Trying 22 SIMPLE KITCHEN LIFE HACKS by 5 Minute Crafts

  • Published on Mar 17, 2019
  • Thank you for watching me try 22 simple kitchen life hacks by 5 minute crafts!
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  • Depressed cookie C.
    Depressed cookie C. 9 hours ago

    "It kinda defeats the purpose-"
    i think the ad wants me to sleep-

  • Kolton Garrett
    Kolton Garrett 10 hours ago

    He says spagt instead of spaghetti

  • Mac Dol
    Mac Dol 12 hours ago +1

    Luv your vids I dream to be a crafter like you one day

  • Timothy Fawcett
    Timothy Fawcett Day ago +2

    Who stole his spatulas The world may never know

  • Santoi Bell
    Santoi Bell Day ago

    Jalapeno on a pizza no it tastes too spicy unless you would like jalapenos on pizza

  • Amada Emenanjo
    Amada Emenanjo Day ago

    9:53 oh no I got a disease walking round my neberhood spending all my fleas🤣

  • Three Friends Awesome Style


  • Rachel Wohlever
    Rachel Wohlever 2 days ago


  • cookie,brownie,storm and me lol

    Hi tusk I remember you

  • Nicole Linne
    Nicole Linne 7 days ago

    The worst ingredient to put on pizza is either pineapple actually like pineapple on pizza the worst ingredients to put on a pizza is a cat is either be harry or we'll just be cruel

  • Jj Atkins
    Jj Atkins 9 days ago

    12:36 witchcraft pay attention closely he cut once to piece butter

  • gaint494almighty
    gaint494almighty 9 days ago

    Onions have layers !!

  • Kris Oledan
    Kris Oledan 10 days ago

    You need to clean your house

  • Just Me
    Just Me 10 days ago

    Fine.. I'll return your spatula s

  • Kaena Green
    Kaena Green 14 days ago +3

    “Put a little more salt on there; maybe that will fix it.”
    -Robby 2019
    Also god when he made me

  • mattew matt
    mattew matt 14 days ago


  • Beth Thompson
    Beth Thompson 15 days ago


  • Omari Maxie
    Omari Maxie 16 days ago


  • Netscap3
    Netscap3 17 days ago

    Throwing knifes fun according to Robby because he does it a lot

  • Poke Lover
    Poke Lover 18 days ago

    Hehe i toke your spatula

  • shadow_ demon
    shadow_ demon 24 days ago

    Robby:"let's suck on that bad boy"
    Me:"that's what she said"

  • woofy 26
    woofy 26 25 days ago


  • kaycee bohlman
    kaycee bohlman 26 days ago

    #robby when everything goes wrong

  • kaycee bohlman
    kaycee bohlman 26 days ago

    my favorite video of roobby is #when evertthing goes wrong robby

  • kaycee bohlman
    kaycee bohlman 26 days ago

    either pinapple or chicken or mushroom pizza or my fav pinapple chicken and musrom pizza click the like button if you agree

  • Hannah Poe
    Hannah Poe 29 days ago

    The worst thing in a pizza is sardines

  • Pamela Vargas
    Pamela Vargas Month ago


  • eden k
    eden k Month ago

    I think we got to see Patrick starfish get fried😂

  • disastrous points
    disastrous points Month ago

    Tusk the cactus is more cuter

  • Scsrlett Johnstone
    Scsrlett Johnstone Month ago

    You made this the day after my birthday

  • Theo S
    Theo S Month ago

    When you do the thumnail(i call it that)it's not that all love beacuse it's the end of the video

  • jrlweis
    jrlweis Month ago

    Dad agrees to prompt pizza brew and fish spaghetti one app is Scotty Nutella and ladders and

  • Jodi Blakeslee
    Jodi Blakeslee Month ago

    This made me hungry

  • Monica Coman
    Monica Coman Month ago +1

    like if robby better than 5 minute crafts

  • Chase Turano
    Chase Turano Month ago

    2:40 And Robby wonders why his soda always explodes.

  • anna anna
    anna anna Month ago


  • Cristina almasan SebiKu

    9:26 my mom tried that and it works

  • Zoe Robson
    Zoe Robson Month ago

    Questions about your craft show you have done so far in your search here are a few things I would like to ask you about it if I can find a good place to work with this week or next weekend yet either of us can I can call you 📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞

  • Michael Millhench
    Michael Millhench Month ago


  • sheepy sheeperson
    sheepy sheeperson Month ago

    The butter one used wax paper or parchment paper

  • Selene Calderon
    Selene Calderon Month ago


  • Panda Heart
    Panda Heart Month ago +1

    100 tims🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Xxgacha RainxX
    Xxgacha RainxX Month ago

    11:39 u should of micoraved the lemon before u did it

  • Victoria Burg
    Victoria Burg Month ago +1

    Poop 💩

  • Victoria Burg
    Victoria Burg Month ago +1

    Your so funny 😂 😂😂😂

  • Victoria Burg
    Victoria Burg Month ago +1

    How much do you think I can buy gum for

  • Victoria Burg
    Victoria Burg Month ago

    I don’t think you can do this any more

  • LeviDrawzzz Art
    LeviDrawzzz Art Month ago

    pinapple is the worst

  • itz_Jinx ÒwÓ
    itz_Jinx ÒwÓ Month ago

    The worst thing to put on pizza I ham but, I like pineapple on my pizza so...

  • the no nerd
    the no nerd Month ago

    How many times has ha said BAD BOY?👇

  • Jess Cruz
    Jess Cruz Month ago

    The benje

  • jakob Gonzales
    jakob Gonzales Month ago


  • Roblox is the way
    Roblox is the way Month ago

    Peel the avocado 😂

  • Epic gaming 24 seven

    Pizza is the worst thing to put on pizza

  • i like tøø many bands tø put in my name

    the worst thing to put on pizza is mushroom cos it goes slimy and the best thing to put on pizza is pepperoni 🍕🍕

  • grey eye
    grey eye Month ago

    3:25 all might god

  • Ramunė Štaraitė
    Ramunė Štaraitė Month ago

    Worst ingridiant on Pizza is unian

  • Moaath Al saddani
    Moaath Al saddani Month ago

    Does everyone see the full slice of butter in 5:51

  • miles cook
    miles cook Month ago

    We’re u sarcastic on the last hack? -.-