10 Disgusting Things Found In Fast Food

  • Published on Aug 3, 2017
  • Finding a hair in your soup bad enough, but what about a human finger in your burger or a frog in your drink? Alltime10s brings you 10 disgusting things found inside Fast Food. Warning - finish your food before you watch!
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Comments • 358

  • Purple fong
    Purple fong 4 days ago

    I found a white chunk of something in my cola once (at mcdonalds)

  • Pacabum
    Pacabum 3 months ago

    I dont ever want to eat again

  • Sergeant Gobbler
    Sergeant Gobbler 3 months ago

    Number 15: burger King foot lettuce

  • Greencloud8
    Greencloud8 3 months ago

    I really think someone poured a box of planters on my peanut Chinese chicken king pow?

  • Greencloud8
    Greencloud8 3 months ago

    My found a band aid used one chili’s 1987 ish

  • POV NW
    POV NW 3 months ago

    You know it's gonna be bad when the ten spot goes to a finger 😄

  • Thomas Punk
    Thomas Punk 4 months ago

    Thank god I am vegetarian these foods are disgusting.

  • dfectedRO
    dfectedRO 5 months ago

    And these are all based on what source? I call this entire channel bullshit.

  • Animekpop lover
    Animekpop lover 9 months ago


  • kurwitz
    kurwitz 11 months ago +2

    0:11 finger lickin good


    i found pop rocks inside of my pop rock bag, IM SUING

  • Elias Kühnert
    Elias Kühnert Year ago

    Knifes are so disgusting. Just as disgusting as needles are.

  • Yapav Kangal
    Yapav Kangal Year ago

    Steve Green found a piece of hair in the turd he was eating

  • Luis Perez
    Luis Perez Year ago

    What about Burger King Foot Lettuce?

  • myth_speed
    myth_speed Year ago

    0:36 when altair becomes an fast food employee instead of an assassin

  • DIY diamond
    DIY diamond Year ago


  • Yuskii
    Yuskii Year ago

    After they finished making this video they probably got a Big Mac and large fries from Mickey D's.

  • Devin Ringer
    Devin Ringer Year ago

    I found blood in my hamburger at jack in the box

  • Matthew machado malcolm tenorio

    Chicken head and the kidney brain I found not really disgusting. And because head of chicken is my fave.. Part of chick

  • Colin Norman
    Colin Norman Year ago

    When i was younger i went to fish and chip shop and found glass in amonst the chips turned out a glass window had been smashed near the fryer all i got was a sorry and refund

  • im gay
    im gay Year ago

    This is why I always check my food before eating

  • MyBadFool
    MyBadFool Year ago

    I really thought I would see the Golden Corral rodent head incident. But these are equally vomit worthy.

  • Andrew Hailstorm
    Andrew Hailstorm Year ago

    Number 3 wasn't fast food.

  • Kathleen Patricia
    Kathleen Patricia Year ago +4

    Bone app the teeth.

  • Sherah Walker
    Sherah Walker 2 years ago

    I don't think he made enough puns throughout the video

  • Jia
    Jia 2 years ago

    i never even crave fast food anymore. Especially mcdonalds. Gross. if you're going to do fast food, Do chik fil A, chipotle etc. The good stuff. 5 guys, in and out

  • Hydra NZ I B03 Glitches _

    Im eating mcdeese but finished it now up to mai drink Raspberry da best!

  • MadisonH2112
    MadisonH2112 2 years ago

    my friend found a larva worm in her Mcchicken

  • Leandro
    Leandro 2 years ago

    started off strong there bud

  • Kenny bolo
    Kenny bolo 2 years ago

    Fuck you good thing I don't eat fast food and only seafood

  • Brainzdead Metalhead
    Brainzdead Metalhead 2 years ago

    After I seen the chicken head I thought a chicken had bit my foot

  • silviagreen
    silviagreen 2 years ago +2

    Just go Vegan

  • Miguell George
    Miguell George 2 years ago

    Iam Clickbait

  • Alice Rydell
    Alice Rydell 2 years ago

    Thus I do not eat that crap.

  • Technical Difficulties
    Technical Difficulties 2 years ago +1

    Chinese food isent fast food....right?

  • Abd-Qadir Gilani
    Abd-Qadir Gilani 2 years ago

    The puns, dude. My fragile little heart can't stand it!
    Seriously though, whoever did the speaking, well-done.

  • PunkTunes
    PunkTunes 2 years ago

    I live like 10 minutes away from #10 and the food there is so fucking nasty and service is horrid.

  • FryGuy
    FryGuy 2 years ago +3

    how tough am I? I watched this video, then went to McDonalds.

  • Swagmaster 64
    Swagmaster 64 2 years ago

    My friend back in elementary school was eating a school salad and he found 12 inches of hair in it.

  • Cutie Mudkip
    Cutie Mudkip 2 years ago

    Ummmm how is the skin one wrong? We breath in microscopic bits of skin every day

  • Hydra NZ I B03 Glitches _


  • Zevo
    Zevo 2 years ago

    My brother found a brain in KFC

  • Fien Peeters
    Fien Peeters 2 years ago

    Afraid away artist framework police protective with mean

  • Kving Adam
    Kving Adam 2 years ago

    I know why there was a tooth in the meal in McDonald’s in Japan. It was because one of the workers had a loose tooth and didn’t feel it fall out. So apparently it fell in to the food mixture. ANSWER

  • Matthew Scott
    Matthew Scott 2 years ago

    when i was 18 i was at a casino grill having linch with family and when i went to get dessert i tasted a metal like substance in my mouth thinking it was the spoon i dug in more to my ice cream and yet same metal floor manger had came re funded my meal and also romoved that syurp form the line

    • Matthew Scott
      Matthew Scott 2 years ago

      bossbot the ceo say something nice or dont say jacksit at all

    • 50 Cent Kurwa
      50 Cent Kurwa 2 years ago

      Matthew Scott You sound like a 7 year old…

  • яεмιlια
    яεмιlια 2 years ago

    Why is it always Arby's and Mcdonald?

  • vonzigle
    vonzigle 2 years ago

    Crunchy frog--mmmmm!

  • Silvia Borja
    Silvia Borja 2 years ago

    I once found a live cockroach crawling around in my salad at a Mexican restaurant.

  • mr. drabbles
    mr. drabbles 2 years ago +1

    This doesn't kill my appetite because there is a small chance of getting those stuff, THOUGH, the mouse part did gross me out. I also would love to keep that chicken head nugget as a souvenir, even if it's terrifying because it's an animal. I find it cool, but that's just me.

  • amgloki 007
    amgloki 007 2 years ago

    All time puns

  • PixelDustGaming 457
    PixelDustGaming 457 2 years ago +1

    A fckng condom.....

  • Brototi Biswas
    Brototi Biswas 2 years ago

    idk how i watched this entire video while eatig

  • imafuckinbird
    imafuckinbird 2 years ago

    I worked at Wendy's for two years and have seen some terrible things. I never eat at fast food as a result, the food is shit anyways.

  • Mark Howard
    Mark Howard 2 years ago

    trusting ajew

  • Hu-kun
    Hu-kun 2 years ago

    Really shouldn't watch this, before I eat

  • 123RADIOactive
    123RADIOactive 2 years ago

    For the record, I actually would love to find a chicken head in my meal lol because at least you know they're actually using real chicken >.

  • salas7146
    salas7146 2 years ago

    that's fucken nasty eating in the fast food chain and drinking drinks l'm glad that l stop drinking soda like six year's ago

  • Sub_ Woofer
    Sub_ Woofer 2 years ago

    mountain jew ?

  • Spencer Gabe
    Spencer Gabe 2 years ago

    I love how on #3 he suddenly changes Monster drink to Mountain Dew. 🤔