• Published on Nov 25, 2017
  • This is a Goku Animation In Minecraft. Goku from Dragon Ball Z needed to Super Saiyan kamehameha everything.
    If Minecraft Got Flooded
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    GOKU HATES MINECRAFT! [3D] HE'S NEEDED IN MINECRAFT If Countries Were in Minecraft
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  • FuturisticHub
    FuturisticHub  Year ago +77

    GOKU THINKS MINECRAFT SUCKS! In fact, I think he kind of hates it... SHARE and LIKE for Special Episodes and more fun! Included in this is a special FIRST PERSON GOKU!
    GOKU IN MINECRAFT ru-clip.com/video/9XAwy_T3pQQ/video.html
    See you in the next one!

    • Haiek Nagasaki
      Haiek Nagasaki 6 months ago

      get help

    • Ashley Wettlaufer
      Ashley Wettlaufer 8 months ago

      FuturisticHub is a good video

    • Peace Uchegbu
      Peace Uchegbu Year ago

      *Futuristic of even if Goku hated Minecraft he wouldn't destroy it he's like the most kind-hearted person in Dragon Ball he only fights or destroys when it's necessary or by accident not when he's angry*

      Why does he look retarded :v

    • Jason Sapp
      Jason Sapp Year ago

      MAN Yall Suck
      u guys hate goku wow What idots Dragon Ball z Is better than minecraft

    • Ethan jake agnew
      Ethan jake agnew Year ago

      FuturisticHub why is the only move he uses kamehameha

  • BoredYT User
    BoredYT User 18 days ago +1

    0:00 when you see too many minecraft memes

  • super sunblaster
    super sunblaster 19 days ago

    Gokus not evil and goku could destroy the world in his base form and the animation for the kamehameha could use some work

  • Pauline Eugene
    Pauline Eugene Month ago

    goku's kamehameha didn't really did any damage and btw goku's ssj looks like teen gohan's ssj 1 hair

  • Jason Pabon
    Jason Pabon Month ago

    *Every day we stray further from god*

  • Christopher's overpowered litness Lemaire

    This isn't the goku i know he's pure hearted and when goku goes super sayian in this his hair is the same but yellow no offense but its still good 👍

  • Rene Garcia
    Rene Garcia Month ago +1

    fake video bro

  • Rene Garcia
    Rene Garcia Month ago +1

    goku is a hero not a evil guy

  • NCLN No Commentary Livestream Network

    This must be goku black..

  • Mohsen Mohtasham Shad

    Minecraft dosent suck do you know what i kann do wenn i have herobrine powers ok some of them

  • sara mohamed
    sara mohamed Month ago

    OMG Hi
    Can u please tall

  • Erica Grant
    Erica Grant 2 months ago

    Don’t do it Goku I’m warning you

  • Zer01n3
    Zer01n3 3 months ago

    why wont you edit it with spirit bomb when he is at the space and wreck the whole minecraft

  • Eddie Creedon
    Eddie Creedon 3 months ago

    Lol good video

  • goku hickless
    goku hickless 3 months ago

    When goku smacked the enderman i sed if i see you ima watch you get the f**k out my face

  • Trony_ Binary
    Trony_ Binary 3 months ago +1

    👎 sorry

  • Tom Loveridge
    Tom Loveridge 3 months ago

    did anyone hear the 2nd ghast scream lol

  • Prince Piccolo Sama 0
    Prince Piccolo Sama 0 3 months ago

    Poor villages and villagers

  • Jae Finds A Way
    Jae Finds A Way 3 months ago

    What a terrible way for Minecraft world to get destroyed

  • NamComSNK
    NamComSNK 3 months ago

    First 6 seconds deserves to be a meme

  • Anna Frost
    Anna Frost 4 months ago


  • Whitelistkid
    Whitelistkid 4 months ago

    Rip notch and Herobrine

  • HyperNoah 27
    HyperNoah 27 4 months ago

    Goku is too dumb to destroy minecraft.

  • Yatta Johnson
    Yatta Johnson 4 months ago

    How can goku use his powers in Minecraft ?

  • Bayan Hussein
    Bayan Hussein 4 months ago +1

    Stop that goiko lol

  • gachatuber hero
    gachatuber hero 5 months ago

    Too much Kamehameha's

  • Kris Jaymz
    Kris Jaymz 5 months ago

    on 3:27 goku should of done the spirit bomb

  • St Fight
    St Fight 5 months ago

    Goku would NEVER do something like that!!!

  • Sabriinaa Rana
    Sabriinaa Rana 5 months ago

    Can you please Goku vs Herobrine

  • beetrick
    beetrick 5 months ago

    Goku can’t do kamahmah that much Steve tell your fans (did not know how to spell the word after do)

  • roblox roblox
    roblox roblox 5 months ago

    But you do best minecraft vids

  • roblox roblox
    roblox roblox 5 months ago

    Goku is a beast

  • Lylaarmy2010 Yang
    Lylaarmy2010 Yang 6 months ago

    Guka is annoying

  • Pewdie Pie
    Pewdie Pie 6 months ago

    Plz make goku vs baldi

    • Dan Wu
      Dan Wu Month ago

      Bruh he would just teleport saitama or use mui

  • Chthonic Chive
    Chthonic Chive 6 months ago +1

    I'm not sure what comments are ironic and which ones aren't
    I'm incredibly concerned

  • Apson Thapadirg t
    Apson Thapadirg t 7 months ago

    Bad guku

  • Royalfrost Dash
    Royalfrost Dash 7 months ago

    Kamehameha is not a wind it’s a heat that is hotter than the sun

  • Anakin Bury
    Anakin Bury 7 months ago

    Man goku just nuke the whole Minecraft world with a ki nuke,it's faster

  • the samurai brotha
    the samurai brotha 8 months ago

    At 0:50 😂😂😂

  • fehvince
    fehvince 8 months ago

    Why his arms do that

  • EagleWarrior101 Mejia
    EagleWarrior101 Mejia 9 months ago +1

    Enderman be getting smacked

  • Alexis Rivas
    Alexis Rivas 9 months ago

    gok woldw never hate miencraft im literly shaking

  • Alzmya Hankins
    Alzmya Hankins 9 months ago

    Minecraft does not suck!😡

  • Clash of Clan
    Clash of Clan 9 months ago

    Now I knew that you are an evil sucker fucker

  • Clash of Clan
    Clash of Clan 9 months ago

    Goku mine craft doesn’t suck

  • the lost hatake
    the lost hatake 10 months ago +1

    I have to go with goku a bit on this one

  • the lost hatake
    the lost hatake 10 months ago +1

    Goku black by any chance

  • Jcr4449 Productions
    Jcr4449 Productions 10 months ago

    Goku would never do this D:

  • Matt Briggs
    Matt Briggs 10 months ago

    10/10 best animation ever, better then Dragon ball super

  • Jorden Harris
    Jorden Harris 11 months ago

    Oh goku

  • Justin Gonzales *S2*
    Justin Gonzales *S2* 11 months ago

    Why the village's pathway or made of bedrock?

  • nancy leacock
    nancy leacock 11 months ago +1

    I hate GOKU

  • the galaxy apple
    the galaxy apple 11 months ago

    Just kamahamehas

  • Erick Flores
    Erick Flores 11 months ago

    what is this 😂

  • Danproud
    Danproud Year ago

    If Goku Nukes Minecraft

  • Galaxy
    Galaxy Year ago

    Your animations are so disgusting

  • Anayeli Cobazin
    Anayeli Cobazin Year ago

    fu*k goku

    GODXGT MODDER Year ago +1

    this is not goku its goku black bro

  • Triggered Saiyan
    Triggered Saiyan Year ago

    KA ME HA ME HA!!!!!!!

  • Atrovis
    Atrovis Year ago

    You’re animation for humanoid figures is complete garbage. I am disgusted to be in animation with you in this community being a bad example.

    LXWFILE ? Year ago

    Everything he could be mad at but all he says is Minecraft succs XD

  • iAwakenedU
    iAwakenedU Year ago

    Cmon hub, you should have made him go blue

  • Womo Can
    Womo Can Year ago +1

    Simply epic

  • Real Nigga
    Real Nigga Year ago +1

    Ok, this is epic

  • Triggered Saiyan
    Triggered Saiyan Year ago


  • Crosh Barandorocoot

    This is so sad. can we hit my server up ?

  • MTF
    MTF Year ago

    Goku’s Rude

  • MTF
    MTF Year ago

    A N I M E W A R S


    i wish i had this animation program so i can do goku vs vegeta in minecraft...... and also..... HERES GOKU!

  • Eli The Dude
    Eli The Dude Year ago

    *i finally found it*