• Published on Nov 2, 2016
  • Top 10 World's Strangest Bathrooms - Please Share, Like and Comment. Thanx))
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    Our Top list of Weirdest Bathrooms includes:
    1. The safest toilet - It is located in Beijing, weighs more than 15-tons and just might be the safest place ever. This bathroom is part of a string of Chinese anti-terrorism products which makes toilet immune even to TNT explosives.
    2. Pop-Up Toilet - Public toilets often take up a lot of space, which is why officials are often reluctant to install them. Not with this one though; it rises out of the ground in a very space age way.
    3. See-Through Toilet - It is located in Basel in Switzerland, and it makes use of the same glass you find in police interview rooms. From the outside it looks like a mirror, but from the inside you can see out.
    4. Swiss knife bathroom - Lack of space doesn't have to mean a lack of getting what you want. This bathroom features seven rotating pieces. It consists of two showers, cistern with a mirror, two storage areas, a sink, and a toilet, all of which rotate on a central spine.
    5. Space Bathroom - There’s no gravity in space, so the toilet on the International Space Station is actually a real engineering feat. The toilet looks similar to a western style toilet that we use on Earth. However, there is a slight difference.
    6. Floating Bathroom - Out of concern over lake visitors using the open water as a bathroom instead of trekking to shore, some caretakers of lakes decided to install floating restrooms in order to protect the water and land from contamination.
    7. Aquarium Bathroom - this Japanese aquatic bathroom has three of its walls bordering an aquarium. The underwater restroom cost $270,000 to build, except for the giant sea turtle swimming around.
    8. World’s Largest Restroom - The world’s largest restroom, expanding on 32,000 square feet area, can be found in China. It features no less than a thousand toilets, many of which have very strange designs.
    9. Solid-Gold Toilet - This luxurious toilet is made of solid 24-carat gold and coated with gems. Everything in the restroom surrounding it...doors, sink and tiles...is also made of solid gold. Gold toilet is displayed at showroom in Hong Kong with current worth of $29 million.
    10. James Bond toilet - The Safe House restaurant in Milwaukee is completely spy themed. In order to get to the toilets, visitors must navigate through a series of complicated mazes and avoid a trick door.
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