What If You Quit Eating Sugar for 30 DAYS

  • Published on Feb 9, 2019
  • What would happen to your body and mind ​​if you quit eating sugar for just 30 Days​. If you want to stop what might feel like a sugar addiction or you're simply tired of skin problems &​​ acne...then just 10 to 30 days without sugar can have a lasting effect. ​
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    Reduce Your Desire: 0:44
    Change Number 1: Withdrawal & Cravings 1:14
    Change Number 2: Mental Clarity Improvement 2:52
    Change Number 3: Energy Levels Improve 3:47
    Change Number 4: Younger & Healthier Skin 4:27
    Change Number 5: Body Mass & Composition 5:31
    Change Number 6: Cardiovascular Health 10:51
    Sugar... It’s considered by many to be the worst thing you can eat especially when it comes to losing weight and maintaining a healthy body. A lot of people claim that sugar is toxic, addictive, and fattening… and that eating too much of it can cause far worse problems like an impaired immune system, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. Even though having sugar in moderation is very unlikely to lead to these more serious issues the problem is that most people over consume sugar and this over consumption is exactly what leads to the weight gain and the other unhealthy side effects. Now the best way to reduce your desire for sugar, so that you can control yourself enough to only have it in moderation, the best way to do that is by staying away from it entirely for a set period of time. So in this video we're going to go over exactly what you can expect to happen if you quit sugar for just thirty days. We're gonna touch on everything including what will happen to your energy levels, your skin, your brain, and of course your body. I've narrowed down the list to 6 major changes that you can expect to happen so let's start with the very first one, according to a number of studies, when people quit eating sugar they describe symptoms of withdrawal and they also describe having strong food cravings especially for things like carbohydrates, chocolate, and sugar. These studies also mention that eating any of these things can trigger relapse and binge eating. This is all tied to the effect that sugar has on the brain. You see, the reason why eating sugar feels good is because it activates the pleasure and reward center of your brain and stimulates the release of dopamine. When this happens, the sugar produces a kind of “high” that makes you feel good. While this high is not as intense as when you use a drug, the same mechanisms are at play. Now, if you've been stimulating these pathways continuously for years on end and then, all the sudden, quit eating sugar cold-turkey, it could cause intense sugar cravings because your body isn't used to the absence of sugar. So, in that sense, sugar kind of works like a drug. In fact, studies in rats show that sugar is addictive, just like other drugs are.[7] The researchers found that, under certain circumstances, rats can become dependent on sugar, and that this dependency correlates with several aspects of addiction, like the cycle of having cravings, binging and then having withdrawal symptoms. So, if you plan to quit sugar, keep in mind that you’ll probably be hit by sugar cravings pretty early on. Luckily, these cravings will disappear quickly. It usually takes just three to five days for them to drop down significantly. So, make sure to push through that desire to satisfy your sweet tooth because it will fade with a bit of time. The second thing that you’ll notice when you quit sugar is a massive improvement in mental clarity. This was proven in a recent UCLA study in which researchers concluded that a low sugar intake benefits both memory and learning.[8] This is likely due to the fact that the brain is dependent on sugar as its main source of fuel. Thinking, memory, and learning are all closely linked to glucose levels and how efficiently the brain uses glucose. If there isn’t enough glucose in the brain
    🔥 FREE 6 Week Body Transformation Challenge:
    Quiting Sugar Causes Withdrawl and Craving:
    Quiting Sugar Can Improve Your Skin:
    Higher Insulin Levels Linked to Acne:
    Low vs High Glycemic Diets Effect on Insulin:
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  • Alec Cap
    Alec Cap 11 hours ago

    Sugar is in almost everything, reading the comments me thinks you're a long time dead, you have one life do whatever makes you happy, ut don't starve yourself as out of 7 billion people who will know who you are ?

  • Kaeben
    Kaeben 17 hours ago

    So throw out all the fruit... soon there will be nothing to eat but water

  • Gareth Pearce
    Gareth Pearce Day ago

    I could listen to this video but I cannot listen to the background music, it completely destroys the video

  • Mr Zark
    Mr Zark Day ago

    I can cut out candy and desserts easily. I think on a subconscious level I've gotten tired of it eating it. I haven't been eating much of it lately. My biggest problem is cutting out pop and I think that's because my body has become so reliant on caffeine that I get bad headaches even if I slowly cut it out.

  • Emma Bugge
    Emma Bugge 2 days ago

    This was very confusing. What shouldn't I eat. Can't I eat sugar, fruit, asparagus or brown rice. Can I eat anything at all?

  • BARBIE1988
    BARBIE1988 2 days ago

    Started today and I look and feel like the man in the first 10 seconds

  • JoeMG
    JoeMG 2 days ago

    I can quit sugar 100% , my only problem is how much sugar do I need so I'm not fainting or my blood sugar is low

    • JoeMG
      JoeMG 2 days ago

      @wordsme but I liked to put a teaspoon of honey in my coffee which is about 5 mg of sugar

    • JoeMG
      JoeMG 2 days ago

      @wordsme that's the plan

    • wordsme
      wordsme 2 days ago +1

      JoeMG just eat fruits instead

  • Freaking Flips
    Freaking Flips 4 days ago +2

    I’m on day 2 right now and I’ll comment on this everyday for the next 28 days

    • Thomas Dovahri
      Thomas Dovahri 3 days ago

      Freaking Flips see I’m a big soda drinker, and don’t know how to cut that out immediately. Did you experience a lot of headaches or?

    • Freaking Flips
      Freaking Flips 3 days ago

      Day 3: Today I feel like my stomach is flatter and I have more energy today ,it’s hard to stay away from sugar and carbs without eating too much meat and getting heartburn so I’m doing more soups

    • Michael Davis
      Michael Davis 3 days ago


    • Thomas Dovahri
      Thomas Dovahri 4 days ago

      Freaking Flips lmk

  • Pat McCarthy
    Pat McCarthy 5 days ago +11

    I'm on day 28, and the changes to my body, sleep time, and energy levels are truly amazing. I'm cutting sugar out of my diet for a better life.

    • Brenax Quiny
      Brenax Quiny 2 days ago +1

      As for me I was consuming sugar like crazy, this thing I seriously addictive I couldn't go without something sweet in my mouth for 2 hours and man I paid for it gaining wait like crazy but after watching this I decided no to sugary foods and drinks and It worked pretty good I started loosing weight and am not gonna touch those hell of things

    • Brenax Quiny
      Brenax Quiny 2 days ago +1

      Nice one

  • Alexandra Cornell
    Alexandra Cornell 5 days ago +3

    Can you please define what a no sugar diet is exactly. I thought it was refined sugars from biscuits and cake etc..
    But is it all carbs as well ? Thank you in advance

  • N m
    N m 7 days ago

    Almost everything we eat has sugar in it. Fruits, some vegetables, grains etc. You don't want added sugar. If you drink tea, don't add sugar, don't drink soda or fruit juices, coffee same thing don't add sugar. Sugars from shit like donuts, cookies, brownies, etc isn't good but you can have it every once in a while. Sugar is bad because we are surrounded by it from McDonald's, to Dunkin donuts to Starbucks. Stay away from it and make your own meals

  • Yaqoub Abdullah
    Yaqoub Abdullah 8 days ago +7

    I just stopped sugar and carbs for two days then i ate 2 pieces of cake ... and now i am high ,
    True story

    • Mazzina's
      Mazzina's 5 days ago

      Abdallah, just don't blow us up while ur high plz

  • wanda j
    wanda j 8 days ago

    I started keto a week ago and I have no desire for sugar at all

  • Quincy Davis
    Quincy Davis 9 days ago

    I want to share this on Facebook but the link been flagged as spam for some reason :(

  • Ameerah Cass
    Ameerah Cass 9 days ago

    What can we replace the white rice and pasta and bread with? I plan to start this

  • Mick Boon
    Mick Boon 9 days ago

    Use Stevia and instantly give up sugar without giving up anything..... Stevia is natural and great !


    How about from rice?


      Veronica C. Thank you

    • Veronica C.
      Veronica C. 8 days ago +1

      White rice is a simple carb and has refined sugar in it, although not very much. According to a study, eating rice everyday increases the chance of getting diabetes, so you should also cut back on white rice.

  • Anthony Cobuccio
    Anthony Cobuccio 10 days ago +3

    no sugar or sugar derivatives, down 40 lbs in 5 months

  • soaky nutz
    soaky nutz 10 days ago +1

    I’m not addicted to sugar but when I tried doing this I found that even the healthiest foods in my house were loaded with sugar! Which foods are good for this?

  • goblinondrums
    goblinondrums 11 days ago

    Honestly this is *****, how in the world can you not eat sugar for 30 days? It's literally in everything. I can extract sugar from any substance even a potato. So are you talking just about donuts and sweets or even pop?

  • succ4vbuck
    succ4vbuck 11 days ago +3

    lol, what can u eat then?

  • 1 J
    1 J 11 days ago

    I like ur beard

  • Betsy Lopez
    Betsy Lopez 12 days ago

    I’m going to stop eating sugar for a month wish me luck✌🏼

    • Angelo Garcia
      Angelo Garcia 11 days ago

      Do it I eliminated most carbs and all forms of sugars. High levels of energy and started to lose weight without even trying. Incredible mental focus.

  • Siroti
    Siroti 12 days ago +1

    Does this include natural sugars from fruits? Bread/rice?

  • martin dawe
    martin dawe 12 days ago +2

    I am only 9 and i am healthy, play soccer, but eat sugar so i am going to stop for a while.

      ALH GUITAR 12 days ago

      If your healthy dont change also even if you are a little big just eat generally healthy and you will grow into your body later on

  • Gilmore Adventures
    Gilmore Adventures 12 days ago

    Imma go with the pescetarian diet

  • bandd1
    bandd1 12 days ago

    I make fantastic brownies. and i only eat once in 2 weeks.. After 2 weeks just one slice of brownie tastes divine

  • Matsue
    Matsue 12 days ago

    This type of dietary supplement will burn your belly fat without working out and exercising yourself effortlessly!!! this is legit 101%

  • Seza not Jeza Belle
    Seza not Jeza Belle 12 days ago

    I was addicted to sugar I started when I was young sneaking 5 or 6 heaped tablespoons of it in my drinks when mum wasn’t looking, by my teens I was snorting it on the reg. Right up until my 33rd birthday when I injected 40 lines of high fructose corn syrup, the strong stuff, and overdosed. I saw sweet Jesus and he said, no. Go away. I’m currently in rehab forever.

  • Pun Jab I
    Pun Jab I 13 days ago +3

    Sugar and CARBS! Hidden carbs everywhere including all artificial sweetners. Stay away from sugar completely! Not doing dumb things like 30 days or consuming it in "moderation"!

    • LaBelleJouJou Foxy
      LaBelleJouJou Foxy 11 days ago

      Pun Jab I Exactly! Zero sugar including Date Sugar, Coconut Sugar, Stevia, Agave... Zero Sugar!

  • Joe Dirt
    Joe Dirt 14 days ago

    Now if I could only stop spanking the monkey ....

  • Joe Dirt
    Joe Dirt 14 days ago +1

    I blew a man for a case of oreo s.......

  • Bossmanjr7
    Bossmanjr7 14 days ago

    Is that also fruits

  • Gunnar Mcfadden
    Gunnar Mcfadden 15 days ago

    Are you talking about just added sugar or sugar all together?

    • Ginger Vogel
      Ginger Vogel 14 days ago

      Gunnar Mcfadden added sugar and super processed carbs like white flour! Some foods like fruits have natural sugars that come with nutrients and fiber that also slow the digestive processing and don’t spike insulin levels. Personally I’m quitting sugar right now and fruits are the only thing keeping me going lol

  • joe jr
    joe jr 16 days ago +5

    After Quitting sugar feels good but I found out that I can't take sugary drinks and food no more tests weird.🤮

  • Nasu
    Nasu 18 days ago +10

    You think quitting sugar is hard? Try quitting sugar AND video games while also being on NoFap.

    • Alpha
      Alpha 15 days ago

      Same here. I’m trying to quit sugar and nofap for 30 days. Now im on day 2

    • MYELbe
      MYELbe 18 days ago

      imma join you brother XD but videogames is harsh, u still need to get ur mind of things... in a controlled way

  • Halleloolahoop
    Halleloolahoop 18 days ago

    Barely eat sugar at all, all I drink is water and plain tea. Tell me why I'm fat as fuck lmao

  • I’m Nicelydone
    I’m Nicelydone 19 days ago +9

    Be careful of what you put in your body

  • KeeperPlus
    KeeperPlus 19 days ago

    Keeping stress llow isnt gonna happen

  • Wiwow Wiwow
    Wiwow Wiwow 19 days ago +1

    I was on diet for a year.. my weight before was 102 kilos and im only 163 cm then.. until i saw all of your videos and did some exercises.. It's been a year my current weight now is 70 kilos i lost 32 kilos and my height is 175 cm.. i gained a lot in just 1 year.. thanks man

  • Elijah S.
    Elijah S. 20 days ago

    Fuck, this is too much info to write down in my notes

  • Maximilian Bernard
    Maximilian Bernard 20 days ago

    Is sugar from fruit, greek yoghurt and skyr bad for you? Do they count?

  • Daryoush Yazdanfar
    Daryoush Yazdanfar 20 days ago

    If you dislike this video you’re probably fat

  • Batman 01
    Batman 01 20 days ago

    Is it normal that I'm experiencing headaches or dizziness after quitting sugar for days...

    • Randy Peach
      Randy Peach 8 hours ago

      I've heard that our body will 'de-tox' - headaches are a by-product of de-tox. Please check this out, though.

    • samuraineko3
      samuraineko3 18 days ago

      That is the withdrawal thing they talked about so yeah I think so

  • Leon Degrelle ϟϟ
    Leon Degrelle ϟϟ 21 day ago

    Sugar is ok if your diet is poor due to lack of money. Just don't get addicted to it like women often does.

  • kurdish ASMR
    kurdish ASMR 21 day ago +2

    i quit sugar for 10 days

  • Ulrik Bentzrød
    Ulrik Bentzrød 22 days ago

    This video is sort of good, but he does not know what he’s talking about.

  • TheMoonchild1969
    TheMoonchild1969 22 days ago

    Your brain is made up of...you guessed it... sugar!

  • catalin catalin
    catalin catalin 22 days ago

    What will hapen if we quit listening rap music?

  • Miguel mejia
    Miguel mejia 23 days ago

    it's really hard. he says 3 to 4 days like the sugar cravings go away forever. dude shut your channel down. it takes WAY more than 4 days to kick the craving. you have to ween your way out by plucking out one day of the week, then 2 then 3 and so on. you can't just go full shutdown on sugar shut it off like a light switch. it doesn't work that way. you will crave it.

  • dbsasuke
    dbsasuke 23 days ago

    Is sugar in fruit OK? Or should we avoid fruits too? (serious question, some ppl say you should)

    • Randy Peach
      Randy Peach 8 hours ago

      Fruits are good...in moderation...and avoid fruit juices. MAJOR sugar in the juices. Eating the fruits brings the fibers to lessen the AMOUNT of sugar we consume. Working for me...

  • shirley arizaga
    shirley arizaga 24 days ago

    Yes I stopped sugar a year ago but the Carbs are the ones I am addicted to how can you stop Carbs.I have gained all the weight back when I got back on Carbs. help

    • Georgia •
      Georgia • 23 days ago

      shirley arizaga try to eat more fruit and veg and also to only eat whole meal carbs that should help. Just resist eating the rest

  • fahad azzam
    fahad azzam 24 days ago

    A video about stop eating sugar and a 4 kitkat flavor add

  • Toots Atinaja
    Toots Atinaja 24 days ago +4

    Well explained. Great job man

  • Sameer Chadha
    Sameer Chadha 25 days ago

    Very boring interaction...

  • Suryanshu Khadka
    Suryanshu Khadka 25 days ago

    I am totally doing this!

  • jon 7
    jon 7 26 days ago

    All fitness advice is for fat people.

  • স্বপ্ন বাজ

    আমি একমাত্র ব্যাক্তি যে কিনা বাংলায় কমেন্ট করলাম😁😁😁😁

  • Ed Stratford-Tuke
    Ed Stratford-Tuke 26 days ago +1

    im a cyclist and i drink hundreds apon hundreds of grams of sugar, it makes me recover faster, work harder and become leaner.

  • RedEyeJedi
    RedEyeJedi 27 days ago

    1 like = 1 day without sugar. Help me everyone.

  • Stanley
    Stanley 27 days ago

    No lie just talking about sugar is making me itch lol

  • Raf Soto
    Raf Soto 27 days ago

    Thank god i never really liked sugar! my problem is very high carb foods...

    • Mehul Modi
      Mehul Modi 26 days ago +1

      It doesn't matter how many carbs you eat if you wanna lose weight as long as you create a good caloric deficit.
      Try to eat 30% from protein and rest can come from carbs and fats at any propotion you like just consume 10% fats everyday

  • Matt Calder
    Matt Calder 28 days ago

    What about fruit sugar?

  • Kaisy Vlogs
    Kaisy Vlogs 28 days ago

    Very informative thanks for sharing

  • David
    David 29 days ago +1

    1 like = 0.1k run

  • David
    David 29 days ago +1

    1 like = 1 press up

  • David
    David 29 days ago +4

    Every like = 1 day with proper diet and exercise

  • Filip Florijan
    Filip Florijan 29 days ago

    Have not eaten sugar for 2 months now and i fell amazing and look much better, highly recommend trying it and replace pure white sugar with fruit

  • Cassius Westen
    Cassius Westen 29 days ago +1

    White poison. Worse than coke!

  • Extraterrestrial Alien
    Extraterrestrial Alien 29 days ago +1

    I try to eat less than 30 grams of sugar in a day.

  • navpreet bhatti
    navpreet bhatti Month ago

    5 likes and I won’t have sugar for a month. And change my life.

    • MrShannT
      MrShannT 29 days ago +1

      How about you just do it anyway?

  • Jonah Abenhaim
    Jonah Abenhaim Month ago

    Doesn’t good Sugar Come in fruits?

  • Sk8x4x3v3r
    Sk8x4x3v3r Month ago +1

    Does this mean no honey and no maple syrup?

    • Randy Peach
      Randy Peach 8 hours ago

      Honey has much more sugar value...my study shows that 'sugar is sugar'. So I quit honey as well.

  • Javier Ramirez
    Javier Ramirez Month ago +2

    A like and I stop eating sugar for a year

  • Wassup Channel
    Wassup Channel Month ago +1

    If sugar is bad then why it's tastes so good ?

  • Elias
    Elias Month ago +2

    I am watching this while i am eating icecream

  • DeVon Standifer
    DeVon Standifer Month ago

    Thanks for the video. I've totally adopted looking at the labels of the added sugars and overall grams of sugar in products. No junk, no cookies, cakes, pies, no sodas of any kind.

  • Fara Amin
    Fara Amin Month ago

    Should I quit fruit also as fruit contains sugar also???

    • jesus vargas
      jesus vargas Month ago

      Fara Amin fruits also come with fiber and vitamins but not all fruits are the same if u want weight loss berries are the way to go

  • pickzkickz
    pickzkickz Month ago

    Wow! U get a ton of muscle!? Lol

  • Randominator
    Randominator Month ago

    I'm just doing this because my lower leg turns to rock when I jog. I read that a high sugar intake can cause circulation problems.

  • Kingchaching Adams
    Kingchaching Adams Month ago

    I got question, is honey mustard good for u? I get on my sandwich a lot

    • Randy Peach
      Randy Peach 8 hours ago

      Try hummus on sandwiches...I have done this and find the right flavor of hummus works for me. :)

  • Kingchaching Adams
    Kingchaching Adams Month ago

    I’m try this 30dayz ok, that’s going to be hard

  • DaddyPays
    DaddyPays Month ago

    What movie was that first clip from again??

  • White Trash and Hellbound

    Below me there is a person that says "10 likes and I will stop eating sugar" lol is that really how pathetic people have become? Not only begging the world for a Digital Thumb for you to make a serious health change in your life? Lol come the fuck on people. If your fat ass was going to quit sugar and make a change it isn't going to be this video... it isn't going to be your own will power, obviously and it isn't going to be these "Likes" your virtually begging for. If thats all it took for you to make a drastic life change is 10 thumbs lol then you would be healthy as hell and be in this video as a Health Model... but your not are you? Because you really won't change will you? Your sad and have no will power just like 70% of the world... so please stop trolling the internet looking for some underserved sense of accomplishment. Or if I'm wrong please make your own video on how it went for you, you do have 50+ LIKES that's 40 over what you said would make you change your life... so humor us did you actually stop eating sugar? Or did you just waste people's time and pray on 50 who hit the like button out of pure sympathy for the pathetic person on the other end of the comment? ... fuck this world makes me sick lol and you just pass it on to the next generation. Shaneful

  • Kar Kar
    Kar Kar Month ago

    So you quit eating fruit vegetables ? And you said without sugar you gonna have more energy, that's wrong sugar increases your energy and you feel more energized, I have experienced that, but Im not eating sugar, just from fruit, vegetables and dairy products , if you reply ill be very thankful 😀

    • Aka Neuer
      Aka Neuer Month ago

      Kar Kar 15, what about you

    • Kar Kar
      Kar Kar Month ago

      @Aka Neuer Man how old are you 😕

    • Aka Neuer
      Aka Neuer Month ago

      Kar Kar and have this worked? Have you seem any changes?

    • Kar Kar
      Kar Kar Month ago

      @Aka Neuer Yes

    • Aka Neuer
      Aka Neuer Month ago

      Kar Kar but so you eat everything where there says No added sugar? Like if there is a dairy product where there is no added sugar but still some grams in the label, do you eat it?

  • Lynda Minniefield
    Lynda Minniefield Month ago +1

    Ten likes won't eat sugar for two years

    • White Trash and Hellbound
      White Trash and Hellbound Month ago

      You realise how pathetic you are by saying that right? How the fuck will 10 likes make you have a better eating habit? But the thought of you being fat, unhealthy and dying early is not enough incentive? This is one one the most pathetic comments I have ever read... and the only LIKE you got was the one you gave yourself lol how's that feel?

  • Carlos Fuentes
    Carlos Fuentes Month ago

    I haven't drank sodas in a long time and the other day I tried it and I couldn't finish a sip , it tasted like straight poison , I drink water and my sweet drinks ate lemonade with tea but not often

  • bobbyjonesfoo
    bobbyjonesfoo Month ago +1

    So what about fruit lol

  • Atoms Molecules
    Atoms Molecules Month ago

    Point is, avoid refined sugars and carbs.

  • LegacyOfSean
    LegacyOfSean Month ago

    I was eating a snicker watching this .. that didn’t help

  • dennis  craig
    dennis craig Month ago

    I only have it here and there. My memory thinking process is getting slower. Im going to stop completey after this video. I lift weights eat 75% healthy.

  • Anon Mouse
    Anon Mouse Month ago

    Anyone know where stevia fits into this equation??


    i believe that fructose compared to glucose generates a lot more liver fat and triglycerides.

  • Rob Janka
    Rob Janka Month ago

    No candies, cookies, or cakes

  • El Astronaute
    El Astronaute Month ago

    I think you'd lose at LEAST 10lbs by quitting all added sugar, unless you're underweight to begin with. Because you'd have to be cutting out practically ALL processed food and carbonated drinks, plus without heavily processed and refined foods like bread your appetite will normalise along with your blood sugar after a while so you won't feel hungry so often, meaning you'll automatically eat less and be satiated more quickly.

  • Jeff Fame
    Jeff Fame Month ago

    This is a great video, but as soon as I heard "study on rats show..." I disliked it. Sorry.

  • Sam Harper
    Sam Harper Month ago +2

    I didn't realize how much sugar I ate until I tried to quit it. It's in EVERYTHING!

  • R Hopkins
    R Hopkins Month ago

    You are so on point!

  • liveyfh 9290
    liveyfh 9290 Month ago

    My diet is 2 chicken breasts, 1 large potato, 1 avacado, 1 egg, handful of spinach and small handfull of brocoli and lots of water ... im trying to get lean, once i do ill probably add 1 more protein source and maybe an extra avacado because i love them but thats all

  • Michael T Layz Good
    Michael T Layz Good Month ago +1

    Wel i quitted the obvious addicitions.. Alcohol, marijuana, Cigarettes.. now i gotta work on a different kind of addiction,, new levels new devils.