

    this is only 10% right....You have not covered world wide...and also you considered only celebrity class kids mostly whereas there's much more out.Your Info is very limited

  • Arab Show
    Arab Show Month ago


  • pussy kath
    pussy kath Month ago

    Hey rich people can you donate on me im so poor I just want to pay my rent

  • Jennifer Rummel
    Jennifer Rummel Month ago

    Maybe help desperately torched animals in need. I bet your to busy for that. Ever wondered how hot hell is???

  • Alex TV
    Alex TV Month ago +4

    I hardly worth $10K

  • Roviza Bayoca
    Roviza Bayoca Month ago +2

    5Billion for a toddLer 🙄
    i dont even have a penny 😭😭😭

  • Yuyanto Gunawan
    Yuyanto Gunawan Month ago

    Sub back

  • Radblue Vlogs
    Radblue Vlogs Month ago +4

    But do they have AirPods tho?

  • Abshy X
    Abshy X Month ago

    When are you doing 10 poorest kids in the world

  • Kian Nash
    Kian Nash Month ago +1

    You have missed someone It is morgan he is a RU-clip and has 10 million dollars and hes only 17

  • Aricxel Monce
    Aricxel Monce Month ago

    Where Stormi Webster at ?

  • Ashtongamer and legos
    Ashtongamer and legos Month ago +2

    0ver a billion ok

  • hank fontaine
    hank fontaine Month ago

    Its Mystery Babylon Empire of Iron & Clay where the master of music & magic & lies is having his way

  • vini tulia
    vini tulia Month ago

    The 5the one daughter looks like Naz norris

  • Emin Ruby
    Emin Ruby Month ago

    *Who's a Poor kids like me:(((*

  • Abhishak Nath
    Abhishak Nath Month ago

    I don't have $20 now,

  • Hierarchy Bum
    Hierarchy Bum Month ago

    I get 10$ when my dad dies, lol.

  • Mavi Rose
    Mavi Rose Month ago

    Born rich got it

  • Nekthoufiq Umar. A
    Nekthoufiq Umar. A Month ago

    where is rashab bishasa

  • BurgBikers
    BurgBikers Month ago

    Where is Rashed Belhasa?(Money Kicks)?

  • BurgBikers
    BurgBikers Month ago

    Where my monthly expenditure is $15 lol😂😂

  • Silvana Vizcarra
    Silvana Vizcarra Month ago

    Seeing this envolved in my poorness

  • Richard Drabowicz
    Richard Drabowicz Month ago

    Rich yes, reality absolutely clueless !

  • Liz Diy
    Liz Diy Month ago

    Damn I have a heart attack when I get 100 bucks ...

  • Joseph Lewis
    Joseph Lewis Month ago

    anybody in the Scientology should be forced to give their money to everyone else because they are obviously the dumbest people on the planet

  • Joseph Lewis
    Joseph Lewis Month ago

    The Purge will begin, the rich will fall....and hard

  • Maricon May Magdaet
    Maricon May Magdaet Month ago +2

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I am broke
    How about you?

    • Lee Marie
      Lee Marie Month ago

      Maricon May Magdaet 😂 me too

  • Olik Sitang Sitang
    Olik Sitang Sitang 2 months ago

    I'm drinking a cheap tea and watching this

  • Little Cacti Quirk
    Little Cacti Quirk 2 months ago +1

    They forgot to mention Jaiden Smith starred in his own Anime. Smh.

  • Suzie Shannel
    Suzie Shannel 2 months ago

    mean while am thinking about what am having for dinner with my coins

  • Tore Martinussen
    Tore Martinussen 2 months ago

    Lier, why would the youngest person of the royal famely be worth more then the oldest?!?! (Like the comment if you agree!)

  • imazooo
    imazooo 2 months ago


  • King Sligh fanatic
    King Sligh fanatic 2 months ago

    Small loan of 10million......

  • Reynaldo Tajon
    Reynaldo Tajon 2 months ago

    What happened with WALMART owners' kid???

  • Emily Florie
    Emily Florie 2 months ago

    *_when a one year old has more net worth than you_*

  • TelstarFirst
    TelstarFirst 2 months ago

    Yawn! Just more clickbait.

  • Spasoje Kulasevic
    Spasoje Kulasevic 2 months ago


  • karena222fu
    karena222fu 2 months ago

    Poor SELLOUTS pray for them 🙏

  • Huge Shalaw
    Huge Shalaw 2 months ago

    Money is useless it can't do anything for you really all you need is the thing not money

  • Big Gunna886
    Big Gunna886 2 months ago

    #2 the way he pulls his hand away

  • Najam Ul Hassan
    Najam Ul Hassan 2 months ago

    I can prove them corrupt logically 😎

  • Holly hislovely
    Holly hislovely 2 months ago

    We all know jojo siwa will be on this list now. 2019 anyone?

  • never trust anyone with an anime girl for there pfp

    I wish I was rich :( maybe in my next life

  • ภูมินทร์ พิทยะสฤษดิ์

    tf a baby that cant walk need 5 billion

  • Fayth Armstrong
    Fayth Armstrong 2 months ago +1

    I'm worth a sack of potatoes 😁

  • Χρήστος Αλευρόπουλος

    Spoiled kiddos

  • Campers Of Australia
    Campers Of Australia 2 months ago

    I don’t want to be that person but I can relate to the kids in these videos

  • Starm-up Noelandstar
    Starm-up Noelandstar 2 months ago +4

    Who's still watching this in 2019

  • Mainak Nandi
    Mainak Nandi 2 months ago +7

    Who are INDIANS?
    And Thinking may Ambani family be here in this video..

  • Jim Beaumont
    Jim Beaumont 2 months ago

    No Comment about Paul McCartney's Children's worth? McCartney Himself is worth Billions He Makes over £250.000 a year from Royalties alone

  • Jerry Liao
    Jerry Liao 2 months ago +9

    Bill gate is the best person

  • Benny The Beast
    Benny The Beast 2 months ago +3

    2019 anyone???

  • Berenice García
    Berenice García 2 months ago

    He says small when he says 10 million 😱😱

  • barebp
    barebp 2 months ago


  • Ida Brewer
    Ida Brewer 2 months ago

    I wonder why they say Princess Charlotte is worth more than Prince George? That makes no sense since he is heir to the throne.

  • Julie Yoon
    Julie Yoon 2 months ago

    click bait

  • Uthu Santuhan
    Uthu Santuhan 2 months ago

    Grrrrr! Woof!

  • The explorer bros MCC
    The explorer bros MCC 2 months ago

    Dats lots of molah

  • šeimos namai
    šeimos namai 2 months ago

    Well the are spoild but they deserve the money cose they workt hard

  • Kishor Subedi
    Kishor Subedi 2 months ago

    Nose bleeded

  • Beuker  De Beuker
    Beuker De Beuker 2 months ago

    I cant minus 90 dollars, does that count? I mean its also extrodinary.