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  • Published on Jan 18, 2014
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  • Ty Monae
    Ty Monae 8 years ago +224

    I think this is the FIRST husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/wife whatever tag that i've seen that is so light hearted. I was in a fit of giggles the entire time, i long for a relationship like that. happy marriage! and instant subscribe

    • danish t
      danish t 8 years ago +1

      agreed! it was hilarious

  • hajera
    hajera Year ago +11

    i feel so nostalgic.
    i kinda miss this era of my life and on youtube.
    this is truly beautiful, i little souvenir from a glimpse of the past.
    till this day these two are still so mashallah

  • Maazypaaz
    Maazypaaz 7 years ago +133

    Issue with some of the Muslim Community is that they point fingers too much at other people and define themselves as the better Muslim because they pointed out someone elses flaws, but have yet to fix their own flaws. That is one of the meanings of being Muslim, Fix yourself before u go around trying to throw the Haram/Halal Card. You guys are an awesome couple, and awesome Muslims, dont let anyone tell you different. Peace Be Upon You :)

    • Am752
      Am752 5 years ago +2

      Ava Karkekian Not all Muslims see non Muslims as trash. In fact, majority of my friends are non Muslims that are great people. So you shouldn't point out all Muslims to be haters of others that are not muslims

    • ePfizer Doolittle ajl
      ePfizer Doolittle ajl 5 years ago +3

      Maaz Sharief another flaw is the seeing non Muslims as trash.

    • Daria
      Daria 7 years ago +1

      @Maaz Sharief what the fuck does that have to do with the video? like shut the fuck up.

    • Salwa Muslimah
      Salwa Muslimah 7 years ago +1

      @James Pitt Yeap agree. Forbid the evil and enjoin the good. And often we have to do that publicly as the sin is too big and going on for too long.
      Islam is not based on that, we always forbid the evil even when we are not "perfect" otherwise no one would say anything, even a Sheikh would not be able to say anything as they are not sinless. So we should always forbid the evil either change it with our hands if we can, with our speech and then hate it in our hearts. We should not hate the person but their actions.

    • James Pitt
      James Pitt 7 years ago +5

      It's not that anyone is saying they are better then these fasiq girls. It's about enjoining the good and forbidding the evil. Why can't people understand this. If you can't ask someone who has more knowledge then you. Simple as that. Stop making excuses to justify your wrong actions. And stop accusing the one who is trying to guide you, by saying your not so angelic your self or some other lame excuse... One after the other...
      It's really a cop out to pull any excuse to justify your wrong behaviour. For example to accuse the one person who gives you the advise of not being angelic. You know in your heart what is right and what is wrong. At times you don't even know that. It's a shame to see so many people liking this bad behaviour and worse still defending it. And worse still criticising the one who try's to guide. Now it's gets cheap and personal.

  • Almaas Ashrath
    Almaas Ashrath 6 years ago +58

    that moment when you have seen their marriage story video and you know how they 'actually' found each other :D btw
    loooovveee sid and dina Masha'Allah cute couple

  • Nura Afia
    Nura Afia 8 years ago +167

    I smiled the whole time!! Mashallah you guys are such a cute couple! May Allah always bless you marriage IA:)

    • jam potolollly
      jam potolollly 4 years ago

      Nura Afia 2018

    • chuy chuy
      chuy chuy 8 years ago

      @Zay nab I can't believe they said that :o !

    • zay's art
      zay's art 8 years ago +3

      They just said that moroccan food is horrible omg :D i'm wondering what did they eat exactly cuz that's the first time i hear someone saying that, what do you think oum Laila?

  • Rabia Fraij
    Rabia Fraij 7 years ago +109

    Cutest couple in the world. God bless you both. ❤️

    • Hafsa 2000
      Hafsa 2000 7 years ago +2

      +Rabia Fraij Marriage goals

  • Sofia Lopez
    Sofia Lopez 6 years ago +44

    When he said that Dina said " potatos aren't a vegetable they are a carbohydrate" I tried to not lose my shit at my break at work 😂😂😂😂😂

  • balenso sevres
    balenso sevres 8 years ago +10

    Omg i don't know why so many people are hating on you when you're like the most wonderful married couple i've seen .
    You two are hilarious!

  • Esmee Jakubowski
    Esmee Jakubowski 7 years ago +37

    You two are like the coolest couple on RU-clip.

  • Wardah Esack
    Wardah Esack 8 years ago +3

    You guys are totally insane and the cutest couple ever. So enjoyed watching this video.

  • Sidrah Yousaf
    Sidrah Yousaf 8 years ago +8

    I kept finding myself laughing as I watched this video. Mash'Allah you are a cute couple, bless you both :)

  • Sabah F. Naqvi
    Sabah F. Naqvi 8 years ago

    Just watched this video! You and your husband are absolutely hilarious! You guys are definitely made for each other! May Allah strengthen your bond and increase your love for each other by the day! Ameen! :)

  • A.az1223
    A.az1223 8 years ago +7

    I could watch you guys for hrs without getting bored...mashaAllah to you both gorgeous couple.

  • Halima
    Halima 8 years ago +23

    I love you two! You're both so funny, care-free, and happy. Best husband tag video on RU-clip to date. It's not forced and annoying like the others. I'm definitely subscribing to the new channel too. And all you Moroccan people need to chill. Why can't they have their own opinion on food? It's only food! Besides I'm sure they weren't trying to get at your culture, country, etc. Keep making these videos guys. Loved em!

  • LA
    LA 8 years ago +5

    I love how this is 20 minutes long but I still watched it all cos you guys are so funny and cute.. :)

  • Jamilah Salem
    Jamilah Salem 5 years ago

    Almost got teary eyed watching this beautiful couple, they're like match made in heaven ❤️

  • rokhsareh feizi
    rokhsareh feizi 8 years ago +4

    By far my favourite husband/boyfriend tag!! Friggin love you both. Perfect couple. This was hilarious

  • Tutku Dogan
    Tutku Dogan 7 years ago +2

    Just reading some of these comments and you can see how people just pick out irrelevant things and force their negativity on your video. I just wanted to say I loved watching you both. Dina, I love your personality :) you are so funny ♡ and you both make a great couple. Love your channel! Xx

  • Umal
    Umal 8 years ago +1

    Mashallah you guys are the most funniest outgoing muslim couple I've ever seen! May Allah bless you guys with a brighter future :)

  • hafsa lodhi
    hafsa lodhi 8 years ago

    Haha you guys are so cute Masha Allah!!

  • Shannon
    Shannon 7 years ago

    You guys are AWESOME!! Such a great couple and sooo hilarious... loved it 💛💛

  • Sam
    Sam 7 years ago +1

    This is what I call Relationship goals 🙌

  • Khadija
    Khadija 8 years ago

    You are such an amazing couple ma sha Allah. May Allah fill your lifes with love and happiness and keep you together forever!!

  • Farzana Tabassum Alin
    Farzana Tabassum Alin 7 years ago

    mashAllah mashAllah!!you guys look just soooo happy & perfect together.💙💜💚 may Allah bless you guys always..👌💜

  • Farrah J.
    Farrah J. 8 years ago

    Wow! I absolutely love this. Excuse my lack of knowledge, but it is not too often that you see a Muslim couple on screen and being themselves which in turns makes others realize that we are all similar; you two are hilarious! Love this love! Salam, Peace, Love and all things Beautiful ♡ ~New Subscriber

  • Bunny
    Bunny 7 years ago

    I love that you included how you met in uni. There are so many misconceptions about how Muslim women are uneducated and oppressed, it's absurd! You two are adorable

  • Kurenai Yūhi
    Kurenai Yūhi 8 years ago +1

    they're such a funny couple!! i cant help giggling alone :"D may Allah bless your marriage insya Allah!

  • dina dina
    dina dina 8 years ago

    Salam,guys!!! Loved watching you! I would love that my husband is like this ,its just amazing to watch how connected you two are! Salam from,Belgium.

  • kamantha naidoo
    kamantha naidoo 7 years ago

    Ya'll are real I love it !!💗 relationship goals !

  • Wafaa BINDACHE
    Wafaa BINDACHE 8 years ago

    You guys are so lovely! it's amazing to see mixed couples like that

  • Selma Ca
    Selma Ca 8 years ago +20

    this is literally the first time in my life I've ever heard someone say Moroccan food is less than amazing

    • Lem
      Lem 6 months ago

      Yeah it's horrible, I've been to morroco and I agree with what they said.

  • Amina Miah
    Amina Miah 6 years ago

    what a lovely couple you guys are masahallah😍 hope allah keeps you guys happy forever

  • hayleyhoss
    hayleyhoss 8 years ago +2

    Best husband tag i've seen so far, i loved it!! Match made in heaven! x

  • Smiiile356
    Smiiile356 8 years ago

    MashaAllah, very cute! May Allah bless and protect you both Ameen. Love your hijab btw :)

  • Rainbow Ghoul.x'
    Rainbow Ghoul.x' 7 years ago

    you guys are sooo cute MA! stay blessed and your videos are awesome!

  • Neylena
    Neylena 7 years ago +11

    Omg I laughed the entire way through this! You guys are so adorable and hilarious together! New subscriber for sure!

  • Nays Place
    Nays Place 7 years ago +4

    I've just found your channel and omg you are just so stunning and hilarious! and your hubby is totally hilarious too.. I'm not sure what I was expecting but totally subscribed!!

  • M N
    M N 7 years ago

    what a beautiful couple mashallah ❤❤
    aww.. i love moroccan food its amazing .👍

  • shezahijabi
    shezahijabi 8 years ago +5

    It was 21 minutes long and i swear i didn't get enough of you guys !! you're so fun to watch !! can"t wait for more videos !!

    ZAHRA G 8 years ago

    What a true and real couple, May Allah keep you happy always! Bless!

  • L P
    L P 6 years ago

    First time seeing your videos. You two are hilarious especially when you both start laughing at things. Had me cracking up laughing while I was getting ready for bed. Peace and Love all the way from California 🤗

  • Ikra
    Ikra 8 years ago

    THIS MADE ME LAUGH SOOO MUCH!! Such a great couple!! Do more videos together please :)

  • Peace Maker
    Peace Maker 8 years ago +3

    That's weird cause Moroccan food is known to be really great, like it's one of the best foods ever, I don't know what you ate there to think that way haha. You guys look cute together mashaAllah c:

  • Mayya Al Said
    Mayya Al Said 8 years ago +10

    This video cracked me up, you are a perfect match ma sha Allah. May Allah bless your lives and thank you for sharing this video with us.

  • Lulu Shqair
    Lulu Shqair 6 years ago

    I think this is my favorite video on RU-clip, it's absolutely hilarious, u guys are amazing, may Allah bless u!

  • Alexa
    Alexa 8 years ago +6

    Moroccan food is amazing!! I've actually never met anyone who didn't like it. My husband is a trained chef from Morocco and he makes authentic Moroccan food and it's incredible. I definitely think you should try it again ;)

    • Lem
      Lem 6 months ago

      I've been to morroco and yeah they're right the food is horrible in morroco

  • Zia Styles
    Zia Styles 7 years ago

    U guys are sooooo hilarious! Loved the video as it was totally natural and we got to see your personalities shine
    Great watching xxx

  • Yasmine Alfa
    Yasmine Alfa 7 years ago

    This video is so fun!! I laughed too much!! You guys are amazing!! 😂😂😍

  • Cooking for Friends and Family

    Sorry you found food in Morocco bad :-(... must have been just a momentary bad experience! What can someone from Maghreb do to introduce you to good moroccan dishes? Seriously, moroccan cuisine is among the most exquisite cuisine. You guys are adorable and no way this misunderstang can stay like this!!! Let me know!!! Blessings

    • Lem
      Lem 6 months ago +1

      Nah I've been to morroco and yeah it's horrible

  • Ritu Mishra
    Ritu Mishra 6 years ago +8

    This is the only Husband Tag I absolutely loved watching

  • Sarah attweger
    Sarah attweger 6 years ago +1

    I enjoyed watching u guys!!! Love you both together mashallah xx

  • KKarmella777
    KKarmella777 8 years ago +11

    I absolutely LOVE you guys!!! Love and Friendship!! It's a beautiful thing!! :-)

  • Zeba Khan
    Zeba Khan 7 years ago +1

    Love your guys chemistry its so cutee! Stay blessed & looking forward to new videos!

  • Naima
    Naima 8 years ago +3

    This was sooooooo funny lol! You guys have so much chemistry mashallah! May Allah make your marriage a long prosperous one

  • Amani Halawa
    Amani Halawa 8 years ago

    theyre so hilarious together haha, really great chemistry and really great couple.

  • iptfan45
    iptfan45 8 years ago

    This is one of the best husband tags ever! Too funny and real!

  • Farhana Hussain
    Farhana Hussain 8 years ago

    MashaAllah, you both make an amazing couple! Bless! ^_^

  • Chihiro Loco
    Chihiro Loco 8 years ago

    I think this is the sweetest couple I have seen on youtube :o

  • Faii B
    Faii B 8 years ago +1

    They look so adorable together :o I already watched this yeah and came back because of their amazing pair :')

  • Sumya Hasan
    Sumya Hasan 8 years ago

    You two are absolutely precious mashaAllah

  • Masuma Begum
    Masuma Begum 8 years ago

    Mashallah you guys are so cute:) I love watching you both:D Love Dina's expressions man she really makes me laugh

  • TheyCallMeZ3Y
    TheyCallMeZ3Y 8 years ago

    Lool.. this is the funniest husband tag ever.. Love the kind of relationship yall have.. insanely funny couple haha

  • Shivani
    Shivani 7 years ago +1

    omg this was so cute and hilarious, you guys are perfect together

  • El Sarah
    El Sarah 7 years ago +1

    OMG i just came across your channel nd I LOVE IT ! Yes we want an other channel of the two of you , you guys are hilarious ! Totally made my day ..
    Love from Tunisia 💚

  • Semiha Imamoglu
    Semiha Imamoglu 8 years ago

    You guys are the funniest couple ever! I laughed so hard throughout the video. I will definitely move on to other videos right after this. :)

  • vikevin Tran
    vikevin Tran 8 years ago

    You guys are sooo cute together!
    I love how happy together you both are too. ♡

  • A
    A 8 years ago

    you guys are sooooo funny and cute together ! love you both
    ماشاءالله ♥

  • Zehrah Shah
    Zehrah Shah 8 years ago

    Love your relationship, how comfortable you are with each other. Masha`Allah

  • sairish ahmed
    sairish ahmed 7 years ago

    Omg i love this i was literally laughing my head off 😂😂😂😂 love you guys 😘

  • Lei A
    Lei A 8 years ago

    Y'all are such an awesome couple. Mashallah👌🙌😊

  • Nida Lighthouse
    Nida Lighthouse 8 years ago +5

    You guys are amazing! Absolutely loved watchijg it. So funny...such a lovely couple Mashaallah. May Allah swt bless you with love and happiness :)

  • Khushboo J.
    Khushboo J. 7 years ago

    haha you guys are hilarious! loved it ♡ & you're gorgeous Dina! mashAllah

  • chuy chuy
    chuy chuy 8 years ago +1

    Mashaallah ! You guys are soooo adorable

  • lilly bel
    lilly bel 7 years ago +2

    This is probably Dina's best videooo !! it's hilarious and u guys look so good together mashaalah

  • dakkity
    dakkity 8 years ago

    Mashallah you two are so cute, inshallah one day I'll have a bond like that with my future husband

  • Samar Dahab
    Samar Dahab 8 years ago +5

    I love you guys, MashAllah. That's real married stuff, you totally remind me of me and my husband. I'm looking forward to your new channel.

  • Simran
    Simran 6 years ago +58

    soooooo cute "Don't call me bitch, bitch" lol

    • Simran
      Simran 6 years ago +1

      also the Khan thing is from Main hoon Na right?

  • Samar ahmed
    Samar ahmed 7 years ago

    I liked how you both @15:18 together made the same expressions and said "Plan your own wedding" lol.Loved your tuning :).MashAllah May Allah bless you both Aameen

  • Basema Alhassawi
    Basema Alhassawi 2 years ago

    Omg Sid is on fire here sooo hilarious 😂🤣 bring back the funny chatty Sid please!!!!! U guys are really meant to be together❤️💙 Sid: Ya lahweeeee 🤣😭😂

  • Iman x
    Iman x 6 years ago +7

    I wouuuuld love to give u guys some very good Moroccan food cause believe me, we do have nice food! I am Moroccan myself and I do agree if u say that some things are actually horrible but believe me give our tajine, couscous, the very popular marmita and the bestilla a try!! I am sure you will like it! Xx

    • Nick A
      Nick A 6 years ago +2

      Finally a respectable comment in regards to his opinion on eating out over there :D I wanna try Moroccan food like the types you mentioned!

  • nassaid
    nassaid 7 years ago

    It must be the 10th time I watch this video and it makes me laugh every time....thank you guys!

  • Shona Levick
    Shona Levick 6 years ago +6

    Dina is so pretty and Sid is adorable !!

  • Ani Screams Loudly
    Ani Screams Loudly 8 years ago

    Can't stop laughing.
    Mash Allah you guys are cute together x

  • Leila Ouazzani
    Leila Ouazzani 8 years ago +5

    OH MY GOD that is the first time EVER I hear someone saying that our food is horrible... I'm trying not to feel offended but it's hard haha :D Guess that's just a question of taste. But "horrible"?! Really? I swear it's so weird I can't get over it haha

  • Dina Tokio
    Dina Tokio  8 years ago +793

    salam everyone! well im glad you are all enjoying it as much as we enjoyed filming it haha! x

    • beastkay byt
      beastkay byt 5 years ago

      potatoes are a carb though....

      TÜRKIYE forEVER 6 years ago

      Dina Tokio what can you speak Englisch,...

    • Tasneem Uddin
      Tasneem Uddin 6 years ago +1

      Dina Tokio which hotel did u go in Morroco

    • Zahrah .A
      Zahrah .A 6 years ago +11

      U two are so cute together Mashallah hope u two always stay happy like that forever

    • Sophie Felstead
      Sophie Felstead 6 years ago

      +Dina Tokio omg is that a dorringtons wrapper behind you??!!

  • Farah Aiman
    Farah Aiman 7 years ago

    You guys are so funny haha may Allah bless you both always ameen

  • Bilal Khan
    Bilal Khan 7 years ago +2

    lovely couple who really love each other mashaAllah :)! btw im pathaan too frm Pakistan aswell!

  • Mily Alvarez
    Mily Alvarez 7 years ago +3

    You guys are such an adoable couple!! God bless you!!

    • Romana Mahmood
      Romana Mahmood 7 years ago

      @***** Eurgh, rude much...

    • babbisp1
      babbisp1 7 years ago

      @Mil Lobos "adoable"? Sounds like "not doable". Lol. You mean "adorable". I agree, except for the last part.

  • Sarah07707
    Sarah07707 8 years ago

    I swear this's the first time i ever watch a video like EVER of a couple and laugh SO loud and i actually got tears in my eyes hahahahahahahaha god bless you both and your marriage inshallah

  • javeria imran
    javeria imran 7 years ago

    This is the best! Couldnt stop laughing. I understand Urdu and this is so funny. And you're so pretty. ☺️

  • Juma Nah
    Juma Nah 8 years ago

    A video with ideas and tips how to plan your own wedding would be great!!

  • Shay Sharopova
    Shay Sharopova 7 years ago

    I watched it last year enjoyed it very much, and watched again this year still funny and joyful )) love you both

  • Dreamydoodles Northwest

    You two are the cutest couple EVER!!! and I love that Sid designed the title for Gravity.. that is pretty impressive. New subscriber to both your channels.

  • nahide sarwary
    nahide sarwary 8 years ago

    I loved your husband tag video Dina..well done..entertaining,fun n u almost answer all questions..i laughed so hard ..i enjoyed watching it...

  • Thahara Miah
    Thahara Miah 8 years ago

    Wow! Amazing trailers you create ... Mashallah and btw you two are so funny couples xxx

  • Maksudaa T
    Maksudaa T 8 years ago +1

    You guys are a very cute couple ! Mashallah , May allah keep you happy in the dunyah and the hereafter ! Inshallah

  • Eklima Kaniz
    Eklima Kaniz 6 years ago

    one of my favourite video of you guyz. watched it soo many times but still laugh da shammeeeeeeeeee 😂😂😂😂💖💖💖💖💖

  • Almuid kids channel 🤲🏽

    I can't get tired of watching dis video u guys are sooo marvellous couples may de almighty Allah bless ur marriage😍😍😍😍💋💋💋

  • Eklima Kaniz
    Eklima Kaniz 6 years ago

    one of my favourite video of you guyz. watched it soo many times but still laugh da shammeeeeeeeeee 😂😂😂😂💖💖💖💖💖

  • J_Ad89
    J_Ad89 7 years ago +2

    You guys are hilarious!!!!! I just discovered your channel and love it! I'm subscribing right now!!! 😊