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  • Published on Aug 31, 2019
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    Question 1 : What is the name of the famous movie about a great white shark?
    Answer a: Fang
    Answer b: Jaws
    Answer c: Mouth
    Answer d: Teeth
    Question 2 : In what U.S. state is Houston located?
    Answer a: Arkansas
    Answer b: Louisiana
    Answer c: Mississippi
    Answer d: Texas
    Question 3 : In music, what is the term used to describe the rate or speed of a song?
    Answer a: Forte
    Answer b: Staccato
    Answer c: Tempo
    Answer d: Tenuto
    Question 4 : The love apple is the original name for what?
    Answer a: Carrot
    Answer b: Cabbage
    Answer c: Potato
    Answer d: Tomato
    Question 5 : In which state would you find the famous sports teams the Astros and the Cowboys?
    Answer a: California
    Answer b: Florida
    Answer c: New York
    Answer d: Texas
    Question 6 : Which South American country was named after a watery Italian city?
    Answer a: Argentina
    Answer b: Bolivia
    Answer c: Brazil
    Answer d: Venezuela
    Question 7 : In the UK, in which of these units are distances measured on road signs?
    Answer a: Furlongs
    Answer b: Light years
    Answer c: meters
    Answer d: Miles
    Question 8 : According to the World Health Organisation which capital city has the worst air pollution?
    Answer a: Cairo
    Answer b: London
    Answer c: Mexico City
    Answer d: Moscow
    Question 9 : Which animal is the national symbol of Thailand?
    Answer a: Elephant
    Answer b: Flamingo
    Answer c: Snake
    Answer d: Tiger
    Question 10 : Algeria borders which country?
    Answer a: Algeria
    Answer b: Egypt
    Answer c: Morocco
    Answer d: Tunisia
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