Nintendo Labo Unboxing!

  • Published on Apr 20, 2018
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  • 라라 _ I박 _I
    라라 _ I박 _I 2 days ago +1

    She’s obsessed with the nintendo Switch.
    You r gonna be proud of it, but I think It’s really weird.
    I know, you have your life! But please, think about it... Things you can do now, that in a few years you cannot...
    (I’m sorry, my grammar is bad, I’m spanish)
    It’s okay if you don’t feel the same, It’s just my personal opinion.

  • Ashton Lagleva
    Ashton Lagleva 4 days ago

    This is proof of how C-list and D-list RU-cliprs will do anything for a paycheck #ChaChing! I hope your not part of the Nintendo Creators Program?

  • Ace the Star
    Ace the Star 5 days ago

    Check out 2 more kits is the vehicle and vr kit, these are the new ones in history

  • Agatha C
    Agatha C 9 days ago

    My friend has the 1st set and my favourite one is the house

  • Radical_ leaguerZ
    Radical_ leaguerZ 11 days ago


  • Radical_ leaguerZ
    Radical_ leaguerZ 11 days ago


  • Radical_ leaguerZ
    Radical_ leaguerZ 11 days ago


  • Radical_ leaguerZ
    Radical_ leaguerZ 11 days ago

    Im gonna make you have 6 million subs :)

  • Yuka Nanagi
    Yuka Nanagi 13 days ago

    Toy-con #1
    Toy-con #2

  • Monty Hucknall
    Monty Hucknall 15 days ago

    Wait. Unboxing?

  • Kawaii Roblox& gacha wolf

    How much are they

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy 16 days ago

    Hey justine, somebody uploaded a video about your ass. I really enjoyed it.

  • Jacob Olive
    Jacob Olive 24 days ago

    You said toycons instead of joycons

  • NLP Schlatter
    NLP Schlatter 24 days ago

    nintendo labo is so cool

  • Rdha Raman Sinha
    Rdha Raman Sinha 26 days ago

    The little robot looks like Spiderman 's webshooter.

  • kaitlynn park
    kaitlynn park 27 days ago

    Can you and ro make VSCO bracelets

  • Matthew Concepcion
    Matthew Concepcion Month ago

    the labo is not for s2pid small kids

  • Unspoken Voices
    Unspoken Voices Month ago +1

    I’ve seen these at the store and wonder what they were and omg they’re super cool

  • Katie Miller
    Katie Miller Month ago


  • 《Athea Monicle》

    9:00 sounds like Donald Trump

  • Grizzly Longcut
    Grizzly Longcut Month ago

    "oh grandpa feeling silly"

  • Noah Battung
    Noah Battung 2 months ago

    its looks much fun

  • Antony Gwynne
    Antony Gwynne 2 months ago


  • Nikola Nešković
    Nikola Nešković 2 months ago +6

    where you see yourself in 15 years ?
    me: 12:28

  • FanBoy Critic
    FanBoy Critic 2 months ago

    The smudge on the switch just makes me wanna take my cleaner and rub where it is on my screen

  • Kimberly M. Whitehurst
    Kimberly M. Whitehurst 2 months ago

    woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo coooooooool
    and yeah

  • Irene Michaloudakis
    Irene Michaloudakis 2 months ago +1

    Soo cool your the best RU-clipr

  • maria grace
    maria grace 2 months ago

    sooo cool

  • Lam Do
    Lam Do 2 months ago


  • Super Mario Bro XP 9000

    iJustine I like your hair

  • Cole Hudson
    Cole Hudson 3 months ago

    Clean your floor, you socks are dirty/ Please... I'm about to vomit. You're a grown woman for frick sakes. (still bang tho)

  • Jaka Rina
    Jaka Rina 4 months ago

    She is over 30 right?

  • Xervantez Xvi
    Xervantez Xvi 4 months ago

    I had fun putting those together I just had my LABO VR the blaster is hella good my favorite now I feel like I want the piano 🎹 LABO and ROBOT 🤖

  • Maxy Cornk
    Maxy Cornk 4 months ago

    Do the new vr one

  • Fitz Paolo
    Fitz Paolo 4 months ago

    Do you have to buy a game for your nintendo labo?

  • T Series
    T Series 4 months ago +1

    Wow I didn’t know you were a art and craft person

  • Paula Fonseca
    Paula Fonseca 4 months ago

    Hello ijustine

  • Siham Elmanouzi
    Siham Elmanouzi 5 months ago

    Hey! This was posted on my birthday but I didn’t notice until now

  • gold138
    gold138 5 months ago

    And I thought the Kinect was bad

  • Aaron john Jones
    Aaron john Jones 5 months ago

    It is if you never seen cardboard in your life

  • yellowhonie
    yellowhonie 5 months ago

    im getting one for my birthday im so exited(a switch)

  • Nahee Hong
    Nahee Hong 5 months ago

    2019 anyone??

  • LittleTechKids
    LittleTechKids 5 months ago

    Xbox and PlayStation same old thing for years while nintendo over here is taking it to another level!

  • Gracee Ableman
    Gracee Ableman 5 months ago

    Sorry I’m super late but how do you screen recorder

  • Aaron Diong
    Aaron Diong 5 months ago +4

    CONSPIRACIES THEORY,?!?!?!?!?!?{?!!!! 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Horse Girl12355
    Horse Girl12355 5 months ago

    You didn’t use the nife opening:)) lol (not hate)

    SCEEDOUCH 6 months ago

    Card board inside a card board

  • Claire Mewhirter
    Claire Mewhirter 6 months ago

    I subscribed.

  • Dyre Lerio
    Dyre Lerio 6 months ago

    The robot thing is better in VR

  • Mila P
    Mila P 6 months ago

    OMG you’re so lucky my mum can’t even afford one for me

  • Fortnite God 876
    Fortnite God 876 6 months ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Smart fresh
    Smart fresh 7 months ago


  • IcalTRM
    IcalTRM 7 months ago

    i made the piano for 1 week

    EASTBAY IVXX 7 months ago

    😂😂😂the robot game looks more fun to play

  • Besthacker 290
    Besthacker 290 7 months ago +2

    What if the cardboard breaks

  • Xavi
    Xavi 7 months ago +1

    I also make a lot of thing from Cardboard
    even a Nintendo Switch

  • Random Ish
    Random Ish 7 months ago

    I 💗 nintendo labo

  • Joss Devine
    Joss Devine 7 months ago +1

    The robot. And the piano were really cool

  • XxDogexX :3
    XxDogexX :3 7 months ago

    Does the cardboard affect the joy con rails?

  • Chicken Baby
    Chicken Baby 7 months ago

    You spent 130 pound on a cardboard box 📦

  • Ben Hedberg
    Ben Hedberg 7 months ago

    9:39 Sounds like Trump

  • Bobo's Gonna Get Yi
    Bobo's Gonna Get Yi 7 months ago

    My 7yo son thought that Number three on the piano was Donald Trump 😂😂😂

  • user name
    user name 7 months ago

    i need a switch now

  • Ashley
    Ashley 7 months ago

    So jealous because I only have the switch and the games but I don’t have the Nintendo Labo but I did enjoy you making the piano and stuff 😂

  • miraproyo gaming
    miraproyo gaming 7 months ago

    i got the varity kit 0.1 and i did the motoer bike the house the rc car and thats it but the piano is dead long

  • miraproyo gaming
    miraproyo gaming 7 months ago

    can i add you on nintendo by code

  • Zion Burgess
    Zion Burgess 7 months ago

    2019 anyone also does anyone notice the coloured lights in the background

  • Lauren Phoebe
    Lauren Phoebe 7 months ago


  • Didi Hmh
    Didi Hmh 7 months ago


  • Louise pollard
    Louise pollard 7 months ago

    Today in my country it’s Christmas and me and little bro both got a switch each and a labo to share surprisingly and I build the piano today and I was amazed by what cardboard can do

  • Team Lorem
    Team Lorem 8 months ago

    Lol ur unboxing a box

  • A.J Riordan
    A.J Riordan 8 months ago

    I really like your kitchen in the back. I want it 😣

  • chino acevedo
    chino acevedo 8 months ago

    it looks kind of fun, but 80$/70$ is just to much money.

  • 5. péntek
    5. péntek 8 months ago

    im hun
    and dis is video so cool
    komolyan magyar vagyok

  • Jonathan Balanse
    Jonathan Balanse 8 months ago

    iem buying labo tomorrow because it's 50% off I'm so happy to tested I'm 12 years old