BACON | How It's Made

  • Published on Mar 1, 2018
  • Ever wonder how bacon is made? Get the full history and 'making of' right here!
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Comments • 3 687

  • J C
    J C 4 hours ago +1

    I'm not vegan but imagine if that was human meat.

  • KittieMaxGaming :3
    KittieMaxGaming :3 9 hours ago


  • Jacqueline Keijzer
    Jacqueline Keijzer 11 hours ago

    ....WWed no-W📠🔙👠
    p(H)@CK€- k(H)@me....
    🚥🚧🐕🏠🌳...??¿! 😂

  • Michael TZY
    Michael TZY 20 hours ago

    Where does the discarded bacon go 4:20

  • Story Time
    Story Time Day ago +1

    I’m hungry for bacon

  • Deemo Nemo
    Deemo Nemo 3 days ago

    I wanted to see the pigs being slaughtered

  • Ryan Shi
    Ryan Shi 3 days ago

    Pig is human’s friends, why eat them???? There is no law to protect them??

  • puppypall 123
    puppypall 123 4 days ago

    Why was this so satisfyingly gross to me...?

  • Baconator883 gaming
    Baconator883 gaming 4 days ago

    My last name bacon 🥓

  • Jackson Sullivan
    Jackson Sullivan 5 days ago

    There’s an alternate universe where pigs do this to humans.

  • deadeye gaming
    deadeye gaming 6 days ago


  • Emp
    Emp 6 days ago

    So how so u get turkey bacon

  • Real talk
    Real talk 7 days ago

    I used to eat but now after seeing what pigs eat (shit) I don't touch it...nasty

  • Vissia
    Vissia 8 days ago

    Wait, they don't dry age it? They dry it in the oven? At what temperature?

  • its megleigh
    its megleigh 8 days ago

    I couldn’t do that job the one lady was doing by checking for the sub-par slices of bacon...I would end up eating them 😂

  • Gacha Mochi
    Gacha Mochi 9 days ago

    *Me being Asian and eating it with rice*

  • Randy Baker
    Randy Baker 9 days ago +1

    wut kind of animal is bacon

  • Randy Baker
    Randy Baker 9 days ago +1

    i lov bacon

  • Reckless-Undead-Maggot

    3:53 the bacon seems to like the music enough to dance to it

  • カラー Kawaii
    カラー Kawaii 10 days ago +1

    Poor pigs!!! 😭😭🐽🐷🐖

  • Yer Da
    Yer Da 10 days ago +1

    1.4k vegans and muslims disliked this video

  • SpongePlayz
    SpongePlayz 10 days ago

    It starts off with a load of skinned dog carcasse..... oh wait wrong video

  • pravin nitb
    pravin nitb 11 days ago

    What the shit these western shits eat 💩...

  • Bradford Melluish
    Bradford Melluish 12 days ago

    This ruined pork rinds, bacon, gravy, and pet food for me.

  • Ijustwanttocommentfugoogle

    4:14 I hope when you say 'discards' you mean saved for people to eat, or donated to a food shelter. If you mean throw away then BOO!

  • Xxfamous_malxX
    Xxfamous_malxX 12 days ago +6

    Who came here from the dog carcasses video😂

    • Randy Baker
      Randy Baker 9 days ago +1

      i wana see dog carcasesf vid send me it now.

  • Ruth Huges
    Ruth Huges 14 days ago +1

    Better to go VEGAN... Innocent animals went through hell for this...

    • Ijustwanttocommentfugoogle
      Ijustwanttocommentfugoogle 12 days ago

      I was STRICT vegan for 3 months, then later for 14 months. I never stopped thinking of bacon and special reserve extra sharp cheddar cheese the entire time. I now believe that Muslims would be less angry if they ate bacon.

  • Nick TheRailfan
    Nick TheRailfan 14 days ago

    im eating bacon 🥓

  • Gab Chris
    Gab Chris 14 days ago +6

    You should show us how does 'Liquid Smoke' is made 😂

  • G9 Ranjiplays
    G9 Ranjiplays 15 days ago +1

    eating bacon while watching this vid

  • Blacky Wolf
    Blacky Wolf 15 days ago

    Yum *burfs*

  • Courtney Green
    Courtney Green 15 days ago

    Just watch same vid tht said it was dog meat other vid ssod 200 years lol im like sooo we eat mill yr old dogs

  • KlapAl0ng
    KlapAl0ng 16 days ago +8

    So they flatten them with tank tracks?

    • Mr Dean
      Mr Dean 13 days ago +1

      😂😂😂 Welcome to 2019🤣🤣🤣

  • Alex Sanchez
    Alex Sanchez 17 days ago


  • PuNKD Steven
    PuNKD Steven 18 days ago

    American streaky bacon all fat, zero meat. Back bacon is much better.

  • no u
    no u 18 days ago

    This is why im not vegan

  • Kebede Buna
    Kebede Buna 18 days ago +1

    Pigs 🐖 Shouldn’t have to be human food.

    • Courtney Green
      Courtney Green 15 days ago

      No animal is human food wht u eay will eventually eat u lies bout man hvn dominion ova all things on earth lies we supposed to live ogf tge land herbs and grown food nt factory food hrebs nt only feed the body bt heals it to

  • Elvir Hadzic
    Elvir Hadzic 18 days ago +1

    Kept in storage for another hundred of years, just in case we3 has started up hahahahah

  • John Krebs
    John Krebs 19 days ago

    It's not even smoked! I can't believe it. What a rip off. All the bacon in the store says it's smoked.

  • ShawnCadieux1984
    ShawnCadieux1984 19 days ago

    I love that a tiny eye keeps track of the number but on those parchments sold in boxes to restaurants it give a estimate of what the number could be

  • Za Za
    Za Za 19 days ago

    Peppy pig has left the chat

  • Blue Berry
    Blue Berry 21 day ago

    I love bacon 🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓

  • tommy solis
    tommy solis 21 day ago

    Rip pigs you taste delicious 😋

  • Gildo Junior
    Gildo Junior 22 days ago

    I'd never be taken seriously if I worked in that production line. #baconlove

  • Trevgauntlet
    Trevgauntlet 22 days ago

    Signature red taste

  • Ali Hajj Hassan
    Ali Hajj Hassan 24 days ago

    3:10 The bacon is shown the might of the german army

  • I Love Roger Meddows Taylor

    This is why I'm vegetarian

  • HipurMG Gaming
    HipurMG Gaming 24 days ago

    I like how the bacon is shown the might of the German Army

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn 25 days ago

    I love bacon ❤️❤️❤️

  • Tabourba
    Tabourba 25 days ago

    What a load of junk food!! The ONLY bacon worth eating is smoked back bacon, AND bacon that you fry yourself and eat straight out of the pan.

  • Darin Campbell
    Darin Campbell 27 days ago

    Those workers can always bring home the bacon!

  • JaevlaSkit
    JaevlaSkit 27 days ago

    1.3K Muslims disliked this video.

  • Sam J. B. Jacobs
    Sam J. B. Jacobs 27 days ago

    Do me like they do it on the discovery channel

  • Brendan
    Brendan 28 days ago +1

    How Cancer is Made

  • Ismet Aliev
    Ismet Aliev Month ago +1

    Who's here cuz of starving for bacon?

  • John Jäger
    John Jäger Month ago

    Liquid Smoke?

  • Democrats Unite !
    Democrats Unite ! Month ago +1

    Same video, different narrator.

  • Spirit Song
    Spirit Song Month ago +1

    Hold on to your sanity vegans lmao.

  • Renae
    Renae Month ago +2

    Well I'm glad bacon is safe! I was worried that it was about to be ruined for me 😋

  • ArchxReape r
    ArchxReape r Month ago

    Peppea pig has the left the chat

  • Hassan Dennaoui
    Hassan Dennaoui Month ago

    Yark bacon Tfeh

  • Purple Potato Pleb
    Purple Potato Pleb Month ago +2

    “She discards parts that are broken”
    Me: *She?*

  • hdckdsadd
    hdckdsadd Month ago +1

    liquid smoke... no wonder cancer is on the rise

  • Josean Ponce
    Josean Ponce Month ago +1

    Dislikes are from animal rights activists and peta

  • EetswaBrother
    EetswaBrother Month ago +1

    Bruh I watched the other video that had a voice over. I’m glad it wasen’t actually dog meat.

  • ralesh kumar
    ralesh kumar Month ago

    *Hitler Has Joined The Chat*

  • Arturo Sanchez
    Arturo Sanchez Month ago

    Liquid smoke

  • Tractorguy Mark
    Tractorguy Mark Month ago +1

    Those broken pieces during inspection wouldn’t be going in the can but in my belly

  • Salvador Fernandez
    Salvador Fernandez Month ago

    Nasty shit

  • Sophia Gordon
    Sophia Gordon Month ago

    Well this is why I’m vegan

  • Common Sense
    Common Sense Month ago

    If it ain’t from Denmark it ain’t master bacon

  • Ashley Abila
    Ashley Abila Month ago

    Who came here to check if its really made from dog carcasses for huggbees

  • Chris Stocks
    Chris Stocks Month ago

    The guys that work at these factories probably don’t even eat bacon anymore

  • Juicy Joseph
    Juicy Joseph Month ago

    Who’s here after that one video that said bacon is started of by using dog carcass. And still wondering if that’s true

  • Luis Flores
    Luis Flores Month ago

    mmmm wanna live there

  • j v
    j v Month ago +13

    who else came here immediately after watching the “DOG CARCASSES “ one ? 😂

    • p h
      p h Month ago +1

      me but what is real on this 2 video?wtf

  • Josh Schultz
    Josh Schultz Month ago

    Like y u think pre cooked stuff so cheap cause dog meat cheaper

  • Josh Schultz
    Josh Schultz Month ago

    I heard it’s actually dog

  • bjorn joseph
    bjorn joseph Month ago

    Never had precooked bacon. I dunno I'd rather make from raw

  • Enmity 123
    Enmity 123 Month ago +2

    Nope I was taught its made of Dog carcases . Sorry .

  • Art The Great
    Art The Great Month ago

    You forgot to mention that they were playing jenga

  • Jacob Vargas
    Jacob Vargas Month ago

    The beatboxing reminds me of the song from Spider-Man into the spider verse...

  • Popcorn Macademia
    Popcorn Macademia Month ago

    All the broken pieces get discarded???? Why not give em to the food bank?

  • Gaafdovjun Gaming
    Gaafdovjun Gaming Month ago


  • Live to Think
    Live to Think Month ago

    this is LITERALLY "factory farming"

  • Im the H4cker
    Im the H4cker Month ago

    It all start with a load of dog carcasses

  • George Gividen
    George Gividen Month ago +1

    Who else is watching this after seeing how bacon is "actually" made?

    • RightwardDanny
      RightwardDanny Month ago +1

      It all starts with a load of dog carcasses, I was so baffled thinking that was the real video until I heard that lol.

  • FrickinFrick H8ter
    FrickinFrick H8ter Month ago

    Liquid smoke, never knew that existed

  • Diglet232
    Diglet232 Month ago

    Anyone seen huggbees bersion

  • Red Dragon Emperor
    Red Dragon Emperor Month ago

    Like fuck is bacon a side order

  • Mario1611
    Mario1611 Month ago

    I've never wondered how bacon is made, but I think somewhere deep inside my soul -- I needed to know.

  • Rahman Mohd
    Rahman Mohd Month ago

    *It is made out of dog carcasses*

    VALORIAN GAMERz Month ago

    Why is it not dog meat?

  • im locky
    im locky Month ago

    mmmm bacon

  • Dreadify
    Dreadify Month ago

    So they aren't playing jenga?

  • S Perera
    S Perera Month ago +3

    4:21 if I was the inspector then all discarded items go into my mouth.

  • Peroseph
    Peroseph Month ago

    I can't stop thinking that some of that bacon still had nipples on it when it was being sliced..... have i ever eaten a friggin pig nipple?!

  • Oh really Ya
    Oh really Ya Month ago +2

    I watched the same video but a other guy was narrating it and said it was made of dog carcasses

  • Alex J.
    Alex J. Month ago +317


  • LowOutput
    LowOutput Month ago

    Was the background music supplied by Reggie Watts?