The Most Spoiled Brats In The World

  • Published on Nov 7, 2018
  • Some incredibly overindulged kids turned out to be horrible brats. Here are the Top 10 Most Spoiled Kids in the World.
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  • Brodie Tyler
    Brodie Tyler 19 hours ago

    Lil, I don’t got iPhone 5 I got iPhone SE

  • Marcin Mikołaj
    Marcin Mikołaj 21 hour ago


  • Mark Lewis
    Mark Lewis 21 hour ago

    tried to watch but 2 ads in 6 mins. screw you thumbs down.

  • Govind Tuli
    Govind Tuli 21 hour ago

    My parents brought me ps4 and a pc two years later and i thought i was spoiled

  • Dark Angel Playz
    Dark Angel Playz 22 hours ago

    The one that owned the lexus

  • Kommandant BurtMüller

    I kinda hate my rich classmate she only gives everyone money or everything she doesnt give me to becuz i look ugly but i dont look ugly she alwayse said "ur ugly rat" "ur just a little big gay" "ur life is bad" but i got my revenge ready i started to roast her and make her cry

  • PJtheMan
    PJtheMan Day ago +1

    I’ll be so happy if I get to eat at a decent sushi place

  • Antonman
    Antonman Day ago

    This video was sponsored by mercedes benz

  • Luka Mitrovic
    Luka Mitrovic Day ago

    11:26 I think that's 0.1% (blind guess) of the USA's defensive budget (the budget being around 600 billion)

  • Jason Hartman
    Jason Hartman Day ago

    Wow such spoiled brats I get 10 dollars every month

  • Mr. Wong Tobias Larsen

    well im kinda spoiled, BUT i can handle it, i have empathy for others, and i freggin apreciate my mom LENT me the money for the s10+, and gave me my 18, bday present early, cause she know im not an ahole like those ;P im just a weird f tard XD

  • Dallas Attebury
    Dallas Attebury Day ago +2

    This guy said Peace officer😂😂😂

  • Stella Hanson
    Stella Hanson Day ago

    Lily Taylor is so gaylor

  • That Man In the Yellow Shirt 2000

    Number 1... I'm glad she isn't complaining and bitching, and she's actually using that money for good. I can respect that.

  • Larrynautik 12
    Larrynautik 12 Day ago

    Me : We should buy our nephew a 1000 $ car as a reward for obtaining his driving licence
    My brother : We will see. If he deserves it.
    Later, after me explaining it to my nephew.
    Nephew : Uncle, I just can't drive a cheap 1000 $ car, you see, it's not powerful ! I really need at least a Ford Focus, a brand new and powerful one !
    Me : You mean, one who cost 20.000 $ ?
    Nephew : Sure !
    Me : Well, I'll ask your other uncle about spending 10.000 $ in a car for you. We'll think about that. We'll deeply and longly think about that. Maybe in 30 years, when I'll be 60, I'll be still thinking about that.
    He didn't had his licence. And according to what he said, even if he had it, he would have had no car at all. I suggested he would go to work and get enough money.
    Nephew : Don't worry, Uncle ! I'll just go to the bank and they'll give me 50.000 $ to buy a car.
    Me : To someone who doesn't work ?
    Nephew : I'll reimburse them little by little.
    Me : That's absolutely not how things work ! (laughing)

  • Aiqwans 88
    Aiqwans 88 Day ago

    I still happy that I'm still alive than be like one of those brats

  • gamer tv
    gamer tv Day ago

    Shes not spoiled her brother and he forces her to act like that

  • Aric Hicklin
    Aric Hicklin 2 days ago


  • Alana Turner
    Alana Turner 2 days ago

    Money can't buy happiness these kids are buying sadness.

  • Troy Herron
    Troy Herron 2 days ago

    They all are

    IMMA POPTART 2 days ago

    This are so spoiled
    Me I act like super happy when I get 2 dollars for losing teeth

  • Eddie Brock
    Eddie Brock 2 days ago

    Most of these people need brothers like I had; I called them 'The Enforcers'. Mom had arthritis, bad. My brothers were bad-ass bikers. When I got too old to be scared of a wispy little woman like my mother yelling at me, she called...


    ...;the sound of a motorcycle engine roaring, the stomp of leather biker boots, and the imminent BEATING I received quickly taught me that there are HIGHER powers to which we all must answer to (or get our collective asses whupped!).

    One other thing; money corrupts. Keep 'em broke. Make them work for it. Make them VALUE every cent. And stop letting RICH people 'buy' their ticket out of trouble (like that little Red Bull cocksucker who fled; EXECUTE him for his crimes! That'll teach the others you can't get away with that crap...)

  • Jacaso Asheland
    Jacaso Asheland 2 days ago +3

    I desperately want to meet them.... and wound them
    This is infuriating

  • Jackson Cameron
    Jackson Cameron 2 days ago

    lil tay:YOU SuCk. thanos:*snaps fingers*

  • tomass jansons
    tomass jansons 2 days ago

    me: thanks for a i phone 5!!!! spoiled brat: i f*cking wanted an ferrari not a lamborgini dumb b*tch!

  • Mantis Gaming
    Mantis Gaming 2 days ago +1

    Video idea I really want to see: spoiled brats get karma

  • MrVlad _
    MrVlad _ 2 days ago

    I lost half of my neurons watching this

  • Lol No
    Lol No 3 days ago

    I bet one of them is watching

  • Niko R
    Niko R 3 days ago +1

    I am litle brat but i give money to my parents and i do more things like do the diches than my older Sister

    • Niko R
      Niko R 3 days ago

      And i get one litle candy box and clotes for BIRTHDAY and it is to day

  • Thành Hưng Nguyễn
    Thành Hưng Nguyễn 3 days ago +4

    Me: Ooooh boy i want a bag of chip for today
    My brain: U sure? it'll cost u 4$
    Me: Yeah i'm not buying it.

    • murder boy
      murder boy 2 days ago

      exactly what I think of when buying anything👌😂

  • Peter Lee
    Peter Lee 3 days ago

    Lmfao what court would even let a child sue their parents/cousins/family for a stupid trust fund

  • reaper death
    reaper death 3 days ago

    I sometimes see this kid once in two years in malls their so spoiled
    And I love how they cry straight to the exit being dragged by their parents

  • ThirdPartyEJ Juliana
    ThirdPartyEJ Juliana 3 days ago +3

    Send them to the ranch!

  • вrчαnprσ lσngσѕ

    Lil tay dude is poor shes just acting

  • CamilaCoconut
    CamilaCoconut 3 days ago

    So umm kids here are like getting 1000 for birthdays at the lowest and the highest for us "Peasents" is like 100 Dollars. And some aren't even grateful for that.

    ELISE AIYANNA BASAMOT 3 days ago +8

    I am poor i'm happy my family,friends,and teachers love me and i have dreams and goals 😁😀🤔

  • BillyHandsome
    BillyHandsome 4 days ago

    I dont even think i can be mad at number 1....she did that....her parents couldve easily done the same....i mean she worked a regular damn job even tho she was already rich....that one seems like there were probably other deeper issues that led to what she did

  • Fatima playz
    Fatima playz 4 days ago

    Toy tantrum is so patethic

  • 123doge321evan
    123doge321evan 4 days ago

    cash me outside, how bout dat?

  • Greatest Showman
    Greatest Showman 4 days ago

    Lil Tay is a BRAAAAAAAAAT!!!!!

  • Rat Trap
    Rat Trap 4 days ago

    Lil tay got her mom fired from her job for acting like a hood rat hoe too.

  • CA Films
    CA Films 4 days ago +5

    can't imagine what Jeff Bezos's kids would be like after watching this

    • the true gamer og
      the true gamer og Day ago

      it all depends on the parents' approach, some can be the most cultured human beings and then we have some who are total fucking bitches

  • Aaron Luciano
    Aaron Luciano 4 days ago +1

    Lil Tay is a big fat ugly liar

  • Sniper 21
    Sniper 21 4 days ago +1

    Lil Tay is the most spoiled brat in the world and she said she was rich but when she walked with her mom she was hiding from the public because she acted like she was so sweet

  • lone 987
    lone 987 4 days ago +3


  • Matt Ford
    Matt Ford 4 days ago

    🦍💨I worked 132 hours last week, and I can’t afford anything they get for free.

  • Matt Ford
    Matt Ford 4 days ago

    I’m disgusted. This makes me so angry. I worked 132 hours last week as an in home care giver. I bust my ass and I can’t even pay my doctor bills for my recent development of epilepsy. I don’t have medical and I don’t even have time for a hair cut, all while these shits get pedicures and cry about free cars. 🦍💨👈😆ok that made me feel better. That and I actually help people and do good in the world....and gorilla fart emojis.

  • Kool-Aid Man
    Kool-Aid Man 4 days ago

    0:59 I think they meant the McDonald's fish sandwich.

  • Genesis Rodriguez
    Genesis Rodriguez 4 days ago

    My dad has a old,rickitey, ford ranger and i love it!

  • Minotaur Videos
    Minotaur Videos 4 days ago

    Lil tay needs a kar98k to the head.

  • philipp auffray
    philipp auffray 4 days ago

    Wne your ritsh dan your a showaov😡😡😡😡👮👮

  • philipp auffray
    philipp auffray 4 days ago

    Spoiled kide are bin showovs😡😡😡😡

  • ISpyDead 1
    ISpyDead 1 4 days ago

    Judith Barsi: Yep! Yep! Yep! I just want to friend with you guys!
    Lil tay....: *WhA ZU P B*itCHEs, Just So yOU KnoW thAt I got APple EX*

    THE UNKNOWN 5 days ago +1

    Mom: we're leaving the toy store
    Kid: NO
    Mom: NO we're leaving
    Mom: *pulls out gun* WE'RE LEAVING
    Kid: *supprised pikachu face*

  • Redmi Darius
    Redmi Darius 5 days ago

    Lil tay

  • red meme
    red meme 5 days ago

    I’m happy if my dad gets me anything

  • Levon Guyumjian
    Levon Guyumjian 5 days ago

    Hilton brother sucks, he is the worst than anyone to my opinion.

  • Jason's Random Clips

    This belongs in reddit :D


  • Jawsy Pawsy
    Jawsy Pawsy 6 days ago

    A totally accurate Audrey moment:
    Audrey: MOM YOUR SO STUPID! I WANTED THE 500,000 DOLLAR CAR, NOT THE 250,000 ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Her Mom: *Works really hard and long hours to support Audrey*

  • Rico Por
    Rico Por 6 days ago

    When your mum don’t give you your phone

  • S U P R E M E
    S U P R E M E 6 days ago +16

    Lil Tay got wat she deserved🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Seadweller451D
    Seadweller451D 6 days ago

    Ich Furz wie eine große Trompete. Vollen Klang, wie ein Kaiser Furz. Mein Durchfall fließt wie ein Fluss.

  • Emily Rose
    Emily Rose 6 days ago

    Probably Naomi Campbell.

  • Flare Chan
    Flare Chan 6 days ago


  • DaSwagGurlz
    DaSwagGurlz 6 days ago

    I would be happy even if I only got 1$ or 25 cents or even 1 cent.

  • TDiamonds23 Ice
    TDiamonds23 Ice 6 days ago


  • W Gaming24
    W Gaming24 6 days ago

    Little tey is the worst on the list,
    I don't care if I spelled it wrong,
    That is how much I didn't like her

  • HPD1171
    HPD1171 6 days ago

    2:56 I am soo glad youtube did not exist when I was growing up 🤣.

  • Tom Ickert
    Tom Ickert 6 days ago

    someone should kill em all

  • LAALAOOs_BRO1964
    LAALAOOs_BRO1964 7 days ago

    I'm already good if I get £10 (Yes, I'm in the UK)

  • airmaster123
    airmaster123 7 days ago

    my mom would've slap the shit out me if i acted like that when i was young

  • Renee Sapin-Beuch
    Renee Sapin-Beuch 7 days ago

    I don't know what it's like to be spoiled.
    I grew up like Cinderella, only without a prince & a Fairy Godmother!
    Now I strongly believe that if you're going to spoil the child, you should teach your children consideration.

  • Renee Sapin-Beuch
    Renee Sapin-Beuch 7 days ago

    There ought to be a law against parents spoiling their kids into becoming spoiled inconsiderate Brats. Most especially whom think they're above the law.
    The parents should be charged with a fine that costs 1/2 of their net worth fortune.
    And the children should be sentence to a hardcore labor lockup facility for at least 4 years.
    That'll teach them to think twice on raising inconsiderate Brats!!!!

  • Dreadlord Chiliarch
    Dreadlord Chiliarch 7 days ago

    You got a list for rich kid who did good things?

  • superDavid El Rodriguez

    Comunist : we got TARGETS

  • Wackeygamers
    Wackeygamers 7 days ago

    OMG I am so happy when I get 10$

  • Wackeygamers
    Wackeygamers 7 days ago

    Me: can I have a toy?
    Mom: no
    I ain’t some spoiled brat! I’m a good kid!

  • Andy Ponce
    Andy Ponce 7 days ago

    I think audrey lexus is very dum

  • Aurtrea Burley
    Aurtrea Burley 7 days ago

    I'm glad my kids are not spoiled

  • Stick Man2
    Stick Man2 7 days ago

    Geez dude, if you don't want that legendary miata give it to me

  • Jayblue873
    Jayblue873 7 days ago

    Everyone in my class has a iPhone
    Even me.

  • SpyHunter623
    SpyHunter623 7 days ago

    People like them need to die. I live in a town in the UK and it is FULL of them...

  • Rayan El Abbadi
    Rayan El Abbadi 7 days ago

    Guess lil Tay didn’t have the *N-word* *Pass*

  • the wierd channel
    the wierd channel 7 days ago

    And always say plz to your parints

  • Qluxツ
    Qluxツ 7 days ago

    Spoiled poor kids

  • seriously Man
    seriously Man 7 days ago

    Parents need to beat their fucking kids

  • the wierd channel
    the wierd channel 7 days ago

    Who givs a shit to lil tay she spoild as shit

  • Kashi Angadi
    Kashi Angadi 7 days ago

    Seeing the distance between these children and their parents, just one thing to say: What a waste of life!!😕

  • racingturtle 348
    racingturtle 348 7 days ago +2

    These kids will be entitled Karens

    POE LWE 7 days ago +1

    These thots shouldn’t be alive in this era
    1700 would be the best time for them

  • Tristan Faulkner
    Tristan Faulkner 8 days ago

    Number 8 should not be on the list, that's a just a kid throwing a tantrum over a toy, it's bad behavior, but certainly nowhere near the level of the others and not worthy of being considered one of the most spoiled people on Earth. We also don't know what the kid had been through that day, he may have been hot, tired, hungry, sick, whatever and this was the breaking point. The biggest thing is we don't know if the kid has autism or some other disorder. My brother has severe autism and is nonverbal, when he was a kid he would also throw himself on the ground and throw tantrums over trivial things or sometimes for no reason. We don't know enough to judge this kid and putting him with these other people is way too harsh.

  • Ender Dash
    Ender Dash 8 days ago

    My dad has an iphone X
    Iphone 6
    Another phone
    A laptop
    A tablet

    • GTA 5 Clips
      GTA 5 Clips 6 days ago

      Ender Dash I have an iPhone Se
      200$ laptop
      250$ iPad

  • Alex Mc
    Alex Mc 8 days ago

    Free car? Silly girl

  • Wut, m8?
    Wut, m8? 8 days ago

    Looks like these spoiled shitheads need to go to hell and be tortured by Pinhead

  • SARCKERA Loves anime

    First little brat, first don’t call me a bit**, because I am not a dog, or a female, second you are disrespecting people for being poor

  • Joshuah Arroyo
    Joshuah Arroyo 8 days ago

    Who feels killing these people in public?

  • keegan tavormina
    keegan tavormina 8 days ago

    These humans are disgusting

  • Prep
    Prep 8 days ago +1

    My mom calls me downstairs to get the drink on the table in front of her and 12 minutes later calls me a lazy peice of shit.

  • Lumberjack king the great

    Last one is good

  • Lumberjack king the great

    Poor mom she has to put up with that