7 Scariest Places On Earth We Dare You To Visit ALONE!

  • Published on Oct 7, 2019
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    When you think of the world’s scariest places, what comes to mind? For most it’s somewhere dark. Somewhere were there could be something lurking in the shadows, set to pounce on you in a moment’s notice! Or maybe even somewhere where ghosts and other paranormal beings are known to be present. Those places are exactly what we’ll be exploring today, as we examine the 7 Scariest Places on Earth We Dare You to Visit Alone!
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    You got a Cold War radar tower called the dooga

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    Maybe graved# supremefamily

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    I am eating popcorn and watching this video

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    maybe they are chanting something

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    I should see in photo i see two fish
    Crocodile leather

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    They are just doing a wedding anniversary


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    They are creepy at editing... 😑😑😑 this isn't real

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    The place with the people sitting on like one Island it looks like a wedding or a hundred wedding

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    8:23 I think it was a clown chasing the boy🤔😣😒😒😯😯😯😯😯😦😦😞😟😟😟😟😖🎃

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    The clou is theres a heart they are standing middle on the heart

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    Hey supreme I love your vids in RU-clip at first I love it allways

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    I Love You Video #SupremeFamily

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    Is pennywise a gost if he is l will cic him in the hed and the eyes

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    Thoughs all are so creepy

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    The 7 one I visited before I forgot what it was called

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    SpongeBob SquarePants haunted amusement park nickelodeon #UPEMEF AMlLY

  • Nadduduna Wiljrjrrjson
    Nadduduna Wiljrjrrjson 20 days ago +1

    SpongeBob SquarePants haunted amusement park

  • Nadduduna Wiljrjrrjson

    SPON. #supemfiLY

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    It looks like an old fashioned baptism to me.

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    This is crazy why are all of them are wearing white and black and why are they standing on that platform and I see something at the front of them there is a shadow now I'm scared Couse it might be a monster

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    At 10:22, you can see somebody's reflection on the opposite side of the water...strange!

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    Look closely to the water there will be a two people who are marrying each other

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    I think the special mentioned image is a group of cult or a funeral

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    ILOVEYOUR Video's supreme family keepDoingwhatyoiDoBest

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    How can I send you a video? there was a supposed transformer explosion last year that was the claim for the sky for at least hundreds of miles of new York turned a bright aqua green blue. The transformer explosion however is recorded and shown other places and the colors is orange red and yellow not green and or blue at all and wpuldnt as far as I know, cover the sky in this color especially for miles like this. There are many videos and even covered on numerous news station all from last year. I was sure I would see it in one of your videos with so many other clips but so far have not seen this one video added and do not know how to share it with you. Maybe you can search it yourself and add to your channel and see what others think of this and what maybe truly happened.

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    Spirits and 'things that go bump in the night' are not to be taken lightly. Granted, there are many, many hoaxes and fakes out there, but the things that you don't understand, don't make fun of them. The spirit world has karma, too. Love your videos! Makes my day every day. #Supremefamily

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    No way would I visit any of these places alone. Nope, not doing it! Great video as always!!! #supremefamily

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    It may not be on Earth because we can't prove it's a real place, but hell is a pretty scary place.

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