Chievo 0-3 Roma | Džeko, Kolarov & El Shaarawy Score to See Off Chievo! | Serie A

  • Published on Feb 8, 2019
  • 3 different goalscorers were enough to see off Chievo. Džeko, Kolarov & El Shaarawy were all on target for Roma!
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Comments • 230

  • バーガーダブルチーズ


  • Fatih Bildik
    Fatih Bildik 5 months ago

    o.cocu hoca kesmis cengiz underi

  • Jhon z
    Jhon z 5 months ago

    Ready to Champions

  • Vedrana Vuletic
    Vedrana Vuletic 5 months ago

    forzza roma

  • mauricio lavaggi
    mauricio lavaggi 5 months ago +2

    Vamos Roma

  • Ya mon
    Ya mon 5 months ago +1

    That Bosnian + Serb connection ! No hate, no politics, just two bros playing football ! True legends

  • Blaidd Drwg
    Blaidd Drwg 5 months ago

    Why is Chievo's keeper kit so simular to the outfield kit.... surely that isnt allowed, i thought they had to be differant

    • Jabbathegamer says hi
      Jabbathegamer says hi 5 months ago

      Not really, one is bright green and the other is bright yellow but if the kits are too close to each other, then I don’t think it’s allowed

  • Mike Marquez
    Mike Marquez 5 months ago +2

    #ForzaRoma 🐺🔸🔴

  • Marcelo Henrique
    Marcelo Henrique 5 months ago

    Dzeko é um centro avante completo domina qualquer bola, chuta com as duas e apesar da estatura ainda joga muito bem fora da área

  • Erkan Yalçın
    Erkan Yalçın 5 months ago

    Where is cengiz under

  • Sitki C
    Sitki C 5 months ago

    Where is cengiz?

  • Dawid Gluchowski
    Dawid Gluchowski 5 months ago

    Defender chievo is the worst Defender in the world

  • Mac mac Macan
    Mac mac Macan 5 months ago

    When Dzeko plays than roma play..

  • fajar sadono
    fajar sadono 5 months ago

    Gol ke 3 AS Roma, 4 pemain Roma vs 7 pemain Chievo beserta kiper

  • Thomao
    Thomao 5 months ago

    Chievo is a dead club walking.

    • steve baggio
      steve baggio 5 months ago +1

      Yeah probably sadly that -3 deduction at the start of the season may've really affected them :)

  • Faysal Luunge
    Faysal Luunge 5 months ago

    I missed #NAINGOLAN 👌

  • Mateuszello
    Mateuszello 5 months ago

    Nice goals 😎

  • Aleksandar Jevremovic
    Aleksandar Jevremovic 5 months ago +1

    When I watched dezko hug the goat I cried

    ΟΛΥΜΠΙΑΚΟΣ 7 5 months ago


  • Jeffer Lopez
    Jeffer Lopez 5 months ago

    Roma te necesito ver campeona

  • yudhi rhoges
    yudhi rhoges 5 months ago

    Respect kolarov

  • Kakang Prabu
    Kakang Prabu 5 months ago

    goo as roma

  • NotSoLiberal
    NotSoLiberal 5 months ago

    Dzeko is back in business

  • Marija Cvitan
    Marija Cvitan 5 months ago

    Jako dobra utakmica

  • Emir
    Emir 5 months ago +2


  • abdulkadir kavak
    abdulkadir kavak 5 months ago +1

    Aleksandar Kolarov King.

  • tole 21
    tole 21 5 months ago

    mantap bujank

  • kikiriki mrki mrki
    kikiriki mrki mrki 5 months ago

    kolarov ❤

  • Zak Clinical
    Zak Clinical 5 months ago


  • Arthur Schopenhauer
    Arthur Schopenhauer 5 months ago +5

    The best was the hug between Dzeko (from Bosnia Herzegovina) and Kolarov (from Serbia) after the goal. Football is stronger than war! Forza Roma sempre!!

  • Irakli Samsonia
    Irakli Samsonia 5 months ago

    9' Stephan El Shaarawy (0-1); 18' Edin Dzeko (0-2); 51' Aleksandar Kolarov (0-3)

  • Biboche C
    Biboche C 5 months ago

    Cengizzz the best

  • Biboche C
    Biboche C 5 months ago


  • Vanja Stanojevic
    Vanja Stanojevic 5 months ago

    Nothing without Dzeko & Kolarov

  • Katherine Gonzaga
    Katherine Gonzaga 5 months ago

    nice goal my love kolarove

  • Bayu Romanisti
    Bayu Romanisti 5 months ago +2

    next Porto 💛❤️🐺💪

  • Anton Kratinov
    Anton Kratinov 5 months ago +4

    Dzeko was very good in this game

  • Ahmet G
    Ahmet G 5 months ago

    poor roma win nice

  • kikaLM10
    kikaLM10 5 months ago

    Coolest RB Kolarov🙋😘

  • Satya Graha
    Satya Graha 5 months ago +1

    el sharawy numero unu

  • Muhammad Faisal
    Muhammad Faisal 5 months ago

    Very Nice goal kolarov

  • Lindomar Sanches
    Lindomar Sanches 5 months ago

    Cadê. Campeonato.ingles

  • Valentino M
    Valentino M 5 months ago

    Forza Roma! Saluti da corazia fun! :-D

  • Frenk Hidri
    Frenk Hidri 5 months ago

    You say Dzeko is underrated but they played against Chievo who don't even have 10 points like cmon

  • Хусанбой Хусанбой


  • Mīrzā
    Mīrzā 5 months ago

    It would be amazing if we could see AS Roma win the Serie A with Dzeko on the team. He won Bundesliga with Wolfsburg and EPL with Man City

  • Fanatikosss
    Fanatikosss 5 months ago

    Dzeko is better than Lewandovski

  • Dennis Bergkamp
    Dennis Bergkamp 5 months ago +1

    Who as roma coach?

  • Gaffar Atar
    Gaffar Atar 5 months ago

    Cengiz ünder yok galiba

  • Starfall
    Starfall 5 months ago +2

    Go Rome, I will be expecting a win Tuesday night !

    FIFASTV 5 months ago +3

    Kolarov is probably one of the best offensive LBs out there

  • sandi johanes
    sandi johanes 5 months ago

    dzeko on fire

  • sandi johanes
    sandi johanes 5 months ago +2

    Shaarawy still dangerous.
    hungry for goal.

  • Raúl Rodríguez Rivera
    Raúl Rodríguez Rivera 5 months ago +3

    Grande I'll Faraone 😎

  • Jack Doomsday
    Jack Doomsday 5 months ago

    no Olsen, no goals lost XD

  • Spiders
    Spiders 5 months ago +2

    92! 92! 92!♥️💚

  • Ajhi Ju
    Ajhi Ju 5 months ago

    good play roma👏

  • José Juan Velázquez Pérez

    Why doesn't play de Rossi?

    • FreshEnd98
      FreshEnd98 5 months ago

      José Juan Velázquez Pérez Theres nzonzi he might rest de rossi for porto

  • zudhy zudhy
    zudhy zudhy 5 months ago +2

    Roma can't stop producing talented players

    • Adam Harits Judge
      Adam Harits Judge 5 months ago

      Andrea Salvia of course 50 Mil is nothing these days, but i believe that is the true value of under. We are not talking about Zaniolo here 😃

    • Jabbathegamer says hi
      Jabbathegamer says hi 5 months ago +1

      Andrea Salvia We need to sell Pastore, Jesus, Marcano, or Nzonzi. They’re so slow it’s sad to watch them play

    • Andrea Salvia
      Andrea Salvia 5 months ago

      @Adam Harits Judge
      With the current market 50 is not much at all. With that money you can only buy cheap young players from holland or brasil witch means waiting for them to develop and then sell them for 50 again and the cicle goes on without winning trophies. 100 M is the minimum you want else roma will never be a big team to compete for big trophies. They will continue to be the supermarket of Europe

    • Adam Harits Judge
      Adam Harits Judge 5 months ago

      Andrea Salvia im sure Under will be the first to be sold. Ill help him pack his bag for €50 Mil. 😄

    • Andrea Salvia
      Andrea Salvia 5 months ago

      @Adam Harits Judge
      I heard roma are already -38 M witch means they need to sell again😟

  • ChaclalesH9K
    ChaclalesH9K 5 months ago +2


  • Subhraneel Chattopadhyay

    much better than ronaldo

  • 2AFootball
    2AFootball 5 months ago


  • keith mohan
    keith mohan 5 months ago +27

    I'm from Ireland and AS ROMA is my team dzeko is a legend

    • Renegade 3211
      Renegade 3211 5 months ago

      IBgaming1 I live in New York. Parents are from Rome. Forza Roma!!!

    • IBgaming1
      IBgaming1 5 months ago

      Me too from kildare.. 24 year a romanista.. grazie Roma grazie il lupi

  • Herry Forr
    Herry Forr 5 months ago

    Where is chengiz n justin.. ???

    • Saku 88
      Saku 88 5 months ago

      Under is injured....Justin came on late

  • Deddy Rismanto
    Deddy Rismanto 5 months ago

    Forza Roma...

  • jose alfonso pin
    jose alfonso pin 5 months ago


  • PTSF9123
    PTSF9123 5 months ago

    Zaniolo come to juve

  • Alexander S. B.
    Alexander S. B. 5 months ago +6

    Kolarov is amazing, old beast, so many goals from defender! Dzeko is perfect also and generaly very nice team is Roma! 👌

    • Jabbathegamer says hi
      Jabbathegamer says hi 5 months ago +1

      Timbone he is more of a Left wing back though and is our top scorer

    • Timbone
      Timbone 5 months ago

      He is pretty bad at defending to be fair
      and lacks pace

  • Jackson Follmann
    Jackson Follmann 5 months ago

    7 Lucas Piazon

  • pandu dwi
    pandu dwi 5 months ago


  • Kharies Purnomo
    Kharies Purnomo 5 months ago

    Daje roma

  • Sheve Vero
    Sheve Vero 5 months ago

    Serie a defence is shite!!!

  • Sheve Vero
    Sheve Vero 5 months ago +2

    3rd goal was orgasmic!!!

  • Royal MC
    Royal MC 5 months ago

    A dangling pinata smashed to pieces. HAha this guy is good.

  • Jabbathegamer says hi
    Jabbathegamer says hi 5 months ago +1

    Watch out Porto, here we come!

    • Jabbathegamer says hi
      Jabbathegamer says hi 5 months ago +2

      Can’t wait either, should be a great match in both fixtures!

    • Joaquim Araújo
      Joaquim Araújo 5 months ago

      We are coming to Roma, can't wait for the match! FORÇA PORTOOOOOO !

  • Magic
    Magic 5 months ago +1

    Dzeko ta jogando muito 👏👏👏👏

  • حميدو لغشيم
    حميدو لغشيم 5 months ago +8

    Dzeko is hero

  • rizki nanda
    rizki nanda 5 months ago


  • bienfait44
    bienfait44 5 months ago

    How is dzeko not ban for spitting at referee? Anyone know or did they dismissed the case

    • Aniello L‘Africano
      Aniello L‘Africano 5 months ago

      He didn’t spit at the referee

    • Saku 88
      Saku 88 5 months ago +1

      It only applied for the Coppa....he got a two match coppa ban...can't remember

  • 1,000,000
    1,000,000 5 months ago

    #premierlegue football predictions 1-3 utd

  • IdelucaNation
    IdelucaNation 5 months ago +1


  • Non_stare_in_pena Mamma
    Non_stare_in_pena Mamma 5 months ago +4

    E l'inter fuori dalla champions ahahah

  • raymi9612
    raymi9612 5 months ago

    I can only say that is a matter of time AC Milan will surpass Roma in quality. If not this season, next season for sure. However, I do hope that top 4 in Italy this season to be Juve, Napoli, Inter and Milan, with all the respect for Roma and Lazio. Milan and Inter are great clubs, with history over european competitions, and these years without them in the UCL were very strange. The competition did lack those 2 teams for sure.

    • Aniello L‘Africano
      Aniello L‘Africano 5 months ago

      Milan lost to Olympiacos

    • FreshEnd98
      FreshEnd98 5 months ago

      raymi9612 milan are still rubbish it will take another couple years for them to come back. Inter will drop out in very bad form. The best team is Atalanta right now but they haven’t got experience for top 4

    • Jabbathegamer says hi
      Jabbathegamer says hi 5 months ago

      Napoli has a bunch of oldies where as Roma has plenty of youngsters in Fuzato, Zaniolo, Pellegrini, other Pellegrini, Antonucci(he’s on loan rn) Bianda(in the primavera) Kluivert, Ünder, Cristante, Corić, Schick, and many more to come. If anyone will be surpassed in my opinion, it will be Napoli

    • raymi9612
      raymi9612 5 months ago

      @vin's yeah, but Napoli is better than Roma at the moment. Juventus and Napoli are top 2. 3 and 4 is yet to be decided.

    • vin's
      vin's 5 months ago +1

      Roma doesn't have less history than Napoli.

  • Enco Laiina
    Enco Laiina 5 months ago +4

    It brucia so much to vedere el shaarawy playing per la Roma

  • Luis GC
    Luis GC 5 months ago +5

    A pero con la Fiorentina ...

  • حسام احمد
    حسام احمد 5 months ago

    Feel really sorry for chievo😐

  • Carlos Gallon
    Carlos Gallon 5 months ago

    That first goal had some terrible defending

  • Abdul Rahman
    Abdul Rahman 5 months ago


  • Sandra Vlek
    Sandra Vlek 5 months ago

    Nice to see Karsdorp making a few starts in a row. Too Bad Schick couldn't be decisive today. Really has to step up a notch.

  • Junior Farias
    Junior Farias 5 months ago +58

    Dzeko is soooo underrated ik i say this all the time but its the truth

    • Gaming512MB
      Gaming512MB 5 months ago

      @BosniaBoyBitch I said Penaldo not Dzeko 🙄

    • BosniaBoyBitch
      BosniaBoyBitch 5 months ago

      Gaming512MB he never takes the 11 metres but ok😂 for that they have perrotti or someone else. And he maybe scored 4 goals only in serie A, but look at the champions leauge. And he was also injured.. so before you judge someone, look better at the informations. Pusite ga.

    • Gaming512MB
      Gaming512MB 5 months ago

      @Tommaso Mondini Penaldo is the most overrated player in the league. 120M € payed to take the 11 meters only 👏👏

    • Tommaso Mondini
      Tommaso Mondini 5 months ago

      Junior Farias he scored only 4 goals this season in seria A... he deserves to be underrated

    • E M
      E M 5 months ago +4

      So underated hes played for some of the top clubs of europe.... Smh

  • Bruno Nickel
    Bruno Nickel 5 months ago

    Aki e romaaaa 💗

  • VnukDarvina
    VnukDarvina 5 months ago +1

    El Sha was MVP of the match!

  • Doctor Foodie
    Doctor Foodie 5 months ago

    Forza ROMA

  • M.Sholeh Ghazabi Abi
    M.Sholeh Ghazabi Abi 5 months ago

    SERIE A TIM PRESENTED BY Djarum 76 Filter Gold

  • Rahmatullo CHorshanbiyev

    Roma muhlislarini ğalaba bilan Tabriklayman doimo ğalaba yor bulsin

  • Dicephalous 90
    Dicephalous 90 5 months ago +74

    Kolarov has 6 goals in serie a this season, that is insane

    • steve baggio
      steve baggio 5 months ago

      Probably in all due respects with the midfield having changed quite a bit with the likes of Strootman and Nainggolan gone.Zaniolo has been outstanding for such a young player, Cristante hasn't been too bad either but also first year at Roma as well also DDR has missed some matches too I'm sure :)

    • Jabbathegamer says hi
      Jabbathegamer says hi 5 months ago

      It’s kind of sad he’s our top scorer. Then again, Dzeko and El Shaarawy were injured part of the season

  • The Reliable Source
    The Reliable Source 5 months ago +3

    El Shaarawy has been on 🔥recently!

  • Ivan Channel
    Ivan Channel 5 months ago

    forza milannn

  • That Guy
    That Guy 5 months ago

    Two beautiful goals almost three! (I know the score)

    • mario rossi
      mario rossi 5 months ago

      That Guy yhea you mean the crossbar one,

  • Ryan Rachmad Nugraha
    Ryan Rachmad Nugraha 5 months ago

    Dangling pinata... Wow the commentator has no chill