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  • Published on Jun 26, 2019
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    The Olympians never looked so...average. Nostalgia Critic looks at another Young Adult series that never got the franchise it was hoping for. Let's take a look at Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.
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    Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (also known as Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief) is a 2010 fantasy film directed by Chris Columbus. The film is the first installment in the Percy Jackson film series and is based on the 2005 novel The Lightning Thief, the first novel in the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series by Rick Riordan. It stars Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson alongside an ensemble cast that includes Brandon T. Jackson, Alexandra Daddario, Jake Abel, Rosario Dawson, Steve Coogan, Uma Thurman, Catherine Keener, Joe Pantoliano, Kevin McKidd, Sean Bean, Dylan Neal and Pierce Brosnan.
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  • Channel Awesome
    Channel Awesome  2 months ago +885

    Which adaptation was worse, Eragon or Percy Jackson?
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    • Drew Davis
      Drew Davis 5 days ago


    • Meaghan Mahoney
      Meaghan Mahoney 11 days ago

      Both are equally bad HOWEVER, considering Percy Jackson had better source material to work from, it's more disappointing and less justifiable that it turned out as bad as it did.

    • blue fish
      blue fish 16 days ago

      Percy Jackson

    • I’m a Yeti
      I’m a Yeti 23 days ago

      Channel Awesome what’s Percy Jackson? That’s not a thing. There isn’t movies atleast, but those books a masterpiece

    • Goro Majima
      Goro Majima Month ago

      How about neither, the only bad movie with this trope is DB Evolution

  • Miles McKee
    Miles McKee Day ago +1


  • Miles McKee
    Miles McKee Day ago +1

    he looks like drake from drake and josh

  • Mr. Blue Sky
    Mr. Blue Sky Day ago


  • eisenheim
    eisenheim Day ago

    Jubilee, what a bitch..I mean babe.

  • Alexis Blackledge
    Alexis Blackledge 2 days ago

    Seriously, the books are fantastic. Ignore the shit films, read the books, and actually experience how deep the world building actually was.

  • The Lonely Woodstock

    What I really hate about this film is that they cop out and go with the easy option and make Hades the villain instead of going with the twist that was easy to get but not extremely obvious. And how whiny Percy is in the film is a complete betrayal of the book Percy, yes he was frustrated by things sometimes but could actually manage his emotions fairly okay. Grover was perfectly fine on his own, but if I start on that I'll never stop. Don't even start on Annabeth. The gods, well, they belong in not Percy Jackson, so I guess they fit in with this movie. Also the reason why Percy was an outcast was because he was constantly getting kicked out of school due to the fact that monsters kept finding him, and Gabe has a repulsive human stench that clings and covers the demigod smell. Trash won't work nor sewage because really it doesn't cover demigod, just makes him smell gross. Capture the flag and Hermes cabin claiming him didn't work because it was where travelers would because it fit with what Hermes is the god of and the capture the flag scene helped display Percy's powers while establishing why the Area cabin hates him. And, I should stop before I make an entire fucking essay...

  • Kohen Blassingame
    Kohen Blassingame 2 days ago +1

    Percy: I have dislexia and adhd I’m a loser
    Me: so do I and I’m in the top ten percent of my class

  • Boochey 2.0
    Boochey 2.0 3 days ago +1

    Press F to Stop Potter Abuse

  • Matt Martinez
    Matt Martinez 3 days ago


  • Black Ace
    Black Ace 4 days ago

    I always thought Luke made more sense as Apollo's son

  • Nadine Craft
    Nadine Craft 4 days ago


  • Nori Shimogawa
    Nori Shimogawa 4 days ago +1

    i forget, why DID zeus suspect percy in the original book?

    • Pyrocumulus25
      Pyrocumulus25 8 hours ago

      There was a lot of little things; Zeus and Poseidon had been arguing a lot recently, then the bolt was stolen when a bunch of kids from Camp Half-Blood were visiting Mt. Olympus so there were a lot of possible culprits (and it had to be a demigod since the gods can't steal each other's symbols of power, it breaks rules that even the gods have to follow) and then Percy was only revealed to be Poseidon's kid after the capture the flag game when a monster attacks and Percy gets healed from the water.
      Since in the books, there was a pact between Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades that they wouldn't have any more demigod kids, the revelation about Percy confirmed that Poseidon had broken the oath (which, of course, Zeus had also broken a few years earlier) Zeus assumed that Percy had been kept secret by Poseidon to be used as an agent, and he was the one who stole the bolt.
      So it made sense for Zeus to assume that Poseidon was involved and that Percy was the thief, whereas in the movie everyone was just guessing.

  • Rurike
    Rurike 4 days ago +2


    for some reason this just cracked me up

  • antonio zarate
    antonio zarate 5 days ago

    well jubilee that´s a huge camel toe there

  • Thomas Anderson
    Thomas Anderson 5 days ago

    It has been ages since I watched NC.

  • Vinnie Lake
    Vinnie Lake 5 days ago +1

    holy hand grande Jubilee is totes a vampire dawg

  • Shira Rachelson
    Shira Rachelson 6 days ago +1

    Percy Jackson was worse then Eragon. You should do the second movie the sea of monsters

  • Amaury Rodriguez
    Amaury Rodriguez 7 days ago +1

    Why didn’t he review the sequel

  • Zalistare
    Zalistare 7 days ago +1

    Oh I know you didn’t smack talk Harry Potter the films and books were both awesome and done well

  • Levi Herendeen
    Levi Herendeen 8 days ago +1

    You can imagine how badly he was trying to avoid flying into a blood-crazed rampage and killing the director. Oh come on, who DIDN'T want to go after the director for creating a cinematic abomination?!

  • Maria
    Maria 8 days ago +1

    I love how the fans of the book are the one that hate the movie the most

  • Edgegirl 131
    Edgegirl 131 9 days ago

    I forgot how painfully this movie was. You point out everything that's missing from the books that was important.

  • nismans spil
    nismans spil 9 days ago

    18:51 So where did Legolas got 'betrayed'?

  • Reilly Pryma
    Reilly Pryma 11 days ago

    Is just me who gets really annoyed when Annabelle goes on about how great she is at “battle strategy” when it (a) won’t help you in a sword fight, and (b) is not called “battle strategy,” it’s called TACTICS (or battle tactics, if you so please)

  • The Bro Squad
    The Bro Squad 11 days ago

    in the books noone can see this stuff like the normal humans cant see the monsters

  • saidi wadesisi
    saidi wadesisi 12 days ago

    Both sucked eragon and Percy jackson

  • SYNERGY-Diamond
    SYNERGY-Diamond 12 days ago

    As much as I hate these films, I’m kind of hoping that Disney does something with this series now that they have all the film rights from Fox, most likely something on Disney +

  • i pack lunches
    i pack lunches 12 days ago

    Mmm. I forgot Percy looked like that, I always remember him looking like Merlin (Colin Morgan)
    Also whenever Critic yells in his high voice I swear he sounds like Timothy from WKUK

  • Jon Goler
    Jon Goler 12 days ago

    I don’t think a movie with people straight up being ripped apart was meant for “youngsters” but now that I think about his catch phrase is definitely whoa 🤣

  • packerfan777777777 ridgley

    They explain everything better in the book this movie is so fecking aggravating

  • Brin X
    Brin X 12 days ago

    If percis crush is the daughter of artemis who is related to all other greek gods including poseidon who is percis dad , thats thats just wrong

  • ScatteredHoloGrapedrin k

    I have a way to mayor obsession with harry potter not the character but the movie

  • Brain Girl
    Brain Girl 12 days ago

    I am a Greek mythology fan and this movie physically hurt me

  • Nori Shimogawa
    Nori Shimogawa 13 days ago

    pretty much every other advertisement: skip!
    doug's sponsored advertisements: yay!

  • 700 pierwizard
    700 pierwizard 13 days ago

    No no no you forgot the whole title of the movie. Its" Percy Jackson the son of the water god Neptune king of Atlantis in company with the other Olympians vs the thief who absconded with the lightning power presented in 3d imax featuring dream loungers"

  • Michael Griswold
    Michael Griswold 13 days ago

    At this point, if the sequel isn't done, I will be disappointed.

  • Soberker
    Soberker 13 days ago

    Wow I didn't know they pulled pink Mystic Ranger on Jubilee. Comics are weird.

  • Kristina Chin
    Kristina Chin 14 days ago

    This one actually had a good skit at the beginning! Usually I hate them!

  • Radioactive Guy
    Radioactive Guy 15 days ago

    13:23 you actually slightly correct, the blanket is magic but the wheelchair is also magic(this was mentioned in ToA book 1)


    Doug dug a deep hole damn

  • Xillos 4587
    Xillos 4587 17 days ago

    Video starts at 4:03

  • Silverdrop Studios
    Silverdrop Studios 17 days ago

    I'm surprised Neo wasn't shocked to see Cypher in the Percy Jackson.

  • MrLordbubasith
    MrLordbubasith 17 days ago

    How is the potter sucking subplot better than the movie.

  • popnep popnep
    popnep popnep 17 days ago

    I know that it would be impossible but, I half expected Kratos to show up when I first watch this movie to just punch someone once to make this movie less boring.

  • Filippo Pratesi
    Filippo Pratesi 17 days ago

    There is no PJ movie in Ba Sing Se

  • yoav ravoy
    yoav ravoy 18 days ago

    Its mach worst then the book

  • Scholar Pentus
    Scholar Pentus 18 days ago

    The moment when they get hades and persphones relationship wrong by making a torture fest for her when they had the best by far even compared to maodern day standards

  • O M
    O M 18 days ago

    I came for Critic's take on this movie, I stayed for his skillshare ad.

  • inky derp 06
    inky derp 06 19 days ago

    That army of darkness reference was super funny!

  • SerenityM16
    SerenityM16 19 days ago

    To be fair to the dyslexia and adhd thing, the writer of the books did specifically write this for his son who has both to make him see his diagnosis in a new light.

  • Penny Cat
    Penny Cat 19 days ago +1

    I prefer the original Grover's design, she sounded way cuter than the one in this shitfest

  • Alex Hollon
    Alex Hollon 19 days ago

    27:58 Doug seriously take your own advice lol

  • Luca vlogs and gaming
    Luca vlogs and gaming 19 days ago +1

    One like = 100 respect for Harry potter

  • Kiss Kitty
    Kiss Kitty 20 days ago

    Don't forget that Percy and Annabeth are cousins.

  • Red Devil
    Red Devil 20 days ago

    So is Harry Potter better than the other characters? Because he does the wild youngster thing badly

  • KattyAlli Alchemy
    KattyAlli Alchemy 20 days ago

    17:00 "Yep, that's what happens to the loser team. Grab a plate."

  • OnlyRoke
    OnlyRoke 20 days ago

    The mean stepfather's name was literally Gabe UGLIano. Wtf, lol.

  • Grace Gracy Boo
    Grace Gracy Boo 20 days ago

    Hear moms is death.....goes to train other If I would hear moms death?....roll credits

  • Nik Rattlehead
    Nik Rattlehead 20 days ago

    Uh hah!