The Most RARE Shark Species Hidden in The Ocean

  • Published on May 25, 2018
  • The ocean is vast and mysterious, and these rare, deadly monsters are lurking underneath.
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    Shark breaching - discovery:
    Greenland Shark - River Monsters:
    Shark Whale - Rachel Campbell:
    Killer Whale - Edward Herrano:
    Bamboo Shark - Mark Edrmann:
    Goblin Shark - Discovery:
    Frilled Shark - Discovery:
    Wobbegong - Discovery:
    Basking Shark - Disovery Canada:

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Comments • 46

  • Jorjan Gerba
    Jorjan Gerba 2 months ago

    Stop your bad

  • Oahidur. Games
    Oahidur. Games 6 months ago

    Bamboo mt 🦈

  • Mahadhir Jaalam
    Mahadhir Jaalam 6 months ago

    Goblin shark scary cool

  • Claudia Desarmes
    Claudia Desarmes 7 months ago


    SUE TART 7 months ago

    This is a different video of the most rare sharks in the ocean whaaaaaaat!

    SUE TART 7 months ago

    Waiiiit what!?

  • alex gacha-playz
    alex gacha-playz 7 months ago +1

    Well im the rarest one LOL

  • CoolBoy Brixx
    CoolBoy Brixx 7 months ago

    Its a shark

  • celeste padilla
    celeste padilla 8 months ago

    It is the federal shark

  • André Toledo
    André Toledo 11 months ago

    Seriously orcas are not sharks or whales they are dolphins species so they should be dolphins

  • Shantelle Pokorny

    oooooooo this is the best!

  • Danielle Tsosie
    Danielle Tsosie Year ago

    The goblin shark.

  • Bel Sotto
    Bel Sotto Year ago

    woahh this is so amazing!! :D

  • TheRandomDan or not

    I like the frilled shark...I actualy think it looks cute

  • ILoveGachaLife 1234567

    All of them are the same werid,scary and more!!! Well i would love the see them all so,No scary.....

  • Zetru
    Zetru Year ago

    I didn't like the "asshole rutine".

  • Abulfadhel Abdulzahra

    Wow my opinion is that the one that hides in the floor that eats small blue I forgot the name of that shark Xd

  • yolanda franklin
    yolanda franklin Year ago

    i supscribed

  • Abbey ranger strike 2k18


  • Rebekah Ibberson
    Rebekah Ibberson Year ago

    the goblin shark is the creepest.

  • Angelique Gerena
    Angelique Gerena Year ago

    i have incownterd a deep sea shark on the shor not chasing anything

  • TheSkarletWitch
    TheSkarletWitch Year ago

    The basking shark just because It reminds me of a vacuum for some reason

  • Adwait Relekar
    Adwait Relekar Year ago +1

    Shark 🦈 coming out of the water is the best cinematic shorts have ever seen....keep it up The Hub..🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • Brunner213
    Brunner213 Year ago +3


  • Sarah Edwards
    Sarah Edwards Year ago +2

    I say the goblin shark.

  • Aliyah
    Aliyah Year ago +1

    The basking shark it mouth is to big and scary

  • Tony Hinson
    Tony Hinson Year ago +4

    I thought the goblin shark was the coolest it's jaws were totes scary though but I want one and I'll name it Dobbie

  • Micheal Campbell
    Micheal Campbell Year ago


  • Quinae Johnson
    Quinae Johnson Year ago +4

    Sharks are just animals leave them alone and they will keep their place in the ocean, thus keeping the natural world in balence

  • Quinae Johnson
    Quinae Johnson Year ago +7

    Very sorry but orcas are not sharks, they are in fact mammals

    • Tobias van Putten
      Tobias van Putten 5 months ago

      Very sorry but it was footage of an orca eating a shark. They weren't saying orca's were sharks

  • Quinae Johnson
    Quinae Johnson Year ago

    Sharks are just big fish, whales and dolphins on the other hand are mammals


    Very nice video

  • Lamestream Media
    Lamestream Media Year ago +8

    The basking shark is just too big! I'd be afraid of getting sucked inside it's mouth!

  • LukerGaming03
    LukerGaming03 Year ago

    The most creepiest shark? Has to go for the Goblin Shark. I mean like, think about it. You are scuba diving peacefully, seeing all of the colorful fish, when suddenly that shark lunges towards you, jaws wide and open. ((And yes, I know that this is very unlikely but I'm just answering a question here))

  • Micah Graumann
    Micah Graumann Year ago

    Number one 1

  • Micah Graumann
    Micah Graumann Year ago

    I subscribed and turned on notifications and liked it

  • JuicySquareWolf !


  • Sonny T
    Sonny T Year ago


  • Micah Graumann
    Micah Graumann Year ago


  • Ashfall Blaze
    Ashfall Blaze Year ago